The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Guest Author---Nigel McParr

The One Buck sale continues. In the meantime here is a story by a guest author.

Nigel McParr wrote for several spanking publications in the 1980's. He doesn't have a large body of work as far as I know but what he does have is very entertaining. His tone is reminiscent of some of the early pioneers with mostly domestic and school scenes, frequently in an F/F orientation.

A Day in the Dorm
By Nigel McParr

It was two AM when Kim let herself into the dorm and tiptoed up to the room
she'd shared with Nancy since they were freshman. She listened for Nancy's
measured breathing before she flicked on her bed lamp and stripped off her jeans
and top. After removing her bra and panties, she took a second to study herself
in the full length mirror on the closet door. It was the girls' single
concession to vanity in their plain little room.

Her friends - especially Nancy - said she had a great shape. Her breasts were
high and full, with a woman's fleshy hips and thighs. Her hair was a light
auburn color, and tended to turn red in the sunlight. She had luminous hazel
eyes and a wide full mouth with soft faint lips.

She ran her hand lightly over her breast and down her hip, caressing her
generous curves. She toyed with her nipples, teasing them until they were hard
and erect. Turning slowly in the soft light, she decided she was pleased with
the firm outline of her breasts and the taut line of her belly. "I really do
have nice tits," she murmured before stifling a yawn, stretching and getting
into bed. She was asleep almost instantly.

The next morning she woke with a start and glanced at her alarm clock. Bright
sunlight slanted into the small room. She tore out of bed and ran to the shower.
She came out in a half-run toweling herself dry. As she hooked her bra she
noticed the small white envelope sticking out beneath her door.

"Migod! What else can go wrong today?"

Picking up the envelope, she could almost sense its contents. Several times
Nancy had tried to warn her about the College's strict disciplinary policy and
her extracurricular activities. But she hadn't listened. She tore the envelope
open and pulled out a small note written in a cramped style:

Report to my office this evening at 6 PM.
Mrs. Kane
Dean, Student Nurses

Kim was terrified. She'd never been summoned to Mrs.Kane's office before but
she'd heard the other girls whispering about the leather strap and paddle she
kept in her desk. She grabbed a tissue, dabbed at the wetness in her eyes, and
desperately put on her makeup. She got into her student uniform and began to
feel a little better. It was a two-piece outfit consisting of a tailored
light-blue cotton dress worn under a crisply starched, white pinafore apron. The
apron had wide straps that criss-crossed in the back. Her uniform always made
her feel like a real nurse when she worked the wards.

The stiffly starched pinafore apron enhanced the already generous curve of her
full bustline. Sometimes while bending over to bathe older male patients, she'd
feel a tentative hand groping for her breasts. If no one else was in the room,
their fondling didn't upset her. She knew they were harmless, and she found
their light touch warm and stimulating. One quiet night on the ward she'd let
one old gentleman unbutton her front and slip his hand inside her bra. Nancy had
laughed hysterically. She said it would probably speed up his recovery.

Somehow she got through her classes that day and met Nancy back at the dorm.
They walked together to the Administration building before Nancy hugged her and
left Kim to enter the building alone. Other than the occasional odd clunk and
rattle from deep within the old brick building, she didn't hear a sound. The
building seemed to be completely deserted. She went up four flights of stairs
and then down a long, dimly lit corridor to Mrs. Kane's office. There was light
leaking from beneath her door. she drew in a breath and knocked softly.

"You may enter."

Kim didn't know it but Nancy hadn't left. She'd followed Kim straight to Mrs.
Kane's office. By the time she got there Kim was already in the lioness' den.
Holding her breath, she moved as close as she dared to the outer door of Mrs.
Kane's office.

The Dean's office was decorated in a rich but somewhat somber decor. The upper
halves of the walls were covered with a heavily embossed deep red wallpaper.
Dark wainscoting ran around the lower walls. There were two leather sofas and an
upholstered chair. Rows of filing cabinets were ranked along one wall. A heavy
floor-to-ceiling velvet drape several feet wide covered a portion of the wall
behind the Dean's desk. Kim had heard there was a door behind the drape that led
to what the girls called Mrs. Kane's "Inner Sanctum". There, the girls said, is
where Mrs. Kane kept her awful leather strap and several springy canes for those
girls who failed to respond to her paddle. There were potted plants everywhere;
on the window sill, the floor and the filing cabinets. The only light in the
room came from a small lamp on the polished oak desk. The rest of the room was
shrouded in semi-darkness.

