The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Wednesday, May 1, 2013



here is a bonus short story that is included in that collection


A lot can happen in 31 hours......

THURSDAY 4:35 pm---just outside the front door of the high school

Now what was she doing, thought Rusty? Keri Presley was just waiting, it looked like. Out at the edge of the parking lot. But waiting for what? A ride? The team busses had returned, so who was she waiting for? Ross "Rusty" Clawson would have loved to continue to gaze at the lovely Miss Presley, but he had other things to do. He was acting principal this week. His boss, Bob Campbell, Prairie High's principal, was down with flu. Ditto Stu Kantor the assistant. In seniority he was third in line. So the lovely Miss Presley would have to be left to her own devices. He wished he figured in them but so far no luck. She wasn't aloof, far from it. She was this hearty, gregarious thirty five year old Texas gal transplanted here to this small town in the Pacific Northwest to be with her ailing mother. That's what Keri had told him after refusing his offer of a date, that she was just too preoccupied to have a social life.

They were both coaches. He coached boy's baseball and basketball and taught history. She coached girls' volleyball and softball and taught math. And they'd clicked in a casually friendly way. It was all teasing and wisecracking. But she told him she didn't have a lot of time for socializing. She was a country gal, an earthy type, passionate about 'her girls' and their sports. She'd been a teacher/coach for the last ten years. So upon her arrival Rusty had befriended her and had helped her get settled in, to understand the culture here. The area was actually bedrock conservative, ranchers and lumbermen, but different from Texas.

So they were just friendly colleagues for now, but Rusty would sure like to take it to the next level. She was dressed in that tight white tank top and short athletic skirt that showed off those wonderfully shaped and toned legs. It was her usual uniform for coaching sporting events. The skirt flared, but that didn't hide the delightful wiggle in her walk. Oh well, back to work. The day wasn't over yet---not for Rusty.


THURSDAY 4:47 pm---high school parking lot

There they were, the little madams. Caught them! Wheeling into the back of the parking lot in a convertible with two boys---from a rival school yet. "You two," she shouted, pointing. "In my office. Now."

"Miss Presley," the girls gasped, surprised to see her.

"And you," she said, hands on her hips and glaring at the two boys, "get out of here and don't come back!" Damn! She should have checked both busses. Heather Foster and Jamie Benning had obviously slipped out and ridden back with those two delinquents. Two of her best players and state finals coming. Damn and triple damn!

"What were you two thinking?" Keri was boiling mad. Heather and Jamie huddled nervously in chairs in front of Miss Presley's desk while she chewed them out. It was a noisy scolding but thankfully no one could hear her raised voice in her basement office next to the locker rooms. Most everyone was gone for the day. "Suppose there had been a wreck? Wait..." she sniffed. "Let me smell your breath."

She stood in front of the girls. Took a deep breath. "Beer. You've been drinking beer. I can't believe this. State finals in our grasp and you go out drinking beer with boys instead of returning on the team bus."

She paced in front of them. "You know what this means? I have to suspend you both. I can't let this go." She threw up her arms in exasperation.

That made the girls sit up with alarm. "Please don't suspend us, Miss Presley. We want to go to state. Our parents will find out. Please, we're sorry!" They were both jabbering at the same time. Oh, yeah, now they were sorry. They hadn't been sorry when Butch and Sundance out there had lured them into the car with promises of booze and God knows what else.

She knew how this would have been handled back in Texas. Her old mentor and coach, Mrs. Lord, would have dealt with it her way. She would have sent them to the showers and told them to report back in nothing but a towel. She kept a pinewood paddle in her desk drawer, an unofficial "attitude adjuster". They would have been told to drop the towels and bend across her desk. A good dozen hard swats on bare girlish butts after the shower would have fixed this, and they'd have never done it again. Accept the punishment, stay on the team, that was her deal. Keri knew. She'd been one of those girls once.

But they didn't do that here. Frickin' hippie northwest. Well, it's about time they learned how we do it Texas style. But she had no paddle or anything like it. And it would have to be on the QT. But if she knew her girls, they'd take their licking and keep quiet about it. Maybe just a good old fashioned spanking like mamma would dish out----that would bring them down a peg. A little voice told her to be careful, but she was so damn angry, she didn't listen.

