The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I guess It's F/M week

From "Tales from a Switch" here is an excerpt from The Paddling Booth. 


As the woman in the flower print dress drew nearer, Barry tried averting his eyes, but it was too late.

"Barry Wilson, that is you, isn't it?"

"Oh, er, hi Mrs Hinckly," said Barry with mock cheerfulness.

Turning to Mary Ann she said, "You know, he was the naughtiest one in the whole 8th grade, weren't you Barry?" Barry gave her a hapless grin. Mary Ann saw a chance to get a donation.

"Well, then why don't you let me give this naughty boy his long overdue comeuppance then? Donate $10 and we'll take Barry in back and give him three hard paddle swats. Only $5 a piece for extras."

"Why that's a grand idea," exclaimed Mrs Hinckly. "I always thought Barry could have used a good spanking. Better late than never I say," said the spinsterish woman, fumbling in her purse for the money. "Here's twenty-five dollars. It's all for charity, right?"

"Every bit," said Mary Ann with a big grin. Wow-- $25 and they had just opened. "Let's go Barry," she said with a laugh, "time for that trip to the principal's office you never got to take." This last comment was accompanied with a broad wink directed at Mrs Hinckly who smiled with pleasure. Barry blushed and gave her a weak smile.

When they had closed the curtain, Mary Ann took charge.

"Ok, Barry, stand here," she said motioning to a spot in the center of the tent. "Now bend over, hands on your knees." Barry blushed at having to assume the juvenile posture in front of the two women, but he did as he was told. Hmmm...cute chubby cheeks thought Mary Ann. This was going to be fun.

"Now Barry," said Mary Ann, rubbing the paddle across his butt in slow circular arcs, "you keep count, Ok?" This question produced a muffled response. "Was that a yes, Barry? Good boy." Then she looked up at Mrs Hinckly. "What do you think, should I give this bad boy his spanking?" Mrs Hinckly just beamed. After all theses years the little brat was going to get it.

Mary Ann drew back her arm and brought the paddle down with a loud whoosh...Crack!

"Ahh," grunted Barry. "One." Jeez that stung, he thought. She can hit hard for a girl.

Whack! "Oww. Two." Mary Ann smiled at Mrs Hinckly. She patted the proffered cheeks and drew back again. She pivoted and swung through with a smooth forehand.

Crack! "Three," squeaked Barry. Damn! It burned. Hot. Hot. Hot.

Mary Ann took her time and tapped Barry's bottom, like she was looking for the right spot. Barry flinched. This hurt like fire.

Whack! Hardest one yet--right on the crowns of his buttocks. A sizzler. "Yeoww. Uh, four," managed Barry. No, no, no, thought Barry. His eyes were welling up. This stung atrociously in the tight spandex biker shorts--and all he had on underneath was a jock.

"Last one Barry. Ready?" Barry grunted in assent. Mary Ann wound up and delivered a blistering Whack! to the Barry's bottom that sounded like a firecracker.

"Yah....ow...five," sang out Barry.

"Bravo!" Exclaimed Mrs Hinckly, clapping. "Very good."

Barry rose, rubbing his buttocks and grimacing.

"Wait a minute," said Mrs Hinckly, reaching into her purse, "I think he could use a few more." After all these years, she couldn't believe how positively satisfying this was--to finally see Barry the brat get his seat well roasted.

Barry groaned inwardly. His ass was flaming hot. Mary Ann had really paddled him hard--just as hard, in fact, as he got it in pledge meetings from the upperclassmen.

"Well, thank, you, ma'am," said Mary Ann as Mrs Hinckly handed her a $20. "Well Barry, back over you go and hang on tight. Here we go, four real stingers." And she winked at Mrs Hinckly as she drew back her paddle. Barry cringed, but assumed the shameful position.

Crack! "Ow!" yelled Barry. Mary Ann's swat landed right across the fattest part of his behind. That was the hardest one yet.

"I think you should say 'thank you ma'am' after each one, Barry."

Miserably, from his bent-over position Barry repeated the shameful mantra. "Yes, ma'am. Thank you ma'am."

Crack! "Ah...ow...thank you ma'am."
Smack! "Yeow...ah, thank you ma'am."
 Mary Ann measured the distance for the last one. She drew back the paddle shoulder high and pivoted through, drawing the paddle in a smooth graceful arc.

Splatt! The paddle connected with Barry's bottom solidly. The cheeks rippled. "Oh..ow...yike!" squealed Barry.

"What do you say, Barry?" said a grinning Mary Ann.

"T-thank you ma'am," choked Barry. Oh, please, I'm not going to cry. But he could sense tears coming, it hurt so bad. He rose and massaged his tender sit spot. Mrs Hinckly took it all in with approval.

"Well, Barry, I'm glad to see you finally got your commuppance, you rascal, you. This has definitely made my day. Young lady," she said to Mary Ann, "you really know how to swing a paddle."

"Well, thank you," said Mary Ann, as Mrs Hinckly departed.
"And good job, Barry. Now let's get back out front and make some more, what do you say?"

"Ah, sure, Mary Ann," said Barry still rubbing. Wow! That sure stung.


