The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Adult School---by Unknown Guest Author

The date on this file on my hard drive says 2003, but that may be when I edited it. At any rate, I don't know where this came from or who wrote it. My only contribution was a bit of rewriting and editing. I was drawn to this story because I'm aware that places like this exist---in the UK. We don't have this on our side of the pond. Mainly because, I suspect, we don't have the boarding school or public school traditions of the British Isles. Is this a fantasy, purely? Or can one really live this in Jolly Old? I'd be interested to know.

Adult School

Hello. My name is Sarah and before I tell you my story I should let you have some information about me. I am 28 years old, single, 5ft 1in tall , with shoulder length ash blonde hair, and (I like to think) petite. I'm told that I look a bit like Felicity Kendal but I can't see it. Some years ago I had a boyfriend who was into all sorts of things when it came to sex. I went with him for about 9 months and during that time we experimented with a lot of different turn-ons, starting fairly tamely with a bit of light bondage and getting into exhibitionism, watersports, cross dressing, allsorts. Eventually we split up, partly because he was going too far for me and trying to talk me into heavier and heavier S&M stuff and a "gangbang" with several of his mates and I was starting to feel really used.

One of the experiments I really enjoyed, though , was when I let him put me over his knee and spank my bottom. In fact I liked it so much that we repeated this many times, but Rob seemed to get bored with this after a while and kept on about whips & chains & black leather and stuff. What exited me most, though (to my surprise) was when, after a very long whine from me that I wanted to feel his hand on my bottom again, we went to a local pub and met up with all his mates. About an hour and a half into the conversation Rob had quite a bit to drink and suddenly told all his mates about how I liked him to spank me and had been pleading with him to pt me over his knee just before we went out. I was mortified. Of course I went very red as about six blokes of varying degrees of hunkiness started to take an enormous interest in my little perversion and asked questions and took the Mickey out me.

On the way home I started to realize that I had been really turned on by being embarrassed. I don't know why but being the center of attention (even if it was for all the wrong reasons) got to me in a big way. Although I told Rob off I made up for it when we got back to my place. Anyway, having dumped Rob and got over him I started to miss the excitement of "naughty" sex. I had a range of boyfriends, some of whom I slept with, some I didn't, but I never liked or trusted them enough to raise the subject with them. Then, one day, I met Tim in the street. Tim was one of the lads who had been in the pub when Rob had told the world of my fetish. We started talking and he asked me out. We went to a quiet pub and, after a while Tim carefully steered the conversation round to that night. To cut a long story short it turned out that Tim was a great spanking devotee and a member of what he called "The School". He offered to introduce me and that's how I came to spend Friday evenings being a schoolgirl again.

There are 14 pupils in the class, four girls, me, Karen, Liz and Pat. Eight boys, Tim, Steve, Malcolm, Mark, John, Chris and two Pauls. There are also two girls who are really boys (if you see what I mean) their real names are Phil and David but they are known as Lauren and Gemma.

We girls has a whale of a time at first teaching Phil and David how to dress, apply makeup and generally act like women, but now they seem to have it pretty well sewn up and Lauren especially looks very sexy in a dark, brooding way. We range in age from mid twenties to Malcolm who is in his late forties.

Each week we assemble at the schoolmaster's house. Mr Derby is a tall, muscular man in his late 50s, he owns a large house on the edge of town with a very large garage/workshop. It is this that he has converted into a classroom for our activities. It is heated in winter and has a large blackboard in the front with a table on a low podium and a desk for each of us. The desks were built for schoolkids so they are really a little small for us, but no matter. All around the walls are educational posters, the sort you see in classes around the world. When we meet we first change in Mr Derby's house, so we enter the classroom in our uniforms. For the girls this consists of black patent shoes (no heels), white socks, a short, grey, pleated skirt, white blouse with red & gold striped tie and a red blazer. Underwear consists of plain white pants and, in winter, a vest. Bras are not allowed which causes a few problems for Liz who has quite large boobs. The boys wear a similar uniform except that they wear grey shorts and grey calf length socks. Of course Gemma and Lauren wear the girls' uniform. We always treat the class seriously and are there to study.

We meet at 8.30 p.m. and class starts at 9, ending at 12 midnight. We treat the times as a.m. though, so we do a morning session through to lunch, including a mid-morning break. Mr Derby is very strict and does not hesitate to punish us if we do not do our work properly.  He is assisted by a middle aged woman named Mrs Beaumont. We wonder about the relationship between them, as they are not married. Mrs Beaumont is in her 40's, but is still very attractive. She is a big woman with a large bust and wide hips but she is well proportioned. She reminds me of an American frontier schoolmarm. Mostly she takes charge of meting out punishments to the boys. Of course that's why we are all there, but it does add realism to our punishment and you never really know when, or even if, you are going to be spanked or even caned for some misdemeanor.

