The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Monday, September 17, 2012

Souvenir Shop

You see them in resort towns, you see them in areas where tourists go, like the Smoky Mountains or any seashore town. They are these chintzy tourist trap shops that sell, for lack of a better description, tacky crap. But they also sell these little cedar paddles with cute sayings on them. And you have to wonder---who buys them? And for what purpose? As our story today illustrates, they may even hold a fascination for the merchants who sell them.

                     The Souvenir Shop

I've always been drawn to those souvenir and novelty shops. You know the kind. They can be found in any tourist area. They sell absolute crap--coffee cups, wooden plaques, Indian moccasins(genuine...right), postcards with lots of potty humor on them, etc. But what really draws me to these places are the paddles. These things are small and medium sized wooden paddles that are made for one purpose only: spanking. You know this because it says so right on the paddle. "Board of Education" says one with a picture of a boy and girl bending over grabbing their ankles. Another proudly proclaims: "for the cute l'il dear with the bare behind"---whew! bare behind yet! Others I've seen say "Heat for the Seat", "Attitude Adjuster", "Texas Tailblazer" (naturally, the Texas one is bigger than the others).

Who buys these things? Inquiring minds want to know! Is it frazzeled parents on vacation with whining kids in the back seat ( "you see what your dad just bought? another word out of either of you and we use it right now!") Or could it be honeymoon couples? ( "Sue Ellen, you promised to love honor and obey, an' iff'n you don't, I got just the thing here for that cute behind of yours.")angry wife, perhaps? ("Harry, the next time you sneak off to go fishin' I'm going to warm your fanny with this!")

 I had always been fascinated by spanking. Although I wasn't raised in a spanking household(with a few notable exceptions), lots of my friends were, and I revelled in their tales of spankings and whippings--the gritty details of who got it, and why, and how it got dished out. What did he/she use? a belt? a switch? did you have to take down your pants? how many licks? Wow, you mean Cathy got it on the bare? and you saw it? I'd hear stuff like: "Mrs Jones made the whole 6th grade line up and bend over and she went down the line and paddled everybody one at a time--you shoulda heard everybody bawlin'--she paddles hard!"

 So by the time I was in my teens spanking was fully engrained in my psyche as a highly erotic thing. I had even spanked a few girlfriends--just horsing around, you know, but it always gave me such a woody. I would see John Wayne spank some starlet in a TV movie and go around hard for days. I think some of my girlfriends actually liked it because afterwards the petting got hotter.

 One of my first jobs (at age 23) had me traveling by car in the South. I had to travel a lot of back roads to small towns that weren't on the interstate. As I said, these souvenir shops are all over any place where there is any kind of tourist attraction. In rural Northern Alabama there are some mountains and there are caves--thus there is maw an' paw in the station wagon with the kids, there are motels and cottages for honeymooners, and..... there are souvenir shops.

On this particular afternoon I was done for the day looking for a motel, but it was early, so I was also killing time. I had noticed one of those shops coming up on the highway and decided to check it out. It was a pretty big one, all wood ( a log cabin type) with a wide wooden porch. I was the only car in the parking lot. It was hot and it was the middle of the week so I guess that explains why it seemed to be a slow day.

I walked in and looked around. At first there seemed to be no one there, but then a voice from the back told me to come on in. The owner of the cheery voice was a very attractive woman of about 35 or so with dark hair and blue eyes. She was wearing tight white shorts and a denim shirt that had been tied at the midriff to make it a halter top. She was about 5'8" and had long athletic looking legs, a slim waist and a firm high-set pair of breasts that strained against the confines of her top. To my young eyes she was (for an "older" woman) quite a dish.

She smiled and asked me if I was looking for anything in particular and I said "no". She told me to browse all I wanted, but to holler if I needed help. As I said thanks and she turned to walk away, my eyes were drawn to her full, round bottom encased in the cotton shorts. The cut of her panties was clearly visible through the thin material, and her rear cheeks gave a sexy little wiggle as she walked.

