The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Fairy Tale

I recently found this drawing, a Paula Russell drawing, on Chross's blog. I am nearly positive that it has to be an illustration for the story "A Fairy Tale" that I read many years ago in JANUS. It was written, as I recall, in the late '70s or early '80s. I lost the magazine years ago, but I liked the story so much I rewrote it from memory in 2000, making up new text and adding my own touches here and there. I thought the premise was cute. So with apologies to the original author, whoever you are, here is my version still illustrated by Paula.


Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there lived a king, a queen and their three daughters. Roxanne was a fiery red haired beauty of 21 with a full voluptuous figure.
Christine was a slender, pretty, and shy girl of 19 and Daphne was a lively, cute and ripe figured blonde of 16.

One day the king received word that a terrible dragon was ravaging the countryside. He charged the royal magician to consult the ancient tomes to discover what could be done. The magician gave the matter some study and reported back to the king.

"Sire, the dragon can be slain, but the lance to be used must have a blade that has been bathed in the tears of a well whipped virgin of noble birth."

Upon hearing this pronouncement, the king’s three daughters glanced at each other nervously.

With a heavy heart the king turned to his oldest daughter and said:
"I am sorry Roxanne but you must give of yourself for the good of the kingdom."

To the captain of the guard the king said, "Accompany Princess Roxanne to the tower and take the magician with you. I charge you to give the princess Roxanne a sound whipping on her bare bottom with your sword belt until the tears flow. What must be done must be done."

The captain and two of his two of his men grasped the arms of the flustered Roxanne and hustled her off to the tower kicking and screaming. Stripping the lovely princess naked they bound her hands to a rung on the wall.

Princess Roxanne was a lush figured beauty with full, round bottom cheeks so shapely that they seemed to practically beg for the lash. 
The captain removed his belt and, wrapping the end around his fist, proceeded to whip the belt down full across her lovely bottom with a loud crack that could be heard all the way down in the throne room. The courtiers and the king and queen listened breathlessly as the belt’s smacking sound and Roxanne’s shrieks reverberated through the castle

The captain then proceeded to administer smack after smack to the white, deliciously rounded bare buttocks of the princess. The captain could not help but notice that the princess’ bottom would jiggle with every blow. As each harsh crack of the belt landed, the princess would squeal and rise up on her toes pumping her hips forward. Bands of red left by the belt merged into a red mass and the princess began to cry. The magician caught the tears in a vial.

When the lance had been prepared, and dowsed with the tears, a knight was sent out to slay the dragon. Upon encountering the dragon, the knight stabbed it with the lance. This merely infuriated the dragon and it promptly ate the knight.

When word of the knight's demise reached the king, he consulted the wizard again. The wizard was at a loss to explain the failure. The queen, however, glared at Roxanne, her eyes narrowing. "Send for the royal midwife, and you, daughter come to my chamber."

"No, mama, no, I can explain!" wailed Roxanne.

And explain she did to the tune of a whippy switch wielded by the queen across the already reddened buttocks of the weeping red haired princess. At the same time, a handsome guardsman was seen to beat a hasty retreat for the border of the kingdom on a fast horse.

The middle daughter, Christine, was made of sterner stuff.

"I am ready to take my punishment, papa, for the good of the realm. And unlike my sister, I am pure.  I only ask that I be permitted to choose the
hand that will wield the lash." 

“It shall be as you wish, brave daughter,” said the king.

Christine looked around the room and found the eyes of her beloved, Prince Roland .

“I choose Prince Roland of Arcturia. He shall obtain my tears.”

The Prince implored her not to choose him. How could he bring pain to the one he loved? But, Princess Christine was adamant.

“Come, Prince Roland, you must attend me in my chamber. Send to the kitchen for a sturdy paddle. I will prepare myself.”

And so it was that the brave princess removed her gown, lowered her pantaloons and draped herself across the knees of her would be lover.
Roland contemplated the fleshy, perfectly formed mounds of his sweetheart’s bottom and resolutely raised the paddle. Smack! The paddle landed squarely across the roundest part of Princess Christine’s lovely sit-spot which jiggled upon impact. Smack! Roland proceeded to apply the paddle with gusto, smacking and cracking it on the bare hind cheeks of the princess. Stoic though she tried to be, the searing pain in her buttocks caused her to wriggle and yelp with each hearty spank. After several minutes of relentless smacking from the paddle, the wriggling fanny of the princess had been spanked to a scarlet hue and the tears had begun to flow. When enough tears had been gathered, the spanking ended and Christine rose to embrace her punisher. All the ladies in waiting applauded (and the pantaloons of several were decidedly moist after watching the masterful Prince Roland in action).

Once again a lance was prepared, and once again a brave knight ventured forth to battle the dragon. But once again the knight was vanquished, and
only a riderless horse returned.

The King and his court were perplexed. The royal wizard suggested further study.

“I have found the problem,” the wizard declared, after consulting his best grimoire. “The word virgin in this passage means 'one under 17 years of age', and the whipping must occur in public.”

All eyes fell on Princess Daphne, whose face paled at this revelation.

“Furthermore, the whipping must be administered by the knight who will slay the dragon”, continued the old sage.

“Very well “, said the king. “Sir Garth, you are our bravest, most capable knight. All others have failed. You must slay the dragon.”

At this news Daphne began to swoon, for Sir Garth was the handsomest, bravest knight in the realm. She had worshipped him even as a young child.

