The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

eBook Review-- Body Politics (Rod and Cane Society)

I'm suing Cara Bristol. Her third entry in her Rod and Cane Society series nearly melted my Kindle when I opened the book and read it, and it's all her fault. Folks, this book is HOT. Load at your own risk. You've been warned. Now on to the review.

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Mark DeLuca is an assistant chief of police and a member of an organization called The Rod and Cane Society. TRCS is a club whose male members practice domestic discipline in their intimate relationships with their female partners, mostly wives and fiancees. Stephanie Gordon is an ardent feminist and founder of WAN, Women Act Now, a feminist empowerment organization. So, ok, how is this going to work? When a friend of both Mark and Stephanie fixes them up for a blind date, he meets her at a bar frequented by members of TRCS, and as they say on the bodice ripper covers, sparks fly.

These particular sparks are ignited by 'dat 'ol black magic, chemistry. He thinks she's hot, intelligent and secretly a natural submissive. She's stunned by his animal maleness and even as she tries to convince herself that he's just another arrogant male, she's overwhelmed and smitten.

Let the battle of the sexes commence. And what a pas de duex it is.  First she tries to convince herself that that it's ok just to have sex with the man. after all, female empowerment is all about choice, isn't it? But that turns out not to be enough. He wants more and so does she. But, boy, is she wrestling with this domestic discipline thing. No way is he going to spank HER like some ten-year-old. But then she goes with him to a cocktail party and is deliberately rude to her own friend. That's a spankable offense, and Mark is not one to let things slide, not with this lady.

As you might expect, things escalate from there. There is spanking, sex, anal play, more spanking and sex. But throughout it all, what stays very interesting is Stephanie's inner journey, a struggle to reconcile her feminism with her attraction to Mark and her willingness to accept his brand of discipline. In many ways this is a great book to read for women considering exploring a DD relationship with a man or wanting to know more about it. Ms. Bristol touches on nearly every argument or position, pro and con, as she takes Stephanie on this quest. It dovetails nicely with the external plot line which involves a coup to oust Ms. Gordon from WAN simply because she is dating a man like Mark.

Guys, this book is for you too. It's not just steamy chick lit. You could learn a lot, and as I said earlier, it's hot. Ms. Bristol has great writing chops and the action scenes are well constructed and described. You are there.

My rating? 4 and one half stars. Why not 5? In general I think the BDSM scene aspects are a little too out front. I prefer these things to be a bit more under wraps, to be part of the reveal. But that's just me. There are too many other things about this book to like for that to be a serious flaw. It's not.


Cara Bristol said...

Wow, Rollin, thank you! What a nice review. It's especially nice to get a man's opinion. Glad you enjoyed it.

Renee Rose said...

I enjoyed this book as well!

Ordalie said...

On I read this comment: "one strange thing is that the protagonist, who is a member of a group called the Rod and Cane Society, but neither rod nor cane makes an appearance, a paddle is his preferred implement instead"
Is that right?

Rollin said...

That's right, but this is a series of books and I'd be surprised if a cane did not figure in at least one of them.

Celeste Jones said...

Rollin, your comment about your kindle melting made me giggle. Nice review and it is interesting to get a man's pov.