The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Friday, October 4, 2013

Island Justice

In keeping with my cover revamping project I am unveiling the new cover for my novella Island Justice. This is an older story of mine about two girl friends who travel to a repressive Caribbean island in an attempt to save their friend from a prison term. What they discover is that freedom has a painful price.I loved the old cover, a terrific Paula Russell drawing but there are two problems. First, Island Justice is still adult tagged at Amazon and second, I'll be submitting this one to B&N, Kobo and Apple soon and I'd be getting a little pushback with the old cover.

So here is the new one. And to cement the deal, here is an excerpt from Island Justice.

The bailiff called the case, Commonwealth vs. Susan Pemberton. The prosecutor then addressed the judge, explaining the charge and how it might be affected by the presence of Erin and Allison. The judge nodded, listening intently, then he addressed Harriet and me.

"Counsel, do I understand that your clients are willing to plead guilty to possession of less than one ounce of a controlled substance, if the charge against Ms Pemberton can be likewise reduced?"

We said yes. The judge indicated that he wished to make sure, and spoke directly to Erin and Allison.

"I admire you for returning to help your friend, ladies, but as you are aware our laws on drugs here are very specific and there are penalties for drug use. Has it been explained to you what those penalties are?"

"Yes, Sir," said both girls in a small voice.

"And do you both wish to enter a plea of guilty to the possession charge?"

Both girls looked at each other, then at Susan, then answered in the affirmative.

At this point the prosecutor jumped in and said that his office recommended leniency in the form of immediate deportation for all three defendants. Harry spoke next pointing out that Susan had spent 10 days in jail already. I got up and told the court that the girls had been punished already (without being specific as to how). The judges eyebrows arched up at this bit of information. At this point our hopes were high. Those hopes, however, were dashed by the next pronouncement from the bench.

The judge indicated he was ready to rule. "The defendants will rise,"
said the bailiff.

"Susan Pemberton, Erin Hand, and Allison Carter, you are all guilty of illegal drug use. That is a serious crime on St Johns. Drugs are a cancer on our island society. Year after year you American students come down here and think you can flaunt our laws and get away with it."

Uh-oh, I thought. This was bad. The guy was working up to something. The girls were standing there, trembling as he continued the tirade.

"Well, you young madams cannot, and I'm going to make an example of you three so you can go back home and tell your friends, tell the newspapers, tell anyone you care to that drugs in St Johns will not be tolerated!" He was almost shouting.

When he stopped you could hear a pin drop in the courtroom.

"I'm going to reduce the charge for you Ms Pemberton, but under the reduced charges I'm sentencing you three to the maximum permitted by our law. Erin Hand and Allison Carter, you will each receive 24 lashes to be administered in the approved manner for juveniles by the department of corrections. Susan Pemberton, you will be given 36 lashes to be administered according to proper procedure for adult female offenders. And, ladies, I hope this punishment is a salutatory experience for you three. Sentence will be carried out within 24 hours and you are then to be deported. That is all. Bailiff, take Ms Hand and Ms Carter into custody. Call the next case."

Then climactic scenes follow. But there is a twist. In violation of the rules Erin and Allison shout encouragement to Susan as she is led to the post to be birched.

"You're just in time to witness a little supplementary punishment for your clients here, thanks to that little disturbance of theirs. Our rules absolutely forbid any catcalls or cheers on the part of spectators. When prisoners break this rule we are authorized to punish the offenders. And don't bother calling. I have already spoken with the judge--he witnessed the whole thing and he agrees with my decision as Director of Discipline. They will receive four strokes each with the junior cane."

I was indignant. "You can't be serious. Four strokes with that cane on top of what they have been through--it's barbaric!" Both girls looked at me with frightened eyes, helpless, hoping I could do something.

Anna Klochek smiled and shrugged. "They should have obeyed our rules. Now they pay. With their bare little fannies."

 My attorney friend Harriet jumps in:

"Well...whose fault is that? Isn't it your business to know these things and to advise your clients?"

"It's mine," said Harriet, looking Anna Klochek in the eye. Harriet was wearing a suit with a short skirt, white blouse and a jacket. She moved over to a table and began to unbutton the jacket. "It's my fault so cane me instead."

My jaw dropped. "Harriet you can't...". Her look silenced me. "I know what I'm doing, Rollin." She had decided. The determined look said it all.

One of the matrons chuckled and shook her head. "Sorry, honey, nice try, but our procedures don't permit..." Deputy Klochek held up her hand, stopping her underling in mid sentence. Her face broke into a broad smile.

"So, Mrs. Reeves, you are willing to take the punishment for these two?" indicating Erin and Allison. "That's a very interesting proposition. How courageous of you. I must say it's unusual. I've never seen an attorney prepared to accept her client's punishment as her own."

The other matron spoke. "Anna, you can't...". Anna gave her a hard stare.

"Shut up, Officer Vasquez, this is my call and I can do anything I want." Then she turned to Harriet, regarding her thoughtfully. I could not take my eyes off of thin flexible cane that she flexed with her hands as she considered Harriet's offer. She could bend it almost in a circle. "Hmmm...I'm inclined to say yes to your proposal."

"You'll let the girls go. When this is done we leave," Harriet said evenly.


"All right. We have an agreement."

"Yes we do," said Anna with a wide grin. " And I don't mind telling you, Mrs. Reeves, that I will enjoy this." The smile vanished. " Now to business. That suit looks like it would wrinkle. Would you be so kind as to take it off?"