Mrs. Kane didn't look up when Kim came in. She waved her to a chair in front of
her desk while she continued to write. Kim sat down and took the opportunity to
study this woman more closely. It had been a long time since she'd been in this

Dean Kane was a buxom woman with a stiff no-nonsense matronly air about her. Her
tailored white uniform was neatly starched and pressed. A black-banded nursing
cap was securely pinned to the back of her head. Her olive complexion contrasted
sharply with the dazzling white of her uniform. Seeing her up close Kim still
thought she was an attractive woman. She had a smooth face, framed with dark
hair and a small almost petulant mouth. Right now it was pursed as she wrote.
Kim could see the first subtle streaks of gray starting to run through her hair.
She was wearing frameless glasses that made her large blue eyes look deceptively
kind and soft.

She sighed, and set down her pen. Removing her glasses, she slowly got to her
feet - her chair squeaked in relief as she got up. Kim had no idea she was so
tall. She seemed to tower over her. She positioned her fingers on the edge of
her desk, and leaned over the desk to Kim. She had a dark husky almost melodious

"Let me tell you, Miss, you may be a senior in good academic standing here, but
you are NOT exempt from our rules! I can expel you like that." She snapped her
fingers so hard they almost cracked. "Do you understand?..."

The woman's overriding presence washed over Kim, mesmerizing her. She was a big
woman with wide shoulders, a heavy bosom and fleshy hips. Her trim waistline and
the tight fit of her uniform accentuated the breadth of her hips and every
motion of her pendulous breasts. Her breasts were straining like water-filled
balloons at her bodice, while her nipples practically burst through the stiffly
starched fabric of her uniform. And she was not wearing a bra. She'd grown to
appreciate the naturally full shape of her heavy breasts and the freedom it gave
her. She paid no attention to the jiggling and swaying of her great bosom. In
fact she rather liked the impression it gave to her nursing students. To her it
was like a declaration of her supreme womanhood.

"...So what have you to say for yourself?" Mrs. Kane's voice abruptly jerked Kim
back to reality.

Unsure of herself, she squirmed deeper into her seat. Her resolution had
vanished. Her courage had simply melted away in the face of this awesome woman.
her voice was weak and quavery.

"Mrs. K-Kane,...I-I've been going out too much. But, I've resolved to stay in my
dorm and really hit the books...I mean it. I've already started to break off
with the gang." Her eyes filled with tears. The Dean's expression didn't change
as she handed her a tissue. "My poor aunt - she spent most of her life savings
to pay for my schooling. I just can't let that poor woman down. No punishment
would be too much. Oh, p-l-e-a-s-e give me one more chance."

Mrs. Kane nodded. "Its against my better judgement, but your concern for your
aunt and your penitent attitude may have saved you from expulsion. I'm not
convinced you even considered abandoning your friends until this evening, but
nevertheless I'm going to give you another chance."

She looked hard at Kim.

"But you must trust my judgement. To remain here you accept the punishment you
deserve. Is that clear?"

Kim nodded.

"That's settled then."

Outside the door, Nancy sucked in her breath. Here it comes, she thought. But at
least she's not being thrown out.

Mrs. Kane pulled out a desk drawer and took out a large leather-covered paddle.
Kim's eyes widened when the woman went to one of the sofas and seated herself on
the middle cushion.

"Strip to your bra and panties - and be quick about it."

"I-I've never been spanked before- "

"Mmm, yes. That's exactly the problem. Now strip to your underwear and come
here." The tone of the Dean's voice made Kim feel small, like a little girl. She
trembled as she slowly removed her uniform, shoes and nylons and crossed the
room to the Dean, standing before her in her underwear. Mrs. Kane smoothed her
starched uniform over her knees and then lowered Kim's panties down to her
ankles. In one smooth motion she took the shaking girl over her lap, placing
Kim's plump buttocks into perfect spanking position. She pinned the girl's
wrists behind her back.

Kim shivered again - she felt like a trussed pig being readied for slaughter. As
she lay across Mrs. Kane's lap, the warmth of her thighs and the pressure of her
heavy breasts calmed her. For one small moment her fear disappeared.

