The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Saturday, August 3, 2013

New eBook Release---Have Paddle, Will Travel

Did you hear the one about the traveling salesman? Well, you will if you grab your copy of HAVE PADDLE, WILL TRAVEL. Just released on the Amazon Kindle platform, the link to Amazon is HERE.

When entrepreneur Colin Masters launches the Acme Paddle Company, he has no idea what he is getting into. Based upon the popularity of new and popular mainstream entertainment featuring spanking as both a disciplinary and erotic activity, the Acme Paddle Company is founded and sales explode through the roof. But Colin is a one man company, and that means that not only do marketing and production fall to him, but he must make personal sales calls, both to deliver and to demonstrate the products. And that is where the fun begins.

Welcome to the world of Colin Masters and his Acme Paddle Company. This volume is over 25,000 words and contains three separate multi-part stories, in all 8 chapters of erotic spanking action.
In The Acme Paddle Company Colin makes a house call on a college sorority looking for a way to instill some much needed discipline in both the pledge class and the sisterhood. The sorority pledge mistress, Kirsten Chambers, has grounded a few pledges who will be subjects for a demonstration of Colin’s wares. But what about the lovely pledge mistress herself—especially when she notes that Colin has brought along a few samples from his erotic line?
In The Return of Acme Paddle Colin receives an urgent request from Edith Fontaine, a wealthy widow who is at her wits end with her two granddaughters, Tanya and Brittney. Colin answers the call and finds himself pressed into service to demonstrate the punitive efficacy of hand crafted custom made spanking paddles, much to the dismay of the lovely granddaughters. The way the girls are taken in hand by the handsome Mr. Masters is not lost on Emma Pearson, the widow’s attractive young secretary, who harbors some secret spanking desires of her own.
The Acme Paddle Company at School finds Colin Masters headed for the Hawthorne School for Girls, a remotely situated  academy for young ladies with few eligible men around. The teachers and staff are all delighted to see Colin, having heard about the company and its dashing owner. And all are keen to have him demonstrate his wares—so much it seems, that they don’t want him to leave. From the perky girls’ sports coach to the lush red-haired school nurse to the headmistress herself, everyone is fascinated by Colin Masters and his custom spanking paddles.

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