The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Sunday, December 2, 2012

ATONEMENT, a spanking novel

   Just released in the Amazon Kindle store, ATONEMENT is a classic spanking novel in the tradition of Paul Little and Will Henry. 

The link is   here 

Dr. Henry Mason has a problem. His daughter Libby is missing and a predatory corporation claims that it owns all the rights to his new invention, a spanking machine. Welcome to America in the mid twenty-first century as institutional corporal punishment is reintroduced into the justice system in the wake of jail overcrowding and juvenile delinquency. And riding the wave of the cultural acceptance of corporal punishment is a strange cult, The Church of Revelation Atonement.

 So come along with our attorney/private investigator, who, with the help of his kinky secretary Jane, encounters Jessica, the gorgeous wife of Dr. Mason, is aided by Allison, a coed with a penchant for voluptuous chastisement, witnesses a public flogging of college coeds in a rural county jail, rescues Christy, a fugitive from the cult with lurid tales to tell, matches wits with Anna, a sadistic cult enforcer, goes under cover only to have sexy encounters with nubile maidens ensnared by the cult, meets a hot college professor eager to learn about 17th century punishments first hand, and experiences myriad other salacious adventures, all too numerous to mention.

At over 48,000 words and 153 pages, ATONEMENT is a steamy novel of sex and spanking integrated into an intriguing plot that features a missing girl, a bizarre cult, a stolen invention, and a bevy of nubile beauties all eager to experience kinky thrills at the hands of an intrepid hero. And all of this for three dollars and forty-nine cents.

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