The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Romance of Spanking



 This is my new ebook, available exclusively at Amazon for Kindle readers. Here is the link. It is a collection of romantic spanking stories. Here is a description:

 At nearly 32,000 words and 90 pages The Romance of Spanking presents six stories of steamy romantic encounters coupled with hot spanking in a variety of genres and time periods.

In The One Room Schoolhouse, set in West Virginia in 1900, Hannah Bainbridge, a freshly graduated schoolteacher, takes up residence in the remote Appalachian mountain town of Slatyfork where she meets Tom Larkin, the local sheriff’s deputy. After a rough start a romance blooms only to be nearly derailed by the headstrong Hannah.

In Sun Valley Serenade a double booked vacation cabin at the height of ski season brings together Matt Fortier and Bonnie Carrington, a young widow. Matt graciously offers to share the cabin with Bonnie, her sister, and Bonnie’s kids. But as Matt learns, this is a family that employs very traditional disciplinary methods, and no one, not even Bonnie, is immune.

A Princess of Vernonia is set in a fictional medieval kingdom. Princess Alisha, mistress of Southmoor manor has earned the ire of her father for interfering with an arranged marriage. He has sent his personal guard to make his displeasure known, and the man who is leading the troop is none other than Guy Hightower, a man who makes Alisha’s heart flutter.

Bring Back the Paddle is the story of Ellen French, a new resident of Pineaux Louisiana, a small town attempting to deal with a school discipline problem. As a new school board member, Ellen proposes that they “bring back the paddle,” and who better to help her study the matter, and prepare an actual demonstration for the school board, than the quite dishy Dr. Martin Shea?

The Beresford Heiresses introduces Erin Baynor, a young associate to John Stallworth, attorney to the very wealthy and eccentric J. Tipton Beresford. When John is tasked by his client to carry out his last wishes with respect to his bratty nieces, Erin puts her foot in her mouth, much to her boss’s displeasure.

One Hot Summer Night brings together a guy, a girl, and a steamy New Orleans summer night. On such a night anything can happen.

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