The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Sunday, December 29, 2013

An F/M Video Retrospective

Spanking video is huge. There are probably worldwide, more than 100 commercial producers of M/F spanking videos and if you count the less visible ones, that number probably exceeds 200. There are also commercial producers of F/M spanking videos, but not as many. There are probably 30-40 well known companies that routinely include F/M fare as at least part of their portfolio. Some have gone out of business, like Jennifer Brooks. Others like Pacific Force
are still around but less visible. I am not even including the shirt-tail and amateur operations that inhabit sites like

Spanking video is strictly visual. You might be tempted to say, well that's not a very profound statement. But compared to other art forms like spanking literature, it helps to be aware of the context. Spanking video is all about the action--the money shots. Contrasted with literature or art or even photography, it's relentlessly devoted to action and only action. Very little plot, thin dialog, almost no mood or scene setting. It's always a simple "infraction--confrontation--punishment" arc.

A few producers attempt to do better and try to incorporate elements of dialog and plot in these videos. Some do a decent job. I'll have to mention the few that try. In the US, it's Shadow Lane. In the UK, Dreams of Spanking is really coming on strong. Europe, it's Lupus. Shadow Lane videos frequently attempt to tell a story, and there is a plot line that goes beyond the simple "infraction-punishment" model. The problem is in the execution. The characters are not actors. No one has written a script. They make it up on the spot. (At least that's what it looks like). If the acting and the script writing could only rise to the level of a daytime soap opera, it would seem like a masterpiece of spanko cinematic art.

So if it's all action, no story, is it good action? In M/F and F/F videos the answer is--mostly yes. But when surveying F/M scenarios, the answer is, regrettably, no--with a couple of exceptions. So why is that? Some M/F videos are very good at carrying off a domestic or school scenes. The girls are hot and they get into it. Many sites like Punished Brats, Clare Fonda's sites and Firmhand have big followings.

But the F/M genre has some inherent problems. Aficionados of F/M fantasy are focused on two things. First, the dominant woman. She has to have certain attributes. She may be beautiful (or not), but she is commanding and stern. And very vocal. She not only scolds and shames, she is quite explicit as to what she intends to do. Guys fantasize that it is they that she is scolding. They are the ones who are bound to obey this commanding woman. They are in thrall to her. So naturally she is important.

And there is no shortage of beautiful, stern, commanding women who can act the part and they do it very well. Dana Specht, Kelly Payne, Audrey Knight, Miss Lina, Jacqueline Omerta, Julia Jamison, Cassie Hunter, Dana Kane, Christine Justice----the list is long. Any guy who is a sub male has no trouble with his fantasy any time any of these women are on the screen.

The problem lies with the male submissive. Visualization of a fantasy depends on seeing the fantasy as we imagine it would play out. If the fantasy is about an older woman taking a young man in hand, there are a couple of things that are important. The first is age appropriateness. It doesn't work on screen if the guy is 50-60 years old and he's pretending to be her 18 year old "nephew". It is in fact, ludicrous and looks like it. Ditto huge middle-aged guys. I'm sure there are plenty of 55 year old bank presidents that pay big bucks to do sessions with very talented Dommes in which they revert to playing twelve year old naughty boys. I just don't think seeing that on screen is very entertaining. But in many of these videos it looks like that's what I'm witnessing.

But this is not the biggest problem. The number one problem in all of F/M video is the near total lack of reaction by the sub male. Contrast this with literature or even still photography. In the best F/M stories the sub male who is over his lady's knee wriggles, protests and squeals. He blushes and squirms and pleads for her to stop. Do you ever see this in an F/M video? Sadly, no. What you see is an immobile lump taking everything the Domme hands out without a wiggle
or a whimper. He doesn't argue, he doesn't protest, he doesn't whine. He lies there. The video looks like what she's doing is tenderizing tonight's rump roast.
End of drama, end of fantasy--it's not there.

I don't know where they get these guys, but there must be some talent agency somewhere who will send over, on demand, middle-aged stoic males who can take a licking and not move a muscle or utter a sound. Maybe they have something to prove, but it makes for awful video.

Is it all like this? Maybe not. Maybe there is the gold mine of F/M video somewhere that presents realistic fantasy situations and executes them well. Maybe the Kelly Paynes, Audrey Knights and Dana Spechts of the world will get their act together and start producing videos that look like the fantasies you read about. I have noticed some improvement. Dana Kane, for example, is producing some quality material. But it seems that the first decade of the 2000's was not a good time for authentic looking F/M vids.