“Have the birching block brought to the throne room, and prepare a suitable birch rod,” Said the king. “I am sorry my dearest daughter, but this must be done”, he said to Daphne sadly. She was clearly the apple of her father’s eye.

When the block had been prepared and a birch rod procured, all eyes fell on the lovely Daphne. With the help of her ladies in waiting, the fearful
princess removed her gown to reveal budding breasts, a narrow waist, and flaring womanly hips. Her luscious bottom cheeks strained against her tight pantaloons which were lowered to reveal a heart-shaped bottom of exquisite beauty.

Daphne was secured to the block and a hush fell on the courtiers as Sir Garth took up the birch.

“Forgive me child,” said Garth as he raised his arm.

Swish….thwack!  Swishh…thwack! “Yeowwww” squealed Daphne.

Sir Garth whipped the supple birch rod across Princess Daphne’s tender fanny causing her to wriggle and yelp. The birch switches seemed to almost bounce off of the jiggling bottom leaving red weals in their wake. The whine of the birch sang a song of pain to the poor princess as it swished and cracked against the lush moons of her bare bottom. At long last the tears that had welled up in Daphne’s eyes began to flow. A vial was procured.

“Stop,” said the wizard when the vial had filled.

Daphne was allowed to rise and she stood weeping and rubbing her
reddened buttocks vigorously. Through her tears she looked at Sir Garth who embraced her, wiping the tears away.

“There, there,” he said consoling her. “I will slay the dragon for you, little one. And I will return.”

And with that, Sir Garth rode off, accompanied by Prince Roland and the Captain of the guard. They tracked the dragon to its lair. While Roland and
the Captain kept it at bay, Sir Garth plunged the lance into its heart killing the fearsome beast.

When the news reached the king he rejoiced and ordered a celebration. As a reward for their brave deeds he gave the hand of each of his daughters
to the three heroes who had rid the land of the dragon.

And so it was that a triple wedding was held. At the altar was the fiery Roxanne with the Captain of the guard, Prince Roland and Princess
Christine, and the nubile Princess Daphne and Sir Garth.

Some say that Princess Roxanne came reluctantly to the altar, but became very demure and obedient
when the captain gave her a stern glance and fingered his sword belt meaningfully. The Captain, they say, installed a rung in a post in his bedchamber. A long strap made from an old sword belt hangs on a peg next to the rung.

 Some also say that the Princess Christine presented her new husband with a unique wedding gift, the very paddle that he had used on her posterior. Princess Christine seems blissfully happy even though the unmistakable cracking sound of a paddling in progress can often be heard from behind the door to the couple's chambers.

Some say that the chambers of Sir Garth and Daphne also frequently resound with loud smacking sounds of palm meeting flesh. After all, Daphne is still
a child and needs discipline. Who better than Sir Garth to turn the cute Princess over his knee spank her soundly when she is petulant.

 All agree, however, that the new couples lived happily ever after( even if the three princesses did not always sit very comfortably). The End.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Becky's Last Chance by Constance Masters (Writing the spanking scene--part 5)

I was going to talk about point of view in spanking scenes and I'll lead this one off with a very good example by Constance Masters. This is from the eBook Becky's Last Chance which is about a love affair between a young spoiled brat and Ryan, a slightly older and more responsible guy who has always cared for Becky but now finds himself tasked by Becky's father with looking out for her when he is away.

The Amazon link is HERE

So in this one, the POV is nearly all Becky's. We see what she sees, we feel her emotions, and we share her thoughts. In the first part of the book it's clear she has the hots for Ryan and even fantasizes about receiving discipline at his hands.

Becky gasped when she realised they were at the park. The car stopped with a jolt and Ryan got out. She held her breath until her car door was flung open.
“Out, Becky.”
“Do as you’re told.” As she stood up beside him Ryan took her hand and pulled her over to a nearby picnic table.
 “Wait... what're you doing?” By the time the words were out of her mouth Becky knew exactly what he was doing. He lifted her short skirt and tucked it out of the way, then pulled the tiny panties down to her knees.  She tried to cover herself with her hands as she stood exposed in front of him, but he quickly pulled her over his knee.

“I’m teaching you the proper way to behave, young lady.”
 “No! Stop!” Ryan's hard hand landed in the centre of her wriggling bare bottom.   Becky panted silently as she got closer and closer to finding her release. The imagined feelings of Ryan’s hand slapping her upturned bottom became more real, and she could almost feel the denim of his jeans rubbing roughly against her naked flesh. Rhythmic spanks clapped against each bare cheek noisily as Becky yelped and pleaded for it to stop, all the while grinding herself against his leg. But Ryan just spanked harder and faster. He wasn't going to stop, not yet.   Her bottom pressed hard into the mattress as she worked her clit furiously.  She slid the nightgown over her head and set it at her side, and yanked her panties down and off.  Being naked in her bed with others in the room made her feel terribly naughty, but that only made the fantasy get better.   After a few more hard slaps the spanking stopped and Ryan pulled her up to stand in front of him. 

She started to pull her panties back up. “We aren’t done yet,” Ryan said firmly.  “You are going to learn to behave yourself, is that understood?”
 “Yes, but I...” she started to answer him.
“You will answer me properly when you are being scolded!” he commanded sharply. He spun her around and gave her another firm set of swats on her red and stinging bare bottom. “I’m going to try again.  You are going to learn to behave properly, is that understood?”
“Yes, sir, I’ll be a good girl,” she promised meekly. 

