The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Title Released---The Puritan Museum

Just in time for Saint Patrick's day, The Puritan Museum and Other Stories is now available in eBook form for Amazon Kindle.

The link to Amazon is HERE.  This is a collection of stories that might be considered a bit more edgy than some previous offerings. In this collection, it's all about punishment.

 Here is the product description:
A collection of short stories, all about spanking and corporal punishment, with all of its variations and attendant rituals and psychology. This collection of five stories is over 23,000 words in length and features different looks at the many and varied forms of flagellatory chastisement.
First we have THE PURITAN MUSEUM, a sinister tale of Puritans and punishments, of revenge and its price. Next is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, The Lost Episode, a tale that never aired in prime time, it is a story of a spy mission gone awry thanks to a pair of American teenagers, and what sacrifices are required to mollify an ancient church bent on extracting penance for a blasphemous act. In THE CRAVING we find that while one obsession might be cured by the promise of punishment, unintended consequences may well take over. AFTER THE CP ACT explores what might happen if corporal punishment were ever a real option in the criminal justice system as we follow a young lady who has no choice but to elect to be punished in this manner. Finally in ROMANIAN HOLIDAY, a young man chats up a lady in a bar and regales her with a harrowing tale of a mysterious country manor and its equally mysterious inhabitants---who are devotees of the lash, and perhaps much more. The lady is impressed, but may have her own agenda.                                                           

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