The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A New Release on Blushing Books

I'm excited to announce that Blushing Books has now released my supernatural thriller novel,  LaForge, on its website with a completely redesigned cover. The link to the blushing books store is
LaForge has been available for awhile on Amazon and some other platforms, but it is not widely known among the romance readers Blushing Books serves. And it should be, because at its heart, LaForge is very much a romantic novel.

The story centers at first around Sam Reilly a contractor who retires from the rat race to pursue his passion for cabinet making in rural Pennsylvania. There he meets a group of women who he comes to know as the Delphian Sisterhood, four very pretty young women living a simple communal life on their own terms. After saving two of the ladies from rough treatment at the hands of some local toughs, Sam is enlisted as their "Guardian," an office that brings responsibility for protecting them---and interestingly, for imposing domestic discipline. Not only that, but these ladies have healthy sex drives and Sam's services in that department will be required as well.But just who are they? The more Sam is around them, the more puzzled he becomes, for they seem to have powers that transcend normal human capabilities. And then there is their dark legacy. They are being pursued by someone or something unearthly. All Sam knows is that the center of the mystery lies in an alpine village high in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon called LaForge.

In Part Two a  young sculptress, Bridget O' Brien, forsakes the high life in New York to settle in Laforge. There she meets Tom McRae, the local sheriff's deputy. Tom is instantly attracted to this beautiful lady and is glad to take her in hand in more ways than one, especially when she disobeys an instruction to stay out of a local off limits area. But romance blooms nonetheless, and Bridget vows to stay. However there are responsibilities attached to young women who choose to adopt LaForge as their home. There is The Rite of the August Moon, an ancient ceremony which must be performed by a young female volunteer. It it a test of courage involving an ancient tree, willow switches and a sacrificial maiden. It requires ultimate trust, the type of trust one would place in a lover for life. Bridget and Tom must overcome their fears and doubts and go through with The Rite if they are to have a future together.

In Part Three Sam Reilly has tracked the Delphian Sisterhood to LaForge. On the way there he meets Rachael Greene, a beautiful scientist who is searching for her lost sister, last seen in the company of the Delphian Sisters. What they discover is that there is an existential threat to the village of LaForge and its way of life. Dark forces have convened, determined to reignite an old feud and wreak revenge on the village and its inhabitants. It will be up to Sam and Rachael and Tom and Bridget to travel into the heart of a dark cult and confront an ancient evil, one that revels in the use of the whip and the lash. It will require sacrifice and fortitude and a stout heart to rescue Rachael's sister and the Delphians.

The book is several things. It's an erotic spanking novel, a romance and a supernatural thriller. It contains numerous scenes of domestic discipline, quasi-judicial type punishments and erotic spanking together with some rather steamy sex. Fans of erotic spanking coupled with a compelling plot and romantic relationships should like this one.

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