The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New F/M spanking stories Ebook

Just released.

Here we have a collection of six spanking stories, all about strict ladies and their naughty boys. At nearly 60 pages and over 20,000 words this collection is a great deal at only $1.99. Included are the following:

In The Pool Boy meet Cory, a young man cleaning swimming pools for a summer job. But while cleaning the pool for Mrs. Ashley Trent he makes a discovery. Peering through a window, he spies on a cabal of suburban women and their methods of keeping their young boy toys in line. Discovered by the beautiful Mrs. Trent, he finds that he too must join the party if he is to keep his job.

In Masters Thesis, meet Perry. He is writing his masters thesis in sociology, the subject of which is corporal punishment in schools. Who better to instruct him on the rules and procedures for the application of corporal punishment than his former middle school teacher, Nora Kincaid? Perry is grateful for her help but soon learns that as an instructor, Nora is definitely the hands-on type.

The Li’l Red Schoolhouse is the brainchild project of Julia Marsden. Imagine a place where clients are sent receive correction to wipe the slate clean of minor criminal infractions, settle civil matters and resolve marital discord. In this environment meet Peter Radix, an up and coming executive. The only problem? He must settle a sexual harassment lawsuit and the plaintiff’s demand is that he enroll in the Red Schoolhouse. His appointment is soon, and Julia has very old fashioned instructional methods. [Note: this is an excerpted chapter from “The Spanking Games”.]

Next up is The Health Club from the usenet classic of the same name. Meet John. He has joined this health club to lose weight. The workouts are hard, but the penalties for missing workout sessions are even harder, not to mention painful and a bit humiliating. So when John skips one workout too many it’s off to the basement for a “counseling session” with Sandra, a luscious red haired female instructor.

In Friend of the Family, when his parents go abroad, a young man is sent to board with a neighborhood friend, a woman he knew as a boy. All is well until one night when, after borrowing her car, he returns home in a drunken state and plows through her prized bushes. What to do with the young man? She does not want the police involved. What she proposes is both shocking and embarrassing. But a reckoning is called for and what must be done must be done.

Finally Birthday Auction Action brings us David, whose sister has recruited him to offer up for her charity auction nothing less than his twenty-first birthday spanking. The bidding is hot and it looks like an even hotter time for David thanks to some fuzzy math on the part of one Victoria Smythe-Hobbs, the voluptuous winning bidder.


Ordalie said...

Hi Rollin!
In commenting Garth Toyntanen's interview on the Wellred Weekly you say: "I see we are on the same page about this as I have two articles in this library on the very same subject."
There is your interview in volume 1 so could you please tell me in which issue the other one is?

Rollin said...

Ordalie, both are on the pages to your right. Also on my author page at LSF under articles.

Ordalie said...

Ah, so that's why the word "plausibility" rang a bell!

James Yaakov Garringer said...

i like stories of women romantically spanking men.