She didn't know it, but the Dean was simply assessing her bare bottom. As firm
and ample as it was, she concluded the girl could easily handle fifty or more
hard paddle strokes. But since tonight was to be her initiation, she'd hold it
to something less, perhaps forty. Next week, the girl would receive the full
measure of her paddle.

As Mrs. Kane raised her paddle, Kim could feel the shift of her heavy breasts
and thighs. She braced herself just before the first stroke landed with a clean
hard crack on one creamy buttock. The second stroke landed even harder on the
other buttock. She began to squirm and kick as she tried to escape pain she'd
never felt before.

The Dean frowned, there would be none of this nonsense. She gave her several
hard smacks that really made the senior howl. "Settle down. I'm just starting to
warm your insolent backside. Any more kicking and I'll really give you something
to cry about."

Dean Kane had spanked and strapped hundreds of her students. She could wield
both paddle and strap with complete and unabashed authority. It was a painful
reminder to Kim of what she'd done. The thick leather paddle spanked and spanked
her, smacking and cracking on her buttocks as if it were a natural extension of
the Dean's arm. Each stroke sank deep into Kim's cheeks, jiggling and burning
them. The marks produced by each application of the paddle slowly grew until her
backside was covered with a single glowing scarlet patch.

Kim was doing her best to be silent, but as the paddling continued, the pain got
worse. She simply couldn't hold back her tears. It was not only painful, but
humiliating and frustrating to be spanked like a little girl. She squealed and
howled at the sound and fury of Mrs. Kane's big paddle, but it continued to bite
into her cheeks, increasing their scarlet hue. She twisted her head around to
look at the Dean.

"Ma'am, please. It stings...and...burns. I'm s-sorry. I'll behave. Please let me
up.O-o-o-g-h, please won't you stop?"

The Dean smiled quietly to herself. The paddle had never failed her. She was
hearing what she wanted to hear from her naughty student. The paddle had broken
through the girl's tough outer veneer and was working inside now, where it
counted. Tears were an important part of her disciplinary regimen.

Outside in the hallway, Nancy was also in tears. Listening to the steady smack
smack of Mrs. Kane's paddle and poor Kim's cries and moans were unsettling for
her. She could hardly contain her emotions. She would try to make it up to her
when she returned to the dorm. She decided she'd better leave. She had no idea
how Kim would react if she knew she'd been eavesdropping.

The Dean gave Kim five more well-placed and hard strokes before she finally put
her paddle down and let the shaking girl slide off her broad lap. She told her
she'd taken her paddling well, but this was only the first one. She'd want to
see her again. There was still more work to be done. Kim listened through her
tears, wondering what she'd let herself in for.

As Kim left the office, she heard footsteps at the end of the darkened corridor.
Glancing down the dim corridor, she saw a slender figure in a student's uniform
disappearing down the stairs.


Kim didn't bother to chase Nancy. After the terrible paddling she'd just
received from Mrs. Kane, her backside was in no condition to run after her. She
walked slowly and painfully back to the dorm. When she entered her dorm room,
Nancy was laying on her bed, still in her uniform, reading a text book. Her face
was flushed and she was breathing hard. She glanced up at Kim with a questioning
look on her face but Kim didn't push it. She knew Nancy would confess. Right now
all she wanted was relief from her burning buttocks. She rubbed her sore cheeks
and looked over at Nancy.

"She spanked me! That horrible woman - Dean Kane - made me feel like a little
girl. She took me over her lap and spanked me with an awful leather paddle.
Damn! It really hurt. I was so humiliated. She treated me like I was in grade

Kim crossed the room and eased herself down on Nancy's bed. "O-o-o-g-h, it
h-u-u-r-ts. Just to sit it hurts."

Nancy took her friend's hand. "It must have been terrible. Did you see the
velvet drape?"

"Yes, but she didn't take me behind it. She wants me to return every week until
SHE decides I've had enough correction. I wasn't sure when I left her office I
was still going to go through with this. I'm finding out I don't like being
under someone else's control. But she holds all the cards. I guess I'll stick it

She rubbed her backside again. Damn! That hurt. Have you ever been spanked -
with a paddle? My butt is still on fire."