"Ok, girls. You want to stay on the team and not be suspended?"

At last, a ray of hope. The girls brightened up. "What do we have to do, Coach Presley?" asked Heather.

The girls were still in their volleyball uniforms. "I'm not letting you off easy. You'll have a choice to make. Hit the showers. Don't dress. Wrap up in towels and come back in here, then we'll talk." She watched them look at each other, question marks on their faces, but they left for the showers right next door. Both were pretty girls. Both were seniors. Heather was slender, Jamie short and buxom. But, they were getting a bit big for their britches.

While they were out Keri moved a chair out in front of her desk. "Just like momma used to do," she muttered to herself. "That's what these little princesses need." Keri had been no stranger to motherly discipline when she'd been younger. Even through her teen years willful disobedience had been punished by a trip across her momma's knee for a stinging session with a flat backed hairbrush on her bared bottom. She recalled those sessions all too well. The hot sting of those spankings had taught her to behave.

Heather and Jamie soon returned, their arrival announced by the wet slap of bare feet on the concrete floor. When they opened the door they were surprised to see Keri seated in a chair in front of her desk.

"Coach? Uh, here we are," said Jamie. They were wrapped up in towels, legs still a bit wet.

"Yeah, we showered like you told us, but why can't we dress?" said Heather.

"Because, girls, it's part of the deal," said Keri. "You violated a very important rule and according to official policy, you're off the team. But, if you accept my informal punishment, we'll forget about this little escapade of yours."

"Ok, coach, how are you going to punish us?" asked Jamie.

"Yeah, how? Do we have to do wind sprints or something?" asked Heather.

"No wind sprints. To stay on the team, both of you, right here, right now, take a good hard spanking. You drop those towels, come across my knee and take your licking. Then we forget about this. Well, what will it be?"

Both sets of jaws dropped. Eyes grew big as saucers.

"A...a spanking, Coach Presley?" Jamie was shaking her head in disbelief.

"You heard me. Or, there's the door." Keri pointed to the door. " Off the team."

For a minute they stood still, in shock, but thinking it over. Finally Heather spoke. "Wait. No one will know, right? Not the school, not our parents, no one."

"That's right. It ends here. So decide. I don't have all night and you girls have to get home."

The girls looked at each other. Heather turned toward Keri. She shrugged. "I'm in," she said, lifting her chin in an act of teenage bravado. "How do you want me?"

"Heather!" Jamie squealed.

"Oh, Jamie, don't be such a baby," said Heather. "I'm ready, Miss Presley."

"Come over here to my right side," said Keri, pointing at the floor. Heather moved over with mincing steps to stand at Keri's right. "Ok, Foster, drop the towels."

Heather let the towels slip to the floor. The girl was a young Venus. She put one hand at her crotch, the other vainly tried to cover her exposed nipples. She had smallish breasts, long legs and a slender torso with slim hips, but a cute apple-cheeked derriere prominently set off from her long legs. Keri aimed to thoroughly redden that pert butt to teach this young miss a lesson.

"Over my knee," said Keri.

Heather lowered herself gingerly over her coach's lap. Keri pushed her forward until her nose almost touched the floor, her bottom uppermost and well positioned to receive her spanking. Keri raised her right knee and hooked it on a lower chair rung, elevating Heather's behind a bit more.

"Ready, Foster?"

"Yes, coach," she squeaked, tensing her body.

"You'll be getting fifty swats with my hand. It would help if you counted."

She raised her hand to shoulder height and brought it down with a loud smack! Heather hissed with an intake of breath. Smack! Keri spanked the other cheek. Heather lifted a leg off the floor.

"How many?" asked Keri. "I don't hear counting."

"Ow...two," said Heather.

Keri launched into a rhythmic smacking of Heather's bouncing bottom, landing smacks on alternating cheeks at a rate of about one every two seconds or so. She carefully covered the full expanse of Heather's bottom, working from the top of her bottom to the lush underside, not missing an inch. Sometimes she landed crisp smacks right across the divide, right on the sit spot. Heather yipped softly but kept the count, waving her legs in the air, wincing, opening and closing her eyes, flexing her wriggling fanny as the spanks landed. At the count of fifty, Keri stopped. Heather's bottom was beet red. It looked like two stoplights on a white background. Keri let her up.

