The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Comments Are Welcome

When I first set up this blog I had intended it to be a reserve repository for my stories and musings. As you notice I don't use graphics and the reason for that is possible copyright entanglements. Nearly all drawings and photographs that you see on the web are copyrighted, and the only safe ones (where copyright has likely expired) are those published prior to 1923. Anyway, it's a text blog and I welcome commentary. I especially like to know if my stories hit any runs with my readers and so please tell me. What do you like? What would you like to read? I invite all my readers to peruse the older posts here. You will find mysteries, romance, historical drama, period pieces, fantasy---just about every fiction genre out there---but written with a strong emphasis on spanking as a central theme. It's all about TTWD, so enjoy.


Bianca said...


I like your stories, but could you write in the title wether it's m/f, f/f, or f/m. It's really a disapointment for me when you find out halfway trough your story that boys/men are on the recieving end instead of girls.

Keep on writing!


Topspin said...

Been a fan of your stories since . . . way back when, "The Health Club" is a particular favorite, its the disciplinary weight loss program that launched a thousand clone stories.

As to "Flash Gordon", well, the movie launched my fascination with flagellation. It was the extraordinary Ornella Muti as Princess Aura, in spandex, being whipped (clip available on Youtube)that did it.

Very good of you to collect your stories here, as there are some that I've never seen.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed all your stories.....but, I would love to see a longer story about a teen woman that discovers spanking and she really needs and dislikes it at the same time.....she dresses provactively for it and she needs it and she knows it.......she first started being spanked by her step-dad that she trusted and loved very much......and still does....but she also budded off onto her Uncle who is strict....and really enjoys spanking and belting her.....especially after her first time with him (her Uncle) that she is hand spanked to a glowing-red, straight out of the shower in a little sexy towel......then belted to tears and a silent but powerful orgasm....that makes her learn her own body in an adventure of self-spankings, seeking spankings.....acting up for spankings....and plain out asking for a good spanking from her step-dad or Uncle or even her very open minded boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your writing for the past decade, I think, ever since I fould a story on the old ASST. Your plotting is great and characters are believable, unlike many stories to be found on the net.

The Mongo stories are wonderful, especially appreciated because I used to enjoy the Flash Gordon episodes when I was a kid.

I wish I could offer some constructive criticism, but I really wouldn't want to change a thing.

Rollin said...

Will do from now on, Bianca. Promise. Most of what is here now is M/F.

Rollin said...

Ah, yes the 1980 movie. But her whipped her BACK! What a waste. As for The Health Club, I plan to re-post it soon.

Rollin said...

Hmmm. The boyfriend, ok. I don't usually do male/female relatives. But a thread that runs through my stories is the female character who has never been spanked and who discovers the sexual allure of being spanked by a boyfriend, acquaintance, or husband.

Rollin said...

Well, thank you. I don't know what else to say except "enjoy".

Anonymous said...

I have been making my way through the stories from earliest to latest (not done yet!) and I love them all! I find your writing style to be easy to read, the plots catch my attention, and the characters are believable! Of course... the spanking scenes are pretty good too... LOL!

Thanks so much for your work on keeping your blog going and sharing your talent with us!


Rollin said...

Glad to see you Wifarf. Welcome.