The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anne of Wulfstedt and Other Stories

This is one of my favorite stories and it has just been released in eBook for Kindle. It is available in the Amazon Kindle store HERE.   This version is longer than the original and at over 10,000 words it qualifies as a novelette. Also included in this collection are the stories "Rose Red" and "Hide in Plain Sight."

Set against the backdrop of the Thirty Years War, ANNE OF WULFSTEDT is an historical romance novella that tells the story of Anne, a lady of noble birth, orphaned, but now ward to Crown Prince Peter of Palatine. It is also the story of two friends, Anne and Constance, and the sacrifices that each makes for the other, painful though they may be. It is a time of political turmoil, and for headstrong and impetuous Anne and Constance both, a time when discipline is sometimes necssary to curb youthful excess and a tendency to meddle in affairs of state. Spankings and the birch rod were frequently the lot of ladies who disobeyed the dictates of the men responsible for them, whether noble or commoner, and our pair of childhood friends are no exception. This novella is 10,000 words in three parts and is sure to please the most ardent fan of historical spanking fiction.

ROSE RED tells the tale of Jack, an heir to the fortune of his Uncle Cyrus, a larger than life figure and lover of scores of women. But he is given a task as part of Cy's last will---find the woman Cy referred to as Rose Red. So Jack sets out to do so, but finds that Cy's role in the lives of these women was many things including friend, counselor, confessor, lover and frequently, disciplinarian. And it is up to Jack to tie up Cy's loose ends and give his beloved females Cy's parting legacy.

HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT is set in the South of the 1950's and is told in the form of a series of letters from a young woman to her best friend. When Vanderbilt coed Mary Beth Larson witnesses a crime committed by a prominent member of the Dixie mafia, she is placed in the protective custody of federal marshall Raylin Higgins. He hides her on his Aunt Jolene's farm where Jolene offers room and board to a number of young women. But Aunt Jolene has rules and very old fashioned methods for enforcing them. It's an educational experience for a Nashville society girl like Mary Beth, and marshall Raylin is determined to be part of her educational experience.                                                                

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