The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Sunday, January 20, 2013

E-Book News

Lots happening in the land of ebooks. First, a new publication, GWEN'S SORORITY DAYS is now available at Amazon on the Kindle platform.

The link to Amazon is  HERE    

Gwen’s Sorority Days is a spanking soap opera in the classic style of 1960’s pulp fiction. At over 36,000 words, it is a novella length tale that delves into the secret disciplinary practices of an American college sorority. Those practices include liberal use of the sorority paddle and traditional spanking, both of which are meted out for various infractions and failings of the sorority sisters.

The story centers on Gwen, a recent college graduate, and Joyce, a young career woman. A chance meeting results in a friendship between the two women in which Gwen reveals the secret disciplinary regime of Kappa Phi Rho, Gwen’s sorority. Tales of pledge training, the role of big sisters, initiations, and sorority house life are all explicitly set forth as Gwen tells her story. Joyce is both fascinated and aroused by Gwen’s tales of paddlings and spankings at the Kappa house, so much so that she later enlists her boyfriend Brad to pursue similar activities in their own bedroom. Still later Gwen reveals that she misses the loving discipline meted out by her big sister and enlists Joyce to take on that role, much to Joyce’s delight.

More revelations are in store when Gwen’s former sorority sisters arrive in town for a conference, which culminates in Joyce being offered membership in the sorority alumnae association as an honorary member. Of course, there will be an initiation. 

Gwen’s Sorority Days is primarily F/F in orientation, but includes both M/F and F/M scenes.

In other news....ATONEMENT has be re-edited and has been given a new cover.

The price has also been changed from $3.49 to $2.99. ATONEMENT is now a much leaner, more focused novel. The link is down at the present time. I'm working with Amazon to fix that.


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