The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Friday, November 8, 2013

New eBook----Strict Ladies and Naughty Boys Vol. 3

The book is now available at Amazon HERE. You can review the product description by clicking on the link.

The book contains a pair of novelettes, both of which explore the dynamic of F/M domestic discipline. These are based on older stories of mine that I have gone back and rewritten. One is based on the old classic, "Thrice Burned" and the other is "Life with Stacey." I have retitled "Thrice Burned" as Trained to Obey and have added some new material. Life with Stacey also contains new material written in 2013. Collectively these novelettes exceed 34,000 words.

I'll have to say that both stories are more "action oriented" in that the focus is on the spanking scenes, of which there are many. But in both there is an underlying story. I suppose I'd have to say that the original versions of both these tales were written while I was in my Will Henry emulation phase and I think that comes through. But you'll find that both stories are also about voyages of discovery, the discovery of the erotic power of spanking and what that means for a relationship. And the discoveries come from both ends of the spectrum. In Trained to Obey Jeff learns what a spanking from his girlfriend Margaret can mean both for his behavior and their love life. The same is true for Margaret who is just learning how to use the power of her natural ability to dominate and control Jeff. And both are just awakening to the erotic power of domestic discipline as they explore this strange new way of relating to each other. In Life with Stacey it is the naturally dominant Stacey who holds sway over the younger man, Will. Through a series of encounters that span years, finally culminating in a serious relationship, Will discovers that while spankings may be painful and embarrassing, they are an exotic lure that attracts Will like a moth to a flame, especially when the wielder of that power is the woman he has swooned over since childhood.

Lovers of F/M spanking fiction will find this book enthralling. I guarantee it.

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