I browsed around looking here and there and finally spotted the paddles wedged in next to the cedar "home sweet home" plaques and the corncob pipes. There were a lot of them! There were all the types I had seen before and many I hadn't. I never had actually bought one of these things, but for some reason that afternoon I decided to do just that. I was busy examining all the different texts on the paddles when I heard that voice behind me again. She startled me and I jumped . She laughed and apologized and then asked me if I liked the toy paddles. Yes, I said, and I was thinking of getting one for my girlfriend. She giggled and asked if it was for me to use on her or the other way around. I said it was certainly for me to use on her as she had a good spanking coming for being rude and making me wait too long when I picked her up for a date . Well, she said, have you ever used one? I admitted I hadn't. Then you don't know what one feels like, do you, she said. You know you don't want to hurt her, you just want to make a point, and you look like such a nice young man, I'd hate to see you ruin things with your girl.

I said of course not, she just needs a good lesson.(I wanted to sound manly and in control. As you might expect I had no such girlfriend.) "Well you know", she said, "these things can really hurt". She told me that she sometimes spanked her 11 year old son and her 13 year old daughter with the "heat for the seat" paddle, a little board about 10" long and about 1/4" thick--made of cedar.In fact the daughter had been spanked not 10 days ago.

 I replied that it didn't look like it would hurt much over jeans or whatever she was wearing at the time. "By the way", I said , "What was she wearing"? Now my interest was really piqued. I wanted to know what she did and how she did it.  She replied that the naughty girl in question was bare-bottomed over her knee at the time and that the paddle had done quite an efficient job of instilling some respect for parental authority.

She cocked her head and added with a sly smile:

"You sure seem interested in spankings, young man" she said, with a chuckle, "and by the way, my name's Joanne."

"Yes ma'am....I guess...but I really do want one of these for my girlfriend", I said, now blushing with embarassment."And my name is Ken".

She laughed, " OK...OK., Ken...but, I really recommend a trial before you buy one.  You have to know how to use it or you will end up either hurting her or not getting the message across. You need to have a paddle that you can put some force behind, but not bruise her bottom. Are you going to let her keep her skirt down? or perhaps skirt up so you spank her panties? or are you going to be a wicked boy and take her panties down? Will she bend over and hold her knees like she did in her sorority days or are you going to haul her over your knee? All these things are important."

I admitted I hadn't thought that far ahead.

She stood there thinking for a minute, and told me to wait there. Then I saw her go to the front of the store and lock the door. She flipped around the "closed" sign in the window, and came back, telling me that now we wouldn't be disturbed. Then she motioned for me to follow her...and to bring whichever paddles I was interested in. I followed her to the back of the store where there was a door leading to a back room. She opened the door explaining that this was a storeroom for the shop that incidentally doubled as the "woodshed" whenever parental discipline was to be meted out. The room had lots of boxes stacked along the walls but there was also a sturdy-looking armless chair and a low table in the middle of the room. Although I was in the dark as to exactly what she had in mind, I was excited about being in that secluded room with this sexy -looking woman and a selection of toy paddles.

She took the paddles and put them on the table except for a rather large one which she swished through the air a couple of times. She explained that this one (a "Texas Tailblazer") was a sorority-type paddle and should be used with the recipient bending over with hands on knees. "Go ahead", she said, "bend over". I was dumbfounded. She was proposing to try this out on me! I hesitated. She asked if I didn't want to know what it felt like since I might be using it on my "girlfriend". Being as excited as I was, I said ok, and assumed the position, slightly bent over, my hands on my knees. My slacks were stretched pretty tight across my tush, because when she delivered that first crack! it sounded like a pistol shot. Four more times in the space of about 20 seconds she smacked me with that paddle. It stung a bit but also felt good--a warm tingle started to develop. I told her that it didn't hurt that much. She smiled and gave me 5 more. Now things were starting to get warm back there and on the last one I stood up and rubbed. She asked if I'd had enough and I said I had. She then handed the paddle to me and bent over, saying I should now give her 10 swats, just as hard.

