The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Scarlet Society and Other Stories

Just released,  a new short story collection containing 20,000 words of steamy spanking action.
The link to the Amazon Kindle store is HERE

And here is what is included in this collection:

The Scarlet Society and other stories is a collection of five steamy spanking stories. At 20,000 words this collection is guaranteed to delight and entertain.

In The Scarlet Society a woman reminisces about an odd school society, a singular honor for the girls who are chosen, but one with a forbidding and painful legacy, an ordeal which must be endured. This is very much a Southern Gothic spanking story, edgy and chilling.

It’s About Time is a time travel story with a twist. An agent must accompany his young  female partner to an earlier time, all the while posing as her uncle. They must journey to the past where she will enter a 1940’s era girls school to correct a serious problem. But being a schoolgirl in this era brings with it it’s own hazards, not the least of which is the strict disciplinary regimen. And let’s not forget her equally strict uncle.

A Gift from Great Aunt Kate is indeed an unusual gift. It appears to be but a simple painting of an old drawing room, but for the women of this family it has some mysterious properties. To fall under it’s spell can be very gratifying sexually, but that comes at a price that can leave one with a very tender derriere.

In Naughty French Maids two sorority sisters are “purchased” at a charity auction to be French maids for a day by a wealthy patron and his wife. They assume that all they have to do is clean and dust and serve at a dinner party. But things may not be what they seem

A Fairy Tale is a tale of three princesses and the sacrifice that each must make to save the kingdom from a fearsome dragon. Will they live happily ever after? Maybe, but all the same, it could be difficult to sit.


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