Submitting to him ---that was embarrassing, but oh sooo hot.

Here's another scene, later in the book when Becky gets the real thing.

“That's enough Becky,” he said.
 “Or what?” she asked standing up to leave.
“Or I might just be tempted to give you EXACTLY what you need.” Becky's face blushed red but she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of letting him know that she knew what he was talking about. Luckily he couldn't see the butterflies that were doing backflips in her belly.
“Oh and what would that be, to get rid of the black widow?” she asked smugly.
 “I said that's enough.”
 “I'll decide when it's enough!” she got up with the intention of going into the house.
“Where are you going? We're not finished here.”
“I'm going to ring my Dad and the home-wrecker and tell them exactly what I think of their marriage.”
“No, you're not,” Ryan said. “You need to calm down first before you say something that you'll regret.”
Becky poked out her tongue and tried to push past him. She was stopped in her tracks though when Ryan yanked her arm and toppled her over his knee. “Wait... stop...” Becky fought as hard as she could to get free but to no avail. One of Ryan's arms held her firmly in place as his large palm made sharp contact with the back of her frayed cut-offs.

 “Yeow!” she yelped. She didn't have time to process the pain before it was followed by another swat and then another. “Ow ow ow... Ryan stop!” she hissed. The only thing stopping her from kicking up a bigger fuss was that she didn't want any of the house staff to hear her cry. She would have died of embarrassment if anyone had seen her in such an undignified position.

Finally after a few more smacks Ryan released her and stood her in front of him. “Are you going to behave now? Leave your Dad in peace for a while?”

It's a fairly short description. Ms. Masters doesn't dwell on the mechanics of the actual spanking. She makes up for this by including multiple spanking scenes that emphasize the emotional side of the event as Ryan and Becky work through their conflict and their true feelings for each other begin to emerge. We don't know that much about Ryan except for what he says and does, which is all reported through the lens of Becky's perception. Here is one of the few glimpses we get of what Ryan is thinking.

Ryan smiled to himself. She was so cute trying to wind back her natural enthusiasm and make herself more grown up. It was so unnecessary. He wasn't that old himself. The fact that he seemed a little more mature than the average twenty three year old was down to circumstances. Losing his Dad at an early age had shot him to the rank of man of the house, a role he had always taken seriously.

So Becky is a spoiled brat and Ryan is a responsible caretaker. Becky hates being told what to do by Ryan but at the same time she is falling in love with him. To make sure that the feeling is mutual she decides to make him jealous and that tears it. Ryan strips her down to her birthday suit and...

“THIS is how you get spanked now.”
 Becky did her best to modestly cover herself, mentally wondering what the hell she'd gotten herself into.  Covering herself earned her a sharp spank on the bottom. 
“Hands at your sides,” Ryan told her firmly.  He made no secret of looking her naked body up and down.  “If you can show that much of yourself to other men, you can show everything to me.” Her nipples were erect to the point of throbbing, and her pussy was soaking wet.  Worse still, she could tell from the look in his eyes that he had noticed.  For today, though, he chose to say nothing about it.  He just made her stand there for another few moments, with everything on display for him. Finally, she was unceremoniously tipped over Ryan's knee, completely naked and extremely vulnerable. She made her mind up to try to keep her legs together so that she wouldn’t give Ryan a complete view of her private jewels, but that idea was short lived. After a half a dozen painful smacks she was clenching and unclenching, kicking her legs for all she was worth, and showing him everything between her legs and sometimes even the most private area between her bottom cheeks.

It's a short scene but very nicely done. Being inside Becky's head for most of the book, and especially during the spanking scenes, makes this one hot read. It's a good example of a very focused third person POV that puts the reader in the position of living through what Becky is experiencing and feeling. My only minor quibble goes back to the first scene in which Becky has a fantasy about being spanked by Ryan. It might have been more effective plot-wise if she'd been initially horrified by the idea, but then slowly discovered that it actually turned her on. But this is a minor quibble. This book is highly recommended. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Writing the spanking scene--part 4

Nobody guessed but the previous writer was Paul Little, aka Jack Warren, Kenneth Harding, A de Granamour and many others. Purple prose indeed. The thing to remember is that in his era Little was writing for an almost exclusively male market who purchased these books in "Adult Bookstores"--remember those?--places where women feared to tread, and with good reason.

But now things have changed quite a bit. The internet, the eBook reader, and the popularity of mainstream titles like 50 SOG have made what was once the exclusive territory of males open and available to women. But let's go back a little. Even before the Kindle and the iPAD there were books marketing to a mixed audience that included women. Two examples are the publishing houses BLUSHING BOOKS and PINK FLAMINGO. BB from its onset was devoted to erotic/romantic spanking nearly exclusively. PF was broader based, including more BDSM-oriented literature. Both houses, and this continues today are devoted to erotic literature. This is to be contrasted with the spanko porn stylings of Henry and Little. The writing technique is very different as well. The over-the-top sometimes blow by blow descriptions are largely gone as is the use of onomatopoeia.

Here is a scene from Sharon Greene's BARBARIAN WORLDS. It's a different type of spanking erotica, a sci-fi novel with an external plot. The thing that brings it into the ambit of spanking erotica is the setting. The tale takes place on a planet where the men are dominant and the women are spanked if they don't behave.