Heather hastily grabbed her towels and covered herself, only to find she couldn't cover up and rub the atrocious sting at the same time.

"Ok, Benning. Your turn."

Jamie took Heather's place. Her hips were wider, her bottom fuller, but well shaped. She was short and her feet came off the floor, legs fluttering. She was more vocal too. The sharp spanks rang out, echoing off the concrete walls in the enclosed office. Jamie yelped and had to be reminded several times to keep count. Keri's hand rose and fell, splatting against the soft rounds at a steady tempo.

"Youch...oh, youch, coach! Uh, 15!....16!....17!....owwww!"

It was a steady litany of distress that accompanied the noisy smacking. Her bottom cheeks were softer and they wobbled more than Heather's. By the time the count had reached fifty her rear end was also a vivid red.

"Both of you stand in front of me and turn around." Both girls had been duly punished, Keri could see as she inspected her handiwork. Two sets of glowing red bottom cheeks attested to the fact that she had meted out a very thorough spanking. "Now face me," she said.

"Never do that again, do you understand? Next time you will be off the team. Now get dressed and go home." The girls gathered towels and left in a hurry.

Whew! Thought Keri. I need a drink. Maybe Rusty is still here. But I can't tell him about this, oh no. In fact, she mused, I can't tell him about me---what I want. He's too nice a guy. The act of spanking the girls had brought back memories---memories of past experiences when she'd been the naughty miss. I need a man to take me in hand, she reflected. Like Ty, her ex, her rodeo cowboy lover. He had not hesitated to put her in her place when she got too full of herself, and that place was over his knee. Sometimes even, his belt came out if she'd really been difficult. Rusty just looks too easy going, she thought. A pity. The man is pretty hot. But this time I'm going to do it right, find the right guy out here for me---one who won't be off at the stinkin' rodeo and who will give me what I crave.


WEDNESDAY 6:22 pm---Heather Foster's home

Heather slipped into the bathroom and eased down her shorts. Owww. Her behind still glowed hotly. Coach had spanked hard. She'd practically been crying at the end. She looked over her shoulder. Her butt was still red and it burned. Still, that was better than anyone finding out. She reached for some cold cream.

"Heather?" Her mom burst in.

In the mirror she saw her mother staring in shock at her inflamed bottom.

"Heather, what on earth happened to you?"


THURSDAY 9:15 pm---home of Jim and Francine Benning, Jamie's parents

"We should sue," said Bob Foster. "Imagine. That coach taking it upon herself to lay a hand on our girls."

Seated in the living room were Bob and Dottie Foster, the Reverend Jim Benning and his wife Francine. Heather had spilled the beans under intense questioning from her mother. Jamie had corroborated her account. The parents had arranged a quick meeting to confer about how to handle this.

"I say we confront the principal first thing tomorrow about this," said Bob. "Then I'm calling my lawyer."

"Let's see what they have to say," said Jim, "before we get all worked up. We cause a big stink, the girls will be off the team."

Jim stood and paced back and forth a minute, thinking. "You know, there is a better way," he mused. "One more in tune with biblical teachings."


FRIDAY 9:15 am---office of the principal

"I'm afraid I'm only acting principal," said Rusty, as the four parents trooped into the inner office. "But maybe you can tell me why you wanted to see Bob Campbell and I'll brief him when he comes back."

Jim and Bob looked at each other. "All right," said Jim Benning. "Here is what happened yesterday afternoon."

Rusty listened as Jim Benning recounted the events of the previous afternoon. He struggled to control his utter amazement. What the hell? Had Keri Presley really done this? If so, this was a major scandal, not to mention the possibility of lawsuits. And the publicity! Rusty tried to keep his cool and not panic.

"....And so," said Jim, "as you might expect we are very angry about this. The school bears liability here."

"What Jim is saying," said Bob Foster, "is that we could sue the school district for all it's worth."

"I understand your position," said Rusty. "But let me get Miss Presley's version."

"That's fine, call her in, but before you do, we have a proposition, coach." Jim Benning was offering a way out, it seemed. Christ, if this was true.... Rusty's head was spinning.

"And that is?"

"We have no problem with corporal punishment," said Bob. "We are church folk. Jim here is a pastor, as you know. Our kids get lickings when they mess up. She messed up."

Rusty was curious now. "So what do you propose?"

