The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Romance of Spanking Vol.3


Just in time for Valentine's Day, The Romance of Spanking Vol. 3 has just been released for sale in the Amazon Kindle store. You can find it HERE. 

The Romance of Spanking Vol. 3 is a collection of five stories, more than 25,000 words, that examines the role that spanking plays in the heady passions of romantic relationships. It is a continuation of the erotic theme explored in the earlier volumes of this series. In these steamy stories of love, spanking, sex and passion there are period pieces, historical fantasy, and contemporary romance. 

Boy meets girl in a tender coming-of-age story, IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR, in which both find that the course of true love can be littered with painful obstacles.

 In THE PRINCESS’ TUTOR a spoiled tomboy princess finds that growing up and accepting responsibility can be a sometime unpleasant process, both at the hands of her tutor and her future husband. 

A legacy from the past brings a high school alumna into contact with a new school headmaster in THE ELLSWORTH BEQUEST. Can they figure out a way to save the school and advance a budding romantic relationship? Love may require sacrifice. 

BECKY THE PRANKSTER tells the story of a pair of friends who grow up playing tricks on each other. But the final prank may reveal feelings for each other long suppressed even if it takes a spanking to do it.

 In THE POKER LESSON a young woman takes risks with her tuition money at the poker table, but an older and wiser man teaches her why that’s not a good idea.

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