"No, please, you can't do this to me here!" she insisted as she struggled against being held. "If you have to beat me, the least you can do is do the beating in private!" "As your misbehavior was performed before all, so shall your punishment be done," the lighter-haired man said as he pinned her wrists behind her. "When the others are drawn here by your howling, they will understand at once the reason for the disturbance and will likely remain to see the end of the doing. Now it begins." Denne came up with a choked-down "Oh!" at the first smack of the big man's hand, her pudgy body beginning to squirm. Connis had been able to see at once that Denne was more than a little overweight, something her clothing had been able to hide. But now that she wore nothing of clothing the truth was there for everyone to see, especially when the lighter-haired man's hand reached her bottom. Connis had assumed that Denne's well-padded seat would be more protection during a spanking than Bayla's narrower seat, but that didn't seem to be true. Denne kicked and squirmed and made muffled sounds of pain every time another smack reached her, making it clear that she wasn't better protected. The spanking went on for at least as long as Bayla's had, long enough for Denne's bottom to be turned an embarrassing red. Denne was mewling and almost choking in an effort to keep from making so much noise that others came, and Connis noticed that Bayla was watching every smack reach Denne's backside. Connis herself had finally looked away in a belated effort to give Denne as much privacy as it was possible to give, but Bayla seemed grimly satisfied that someone else was now being given the same humiliation she'd had.
Tears had long since started to run down Denne's cheeks before the spanking was over. When she was lifted from the man's lap and put on her knees, Denne covered her face with her hands and sobbed even as she bounced a little from the ache in her bottom.

Green, Sharon (2009-03-26). Barbarian Worlds I & II Books/ABCD Webmasters. Kindle Edition. 

Note that this is not an overly lurid description. It is somewhat matter-of-fact. Does it have the emotional impact the reader is looking for? I think she needed one more paragraph to ratchet up the intensity. Maybe something featuring the spankee's point of view which I will talk about in a future part in this series.

Next, here is a scene toward the end of the book, A FIRM HUSBAND by Sue Lyndon. This book is a recent "spanking romance" like that of Renee Rose, above. The link to Amazon is HERE.

This one is a western, a favorite setting of romance writers. Why? Because setting the story in a bygone era eliminates the modern notions of feminism and political correctness, not to mention pesky criminal laws, that can get in the way of a good spanking story. This is an excellent book, by the way and is highly recommended. So let's see how Ms. Lyndon handles the spanking scene.

Clara’s lip trembled and she wanted to sink into the bed.  His gaze was so intense, even as she looked down she felt his disappointment burning into her.  “I’m sorry,” she sobbed, burying her face into her hands.  The realization of what she’d done came down upon her full-force.  It was too much to bear. “Stand up.”  His tone wasn’t as hard as it usually was during a punishment. Clara rose to her feet, and looked at William with pleading eyes.  She was truly sorry, and while she didn’t want to be punished, she knew she deserved whatever William was about to give her. “I want your clothes off,” he said, standing back to wait. With uncertain eyes, Clara moved to take her dress off, but then she stopped.  “All of them?” “Yes,” he replied.  “I want you naked.” He stepped forward.  “Because I told you to do it,” he said, looking her up and down.  “And also, because I’m going to love you afterwards until the sun rises.” 

Though she was both taken aback and relieved, Clara quickly removed her dress and underclothes.  The air was cool against her breasts and her nipples hardened as she shivered, partly because of the temperature and partly because of fear. As William pulled her over his lap, Clara realized this was the first time William had a reason to punish her since they’d been married.  Somehow, it was more humbling now that they were husband and wife. “I don’t like causing you pain or making you cry, Clara,” he said, resting a hand on her upturned bottom, “But when you disobey me, you deserve to be punished.  And when you do something dangerous, you deserve to be punished.  You deserve this spanking.” A few silent tears escaped from Clara’s eyelids, and she buried her face into the covers.  He was right.  She deserved this spanking.  Closing her eyes tight, she vowed to accept her punishment without kicking or begging.  William was a firm husband, but he was a good husband, and she wanted nothing more than to make him happy and proud of her. Smack!  The first few slaps crashed down, quickly turning the pale flesh of her backside a deep crimson.  It stung badly, just like every spanking at William’s hand had.  Though it was terribly difficult to refrain from struggling against the sharp slaps, Clara managed to keep still even as William covered her thighs. The room was filled with the sounds of Clara’s silky sobs and William’s hand smacking her bottom.  “Your punishment is almost over,” he said, pausing.  “I’m proud of you for keeping so still.  These next few spanks are going to hurt the worst, but I want you to be brave.  No kicking.  No screaming out.  Do you understand, sweetheart?”  His voice was smooth like velvet, and Clara could only nod in response. True to his word, the next few slaps were the most painful.  Pushing Clara’s bottom
higher in the air, he quickly covered the base of her bottom, sharply bringing his hand down upon the tender skin above her thighs.  Clara bit her lip to keep from screaming out.  When his pace increased, she held her breath. 