All four parents looked at each other and nodded. Jim Benning spoke. "She gets what she gave the girls. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth."

"You want to spank Coach Presley?" Rusty was dumbfounded.

Bob Foster laughed. Threw up his hands. "Oh, no. Not me. No siree. That would be the principal's job."

Rusty was stunned. What a development. Wait. He was acting principal.

"And we want to do it now. Today." Bob leaned forward. "Think about it. We just want to send a message. She screwed up. She needs to be taught a lesson."

Rusty' brain was going a mile a minute. "Ok, let me get this straight. We do this and you forget about any lawsuit."

"Yep," said Bob. Jim nodded.

"There's no publicity."


"It stays here. No one knows. It doesn't go beyond these walls. There is no public record?"

"That's correct. This settles it."

"Can you call me later? I need to talk to her."

"You do that,' said Bob Foster.


FRIDAY 10:00 am---principal's office

Keri nervously approached Principal Campbell's office. Damn! Had those little princesses squealed? Why would they do that? They'd wanted to keep it all secret.

When she entered she was surprised to see Rusty Clawson behind the desk. "Why, Rusty, what are you doing here?"

"Had to fill in for Bob and Stu. Both of them sick," he said. Rusty looked at her hard. "Keri, I'm going to be blunt. What happened yesterday with Heather Foster and Jamie Benning?"

Keri felt a sickening in her stomach. They did tell. Oh, God, how could she have been so stupid? This probably meant her job. She was done for. And Rusty. He was tight lipped, and stern, his eyes boring into hers. He was not at all the easy going colleague she'd been used to. He'd assumed the mantle of command and all of a sudden here he was, all alpha male---in control and in charge. Something fluttered deep inside. A flicker of both fear and excitement. Good grief, how could she think about how sexy that made him seem at a time like this?

"I, uh....." she stammered. Then she just spilled the whole story.

So it had really happened. Keri confirmed it.

"I was just so angry. We have a real shot at state and those girls just blew it. I figured....hell, I figured this might be sort of rough justice, quick and dirty. I'm sorry," she said, lowering her eyes.

"Well, it's a mess," said Rusty. He leaned forward. "But there is a way out." She sat in shocked silence as he spelled it out for her.

"With them watching?" Keri twisted her hands nervously.

"I think so."

"You and me?" She was having hot and cold flashes all at once.

"They say it's the principal's job." Rusty was very matter-of-fact.

"Oh, my. There really is no other way, is there?" The reality was starting to sink in.

Rusty raised his eyebrows and opened his hands in a gesture of surrender to forces beyond his control.


FRIDAY 12:37 pm---principal's office

"Keri has agreed,' said Rusty. "When and where?"

"I have a vacant warehouse out Rt.126," said Bob. Here is the address. Let's say 6 o'clock. We'll be there, but out of modesty's sake we'll go outside during the, ah, proceedings. Our wives will bear witness to see that it's done right."


FRIDAY 5:58 pm---- 12457 State Hwy 126.

Pins and needles all day. How she got through the afternoon, she did not know. She had put on workout clothes to coach softball, a t-shirt top and black tights. That's what she wore now. She was aware that the tights showed every curve of her figure below the waist, even the crease between her bottom cheeks was clearly delineated. She knew Rusty had noticed, walking her out to his car. And, she was wet with anticipation. Despite the humiliation of an impending public spanking, or perhaps because of it, she was wet with arousal. But Rusty couldn't know.

Damn, she is hot, thought Rusty. And something else is going on. It's like she's actually excited about this. She had been silent on the way out, licking her lips, her breathing short. He'd said he was sorry about this part, what was about to happen, but she waved him off.

"It's my own damn fault for being so stupid, Clawson. I guess I deserve this." Then she turned her head toward him, smiled ruefully and said, "You ever spank a girl before?"

He admitted he hadn't.

"You use your wrist and elbow. Hit the low part of the fanny, right on the sit spot. Not high up. Don't try and hold back, I can take it."

Rusty listened in amazement. She sounded like she'd had experience with this sort of thing, telling him casually how to do it.

The Fosters and Bennings had already arrived and were waiting inside. Rusty and Keri parked and walked across a gravel drive. Rusty wanted to hold her hand, she looked so brave yet so vulnerable.