Nancy laid her book down, sat up and kissed Kim gently on her cheek. "Dear
pathetic Kim, you look so forlorn. I never told you this, but my mother spanked
me until the day I left home. When I was really bad, she spanked me with her
hairbrush and then I went over Dad's lap for a hand spanking too! Its odd, but I
miss those spankings. Is that strange or what?"

She looked deep into Kim's eyes. Did she understand? She thought she saw a
flicker of interest, but she wasn't sure. She wanted to tell her everything -
why her mother had been compelled to spank her so often.

"Get the unguent from the medicine chest. I need a good rubdown." Kim got up
slowly, and began to undress.

Nancy catapulted out of bed and ran to the bathroom. When she returned, Kim was
down to her bra and panties. She pulled her panties down to expose her flaming
red buttocks. Nancy went weak at the sight of Kim casually exposing her
voluptuous buttocks to her. She'd have traded places with Kim in a minute to
receive a spanking like that. Seeing Kim's reddened backside, flooded her with
high school memories: summer trysts with her girlfriend up the street, getting
caught together, the sharp angry sting of her mother's hairbrush. How she'd
savored the afterglow of those spankings. Her hands began to shake as she opened
the tube of cream. She'd never been allowed to touch Kim's buttocks before.

Kim was stretched out face down and naked on her bed. "Rub it in good," she

Nancy squeezed a length of the ointment into her hand and began to massage Kim's
sore cheeks and thighs. She was surprised to hear Kim murmur that she liked her
touch. As she kneaded the firm reddened flesh of Kim's buttocks, going as deep
as she dared between her inner thighs, she closed her eyes and relived Kim's
paddling. She could recall every stroke, her anguished cries, the smacks of the
paddle, Mrs. Kane's words. For a few moments she was Kim.

Kim twisted her head around. "Nancy, you have a wonderful touch. That feels so
good. You're going to make a great nurse." Half asleep, she said, "Say, have you
noticed Mrs. Kane's breasts? They felt like pillows when she spanked me."

Nancy giggled. "Yes. they're like big melons. And she never wears a bra
underneath those horribly tight uniforms." She paused. "Kim, there's something I
must tell you. If I don't, I won't be able to forgive myself. I-I was outside
Mrs. Kane's door tonight -the whole time. I heard everything. I just couldn't
stay away. I had to be there with you. And since I couldn't go in with you, I
stood outside and listened. It was my way of sharing in your pain. Can you
forgive me?"

Kim didn't doubt Nancy's concern for her well-being. No, that was pure Nancy.
But she was beginning to see that Nancy wasn't kidding about missing her
parents' discipline. This girl wanted to be spanked. She twisted her head around
again and looked at Nancy. She could feel the first stirrings of her own
metamorphosis. Her latent dominance was stirring and for the first time she felt
its roar.

"I understand your concern, but you eavesdropped on me, you little brat!" Kim
rolled over to face her room mate in time to see her room mate blanch. "I'm
beginning to think what you need is a return to an old fashioned regimen of
spankings. I'm not your mother, but I'll bet I can spank that backside of yours
just as well."

Kim sat up. She was eye-to-eye with Nancy now. but Nancy couldn't maintain Kim's
stare. She held her hands and dropped her eyes to the floor. A pouty look spread
over her face. For a second she looked so adorable, Kim wasn't so sure she could
spank her. At the same time, Nancy's little girl response empowered her, urging
her to go ahead. Kim swung her legs over the bed and patted her bare thighs.

"Come here, miss. You've been a bad girl, listening where you had no business.
You're going over your mother's lap."
As Nancy shyly approached her, Kim found herself slipping into the role of
Nancy's surrogate mother.

"Get out of that uniform, young lady. This will be a bare bottom spanking."

Kim watched Nancy get out of her starched pinafore, dress and slip. When she was
down to her bra and thin white cotton panties, Kim unhooked her bra and dropped
it to the floor. Just like her mother might have done, Kim inserted her hand
inside the waistband of Nancy's panties and slid them down to her ankles. She
looked up at the girl just in time to see a deep rosy blush spreading over her
face. Kim nodded approvingly.

"After what you did, you should blush. You ought to be ashamed of yourself."
With that she gave Nancy a sharp open-handed crack with the palm of her hand.
The strength of the spank surprised them both. Kim was clearly enjoying her new
role and Nancy's transformation into such a passive young lady.