Let me tell you about last Friday. I always leave work at 4 o'clock on a Friday, we call it POETS day (Push Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday). I got home about 4.30, changed into a nightie and went to bed. The alarm woke me at 7 and I got up, washed, and dressed in my uniform, except for the socks, shoes, blazer and tie which I put into my "games" bag. I then had a bite to eat put on my coat and, picking up my satchel and bag, ran to my car and began the journey to school. On the way I called for Tim. We are very lucky to live close to school, most of the others have to make quite long journeys. Tim got into the car wearing normal clothes, with a large bag. It is more difficult for the boys as walking around in part of their uniform is much more noticeable than for us girls.

We got to Mr Derby's house just before 8.30, but most of the others were already there. Once in the house the boys and girls go into separate "cloakrooms" and change into school clothes. Phil and David join us girls and from this point on they are treated as girls. The boys are expressly forbidden to come near the girls' cloakroom, but we know that sometimes they try and peek in, just like the boys did when we were kids. If we catch them we always report them! Once we had changed we all congregate in a large courtyard at the back of the house, on the other side of which is the classroom. This is the playground and we wait here for school to open, sometimes playing or talking and sometimes trying to finish off undone homework.

At 9 Mr Derby opened the school door and we entered in single file and stood behind our desks waiting to be told to sit down. Karen and I had been having a very interesting conversation while we were waiting outside and, like idiots we carried on whispering to each other in class. Our chat was suddenly interrupted by Mr Derby shouting, "Karen, Sarah, come to the front of the class." Karen and I slowly slid out from behind our desks and walked to the front of the room, standing in front of Mr Derby with our backs to the class. Mr Derby stood very straight in his tweed suit and began to tell us off, asked us what we had been talking about that was so important (last night's Eastenders) and told Karen to hold out her hand. Mr Derby reached over to his desk and picked up his ruler. He then lifted the ruler up and brought it down on Karen's palm. There was a loud crack and I saw a white stripe appear across Karen's palm, which slowly turned bright pink, spreading from the outside in. Karen took a sharp breath and her eyes closed briefly. Mr Derby brought the ruler down twice more on her right palm and the snapped "next". Karen held out her left hand and received three stripes on that hand. By this time I had butterflies in the pit of my stomach and a strange feeling in my bottom. "Hand" Mr Derby instructed me. I saw the ruler fall in a blur and felt the sting as it hit my palm, which turned into a hot throb just as the ruler struck again. I felt my eyes start to water and the ruler hit me for the last time on my right palm. I changed hands without being told and received three more on my left hand. Once Mr Derby had finished he put the ruler back on the table and sent us both back to our desks, telling us all to sit down. My hand felt as if it had sunburn and I sat, fidgeting in my desk as I flexed my fingers back and forth to try and make the throb go away. The first subject we were due to study was geography.

We had been set a homework to read a section of the textbook about industry in the Benelux countries. None of us were at all surprised when Mr Derby announced that there was going to be a test. A question paper was handed out by Mrs Beaumont and the test started. I had read the book as instructed, but it was so boring I wasn't sure that it had all gone in. I knew that if my results weren't good enough I would be punished and could even get a caning. When I read the questions I felt a little happier and answered them in good time. When we had all finished we swapped papers and, as Mr Derby read out the answers, we marked each others papers. Once this was done Mr Derby asked for each person's marks and wrote them in his book.

 I had done well, with full marks, as had some of the others. Mark, however, had only answered one question correctly. It was obvious that he had not even read the book and Mrs Beaumont called him to the front of the class, telling him that he was wasting the classes time and giving him a real telling off. Mark is quite shy and was deep red by the time Mrs Beaumont had finished with him. After she had told him off Mrs Beaumont reached for the whippy cane she keeps hung by the blackboard. Mrs Beaumont told Mark to undo his trousers. Mark undid the waistband of his shorts, unzipped the fly and let them drop to his ankles. I could see his white Y-fronts tented by his erect penis and had to suppress a little giggle. Mrs Beaumont then told Mark to lower his pants. Mark went an even brighter red and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his underpants and lowered them to join his shorts. As he stood up I caught a glimpse of his very erect prick. Mark is a big chap, about 6feet 6 inches tall and he was big elsewhere as well. I started to feel lusty as Mrs Beaumont told him to bent over. I swear no one in that room breathed as the cane swished down and hit Mark's bottom with a resounding crack. Mark moved forward every time the cane connected and had to straighten himself up to accept the next stroke. Mrs Beaumont handed out six of the very best before she put the cane down and told Mark to stand up. Mark stood up straight, his prick was very stiff and red, and we girls stifled a little giggle, smirking behind our hands. Mark couldn't help but notice this and blushed even more before being told to pull up his trousers and return to his desk. The rest of the geography lesson passed off with Liz and Malcolm getting a short, sharp slippering for not paying attention and we went on to the next lesson, English.