"You sure you're ok with this?"

She brushed her hair back. "You just do your job and give me a good one so these people are satisfied, you hear?"

"Yes, ma'am," said Rusty.

He ushered her inside. The men acknowledged them and left. "We're going for a walk," said Bob Foster. "Coach, it was fifty hard smacks. Bare. Time to teach Coach Presley a lesson."

They left. It was dark and gloomy inside. Someone had arranged chairs in a rough circle. Rusty took a seat. The wives sat opposite him. Keri, her head held high, walked up to Rusty' right side. She put her hands on his thighs, eased herself across his lap.

The feeling of Keri's lush body making contact with his was electric. The gorgeous Keri Presley laid herself bottoms up over his lap. He had an erection that was threatening to burst out of his slacks. He bet she could feel it.

"Bare," he heard on of the wives say. "It's supposed to be on the bare."

Rusty said, "I guess you'll have to lift up Keri."

Keri blushed red. Her heart was racing. But she lifted up. Felt Rusty' fingers in the band of her tights. He tugged, one side, then the other, slowly dragging the tights and her panties down, exposing her springy behind. The cheeks had seemed to pop out of the confinement of her tights. She squeezed her legs together. She was wet. Could Rusty see? He peeled the tights and panties down to her knees. Her ass was nude now. It jiggled as he made slight adjustments in her position.

Rusty beheld the shapely bare bottom presented for his attention. Whew, a sight to behold, for sure. Two perfectly formed ovals, pertly set off from her thighs. The cheeks quivered slightly as she shifted to get comfortable. Get a grip and do this, he thought. What had she said? Wrist and elbow. He raised his arm, hand at head height.

Smack! He spanked the right cheek.
Smack! Another on the other side.

Keri flinched and drew air through her teeth.

"She should keep count," said Francine.

"Then that's two," said Keri in a muffled voice.

Rusty continued. He laid ten more what he thought were medium hard spanks on Keri's bottom, alternating sides.

"I think you need to put a little more steam in it, coach," said Dottie.

Rusty stopped, looked up. "It's ok," said Keri, breathless. "Harder."

Rusty brought his hand down harder. It landed with a satisfying crack. Keri's bottom cheeks flattened with the impact and she hissed.

"That's more like it," said Dottie.

Rusty settled into a rhythm delivering what must have been a stinging spanking at that same intensity. He marveled at the way Keri's bottom cheeks wobbled and bounced over his knee as his hand impacted the quivering globes again and again. The color went from pink to a dusky pink and finally to red. She squirmed, raising her hips in time to his spanks. It was an involuntary reaction, he was sure.

Oh my God, thought Keri. I want to pinch my nipples. It stings, oh does it ever. Each meaty smack delivered to her bare wriggling fanny stung hotly, but also sent a shock wave of pleasure-pain though her body. It was all she could do to concentrate and keep count. But she did. Rusty just kept a steady non-wavering tempo until all fifty smacks had been duly meted out.

"That's fifty, as agreed," said Rusty. He'd stopped and was absently resting his hand on her seat. Keri shuddered. Hot as her fanny was after that spanking, his touch was driving her to distraction.

"Yes, that will do," said Francine. Both wives were smiling smugly.

Rusty let her up. She turned away and pulled her tights back up. The women got up and left, only to return with their husbands.

"All right," said Bob, "it's done." He addressed Keri. "Next time coach, you bring it to us first. We might even get you a paddle to use, but don't take it on yourself, alright?"

Keri didn't say anything. She tossed her head and brushed hair out of her eyes. Rusty thought she'd never looked so beautiful.

"Well," said Jim. "We best be going."


FRIDAY 6: 35 pm-----------Rusty's car

"I'm sorry," said Rusty, looking over at her. "You ok?"

"Don't apologize. I'm fine. I deserved it." Then she smiled out of the corner of her mouth. "You did a very thorough job. The lady has been duly chastised."

They pulled up to her apartment. "Come in for a minute, will you?" asked Keri. Rusty was puzzled, but got out of the car and walked her in. She shut the door. Turned around. Keri walked up to Rusty and put her arms around his neck. She pulled him down and kissed him full on the mouth, held it there. She slipped her tongue in and found his. Despite his surprise, he responded.

"What's this?" he asked when they came up for air.