“It’s over,” William finally said, pulling her into his lap. 
 She cried until she didn’t think she could cry anymore.  She cried because she feared William and the other riders would never return.  She cried because she’d disappointed William.  And she cried because of the spanking itself . . . sitting would be a veritable challenge for the next few days. “I really am sorry,” she whispered after she was all cried out.  “Do you forgive me?” William pulled back and looked down at her.  “Of course I forgive you, sweetheart.” Clara smiled up at him, feeling at peace with the world.  When William’s lips joined with hers, she melted into his gentle kiss.  Keeping her firmly in his lap, he trailed his lips along her neck.  She leaned back, welcoming his advances.  It wasn’t long before she ached with urgency, desperate to feel him between her legs. “Lay down on your stomach,” he whispered as he nibbled her earlobe.  “It won’t hurt as much that way.” Though it pained her to pull away for even a moment, Clara gingerly rose off his lap to lie on her stomach.  From over her shoulder, she watched him undress.  Naked and gloriously aroused, he nestled...

Lyndon, Sue (2012-05-26). A Firm Husband (Kindle Locations 1091-1103). Blushing Books Publications. Kindle Edition.
Wow! Ok, ok! Things are getting steamy without being overly lurid. The description dwells more on the emotional content of the scene and less on the mechanical description of the spanking. Notice it's consensual and the husband is firm but caring. This is the hallmark of the modern way of writing this type of scene for the romance audience. Is it intense enough from a description standpoint? Does the author deliver the goods? This one, I'd say yes. I'd only change things a little, especially if it were the penultimate scene. I would add a sentence or two. In my view the scene is just a little too short. The spanking ends too quickly. Remember a spanking is effective because the sensation is an intensifying one. No one spank is all that important, it builds over time--it's the repetition. But in describing such an event, repetition can be boring. So it's a delicate balance and I think all of us struggle with how to achieve that balance.

Next time--how point of view figures into an effective spanking scene.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Writing the spanking scene---part 3

Today I feature yet another classic example of a description of a spanking scene. Now this one is definitely old school, but the author's technique is very recognizable if you have been around for awhile.

A block to the north of Lorraine Demby, Janice Coleman was undergoing a domestic altercation with her bespectacled brown-haired, thirty-two-year-old husband Peter. Just about the same time that Lorraine was teaching Madge Warren the pleasures of Lesbos, Janice was wrangling with Peter over his stinginess in her weekly allowance. She was twenty-four, spirited, slim and about five feet six inches in height, with flowing auburn hair coiffed in a long pageboy with curls turned under. Her breast were highset, closely spaced and like round oranges, with saucy nipples, while her slim waist veered into lush haunches and upstandingly rounded bottomcheeks with a very narrow crevice between them. Her tawny skin was freckled as well as suntanned, for Janice enjoyed tennis and golfing. It was her contention that Peter as her husband of three years' standing owed her not only the grocery money and enough to maintain the ranch-type bungalow they owned, but also enough for gewgaws and her clothes and a few amusements. He was contending that she was extravagant and that he had given her several hundred dollars only two weeks ago and he was demanding an accounting. 

[Note the description of the lovely Janice. How's that for lurid?]

  “Now see here, Peter, that's not fair!” she protested. “I'm not just your chattel, I'm your wife.”
  “Sometimes I wonder if the former relationship wouldn't be better,” he said sarcastically. “Now what the hell is that supposed to mean?” She put her hands on her hips and glared at him.
  “I'll tell you, baby, since you brought it up. You're a dish, and every time I take you out in public, I can see that other guys are getting stiff pecks just looking at the way your lovely bottom waggles.”
 “How dare you use such language to me!” “It's about time I used something strong, to wake you up, if you want to know something,” was his sarcastic answer.

[Unwisely, she smarts off to him]

  “I see. Well, then I'm going to resort to my lesson of violence, I'm afraid. Maybe you'll learn.”
  And with this, he seized her by the wrists and dragged her over to the couch and flung her across his lap.
  “Stop it—what are you doing—you let go of me, Peter Coleman—you'll be the sorriest man alive if you don't—now you stop it!” she wailed.
  She started to kick, but he clamped his right leg over her calves, and then, as her hands rushed back to defend her bottom, he pinned both her wrists with his left hand. Now with his right he lofted her pretty blue cotton skirt and the slip beneath it, exposing her magnificently opulent ass encased in a pair of white nylon pantybriefs, so short that it revealed a goodly amount of the swelling tawny-sheened base of those ripely rounded asscheeks of hers. 

["tawney-sheened base of...ripely rounded asscheeks"? You gotta love it.]

  “Nooooooooo!!! You stop that, don't you dare, if you do, I'll go home to Mother!” she wailed. Janice had made this threat before, since her mother lived on Chicago's North Side. Her parents had divorced about five years ago, and her father had moved to Massachusetts where he ran a small country weekly. In Peter Coleman's estimation, neither of her parents had ever really taken a strap to her big bottom and taught her how to be an unselfish and cooperative daughter. That was her main trouble. She was lazy and spoiled, and she was also too argumentative for her own good. He hesitated a moment, and then suddenly tugged down her panties. Janice uttered a wild scream of frantic shame and indignation:   “Ohhhhhhh you dirty bastard—you pull them right up now, I'm going to leave you! I swear I will.

 “All right,” he said grimly. “Go ahead and leave. But you can take a nice sore red ass back to Mother.” With this, mastering her attempt to break her wrists loose of his grip he raised his right hand and brought it down with a sonorous “Smackk!” on the right lower summit of his wife's upturned and struggling bare behind. Janice uttered a wild cry, in which indignation and pain were equally mixed and continued her struggles to no avail. Now, warming to the task and excited by the bright red splotch which had sprung up on the tawny sheened hillock of her bare behind, Peter Coleman began to spank her with gusto. No fewer than fifty times his right hand rose and fell, alternating on the cheeks, while Janice at first threatened and swore at him, and then began to cry, and finally to scream that he was killing her.