If I go into detail about all the punishment meted out during the "day" this will turn into a short novel, so I'll just say that Steve and Paul both got punished for one thing or another, Paul was caned over his shorts and Steve was spanked over Mrs Beaumont's knee. She lowered his shorts and underpants and gave his bare little fanny a very thorough spanking . Steve squirmed and squealed as her beefy palm smacked his wriggling seat until it was a bright red and Steve was sniffling. I think Steve must have enjoyed his spanking though, because when he got up and rubbed his buns, his hard penis wagged up and down. We all giggled at this and were given a stern warning by Mr Derby.

 The most interesting punishment was of Lauren. As I have said Lauren is very attractive and could pass as a real girl under almost any circumstances. "She" was called to the front half way through the lesson because she had forgotten a text book. We sometimes do this deliberately as we know that this is guaranteed to get us a punishment, but it is a bit of a risk as we cannot tell what the punishment will be. Lauren made her way slowly to the front of the class. Mrs Beaumont reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a small, flat paddle, like a small cricket bat. It was around a foot long it was painted a dark blue. This was a new weapon in Mrs Beaumont's armory and I could see that it would be a very effective punishment tool. Mrs Beaumont told Lauren to bend over her desk, side on to the class. Holding the paddle in her right hand, she used the left to flip Lauren's pleated skirt up and over her back, revealing her white pants. She then slipped her hand into the back of her knickers and pulled them down her thighs. I don't know why but I was surprised to suddenly see "Lauren's" fully erect penis pop out as the panties were pulled down. I get so used to thinking of Lauren as a girl that I tend to forget that inside she is really Phil. I had expected to see nothing but her thighs and the sudden appearance of a penis came as a shock. It looked incongruous with her breasts hanging down over the table and his prick standing erect between his legs. I was totally fascinated by this (it doesn't happen with David, he is tall and, no matter what we do, always looks like a man in girl's clothes - not that anyone minds it's his fantasy after all) and was brought out of my reverie when the first blow landed, so hard that Lauren cried out. Lauren's bottom was momentarily sort of squashed up by the paddle landing and, as Mrs Beaumont lifted her hand for the next blow, the initial white mark turned an angry red, showing the shape of the paddle perfectly. Five more times the paddle landed with a loud crack and by the time it had finished almost all of Lauren's bottom was a deeper red than I had ever seen it before. I think "she" was beginning to regret forgetting her book.

After the lesson it was time for "break" and we were sent out into the playground. As I have said this is a small courtyard totally enclosed by the house, the classroom and two high walls. Mrs Beaumont has a large light erected high on one of the walls, so we can see in the winter and we spend around half an hour out there. I love this time in summer when it is warm, when we girls can tease the boys by doing handstands against the walls and flashing our knickers at them, but in winter it is too cold for most of us and we tend to just stand in corners chatting or, for those who are really into the school thing, playing hopscotch or tag or skipping. Gemma (David) likes to flash all the time, but most of us real girls like our comfort.

So there I am, huddled in a corner with Chris, Pat, Liz and Lauren. I should have told you that I am an incurable smoker. Of course this is banned at school, but I was dying for a cigarette and I decided to take a chance. I nipped quickly into the changing rooms (strictly banned) and pulled out a ciggy and my lighter. I lit the cigarette and, hiding it in the palm of my hand, ran out to the playground. The others sympathetic and gathered round to hide me from view. I finished the ciggy quickly and disposed of the end down a convenient drain. At the end of break we lined up and re-entered the class room.

No sooner had we sat down than Mr Derby called me to the front of the class. I was very shocked as it was obvious that he had seen my smoke break, but I was certain that I had been so careful that I had got away with it. Mr Derby lifted his chair from behind the desk and sat on it in facing the class. He then told me to position myself over his knee. I allowed myself to lean forwards and draped myself over his lap, adjusting my position until I was centred with my hands on the floor in front of me and my feet just touching the ground behind. My stomach was churning with nerves and I could feel myself getting wet with anticipation.

