The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Sunday, August 25, 2013

New eBook---Tumalo Bend 1895 and Lady Jayne

Brand new release: Tumalo Bend 1895 and Lady Jayne.

I'm excited about this one. The book includes a pair of novelettes squarely in the spanking romance genre. We have a Western and a Medieval romance. The link to Amazon is HERE. The link to Barnes and Noble is HERE.

Here is the product description:

Tumalo Bend 1895 and Lady Jane are a pair of spanking romance novelettes, each over 12,000 words.
In Tumalo Bend 1895, Hank Carson has just received some distressing news. His daughters have been skipping school. As older students they have become bored with the routine and their last “hooky” incident has had them off canoodling with the local swains. Obviously a trip to the woodshed is called for.  After tending to the disagreeable disciplinary chore, Hank realizes that at their age what they really need is a tutor and governess. Enter Diana Fitzhugh, an English √©migr√© with a desire to see the West. But she finds that as tutor to the Carson girls she has her hands full. On top of that she finds herself falling for the tough old rancher. But can a lady used to the comforts of civilization be happy living on a ranch? And what about Hank’s notions of appropriate domestic discipline? For in the rugged high desert. what goes for the girls applies equally, if not more, to a wife.

 In Lady Jayne the land of Thracia is under siege. Viking raiders have taken advantage of its weakness while its men are off to war. So in stark disobedience to her father’s orders, Lady Jayne and her cousin, Lady Celia, decide to act as scouts to discover the threat posed by the raiders. The threat is real enough as the ladies learn. They are ambushed, but a pair of knights intervenes, thwarting the attack on the two women. Who were these knights? A pair of brothers, Garth and Rance Devane, on their way to see Jayne’s father, Robert DeCorday, Baron of Thracia. The brothers have been sent by King Alfred to spy on the activities of the Vikings and report back. But in the meantime, it seems that they must deal with two headstrong ladies who are not only in need of constant rescue, but require appropriate chastisement as well. Wills clash and sparks fly as the Devane brothers set about to tame both the Viking horde and the Thracian ladies.

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