  At the last ten, her bottom bounded every time his hand came down on the reddened flesh, and she finally wailed, “Oh my God, I can't stand anymore, you're killing me! Oh Peter, stop it, whatever do you want, oh my God, can't you talk instead of hurting me like this?”
  He paused, out of breath, his hand stinging from the energetic slaps he administered to her voluptuous posterior. Then he righted her, and sat there holding her by the hips while she swayed and sobbed, tears running down her face. As her eyes blinked to clear away the tears, she saw his sardonic face grinning at her, she slapped him again.
  “Oh would you now?” he growled. “Back you go, you deceitful little bitch!” “Ohh—noooooooo!!” she shrieked as he flung her back into position again. This time he yanked her panties completely off, and angled her so that her legs were veering out at angles from the couch and her left shoulder pinned against the back, which took care of her left arm. His left hand gripped her right wrist, and now he really began to spank with all his might, flattening her swollen bottomglobes with each new sonorous blow. She wailed frantically, but he laid on twenty more before he finally stopped. “Now do you think you can act like a good girl?” he wanted to know.
   “Ohh—ahh—ahhrrr—oh yes—oh my God— you've killed me—oh please, I'm sorry—I didn't mean to slap you, but you hurt so bad—oh you've killed me—let me up now, please, Peter!”
  He righted her again. But this time, to her dismay and a wild cry of alarm, he shoved her down onto her back on the couch. Then swiftly, zipping down his fly, emerging his swollen cock, he mounted her.

Whew! A bit politically incorrect, not to mention the criminal implications, but hey, it was a different time, a bygone era. Note the names--Lorraine, Madge, Janice. These are the names of your grandmother's friends. Is this a bit too much purple prose or not? Time to guess the author. Anybody know?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Book Review--Betrothed by Renee Rose

Today I'm going to continue my "writing the spanking scene" exploration by talking about a book. "Betrothed" is an early work of Renee Rose. It's available on several platforms. The Amazon link is HERE.

Product DetailsBetrothed is a "spanking romance," ostensibly an historical romance of the bodice ripper variety, only with the addition of various spanking scenes as dramatic devices that resolve several types of plot conflict. The basic story is that Julia, a young noblewoman has been given in marriage to a person she believes was responsible for her family's misfortune. She runs away from this betrothal only to be swept up in a military conflict and must be rescued by the main protagonist, Bronson, Lord Montfort. She pretends to be a boy and seeks safety as a page to Lord Montfort. He agrees, but as a page she is soon subject to the traditional discipline meted out to pages and the like, in addition to which her disguise does not last long and she is exposed as a young woman. I won't disclose the spoiler, but eventually she and Bronson develop feelings for each other. But it turns out that she is feisty and disobedient, and you know what happens to feisty and disobedient young women in medieval times who disobey their protectors.
It's a very sweet and very spicy love story. If I were reviewing this on Amazon, my rating would be four stars which is, in my book, very good. I have no reservation recommending this book to anyone looking for a hot romance with explicit spanking added. So, to return to my earlier topic, how does Ms. Rose handle the spanking scenes? Very well, in my opinion. Here is a sample:

The Earl turned slowly to face her, the belt still in his hand.  She attempted to be as stoic as Matthias, despite the fact that her heart was beating in her throat.  She came to stand before him with her head bowed.  He considered her, not saying a word.  “Should I take off my shirt?” she squeaked.  Another silence under his scrutiny.  Then he asked, “Have you ever been lashed on your back?” She shook her head, unable to answer.  “I'm thinking your bottom might be a better target.  It's a bit easier to take, though it will make riding uncomfortable.” “W-would I have to take my leggings off?”  She darted a glanced at Matthias.  That would be profoundly embarrassing. He shook his head.  He put one foot up on the stool and held his arm out to her.  “Come here.” She obeyed.  He folded her upper body over his knee and lifted her tunic.  She held her breath.  The strokes came just as hard and fast as they had for Matthias.  Ten stinging blows, one right after the next— no time to catch her breath, even to cry.  Just as swiftly, he lifted her off his knee and back onto her feet.  She was gasping,...
Before she knew what was happening, he'd sat down on the stool and pulled her over his lap.  He lifted the back of her tunic again and to her horror, she felt him tugging down her leggings.  Her face grew hot at the embarrassment of having her bottom bared by this man who she liked and respected.  She heard herself whimper. * * * He should not have pulled down her leggings.  Though she may for the moment fall under his jurisdiction, she certainly didn't belong to him, and baring her backside was crossing a line.  But she had planted the idea in his mind, and now that he was determined to spank her again, he simply couldn't stop himself.  She had a perfect little bottom— small and toned with muscle.  The skin was the same beautiful alabaster as her face, except with several red lines where his belt had already marked her.  Her legs were parted enough that he could see—oh God—her sweet little sex was so alluring.  He felt himself grow hard and hoped she couldn't feel it.  He started spanking her with his hand, watching as he turned the whole of her backside pink and then red.  She started crying almost immediately, but she didn't protest, and apart from her involuntary flinching while she waited for the next smack, she held herself very still for his punishment.  She was too sweet, too.....