Harriet took a deep breath and unzipped the skirt. She dropped it revealing an ensemble in white satin, a garter belt holding sheer nylons, and panties. She unbuttoned her blouse to show a white satin bra. Lovely. Under other circumstances I would have been dazzled--even as it was, I hated myself for my developing erection.

"The girls," I said, gesturing to Erin and Allison still bound over the stools.

"Oh, yes, release them," Ms Klochek nodded to Officer Vasquez. The assistants unbuckled the girls who rose on unsteady legs, pulled their panties back up, and smoothed their dresses back down. Their faces bore looks of genuine relief which then turned to looks of concern at Harriet's plight.

Harriet had stripped down to bra, garter belt and nylons, and panties. Anna Klochek pointed the cane toward the near stool. "Would you be so kind as to assume the position, Mrs. Reeves? Over the stool please, bottom well up."

Harriet took a deep breath and lowered herself face down across the padded top. Her luscious bottom cheeks were turned up and in perfect position for the cane.

"Fasten her down." Two assistant matrons leapt to do Ms Klochek's bidding.

Harriet turned her head. "Tying me down isn't necessary. I won't get up."

"Oh, I'm sorry Mrs. Reeves--regulations you know. All prisoners must be restrained. This will hurt a bit, I'm afraid, and you might jump up and injure yourself."

They buckled her wrists and ankles in and drew the strap across the small of her back. Harriet was completely immobile. Klochek circled her, moving to her front, still flexing the whippy cane. She paused in front of Harriet, idly swishing the wand back and forth.

"Eight strokes, Mrs. Reeves. After all, someone must pay for that unseemly outburst. Officer Vasquez, please lower Mrs. Reeve’s panties."

Vasquez stepped up and with fingers on either side of her hips, slid her brief panties, her last veil of protection, down to her knees. Harriet was bared now. There was nothing between her and that very whippy cane.

"What?" I interrupted. "Each of the girls were going to get only 4. Harriet should get no more than that."

"It's eight. Take it or I strap your clients back down over these stools."

"This is illegal and you know it. Don't push it." The reaction of Klochek's two assistants had told me that Anna was way out of bounds. It may have been a bluff but it was a good one.

Her eyes narrowed sharply. Then she shrugged. "Very well, six, and it stays in this room."

Harriet raised her head slightly and nodded. I looked at Anna Klochek.


She wasted no time. Moving to Harriet's rear, she took a stance and lined up the cane, tapping it gently against Harriet's nether cheeks. Harriet tensed at the sensation of the cane touching her bared seat. Ms Klochek raised her arm to shoulder level and whipped the cane down in a blur. It made a distinct whining sound before it impacted the crowns of Harriet's buttocks with a sharp retort. The fleshy mounds rippled and a red line appeared.

Harriet told me later that she had been totally unprepared for the searing line of pure agony that that first swipe of the cane caused her. It felt like a white hot wire, she said, and the pain spread out from her bottom to engulf her nervous system totally.

When the stroke hit, Harriet's head flew back, her fingers splayed out, and her whole body jerked at the shock. Klochek stepped back, savoring the moment. Harriet had gasped sharply but had not cried out. The blonde matron paced, swishing the cane, waiting. Harriet said later that this must have been deliberate. She knew how to time the strokes because the pain actually peaked several seconds after the cane struck. The skill in timing was to catch the penitent just as the pain was subsiding, because that was when the dread of the next one was starting to build.

She took her stance again. Swisshhh... thwack! Harriet writhed. A second red line appeared. 30 seconds went by. More pacing by Klochek.

SWisshh...thwick! "Arrhh...ah...ah.." Harriet fought to keep her composure under the onslaught of stinging agony from the whippy cane.

Erin and Allison looked on, horrified. Three vivid weals spaced about half an inch apart adorned Harriet's bare wriggling fanny.

Sweee.....huick! "Ahh....oh God, please...ah...ah.."

"Beginning to feel it I see, Mrs Reeves." The blonde matron smiled. She was in her element. "That's good. I like to know that the message is getting through."

She lined up for another stinging cut. Harriet jerked as she felt the gentle tap-tap -tap, then...

Ssswwwiiissshhh....thwack! The hardest one yet, delivered with the full force of Anna Klochek's arm.

Harriet lost it. she shrieked. A look of triumph came over Anna Klochek's face.

Klochek didn't rush the last one. I sensed she wanted to savor it. Her obvious objective--the delivery of maximum pain within the strictures of our little agreement.

She planted her feet at Harriet's left side then raised the menacing cane for the sixth time.

Swiiissshhh....thwack! Harriet's body jerked and she let out a plaintive wail. A sixth weal appeared. Harriet sobbed, partly because of the atrocious pain, partly in relief that the ordeal was over. She could not control the sobbing even as she was let up. She had been whipped. Well and truly whipped in every sense of the word.


  There is lots more, both afterward and even before everyone gets to the island. And the wicked Anna Klocek makes a return visit in Atonement which was just released by Blushing Books.


Orage said...

Would you mind putting the old cover as well?

Rollin said...

Orage, the old cover is over in the panel on your right. I have not changed it out yet.

Poppa said...

Rollin my friend I did not know you had a blog and I am quite happy to find this! I will explore this happily!


Rollin said...

Welcome aboard, Poppa. This blog has been going for nearly 3 years now. Visit often because the archive changes dynamically depending upon my publishing strategy.