I felt my skirt being pulled up over my back and then Mr Derby's hand inside my waistband and the rough feeling as my panties were pulled down to my knees. My bottom felt suddenly cold and exposed and I knew that the boys could see my bare buttocks. I was excited because I knew my tan lines would really show off my white bottom. I knew it would soon be red. But this is what I had come for-the excitement of being made to expose myself in such a shameful way and to endure a hot stinging punishment on my bare bottom. I mostly hoped that I hadn't any spots on my bottom (well, a girl likes to look her best in any circumstances). I could see Mr Derby's shoes and his tweed trousers and a pair of awful tartan socks. I could smell the dust on the floor and a mix of floor polish and leather as I waited for Mr Derby's hand to land on my cheeks. When the blow landed I was astounded at both the sound and the pain.

Instead if the slap I had expected there was a much louder, deeper noise and the sting was enormous. As it started to change to a tingling I realised that Mr Derby was using the paddle. Then the next blow fell and I cried out. Mr Derby gave me a dozen hard smacks with the paddle. By the time he had finished I was quite literally crying and begging him to stop. In fact I very nearly used my "safe" word, for the first time ever. When he had finished he told me to get up and I rose, very slowly. My bottom tingled from the top of my thighs almost to the small of my back. My skirt fell back down over my bottom and I winced as the fabric touched my flaming buttocks. I bent down to pull up my pants and felt the rough feel of what was, in fact, soft cotton being pulled over my sore bum. I sat down very carefully and found that after a while the part I sat on hurt less as long as I kept very still. Unfortunately the rest of my bottom hurt like hell for the rest of the lesson.

After "school" we all returned to the changing rooms and started to undress. The other girls were fascinated by what the new paddle felt like and we spent some time talking about it before making our way home. In the car Tim was full of the new punishment and I could see, glancing over, that he had a huge bulge in his trousers. I was feeling awfully randy so, instead of driving straight to Tim's house I took a detour to a quiet wooded area outside town. Tim didn't question me at all as he had been through this before. I stopped the car in the small carpark built for picnickers, which was well away from the road and surrounded by trees. Tim made a move toward me, but I just opened the door and stepped out. The air was cold and it was very dark. I could hear the strange night noises from the wood as small animals moved around. Tim opened the other door as I undid my blouse an pulled up my vest. The cold air on my breasts made my nipples stiffen and start to ache a little. I lifted up my skirt and pulled down my panties. The cold air hit my hot, sore bottom and gave a little relief from the constant heat I had felt since my spanking. I leaned over the bonnet of the car, feeling the warmth of the engine on my breasts and thrust out my bottom. I was so wet, I didn't need any foreplay.  Tim moved up behind me and started to rub his prick up and down my crack.  At one point he touched my bumhole with it and I thought he was going to try that, but he slid back down and slid easily into me. It felt wonderful to feel his hard shaft in me and we both came very quickly, getting rid of that awful empty feeling I get when I have been taken so close to orgasm and turned on for so long, without getting relief. Tim and I dressed and I took him home and returned to my flat, fell into bed and slept like a log (well it was almost 3a.m. when I got into bed).

The next morning my bottom was still a little sore, it wasn't unpleasant, but I was very aware of my bum all day. I love the school,  both Mr Derby and Mrs Beaumont are very clever and seems to take a lot of time and trouble to estimate everyone's tastes and limits. Both of them are very good judges of human character and all of us get exactly what we want, which is very difficult with a large group of people who all have different scenarios which turn them on, some wanting a good spanking and others being happy just to dress up.


T Elliot said...

Hello Rollin, and thank you for posting this story for us. I am from 'Jolly Old' myself and, while schools have degenerated into little mpre than somewhere to keep young people off the streets for a few hours, this is pretty much the way it used to be.

The cane was frequently used on us boys, while the girls used to get the slipper from the games mistress - ours was one of the first co-ed Grammar Schools and I am talking about the late 1950s.

I'm pretty certain my taste for disciplinary punishments was fostered by this very practice, so it is true - there is always a silver lining to any cloud!

By the by, I loved 'Strict Ladies and Naughty Boys 3'. Sadly, I am too old and decrepit to take part in very much real spanking activity but my memories, aided and abetted by your excellent stories - among others, I have to admit - still bring a smile and the feeling of warming a soft, round bum.

Thank you again - every success to your fine blog and please keep writing those stories!


Rollin said...

Thank you, T Elliot. It is my pleasure to know that you are enjoying the stories.

Michael M said...

Thanks for a lovely tale. I began to stiffen almost immediately as I thought about what would come next. Plenty of food for the imagination when I am next alone.

Rollin said...

Well, make sure you shut the door, Michael.

garyntboy said...

To answer your question Rollin, yes this can be lived for real here in good old blighty. To my knowledge there are at least a half dozen places that realistically reproduce those school days when punishment meant a sore bottom. See my account of my time at Thrashwells.
Kind regards,

Rollin said...

I'll take a look at that, garyntboy. thanks.