 I was stunned! This gorgeous woman was asking me to paddle her! As I stood there speechless, she said that I needed to actually use it myself now that I knew what it felt like. I will never forget that luscious sight of her round bottom straining against those tight thin shorts as she bent over. I drew my arm back and smacked the paddle flat against her rear, spanking both cheeks with a loud crack! She yelped, gave a sexy little wiggle, and told me to smack her again, this time with a bit more authority. For the next couple of minutes I set about to paddle her pretty derriere with solid spanks that echoed around the room. She uttered a little "ouch" at each one and stood up after about the 15th one, rubbing her buttocks.

She asked me if I liked that style of paddle, and I said it was ok but  that maybe something more intimate would be better. She agreed and picked up the "heat-for -the -seat" paddle. It was about 10" long and 3" wide.

 "I don't think you will feel this much over your pants, Ken. Maybe you should take them off", she said with a meaningful look.

I kind of gulped, but nodded OK, and slipped my pants off. This game was definitely getting serious and the was a lust-charged tension in the room. Now I was just in my jockey shorts and a knit shirt. Joanne sat down in the chair and motioned me toward her. She said that if it was intimacy I wanted, I should place my girlfriend across my lap for her spanking. She was proposing to show me what that felt like. I felt incredibly aroused and saw Joanne's eyes drop to the front of my underpants where a distinct bulge was showing. She gave me a knowing smile and patted her thighs. My hardon got even harder when she said:

"Come on Ken, you bad boy, get over momma's knee. You are going to get  a goooood  old fashioned spanking."

I eased myself across her lap. I could feel my penis wedged in between her legs and growing by the minute. I must have looked a sight! My shirt fell forward leaving me bare except for my cotton encased bottom perched over her right thigh .Only my toes and fingers touched the floor. With my white socks still on I must have looked like her 11 year old upended over his mother's lap for some stern "bottom justice".

She asked me if I was ready. When I said I was, she patted my bottom with the paddle a few times and then brought it down with a loud crack! It stung. She smacked it down once again  across both rear cheeks. That stung too. AS she fell into a steady cadence, smacking the little paddle across my bottom, I began to feel a burning sensation that was getting hotter all the time. I was determined not to cry out, but I did begin to wriggle across her lap in a vain attempt to ease the stinging heat imparted by the paddle. I was hissing through my teeth as that paddle went crack! Crack! Smack! against my fanny which I guessed was now getting red. Crack! Smack! Crack! Smack! Joanne sure knew how to spank!

"What do you think (crack!) Ken? Is (crack!) your bottom getting warm? Crack! Spank! Smack!"

"Oooh…yes , Joanne I think that (crack!…ouch) this one does a very good (crack!..owww!) er…..job."

After a few more whacks , Joanne said:

"We have to try one more thing Ken. You can't really know what a spanking with a paddle feels like until you feel it on the bare skin."

with that she grabbed my right hand yanking it into the small of my back so I couldn't move. She laid the paddle on my back and inserted her fingers into the waistband of my shorts. Before my brain could even register what was happening, she tugged my underpants down to my knees baring my bottom.

"There!" she said. "Now you look like a naughty lad ready for a real spanking. Ken, its been my experience that spankings are not really effective unless they are given on the bare bottom. I must say, you look cute with your bare tushy upended over my knee, but get ready because I'm going to show you what a sound…..and I mean sound...… bare fanny tanning is all about!"

Crack! Whack! Crack! Smack! Smack! Crack!

 She started smacking my bare cheeks with a rapid fire delivery that stung so much that it left me momentarily breathless. Then I started to yelp. The firey sting from that paddle was 10 times worse on the bare! I could only squirm and blubber desperate pleas for her to stop. But she would not stop. She just kept right on cracking that paddle down right on the fleshiest part of my seat.

"Now I guess you know what a real bad boy spanking is like." Crack! Spank! Crack!" I think all boys could use a bare fanny spanking from time to time." Crack! Smack!

She kept on spanking like she was in a trance, oblivious to my distress, but I had reached the end of my tolerance.