There was, however, one big exception. They were produced by a male spankee character. I don't know his name. He has been called alternately John, Clint, or Bobby. He surfaced for the first time in a series of vids that he must have produced that were sold by Nu-West. These were the "John and Heather" or "Pennsylvania Momma" videos. In all of them you see an authentic-looking domestic discipline scene between an older, taller, more physical woman and a
youngish juvenile male who kicks, pleads and cries as she spanks him through several different archetypical scenarios like mom/son, teacher/ student, paperboy/woman-next-door, husband/wife, babysitter/boy.

Next he appears in two "Stern Stepsister" videos from Scarlet Hills which feature CFNM scenes and sexual confusion from the spankings that result in erections.

Next was the short-lived "Mom's Knee" site that migrated to This one featured a tall rangy blond "mom" who played the stern disciplinarian to the hilt. As Clint, her forever-getting- into-trouble step son, the young man cried, wriggled and pleaded while taking ferocious whackings, mostly with hand and paddle.

Lastly there was the "OTK Mom" site, again on with Miss Chris, a well known domme who has appeared in many spanking videos on other sites.

After that, he disappeared. OTK Mom has not produced anything since 2009. Both sites have disappeared from clips4sale. This guy, whoever he was, was the only one that I have seen that authentically created an F/M spanking fantasy on video. Why more producers don't get a clue and learn from this guy, I cannot fathom.

I cannot leave this discussion without mentioning Nu-West and Ed Lee, may he rest in peace.

Nu-West has over the years produced the most authentic looking still photography in the business. Some of their videos are quite good too. In the 80's and 90's Nu-West had a male sub named David. Blessed with whole cadre of great dominant women like Julia Jamison, Tessara Moore, Chelsea, Debra, and Allison, all they needed was an authentic looking sub male. They
found it in David. He was young, slender, subservient, and best of all, spankings gave him an erection. He wasn't as vocal as Bobby/Clint/John but he wasn't just an inanimate lump either. He reacted. He has since left the business.

Which brings us full circle. There are to my knowledge (which, admittedly, is limited at best) no heirs to Bobby/Clint/John or to David. Lacking this essential element of an F/M spanking video, a male who looks and acts the part, this segment of the video community is, at present anyway, still mired in mediocrity.

One bright ray on the horizon is Pandora's Dreams of Spanking. From just casual observation it appears that they have several F/M and mixed scenarios with costumes, story lines and dialog that maybe isn't extemporaneous. I have not seen these videos so I don't know, but given the level of talent there, I'll bet they are a cut above. We can only hope. Another is Dana Kane.

 I invite your comments on this. If there are companies out there that have recently appeared or older companies who have upped their game, let me know. I'll check them out and report.


King Marshal said...

I have to agree that there is limited F/m spanking content. I also agree that the OTK Mom series was a great one. Nu-West via LEDA has some of the most stirring authentic F/m spanking content. Nut then Nu-West is and has been the standard bearer for Spanking videos with Shadow Lane right up there in the M/f and F/f category. They did have one video where a young mam was spanked, but I believe that was it.

Now where I might take exception is where Dana Specht and Audrey Knight are concerned. I think some of Dana's work is amazing and Audrey Knight is not only a great spanker of male bottoms and a scolder just under the bar of Ms. Specht.

Also the folks over at Clair Spanks Men have some interesting stuff up. But it would be nice to see more content out there.

Michael M said...

Thanks for the detailed report. I can only agree with what you say.

Anonymous said...

You clearly gave that a lot of thought and you are, in my opinion, completely right. I am not very good at either holding still placidly or being quiet. So, without the guy showing a lot of reaction there is little for me to relate to.
It was wonderful to see the newsletter with Jennifer Brooks. I once had the opportunity to be the guy across her lap :) Tomynash

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Great post, always good to me to see you leave the discipline topic for awhile.

You have given me some fodder for a post. I don’t have anything to disagree with you about, I just want to throw out my two cents.

Constance et Simon said...

Great analysis!
Being a male switch but mostly sub, I always wandered why F/M videos were so much weaker than the usual M/F settings. Certainly, they are much fewer, and M/F videos tend just as well to lack any plot. but this does not explain why male spankees would be old and unattractive.

Great job stressing this, maybe your post would give some ideas to the spanking studios?

But I must admit that while improvising our amateur spanking videos I had to act up some squelaming and wriggling which I don't spontaneusly do when I'm being spanked.


