The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Mills Governess

What would you get if you mixed John Glassco's THE ENGLISH GOVERNESS with Spielberg's BACK TO THE FUTURE, threw in a pair of ill-behaved adolescent females, and added a war-of-the-sexes romance angle? You get THE MILLS GOVERNESS, my latest release on the Amazon Kindle platform (also at

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At nearly 18,000 words, The Mills Governess is a tale of spanking, domestic discipline and sex for lovers of both F/M and F/F stories in a 19th century setting, but with a time travel twist. It's "The English Governess" meets "Back to the Future."

Meet Gordon Mills. He is the inventor of a time machine that works by mental projection, and his company hopes to make time travel available to anyone who will pay for the experience. But Gordon has a secret. He longs to use his own invention to witness the punishment of a distant ancestor, a beautiful young woman named Emily Hollings. In possession of Emily's old diary, he knows when and where it happened. But something goes horribly wrong, and he finds himself locked in the body of Richard Mills, months before the event. Now Gordon, his persona bound to Richard's, must endure a whole summer at the hands of his new governess, one Harriet Harwell, who has been hired to tutor Richard and his two cousins, Elizabeth and Emily. Harriett is a beautiful but imperious governess of the old school, and her methods for maintaining discipline call for the employment of the paddle and the birch rod. In the meantime, Gordon's business partner Barbara Boynton seeks to try the machine herself to experience the same past. So follow Richard, Elizabeth and Emily, as well as Barbara, as they endure the strict regime of the harsh Miss Harwell. And be forewarned---she's no Mary Poppins.

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