The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Catherine's Surrender--new eBook release

Now in general release on Amazon with other platforms ( B&N, Kobo, Apple) to follow is my latest volume of romantic spanking stories. This volume follows the general theme of the "Romance of Spanking" series except that this one contains the title story as a novelette of nearly 9,000 words.The Amazon link is HERE

Catherine’s Surrender and Other Stories is a novelette and four other stories that explore the intersection between romantic encounters and spanking. This volume is over 23,000 words in length.
The novelette, Catherine’s Surrender introduces Catherine Paxton, a gorgeous ex-model who has a new job—and a new would-be boyfriend, John Carter. As sales manager for a high end clothing designer she learns that misconduct on the part of the young and pretty sales staff can lead to a painful and embarrassing appointment with the dreaded and mysterious Mr. Dante. At the same time she lies to John in order to impress him, but the lie backfires, and it is Catherine who must keep an appointment with Mr. Dante or lose everything. But Catherine is unaware that Mr. Dante has a secret—one that will profoundly affect her future.
A New Therapy for Miriam’s Patient introduces Miriam Ford, a beautiful and brilliant psychiatrist. Unfortunately, she has walked out on her fiancĂ©, Don,  just as wedding plans were to commence. After six months of total silence Don receives a call from his former fiancĂ© soliciting his help. Don is a lawyer and Miriam is concerned about liability for using a new therapy for depression. But at a demonstration at a sanitarium Don is stunned to learn that the new therapy includes the spanking or whipping of the patient’s bare bottom. And he is even more surprised when Miriam invites him to her office for further discussions concerning the therapy--and her new patient.
Justice Delayed introduces Kelly Northridge, a former student at West High School. Kelly returns for a nostalgic visit to her old alma mater, only to find that an old incident, a case of serious misbehavior on her part, has resurfaced. The handsome bachelor principal, Frank Meredith hopes to make things right, but that will require some willingness on Kelly’s part to face up to a long delayed consequence, one that involves the hunky principal and the school paddle.
In Kelley’s Remorse, Kelly and Frank are now an item. But when Kelly commits a serious breach in etiquette, the relationship is threatened. But a friend steps in and suggests a way to make things right. The plan involves some role playing, some revealing costumes, and an assortment of paddles, belts and canes. So the question is, can Kelly follow through?
In Side Trip, a vacation takes an unexpected turn when a curious traveler chances upon a souvenir shop staffed by a pretty teenager and her attractive mom. It’s the kind of shop that sells those joke souvenir cedar paddles. They do come in handy when an incident in the store reveals that mom still believes in old fashioned discipline, not only for her daughter, but also for herself.

Here is an excerpt:

To her it looked like an ordinary warehouse in an ordinary industrial district. But there were lots of cars in the lot, expensive ones. Mercedes, BMW’s, Lexus, the occasional Caddy. He helped her from the car. She shivered despite the warmth of the evening. It was her dress—it was practically nothing. Sheer and revealing, a diaphanous creation, it was low cut both in front and in back. Her figure was very much on display in the wispy fabric that draped her shapely form. She knew her rear end jutted provocatively and her proud breasts showed a generous amount of cleavage.

“Here. Stand still,” he said. He fitted a collar around her throat and snapped fur-lined manacles on her wrists. A little silver chain ran from a ring on the collar to a leash that he held in his hands. “Just beautiful,” he said. “Gorgeous.” He kissed her deeply. It made her squirm and caused a new hot flush to rise from down below. She gasped as he put his finger down there, touching that spot.

“You are wet already. Are you afraid?” he asked.

She shivered. “Yes, sir,” she said.

“But are you sure?” he said.

She took a deep breath. “Yes, sir,” she replied.

“Good. Let’s go in.”

Inside was a swirling spectacle like nothing she’d ever seen. Red and blue spotlights illuminated a vast space that held a large crowd of gatherers who mingled, drinks in hand. And all, it seemed, were in costume. Schoolgirls in ultra-short tartan skirts hung close to gowned headmasters in robes holding swishy canes. Girls in pleated skirts wearing penny loafers and bobby sox mingled with suited principals sporting paddles. Executioners in leather with half face masks holding whips led handcuffed prisoners in thinly clad tunics about. Arabian sheiks with quirts were paired with concubines in see-through harem costumes. There were quite a few women in dominatrix garb being served by attentive men in thongs, and not much else.

In addition there were alcoves spaced about the perimeter of the room housing odd pieces of furniture—whipping posts, pillories and blocks with manacles and cuffs . Some were already in use. Here, an errant schoolgirl with her skirt flipped up and her panties pulled down, squirmed across the knee of a male headmaster who spanked her lustily while she wriggled lewdly. There, a harem slave, her wrists manacled to an upright post, danced on tiptoe as her master plied a short multi-thonged whip, lashing her pert bare bottom. In a another, a leather-clad dominatrix wielded a riding crop, striping the buttocks of her young charge imprisoned in a pillory. Each scene attracted appreciative spectators, many of whom would proceed to give demonstrations of their own later.

But it was the object in the center of the room that demanded her attention the most. The object was a solid frame consisting of a tall upright post joined to a padded waist-high trestle by a brace. It was for an initiation. Tonight the Initiate would be given the “three long dozen,” a test of obedience, endurance and submission. The initiate would stand at the trestle and bend forward along the brace, stretching her hands toward the top of the post to grasp an iron ring. This posture would force her to hollow her back and arch her buttocks out. She would then be ready for the lash, the paddle and the strap. One dozen each applied to her bared bottom. One dozen each which she must endure without pleading for mercy or letting go of the ring. She observed that all three implements hung from hooks on a rack right next to the whipping frame.

It was all for her. Tonight was her night. Tonight she was the Initiate.



Unknown said...

It's not the story of the same name in the LSF Pity!

Unknown said...

I just can't understand google's mischief.

Rollin said...

Actually, unk, it's an expanded version of that story.

T Elliot said...

Hello Rollin - I just wanted to let you know that, on the quality of writing I have come to expect from you, I have just bought this, sight unseen, while my wife struggles into her party frock!

I look forward so much to reading it later - thank you!


Rollin said...

Hope you liked it, T. This month I hope to also release "Pendragon's Lash" a sci-fi meets medieval epic with lots of spanking and romance.