"Now, isn't he cute?" This comment was obviously directed at James from a trio of well dressed women in their thirties. They looked like career women slumming--or bored wives maybe.

"Imagine, Kate, finding something like this at a county fair. I had no idea." A buxom brunette eyed James like a cat eyes a canary.

"Come on in, ladies," invited Kirsten. "As you can see I've got a very naughty boy here who needs his bottom warmed." Kirsten spun him around and patted the seat of his tight shorts.

James blushed and tried to act calm, but the attention from three lovely women was unnerving, and Kirsten's pats on his bottom gave him an instant woody.

"Well, I can see that," said Kate. "He looks like a little boy in need of a good spanking. What do you say, June," she asked speaking to a second member of the group.

"I say we go inside and see this bad boy get a good sound paddling."

"You're on," said June. "So how much..." She had turned to the third member of their group, a thin blonde with short bleached hair.

"Hmmm...I have an idea," she said, musing.

"Carrie, you always have ideas...usually the wrong kind," laughed June.

"What'll it be ladies? Only 10 dollars and he gets 3 solid swats with my paddle."

"Well, I have more in mind than that," said Carrie with a sly wink. She huddled with her two friends, explaining her proposal. They giggled and nodded. Then she pulled Kirsten aside.

"Are those rooms private?" she asked.

"Yep. No one can see in. It's just us," Kirsten assured her.

"Well...we'd be willing to chip in $20 a piece..."

"Wow! That's great," Kirsten exclaimed.

"But what we want is to see you put your little boy there right over your knee and spank his bare little bottom for us."

"What? A spanking? Bare?"

"That's right," confirmed Carrie. "A good old fashioned bare bottom spanking. I'd say...since you're not using the paddle...about 100 smacks with your hand. What do you say?"

"Well, gee, I don't know. I'd have to ask..."

"Honey, you don't have to ask that pledge anything. The way he looks at you, if you asked him to strip bare and run around the parade grounds, he'd do it."

Kirsten smiled. "Ok, I'll do it. I'll give him the soundest bare fanny whacking he's ever had. You won't be disappointed."

Carrie turned around and gave the thumbs up to her friends.

Kirsten took James aside and explained it to him. He paled as she told him what the trio had requested. This would be embarrassing beyond belief, but at the same time he was feeling a powerful arousal. "C'mon, James, it's ok. You want to do your part for charity, don't you. You don't want to let your frat down...or disappoint me do you?" This last was said with a wide smile and a husky tone in her voice, filled with implied promises of delights yet to come.

James let himself be led like a lamb to the slaughter. Kirsten took him by the elbow and ushered him inside the room. Someone had thoughtfully left a chair against the wall and Kirsten let go long enough to drag it to a good spot away from the wall. The giggling trio took in James' embarrassment with glee and weren't above teasing him.

"Well, little boy, looks like you're due for a good spanking," said June.

"And on his bare little fanny, too," added Carrie.

"I want to see your sorority sister make you kick and squeal, sweetie," cooed Kate.

Kirsten seated herself. "Come here, James."

"Better go to mommy, James, or she'll spank harder," laughed June. It had turned into a delightful source of mirth for these attractive women to see James in his current predicament.

"Oh, look, he's blushing," observed Kate. She was right. James was so embarrassed he was red in the face.

Kirsten had to reach out and take his hand. She drew him close and undid the buttons on his pants. Deftly she yanked down the tight shorts leaving James in white cotton y-briefs. James could not have blushed redder, but to his horror he felt Kirsten's fingers in the elastic of his underwear. The problem was the raging hard in his briefs. He bent over in an attempt to hide it but Kirsten scolded him.

"Stand up straight, James, while I take your pants down. These ladies paid to see you get it on the bare, so stand still."

As the pants came down, his turgid member popped straight out, prompting renewed giggles from the trio of patrons.

"Nice buns," remarked June, admiring the white round contours of James as yet unmarked ass.

"And a nice big boner," laughed Carrie.

"And just what do you think that is?" said Kirsten, indignant, but clearly amazed at the fleshy muscle that was now bobbing slowly up and down in front of her. "Why, James Hubbard. I don't believe this. You are a naughty boy." Then her demeanor became stern. "You should have your bare heinie smacked. And good and hard too. You get right over my knee, pledge." Wasting no time, she pulled James over her knee until his body was positioned so that his nose was to the floor and bare bottom was poised properly right over Kirsten's lap, pointed at the ceiling.

The girls watching had practically cracked up, it was so funny. Kirsten realized too, that there was something quite humorous about James' coming down with a woody at the prospect of getting his bare bottom spanked in front of a group of women. Well, she was going to give him a good one, then she'd see if that didn't melt down his unruly cock.

The problem for James was that the contact with Kirsten's thighs was keeping his prick hard as a rock. She was wearing a thin cotton skirt and he could feel his dick pressing against her soft thighs right through the material. Squirming around made it worse. Oh, God! he thought. Don't let me come on her skirt.

He almost did come as Kirsten palmed his buttocks with her hand, rubbing in circles, testing the resiliency of the tender hind cheeks she was about to blister. "All I can say is, James, you deserve this, you naughty boy."

