The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Thursday, January 24, 2013



The Amazon link to ATONEMENT, a spanking novel, has been fixed. you can find it HERE. Also links to Amazon are embedded in all of the book covers in the panel to your right.

ATONEMENT has been re-issued in a more streamlined, focused 2nd edition. The lone three star review of this novel had pointed out, fairly I think, that many of the action scenes (and there are still quite a few) seemed to get in the way of the plot. So, everything that was not essential to the overall plot has been excised and the novel now reads more like the private-eye mystery thriller for spankophiles (how's that for a nich genre?) that it was intended to be, instead of a sprawling over-the-top spankfest.

Now it occurs to me that some may actually like it as an over-the-top spankfest, so I will find a way to make the unexpurgated original available to those who ask. Watch these pages for an announcement.

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