The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Friday, October 5, 2012

New Ebook

My novella, A VERY BRIGHT GIRL, is now live on Amazon.

                                The link is  here 

A Very Bright Girl is the story of Heidi Lawson, a very smart and very pretty eighteen year old senior who stages a one-girl protest over inadequate sports facilities for women. She does this by showering nude in the boys locker room. The reaction of the school authorities is predictable and that leads to the imposition of an old fashioned sanction for her behavior. Along the way numerous characters get into the act, including Heidi's parents, her boyfriend, the school secretary and a young coach. Everyone it seems, is curious about a return of traditional punishment.

 I have also included three other stories in this collection. All of them involve school settings. Dr Forbin's Method introduces Julie Doster, a newlywed who needs to finish her degree requirements to graduate. Fortunately the Forbin College is right up on the hill. But there is a catch. To enroll, Julie must adhere to the same code of conduct as the much younger students, including wearing the school uniform. What she discovers is that when it comes to behavior and correction, Dr Forbin had some very unconventional ideas.

In 31 Hours coach Rusty Clawson finds himself standing in for the principal of his high school. What a time to have to personally deal with a wayward girls' coach (his would-be girlfriend) who dealt with her equally wayward charges Texas style, much to the dismay of the girls' parents who demand an old fashioned retribution as payback.

Finally we have Friday Detention for two new high school seniors. What is the big deal they wonder? They are new. But nobody bothered to inform them that if you get detention, try and avoid Fridays.

Coming in at nearly 100 pages and over 30,000 words this one is a great bargain at $2.49

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