The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Menace from Mongo---an excerpt

This eBook novella is a recasting of the classic Flash Gordon adventures that appeared as serials on TV when I was a kid. But as you can see, I added a few things. As far as I know, spanking was not the primary means of behavior modification among the various races and cultures on Mongo. But so what? On my Mongo it is. That brings us to this excerpt in which Flash has rescued some village maids in Arborea (where Prince Barin is in hiding from Ming and is plotting an overthrow, with Flash's help, of course). Arborea is Mongo's version of a hippy commune, but they do have rules, one of which is 'don't go into the lake!'


Flash was later summoned to a council at the village center. It was held in what was apparently a communal lodge. The four girls were in attendance, Flash noted. They were older than he had thought at first, probably in their late teens or early twenties. They stood together in a line with worried looks on their faces. Serves them right, thought Flash. Wasn’t there some rule about not going out in the deep water? They’d probably been well scolded for this infraction.

Locrian stood. “First, Flash Gordon, all of us owe you a debt of gratitude. Without your bravery and skill our young women could have been taken by the gill men or the octopoid. We are forever in your debt.” The assembly applauded.

“It was indeed fortunate for these four that you came when you did. And,” he added with a tear in his eye, “especially for me----because one of them is my granddaughter, Bella.” A pretty maiden with rich coppery hair reacted to hearing her name and smiled wanly at Flash.

“But now, before we celebrate their rescue,” said Locrian, “these four must be chastised for their imprudent behavior. None are married. They must, therefore, either choose a man from among the rescuers and accept penance at his hands in a private setting, or she may choose to accept her punishment in front of the village.”

Locrian said, “Come with me.” Flash followed as Locrian led the way to a clearing. It was a village center of sorts, laid out in a wide circle bounded by dwellings and stalls for various crafts. But in the center of the clearing was something Flash recognized as a pillory. It was a wooden contraption that stood on two legs with a yoke that was meant to hold hands and neck secure.

“We are a society like any other, and we have those who disobey the law. But we have no jails or prisons. Serious offenses are punished by banishment, but crimes of a minor nature are dealt with in this manner. Those who transgress are placed in the pillory and lashes are applied.”

He addressed the four girls. “You have one hour to choose. If you have not made proper atonement within the hour you will present yourselves here.” Wearing woeful expressions the chagrinned girls nodded.

Flash watched the four young women disperse, anxiety plain on their faces. It was then that he observed Bella heading straight for him. She stood in front of Flash and looked up into his eyes. “I choose you, Flash Gordon.” She took him by the hand as if to lead him away. Flash turned to Locrian.

“I don’t understand. What am I supposed to do?”

“It is our way, Flash Gordon. You must go with her. She will tell you what she needs from you.” Locrian saw that Flash was still puzzled. “Sometimes our young people disobey rules made for their own safety. Sometimes others have to save them from their folly, often at great risk to themselves. In such cases we believe that the foolish one must do penance. If they are of age and married they would be reprimanded by their husbands. If not, then it is only right that the penance should come from the one who risked his own life. So go with my granddaughter and she will explain.”

Bella took Flash by the hand. He let her lead him through a path in the forest. The path meandered away from the village, leaving the sights and sounds of activity behind. Eventually they came to a grove of trees that had branches with long slender shoots that flexed and bent toward the ground.
They stopped next to one of the trees.

“May I have your knife?” she asked.

Flash handed her his knife. She selected a shoot and cut it to a length of about two feet. She peeled it, stripping off the buds and smaller shoots. Bella gave him back the knife. She faced him and knelt at his feet. She then raised her arms and offered the switch to him with both hands.

“I apologize for my very foolish behavior and ask that you punish me for it. This switch is to be the implement of my correction. It has been decreed by Locrian that I am to have the full measure of forty strokes.”

Flash was amazed. This lovely girl was asking him to give her a switching. He hesitated.

“Look, I know you have your customs but…”

“Please,” she entreated Flash. “It must be you. Otherwise my grandfather will be angry and I will be shamed. I’d rather be punished by you than by the constable in front of all.”

Flash sighed, but he had to admit, in a way it made sense. She did deserve punishment for disobeying like that. He could see that a trip to the woodshed would have been appropriate back on Earth. He took the switch. He looked around. There was a broad stump he could sit on. He took her by the hand and led her to it. Flash sat on the stump and looked at her expectantly. Bella blushed and lifted the skirt of her tunic. Underneath were leggings. She lowered these to her knees. Flash was taken aback. She wore nothing underneath. He saw the dark triangle of curly hair between her legs. Blushing, she placed herself across his knees.

The girl had a lovely plump bottom and shapely legs. Obviously he was meant to spank her with the switch. Forty times.

Flash thought, all right, if I have to through with this for this girl’s sake, I’ll do it. At the same time there was a part of him that approved. She should be punished. “All right, but I’ll do this as lightly as I can…”

“No!” she exclaimed. “You must strike hard. They will inspect the stripes and I will receive more if you do not make this a true punishment.”