This is a short one. There are longer scenes including a 100 lash whipping with a belt.The climactic scene occurs when the king orders her lashed for stealing a horse. By that time she is to be married to Bronson, and he asks to be the one to deliver the lashing.

“Please remember,” he said grimly, “that I take no pleasure in this.” “I know,” she said, tears already squeezing out of her eyes.  “Scream as loud as you like,” Bronson said.  “I think this is one instance where it would be better to be heard.” “Why?” “I don't want the integrity of my work here questioned.”  The first stroke struck her on the upper side of her bottom and she nearly jumped a foot with its impact.  The sting made her gasp and then she couldn't breathe for a moment, even as he continued down her backside, making what she imagined were neat, even stripes.  She managed to catch her breath by the time he'd reached the juncture of her bottom and her legs and then lost it again when he moved down the backs of her thighs.  It took fifteen strokes.  She couldn't help but count, knowing how many were coming.  He didn't pause before delivering ten more to the lower side of her bottom, alternating the emphasis between the right and left cheek, though the belt usually struck both.  And she had screamed.  She hadn't lasted more than five lashes before she'd started crying out.  After that he paused and she sobbed and sobbed, feeling like....

The scene continues for several more paragraphs and is very well done. It doesn't fall back on onomatopoeia, and provides a vivid description of the action at the major climax of the story. As you can see, it's very different from the example in the previous post. So why only 4 stars? My one quibble, and this is perhaps just personal preference, but as a reader I would have liked for the lashing to have been in public, or at least attended by witnesses. Bronson would have been compelled by circumstance to be severe. But in private?

“Then allow me to administer her punishment.  Privately.”  The conciliatory tone was gone.  Bronson's voice was grim and held the edge of challenge in it.  He met the king's eyes with a level gaze.  Julia held her breath.  The servants had hold of her arms, but were waiting for the king's judgment.  Sweet Jesu... The king considered them for a long time.  “You have grown fond of your bride.” 
 The reader has to ask whether Bronson can be trusted to carry out the king's justice with sufficient severity. This is especially true since in the above scene it is established that Bronson is no simpering vassal. You'd have to ask why he would give her a serious lashing once they were in private.

 But that minor plot point aside, it's a really good book and I recommend it highly. It's romantic and hot and I especially like the way Renee handles her spanking scenes in this one.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Writing the spanking scene--part 1

The story has drawn the reader in, the tension is mounting and now we are at a major or at least a minor climax. The conflict set up by the plot line is now going to be resolved by a spanking. So now we are at the payoff. The question is--how does the author describe it?

There are two extremes. The first is what I would call "blow by blow." Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like, a stroke by stroke account of the punishment itself. This can work for something like a 6 stroke caning where each swish of the cane is an event. For a prolonged spanking by hand, not so much. The reason is obvious. A spanking consists of repetition---that is why it is an effective punishment. But describing each smack also becomes repetitious. And, ultimately, boring.

How about the other extreme? This is what I would call the brief synopsis:

He pulled her over his knee and flipped up her skirt. For the next two minutes he peppered her bottom with crisp smacks. She reacted with yelps of protest and much kicking and wriggling. Then he set her back on her feet. "Don't ever test me like that again," He said.

Well, what do you think? If I'm the reader I'd say "That's it? After all that build up?" I'd feel a bit cheated if I saw this in what was billed as a spanking story.

To illustrate one way of perhaps reaching a happy medium I'm going to turn to a guest author.

With little difficulty, Dale managed to pull his attractive victim into
position over his knees, her long, nylon-clad legs up on the bed and in
full view. Her girlishly buxom, pantie-clad bottom wriggled anxiously
over his lap, the tip of the leather leash still protruding somewhat
grotesquely from the waistband of her panties. To hold her in position,
Dale grasped the end of the leash with his left hand and gave it a
slight tug to take out the slack. Feeling the sudden pressure from the
strap against her vulva and inside the crevice of her buttocks, Judy
shuddered with a mixture of fear and excitement at having her helpless
body controlled in such a bizarre manner.

With his free right hand, Dale slowly began working her black panties
down. Contrasting vividly with her black panties, her pink-white
buttocks were thoroughly breath-catching as they slowly came into view.
Perfectly rounded and femininely plump, the two satiny smooth mounds
wriggled and flexed in pretty anxiety as Dale slipped the panties down
to the tops of her stockings. Feeling the soft breeze from the nearby
window against her bare charms, Judy moaned softly through her gag and
tried to brace herself for the spanking to come.

Slap! Dale applied the first spank quite lightly squarely across her
right buttock, letting his hand remain in place for a moment afterward.
The spank stung mildly, and Judy squirmed with embarrassment and
excitement as she felt his masculine palm resting familiarly on her
exposed bottom. The pretty young secretary always found it exquisitely
humiliating to be spanked like a small child, yet her mortification was
always mixed with sensual arousal.

Judy's right buttock was slightly pink when Dale finally raised his
right hand. Slap! The second introductory spank landed on her left
buttock, and once again Judy wriggled prettily across his lap. To
torment her all the more, he kept a firm grip on the leather leash
between her legs, constantly applying pressure to her most intimate
parts. Forced to move in unison by the ropes at her knees and ankles,
Judy's nyloned legs swung back prettily as if to protest the violation
of her curvaceous buttocks.