Anonymous said...

What a fascinating discussion. As a girl who had never considered the appeal of F/M scenarios until our host raised the topic, I have since viewed a single Shadow Lane video about a coach who is taken over Eve Howard's knee. He is, admittedly, middle aged and overweight and he doesn't move about much or get very vocal, but his facial expressions are pretty telling.
I think I could get interested in the possibilities if there were movies as strong as Rollin's writing on the subject -- which is excellent, by the way.

Rollin said...

King--Dana Specht certainly had the dialog down. There was one sub male she had that was pretty good, too. Have not seen what she's done lately.

Michael--thanks for that

Tommynash--session with Jen Brooks? Wow!

Bogey--I thought a switch like you might like this.

Contance et Simon---I can only hope they get a clue

Anon---thank you so much. Writing is where it is for me. What you see in the mind's eye can never be fully replicated on the screen. Watch for more in the Strict Ladies Series.

Anonymous said...

This has been a problem ever since I started to buy F/M films. One reason fort this is I think that these films are not made by male subs. Some of the best films have been produced by Fullforce as they were known, these are mostly 5 - 10 minute scenes. However, they still can't get over young doms and middle-age male subs set up.

Anonymous said...

Check out Miss Carter applying the hairbrush at Yes-Maam.
How they get guys to tolerate that kind of punishment is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Post. I agree with most of what you have to say, and for me David was far and away the best male spankee in the genre. However, with both David and Clint many of the spankings they took were in fact more like beatings than spankings, which detracted from the eroticism of the scenes. I have to say that the fact that both of them got and maintained erections during punishments was a huge boost to the scenes they were in, and not something I have seen much of since.

Personally, I like the younger woman/older man scenario quite a bit, and I like some of the work the Vixen sites do - partly based on that factor. But it would be great if there were film makers out there featuring a younger guy swinging wood while getting his butt warmed up good. There is one producer, a couple, on SpankingTube doing video like that, CplSpank. They do fabulous work, both of them are very responsive to each other and the scene (she giggles a lot, which I absolutely love), but they are amateurs and do not show their faces. We can always hope they will go pro and give us all a real show!

espanker said...

Agreed! Not enough quality F/m spanking vids out there. Here's one of my favorites from She knows how to swing a paddle!

Anonymous said...

As one who did several video shoots with FullForce, I can confirm there is a problem getting younger male subs. I think the problem that although when we are young, we have a spanking fetish but getting outselves at that age to actually admit it by having it filmed is another story. It wasn't until we are older that we actually work up the courage to do it. And if you want to see someone squeal like a pig, see me in Return to Wakefield lol

Paddxy P. said...

As a newcomer to the cite though not the world of spanking can I tack a second just to thank you for an excellant article and I shall revert when I have had a good view of all the cites mentioned.
Once again a realy good read

Paddy P said...

Well I did say I would return, my introdustion to spanking was from my mother in the late 50's/early 60's 5 or 6 otk spankings for being bold, bald shool reports etc. never meant much just sore House rule usually was after 12 you were old enough.
However after a bit of a disaster I did recieve one whern I was 14 [a ggod 14] over her knees in front of mt Aunt, her sister. For all the humiliation I actually quiet enjoyed it. so 6 months later when the same aunt found me masterbating in front of a "Bold bicture" I got another one. But this time it was just her over her knees and she actually pulled my uinderpants down. When she had finished sher stood me in front of gave me a big lecture with me sobbing on A HUGE ERRECTION.
Since then I've been a devotee and have paid for the pleasure on numerous occassions

cplspank said...

Great piece of writing!
We are cplspank, who the anon responder above endorsed (thanks).
I really love those of old Nu-West vids, like the one of the guy who gets spanked by 7 (?) women in a row, fantastic stuff. We would be happy to provide a modern version, but amateur women who love spanking are hard to find! What is also great is younger girls spanking young guys, I'll link to our current fave below - unfortunately I've not seen any follow up vids from this producer that are as good as this absolutely brilliant clip:

Anonymous said...

My fetish relates to older women spanking young men. There are few if any convincing videos of older stern women really spanking hard. More than forty years ago as a young man I got a well deserved bare bottom strapping from my mother in law. There was plenty of scolding and before for it was over I was reduced to tears and promises to be more respectful. The strapping was followed by corner time and warnings that next time would be worse. At the time there was no sexual charge but the memory of losing control and feeling like a small boy has lasted decades