Flash thought, all right, if I must. He raised the switch. “You said forty, right?”

“Yes,” she said softly.

Flash nodded grimly. “Then you count.”

Swick! Flash brought the switch down. A red stripe appeared across the pale moons of her bottom. She hissed, a sharp intake of breath. “One,” she choked.
Swick! “Two” Another red weal sprang up. She wriggled.
Swick! “Three…ahh!” The girl’s bottom quivered.
Huick!  “F—four! Oh!” Another sharp stroke fell, making her clench her cheeks.
Flash grimly set out to tan Bella’s lovely bottom with the switch. Each stroke was placed just so. He worked the switch down from the crowns of her buttocks to the tops of her thighs in a methodical pattern. The stripes sprang up, one after another. Her voice rose in pitch as she counted off the strokes. Flash knew it had to be stinging painfully, but it gave him some satisfaction that after this lesson it wasn’t likely she’d disobey again.

She sobbed and writhed all over his lap as Flash applied the switching, clenching and unclenching her buttocks. The lines of the switch melded into a diffuse red glow with a few lines at the edges still visible. The last five strokes made her cry out shrilly. Then it was done. Flash handed her the switch. She stood still in front of him for a moment then reached up and, hugging him hard, kissed him full on the lips. That was a surprise.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “Do you forgive me for acting so foolishly?”

“Of course,” he said.

“You will tell them I have been duly punished?”

“Of course.”

She dressed, then took his hand again and they returned to the village.

When they returned to the village clearing, Flash could see that two of the girls were standing with Locrian near the pillory. Apparently they had failed to do penance within the prescribed hour. A man, who was some type of constable, Flash guessed, told one girl to step away. The other girl was apparently to be prepared for public punishment. A crowd had gathered to watch. The constable lifted the yoke and the girl bent forward obediently, placing her hands and neck in the yoke. He lowered it and locked her in. She wore an ankle length dress. The constable lifted the hem above her hips. Underneath were some type of thin drawers. He undid a tie string and allowed these to fall to her ankles revealing her shapely buttocks and thighs.

Someone handed the constable a long supple switch. As he swooshed it through the air the girl shivered visibly.

Locrian spoke to the girl. “You have chosen public punishment, Telena. I am sorry for you that we have to do this, but by going out in the sea alone you risked not only your life but the lives of others. This will be a sharp lesson, daughter of Arborea, but a necessary one. So be it.”

He addressed the constable. “Twenty strokes, Liet. See that you lay on well.” He clapped the man on the shoulder and stood back.

Flash now understood. You could choose to be punished in private, by a man of your choosing, but the bill was higher---forty strokes instead of twenty. A more harsh private punishment or a milder public one. But maybe not so mild. This switch looked longer—and thicker. It was an interesting choice. Bella had chosen him and had borne the forty strokes. She stood at his side as they beheld the switching of her companions.

Leit tapped the girl's bottom with the switch, then with a short arm motion and a flick of his wrist he applied a stripe that made her yelp in pain. He proceeded to administer a whipping with the switch that had her crying out and practically dancing at the pillory. It was a slow and deliberate switching. He carefully measured and lined up each stroke before drawing back his arm to deliver another stripe. The switch would land with a huick! sound. The girl would flinch and clench her buttocks. Red weals laddered her bottom while the watching villagers murmured approvingly. It was a proper punishment. She squirmed and bobbed in the stocks. Several times Leit had to stop and tell the girl to hold still and present her buttocks properly for the switch. “Lest more strokes are added,” he cautioned. She struggled to comply, and seemed somehow to settle down and stick her bottom out to await the next kiss of the switch. When all twenty strokes had been applied, he lifted the yoke to free the girl. Her hands flew under her dress and she rubbed furiously. Tears were flowing freely down her cheeks.

Flash and Bella stayed to watch the next girl’s punishment. She was a tall red haired girl about Bella’s age. Her punishment turned out to be somewhat noisier than the first. Flash felt Bella shiver as her friend yelped and sobbed her way through her switching. He could imagine that Bella’s rump was sore and still swollen. He had given her a good one, nearly as hard as the ones Constable Leit was dishing out.

Flash sought out Locrian and told him that Bella had been duly punished. Locrian nodded approvingly at Flash’s report. He looked at his granddaughter sternly. “I’ll keep this switch for a while, just in case,” he said. Bella blushed, and put her hands behind her protectively. Flash had to laugh.

 The other girl appeared, accompanied by one of the rescue party, and rubbing her bottom gingerly. When all had gathered, Locrian announced that the girls had atoned and were now forgiven and a feast could begin. By nightfall there was dancing and music wafting through the trees as if nothing had happened at all. Flash stayed for awhile then made his apologies and turned in, climbing to the canopied sleeping platform he’d been given. Somehow he wasn’t all that surprised to find a naked and very amorous Bella in his bed.

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