Smack! The third spank landed with a crisp smacking noise squarely
across the crevice of her buttocks.

"Mmmmmm!" Judy's high-pitched squeal was muffled by her gag but still
quite audible. Jerking her helmeted head back both with surprise and
pain, the helpless young woman squirmed involuntarily and
unintentionally managed to pull the leather leash tighter between her
legs. Although the helmet totally blindfolded her, she instinctively
turned her face back over her shoulder in a futile effort to plead with
him to stop.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Working slowly and systematically, Dale began
spanking her plump buttocks with crisp but not brutally hard spanks.
Each smack produced a muffled yelp and a pretty, almost snakelike
wriggle from his comely victim. In a few moments, Judy's cute bottom was
a light shade of pink on both cheeks and it was quite apparent that the
spanks were beginning to raise the temperature of her pretty nates.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Judy tried to protest, although she knew only too
well that she would have to take it as long as he chose.

Smack! Smack! Dale's right hand continued to mete out punishment to
Judy's inviting buttocks, while his left hand maneuvered the strap
between her legs to torment her all the more. By this time, Judy's
pretty bottom was prickling and itching in a thoroughly irritating
manner and feeling quite warm and oversensitive. Tears formed in her
eyes and she found herself kicking her legs merrily back and forth.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!" Judy's muffled appeals sounded all the more urgent.

Slap! Smack! Dale carefully spread the spanks around on her nicely wide
and rotund posterior, watching the flesh turn from pink to light rose.
From time to time, he paused to observe the intriguing spectacle in
front of him. In his opinion, there was nothing more appealing than a
young woman in bondage squirming her spank-reddened bottom and kicking
shapely, nyloned legs back and forth. Judy's performance did not
disappoint him. Wriggling furiously as the heat continued to build in
her attractive bottom, the helmeted and helpless young woman swung her
bound, nylon-clad legs back and forth in a frantic dance that often left
spike heels pointed toward the ceiling.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm!" Judy's muffled outcries mixed pain and excitement.
The tight-fitting helmet prevented her tears from draining away
properly, leaving her face wet and making her feel all the more
miserable. Driven almost beyond endurance by the burning, smarting
spanks and the leather leash that continually tormented her most tender
areas, the helpless young woman tossed about wildly on his lap. She was
soaking wet between the legs and that was apparent to both of them.

Smack! Smack! Slap! The continually increasing heat in her buttocks made
each fresh spank more painful than its predecessor, and produced a
correspondingly greater reaction from the hapless young victim. Gloved
fingers clawed furiously in a futile effort to protect their owner's
burning spank-spot, but there was nothing she could do to secure the
slightest relief for herself. Gasping and at times fearing that she was
going to choke on the gag, Judy sobbed heavily in her helmet and
frantically jerked her hips back and forth on his lap in a mixture of
anguish and arousal.

It's a bit old school. Can you guess the author? What about the style? Over-the-top?

Next time---some other possibilities.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Barnes and Noble eBooks

I'm now in Barnes and Noble with six volumes, more on the way. So if you have a Nook and that is your preferred platform, check out the selections HERE. These books are also available on the Kobo platform and will soon be available in the iBook store at Apple.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Blockbuster eBook--The Menace from Mongo!

It's summer and so all the movie theaters are churning out summer blockbusters---big splashy epics with an excess of hot action and steamy romance. Well, two can play at that game. So, remember those days when you couldn't wait for Saturday morning to arrive so you could see another episode of Flash Gordon, Space Soldier? Er, well maybe that was a bit before your time. No matter. The whole thing is now right HERE, just a mouse click away. Now this version may seem a bit different, but I think you'll like the additions. It's a roaring stomping space saga with hot sex and TTWD. Flash never had it so good. Dale Arden is HOT. Ming the Merciless is, well, still merciless.

Here is the book blurb:

THE MENACE FROM MONGO is a 20,000+ word novelette structured like the Flash Gordon serials of old, but with a steamy sex and spanking subtext. In this serial Mongo is a savage planet on which the lash, the strap and the paddle are in frequent use on misbehaving or captured females, of which there are many. It is a spanking enthusiast’s version of an old style space opera written as a straight ahead adventure tale. In this story are three stalwarts from Earth trying to save the planet from domination by Ming the Merciless.  But Ming rules with an iron fist and a stinging whip. We first meet Princess Aura, who experiences discipline at Flash’s hand, only to become smitten by the Earth man and thereby incur her father’s wrath. There are the Lion men, sworn enemies of Ming. There are the Amazons, a race of warrior women who live under a code of corporal punishment and spanking discipline from which even outsiders are not immune. Outside Amazonia is the Sky City ruled by King Vultan, a ruler fond of punishing his female slaves with the three tailed strap. There is Arborea, a refuge from Ming, and hideout of Prince Barin, Mongo’s rightful ruler where Flash and Barin plan the ultimate overthrow of Ming. But even in Arborea, custom dictates the use of the switch for disobedient girls who ignore rules.

Will Flash’s plan succeed? Will Dale be rescued from Ming’s evil clutches? Find out. Strap in and come along for the ride. Join Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarkov as they careen from one perilous and sexy adventure to the next, all in a desperate attempt to save the Earth.  

In other eBook news certain titles are now available at B&N for Nook reader and at Kobo. These are
The Puritan Museum
The Scarlet Society
Anne of Wulfstedt  

More are on the way.