Abruptly the spanking stopped and there was silence. I squirmed off her lap and jumped to my feet hissing through my teeth and furiously rubbing my buttocks, oblivious to the fact that my engorged penis was bobbing up and down in front of her face.

"My God, Joanne, that really hurt! What did you think you were doing?!"

As if it had suddenly dawned on her, Joanne's hands flew to her mouth and she dropped the paddle with a loud clatter."Oh my God, Ken, I'm so sorry. Please, please forgive me, I just got carried away."

I allowed as how she damn well did get carried away, and finally mustered enough composure to pull up my pants. Then she shocked me again.

Handing me the paddle she said:

"I'm dreadfully sorry Ken. Please take this paddle. There is something I want you to do. Can you sit?"

I nodded and sat down, wincing as my inflamed rear end made contact with the seat. Joanne fumbled with a zipper on her shorts and then to my astonishment, pulled them off leaving her in sheer nylon panties and her halter top. She proceeded to undo her shirt revealing a firm pair of breasts in a skimpy bra. Clad now in just bra and panties she walked to my right side. I gripped the paddle and gazed into her eyes.

"Ken, I was awful to you. For that you must put me across your knee, pull down my panties and spank me real hard. Use that paddle and spank until my bottom is good and red."

Before I could answer, she lowered herself over my lap and gripped the rungs of the chair.

"Go ahead, take my panties down, Ken"

I transferred the paddle to my left hand, inserted my fingers of my right into the elastic of her panties, and pulled her panties down to her knees.

Her bottom was round and full, a gorgeous pair of alabaster globes that jiggled slightly as I shifted to perch her over my right thigh. She pushed on the floor with her toes arching her buttocks in anticipation of the paddle.

Smack! her bottom jiggled. Smack! the paddle left a hot pink band on the skin. Smack! right across both cheeks. Smack! Crack! Smack! I started spanking in earnest, bringing the little paddle down in a snapping motion with my wrists. Joanne began to yelp, but I kept up a steady
tatoo of spanks. With each spank, her rear cheeks would flatten, then bounce back into shape with a little wobble each time.

"Ooh, Ken, thats it-- spank me harder", she said, now arching her fanny up in time with the rhythym of my smacks. For the next few minutes the room rang with the sharp retort of the "heat-for-the-seat" paddle against her bare quivering bottom globes. Her buns were really getting red and I decided to finish with a rapid volley. As I cracked the paddle down in a fast flurry of solid spanks, she squealed and wiggled, humping up and down on my legs. Finally I slowed down and with a last few solid whacks, I stopped.

I noticed she was sobbing quietly so I put the paddle down and began to rub her bottom to ease the sting. My fingers found her slit which was wet and slippery. Joanne moaned as I began to rub her there. She slid from my lap and knelt in front of me between my legs. I stared in shocked silence as she pulled my cock out of my shorts and placed it in her warm soft mouth. The sensation imparted by her lips as she bobbed her head up and down was one of pure hot pleasure. She alternately swirled her tongue around my penis and slurped with her lips gliding over my hard shaft. When I could stand no more I pulled her to her feet. She turned her back and putting her hands flat on the low table, parted her legs and arched her rear. I entered her from behind and pistoned in and out of her hot sheath, my belly smacking her well reddened cheeks. I held out as long as I could but she soon climaxed with a shudder, triggering my own orgasm.

When we recovered she explained that her husband had died two years previously, leaving her the store. The kids were at camp. She was alone.

 We had quite a weekend. I never did find a motel, there was no need. I did test out a few more paddles as well as a couple of straps and a switch (an old Southern specialty). It seems she had been "on the boil" for a while, having sorely missed the attentions of her late husband and his firm hand.

I left, vowing to return. As luck would have it, I did not get back until that fall. Imagine my disappointment when I saw the sign outside--"UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT". She had left no forwarding address, but the new owners said something about family in the midwest.

So, Joanne, if you're out there now....I'm waiting (she'd be sixty by now but I don't care!).

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