The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Friday, October 12, 2012

On Writing about TTWD

Every once and a while it is perhaps instructive to let everyone know what to expect from an author. So here goes. I write in this genre, but my work is not so easily classified. I don't write "romance" per se, but I do have some very romantic stories. I don't write exclusively about domestic discipline or schoolhouse discipline, but I do have stories in both settings. I have sci-fi stories, mysteries, ghost stories, thrillers and historical fare. But the main thing I have going is that first and foremost, I write stories. These are stories with plots that are external to any interaction between characters that may involve TTWD. There is a lot of that, but my stories are, for the most part, not about spanking. Oh plenty of characters do get spanked in my stories, but the stories are about something else. (There are exceptions, of course. I do revert on occasion and write a pure spank story.) But mostly I have a tale to tell. It's just that along the way someone might get their little backside tanned.

In the books you see to the right, available at Amazon, this is pretty much the case. I say this because some readers don't really want stories. They just want scenes. "Just gimmie the action and don't fool with all that other crap," some say. But with me you don't get that. What you will get might be an intriguing game, a clever schoolgirl's plan, an insurance fraud, a sting played on foolish wives, a spooky old house, a space opera, or a boy-meets-girl romance. Just so you know.

So go peruse the archives here. You'll see what I mean.


Ana said...

I think, unless it's your thing, that reading scenes only can get boring and repetitive. I love to care enough about the characters that the spanking then becomes real and integral to the story.

Ana said...

P.S. For Spank or Treat it would be great if you could take down your captcha word verification. For instructions, please visit:

Jade Cary said...

Amen, Rollin.

Rollin said...

As I said in my recent email, I think we both have the same idea about this type of fiction. I hope I see more from you, Jade.