The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New eBook release--Retribution and Falls Creek Women's Prison

Is now live and available at all Amazon Kindle on-line stores. The link is HERE.

A pair of novellas containing collectively over 20.000 words, Retribution and Falls Creek Women's Prison present a darker vision of the world of spanking erotica. At heart both novellas are romances with protective alpha males who love and discipline their women with equal fervor. But these are crime novellas and criminals can be pretty bad actors.

RETRIBUTION features Brenda Starling, ace reporter for a newspaper in Portland Oregon. Brenda is on to a story, one that involves sinister abductions of young pretty females coupled with painful and humiliating judicial type punishments. Who is doing this and why? Brenda is determined to find out, heedless of the risk to her personal safety. This does not sit well with her photographer boyfriend who is a proponent of domestic discipline. And as Brenda's investigation brings her closer to the truth, she discovers that the hunter may have become the hunted.

FALLS CREEK WOMEN'S PRISON features Connie Bright, a rookie police officer with a mission--go inside the notorious women's correctional facility undercover and discover the criminal enterprise being run on the inside. But it is 1955 and corporal punishment for inmates is very much the norm at Falls Creek. A date with Black Betty, the notorious prizon razor strap is something to be feared and avoided. On top of that, there is the tough as nails inmate, Tall Mary, known to all as Big Momma the ruler of the cell block. It is not wise to cross her for as all the inmates know,  momma will spank. As the true nature of the crime inside the walls becomes clearer, Connie is faced with a delimna--who is in on it, and worse, who can she trust to get her out?

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