Smack! Crack! Whap! Smack! Kirsten smacked James' bottom hard with a barrage of spanks that landed on alternate cheeks at a rapid rate. To James it felt like the shock of being plunged into cold water, only it was hot. His backside tingled at first as he felt the repeated impact of her palm on his rear. Then his ass began to sting as Kirsten spanked relentlessly from side to side.

Smack! Smack! "Ow...ow...ow..." gasped James. This was starting to really sting. Kirsten could spank! He was really getting a hot one.

"Now that's what naughty boys deserve, don't you think?" asked Carrie. "Wasn't this a good idea?" Her friends argreed wholeheartedly. It was a delightfully entertaining spectacle to see James with his little shorts and underpants at his knees, held over the knee of a woman only a few years older than he, getting his nude fanny warmed. And Kirsten was doing a superb job of warming it. The first red handprints of James cute cheeks had merged into a red mass of blotches. He squirmed uncontrollably as Kirsten smacked his bottom with gusto, putting smack after smack across the fleshy summits. He couldn't help it, his legs started to scissor and he drummed his toes on the floor.

"Getting a little hot?" teased Kate.

"Spank him harder," urged Carrie, "he can take it. Punish him for waving that boner in your face." They all nearly collapsed in laughter at her comment.

Kirsten got into a good spanking rhythm, landing smacks on alternate cheeks about a second apart. She spanked hard, making each one count. Sometimes she smacked him across the dark crease between his hind cheeks right at the base between legs and ass. Those spanks seemed to produce a more pronounced wriggle. Then she varied it, smacking briskly and fast for six smacks or so, pausing and giving him six more. She could hear his hissing intake of breath. She marvelled at the way his bottom quivered when her palm landed. It was getting quite red now.

"Hold still, James." He was squirming and bucking on her lap. She wrapped her arm around him, pulling him closer and resumed the juvenile chastisement. "Stop struggling," she whispered in his ear. "These ladies paid to see you get a good fanny tanning and you're going to get one."

Smack! Crack! Whap! Crack! Kirsten's arm pistoned up and down splatting the quivering fanny.

"Oh...ow...yeow!" James yelped. He must look like quite a sight, bare bottomed over Kirsten's knee. He couldn't help it, he was wiggling and squirming as she spanked him like he was a 12 year old boy. It was even more humiliating with his pants down to his ankles. Ironically, with just his bare butt waving in the breeze he felt more bared than if he'd been naked.

"That's it," said Carrie clapping. "Spank that bare heinie. Go to it!" Her friends hooted and cheered at Kirsten's determined efforts. Her solid smacks continued to to redden James' bottom quite thoroughly.

It was really stinging now, but the more James flopped around on her knee the more aroused he became. Twin sensations of pain and desire were driving him now, and neither had gained the upper hand. The delicious sensations of pain and pleasure were poised in balance as James endured smack after stinging smack from Kirsten's capable palm.

She decided to give him about 10 more really good ones, so she paused. "I'm going to give you 10 more James, really hot ones. Are you ready?"

James was wriggling, breathlessly almost, but he managed to croak out a "Yes".

Kirsten patted his bottom and delivered 10 slow blistering spanks as hard as she could. It was all James could do not to howl as each one landed, but his whole body clenched and his head flew up. As tender as his buns were, those last hard smacks each felt like a fiery brand on his ass.

"Woo Hoo, way to go, sister!" There was laughter and high fives all around as the the watching girls enjoyed the blazing climax of James spanking.

"Well," said Kirsten, helping an almost sobbing James to his feet, "That's it, girls. Thank you for your contribution. I'll get James put back together here. Thanks again."

The lively trio exited the room babbling in animated voices. When they had left, Kirsten closed the door again.

"They can wait a few more minutes. Come here James, sit on my lap." James started to pull his pants up, but Kirsten told him to leave them down. Kirsten sat back down and motioned for James to sit on her knee.

"That's it, James, just sit down here." He winced as his hot buttocks made contact with her lap. As James meekly complied she said, "You were my very brave boy. I had to spank you pretty hard, I know, but for all that money they were entitled to a good show." As she spoke softly, James felt his erection returning. To his utter shock, Kirsten fondled his stiffening member with her fingers.

"I noticed this too," she said stroking the turgid cock. "You were a good boy--a good bad boy, I should say, So you get a reward. Besides it turned me on to give your naughty fanny a good smackbottom. I just loved the sight of your cute buns all bare and turning red over my knee--I think you liked it too," she continued coyly.

James nodded and groaned in exctasy as Kirsten stroked his penis with her soft hand, moving faster now. He couldn't control himself. Pleasure was washing over him in waves as Kirsten stroked faster. He bucked up and down in her lap, flopping like a fish on a dock. Then from deep inside came the explosion that had been building during the spanking and he spurted gobs of creamy white gism that shot straight up into a tissue that Kirsten had produced from a pocket.

"There now, there's my good boy," cooed Kirsten, who continued the milking as James shuddered in waves of climax. "Now we won't have that nasty old erection to deal with when the next customer comes in."

James jaw dropped in dismay. Next customer?

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