"I thought you were too nice a guy, but you know how to take a girl in hand. You know, Rusty, when you heat up a lady's rear end, the rest of her can get pretty revved up." Keri pulled her tank top over her head. "When I'm naked you can put some baby oil on my ass and then I'll show you how to really spank. Then I'm going to ride you all night."


FRIDAY 8:05 pm----home of Bob Foster, basement recreation room

"But daddy, I already got spanked. Like I said, Coach Presley punished us," Heather wailed.

Bob Foster unbuckled his belt and slipped it through the loops of his slacks with a snicking sound that caused a chill to run up Heather's spine. Dottie Foster stood there, arms folded.

"That may be, little lady, but now you're getting a licking from us. Boys. Beer.” Bob snorted in disgust. “Pants down. Over the back of the sofa."

"Please, no daddy. I won't do it ever again."

"And this will make sure. Pants down and bend over."

A distraught Heather Foster tugged her jeans down and bent over the back of the sofa. The posture arched her teenage buttocks out to receive correction, buttocks that now quivered with the anticipation of feeling the harsh kiss of the strap. Her mother came around to grasp her wrists. Bob drew his arm back.

The belt whistled. Crack! "!" A red stripe appeared across the cute teenage bottom.
Again the belt struck. Crack! Another stripe matched the first. "Yeoww...daddy! Please!" She looked over her shoulder, pleading.

"You hold still and take your licking," hissed Dottie.

Twelve times the doubled up belt whistled and cracked across Heather's tender bottom. With each one, Heather yelped in anguish and shifted from foot to foot. At the count of twelve her mother released her wrists and sent her to bed.


FRIDAY 8:37 pm---home of Rev James Benning

The Reverend Benning watched with approval as his wife, Francine meted out a noisy spanking to their daughter Jamie with a small wooden paddle known as the "family paddle".

Jamie squirmed across her mother's knee as her mom smacked the little paddle down on Jamie's bottom, eliciting shrill pleas for mercy.

"Ow, mamma.....ow, mamma.....please, not so hard." Jamie yelped as the smacks rang out in the parents' bedroom. Her body flopped over her mother's knee, vainly trying to shift any way possible to ease the atrocious sting of that wicked paddle landing on her bare seat.

"You just take this spanking, Jamie Lynn Benning. Imagine! Drinking beer with boys. You deserve every smack," said Francine as she peppered her daughter's bottom with a new flurry of crisp paddle smacks.

"Yeow....momma, please!.....owww." Jamie wailed and her legs fluttered.

Jim Benning watched with approval as his wife delivered a very thorough paddling to their daughter's squirming fanny. Yes, he thought. An appropriate biblical punishment.


FRIDAY 11:35 pm---------------Keri Presley's apartment

Rusty stared at the ceiling, exhausted. Keri slept next to him. All the lovemaking had worn them both out. Good grief---who knew? One minute he's wondering how to just get a date with her and the next he's spanked her bare bottom, stripped her bare, fucked her vigorously right on her couch and then.....

Oh yeah. She hadn't been kidding. She brought out the baby oil after round one and had him smear it on her bottom while she lay over his lap on the sofa. After that she had taught him all about spanking, both the sensuous and the punitive kind.

"You didn't really give it to me too hard back there," she'd said. "Do it again, just that hard, but this time stop and rub me a little. Or don't. You're the one in charge."

But he had, smacking her bottom again with firm hard cracks that made her delicious bottom cheeks quiver. The smacking was interrupted with rubbing and fingers massaging her quim that had made her groan with pleasure. He'd counted out 68 smacks, just like that before she'd finally begged for mercy. She got up on her knees, practically panting with lust and he'd entered her from the rear, his body smacking the hot red cheeks as he thrust into her. The mutual orgasms had been explosive.

"See," she explained later, as they lay on their sides facing each other, "I can be a bit of an impulsive brat. So when I get like that, I need a man who'll just put me over his knee and paddle my ass good and hard. That thing with those kids was a good example. I have poor judgment sometimes. I need a man who'll keep me in line. Is that man you?"

That's what Rusty was thinking about. How much had changed in just 31 hours. But, as he looked at the gorgeous Keri sleeping beside him, not a stitch on, exposed rear end glowing red, there was no doubt in his mind that he was up to the job.

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