The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Romance of Spanking Vol. 2

Just in time for Christmas. Fire up those new Kindles and tablets that Santa left under the tree and head HERE

This second  Romance of Spanking story collection includes five stories of romantic encounters between adult men and women featuring hot spankings and sexy couplings. At nearly 25,000 words, it is a short story collection guaranteed to warm the heart and fire the imagination.

The stories include Beverly and the Principal, in which a pretty divorcee meets her daughter’s school principal over a behavioral problem. When mom finds out that she’s being asked to consent to a paddling for her daughter, she wonders if perhaps she shouldn’t find out first hand what she’s approving.

In The Legend of Sophia the Fair a retired knight recalls his days as the personal confidant and captain of the guard to the Lady Sophia, a courageous heroine who saved her kingdom from a predatory noble by performing a brave act of self sacrifice.

A Pirate’s Tale tells the story of a young woman pulled from the sea by a pirate captain who preys upon slave ships. The captain will tolerate the young lady on board his ship as long as she obeys his rules. But good behavior, it seems, is something this lass has to learn the hard way.

In The Central City Discussion Club a writer of spanking erotica is asked by a young woman to facilitate entrance to a unique club so she can retrieve her deceased uncle’s will and save her brother’s business. But gaining entrance to this club requires that you actually participate in club activities.

The Card Sharp tells the story of a young lady who has set her cap for a young man in her social club. She knows he especially likes two things, Texas Hold ‘Em poker and the female derriere. She intends to use both to snag her man.


Orage said...

How about answering the question you asked at the beginning of Willow Wood Estate part 5?

BTW I've just finished reading "Conjure Wife". It has been hugely praised as "a classic of modern horror fiction".
I can't say I agree; it's disquieting all right but also rather boring: the last part is marred by an unconvincing deciphering of symbols and the coup de theatre at the end is rather too much.

Rollin said...

Oh well, it's an old book, but I liked it. As for the question---there is a famous American golfer who has a wife named Amy. The real giveaway though, is that the story says the ocean is to his left on the tee and that he needs to avoid a fade. If a fade would drift to his left, that means he is left handed. The guy's name is Phil Mickelson and everyone who follows golf in America knows who that is.

Orage said...

Once again I clicked faster than my shadow...
I just loved Willow Wood Estate, it has all the components of a very gripping tale: a beautiful heiress, a big estate, a collection of naughty old books (that had me watering at the mouth), sexy pleasures, not to mention the very poetic description of white-clad women struggling against unseen and malevolent forces. And of course the happy outcome...
One of your best stories ever, Rollin. Thank you!