The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Monday, April 8, 2013

Just Released---Tales from a Switch

This newly released eBook is available HERE.

Folks who have been around for a time might remember this as the title of my old Geocities web page. The idea was then that I would present stories having a switching dynamic. M/F stories would mix with F/M stories. Sometimes turnabouts and role reversals would occur within the same story. And that is what distinguishes this collection from my other offerings.

Here are the book's particulars:

A unique volume in the Rollin Hand collection, “Tales from a Switch” is a collection of stories featuring shifting orientations, from F/M spanking to M/F spanking and vice versa. There are 5 stories here for a total length exceeding 25,000 words. These are not necessarily “turnabout” stories, but all feature a mix of orientations.

In “The Truth About Andy” a young couple discover that marital discord may be resolved by resort to old fashioned domestic discipline—and that works both ways.

“Blues for Alice” tells the story of Charlie, a musician trying to master the intricacies of Be-Bop, and of the gorgeous but demanding woman who teaches him using a rather unique carrot-and-stick approach.

“The Paddling Booth” is the story of a college sorority/fraternity fundraiser in which pledges in role play costumes take paddle swats to raise money for charity. There are four separate stories here, 2 girls and 2 boys.

“The Graduate” is an alternate re-telling of the classic movie. Ben is in for a hot time when he falls into Mrs. Robinson’s web, but she and her daughter Elaine are in for a few surprises.

Finally there is “The Souvenir Shop,” an out-of-the way place that sells those cute novelty store paddles. Who buys those things? And what do they do with them?

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