She had a young woman's peach-hued complexion, and sharply defined, delicate
features. Unlike Kim who was full-busted and voluptuous, Nancy's breasts were
small and firm with tiny hard pink nipples. She had pitch black hair, large
brown eyes and a pert red mouth. Her waistline was ridiculously small. Her
inordinately plump buttocks tapered into slender thighs and long shapely legs.

Kim gave her a maternal frown. "Over my lap, you naughty girl."

Nancy didn't resist Kim as she was taken over her lap. She was barely in place
when Kim's hand came down in a flash and sank with a loud splat into Nancy's
springy cheek. She immediately followed that with another good spank. Two
bright-red hand prints suddenly appeared on Nancy's alabaster backside. She
began to squirm and kick. Kim let her have several more good bare-handed smacks.

"Stop that squirming, this instant!" Kim surprised herself again. "Or I'll
really give you something to cry about."

Kim could feel the power rushing through her as she administered the noisy
spanking. She relished the power she held over this slim and attractive girl.
Nancy's pitiful protests and her reddening backside fueled her drive to give her
a spanking she wouldn't soon forget. The harder she spanked the girl the more
Nancy regressed into the little girl state.

"O-o-o-g-h! M-Mother, I'll behave. No m-m-more playing with girls. A-a-a-r-g-h!
I-I promise. Please, stop!"

Down the hall, there were three seniors and a lone freshman standing in the
hall, listening to Nancy's whining pleas and the sharp crack of Kim's hand. The
freshman had been trying to pass and was now being held in check by the seniors.
"I hear Kim really got it from Mrs. Kane tonight-"

"Sounds to me like she's taking it out on poor Nancy."

"Poor Nancy! That little brunette bitch deserves it. She's nothing but a slut."

"She probably tried to get into bed with Kim tonight." They all laughed. The
freshman wondered about her fate.

"Migod, she's really getting it."

"Speaking of getting it, this little one is overdue." The tall blonde senior
with her hair in braids looked at the freshman, a short plump blonde. She went
pale and tried to back away.

"Take her into my room," the tall blonde ordered.

The other two seniors grabbed her and escorted her into the blonde's room. She
slammed the door shut, but the freshman didn't protest - she knew better than
that. As the three seniors removed her uniform, they made an elaborate ritual
out of taking off the freshman's underwear. She blushed scarlet as the two
seniors knelt and slowly worked her panties down over her heavy hips while the
tall blonde aggressively fondled and stroked her plump sex and soft inner

"Unhook her bra."

One of the girls got to her feet and unsnapped the bra. The sheer weight of her
breasts as they were freed pulled the bra straps off her shoulders. The tall
blonde who wore her hair in thick braids was obviously the leader. She cupped
the freshman's breasts and nodded. She was satisfied with their fullness. Like
jackals the other two seniors held back and waited. They wanted to take the girl
but they didn't dare touch her without the blonde's permission. Meanwhile the
freshman was forced to stand naked and shivering while the tall blonde probed
and examined every inch of and orifice of her body.

She finally nodded. "She'll stay with me tonight. Get the paddle and put her on
the bed."

The two seniors threw the girl on the bed, face down and pinned her legs and
arms securely between them while the tall blonde picked up the sorority paddle
and approached the bed. With both hands on the paddle, she began to fiercely
spank the freshman's plump cheeks. When she was tired, she gave the paddle to
one of the other seniors. All three girls took their turns spanking the girl's
ripe buttocks. They did not intend to stop until her backside was close to
blistering. They ignored the poor girl's shrieks and screams, spanking her until
she was reduced to uncontrollable sobbing. She was crying so hard she couldn't
speak when they finally let her up. Her backside had been paddled to a deep
maroon color. It was welted and striped. When she tried to put on her panties
the blonde ordered her restrained again.
"Hold it! We're not through with you yet. How would you like to get another
paddling tomorrow night?"

"N-No! I've had enough," the girl responded between sobs.

"We'll make a deal. You clean our rooms and do our laundry for the rest of this
year and we'll see that you're not paddled again. Otherwise, its going to be
bottoms up every night for the rest of the year."

"A-Alright. I'll do it."

The blonde senior nodded. "Good. You can start tonight with my room. There's one
other detail. When you are performing your maid services, you will this apron,
and nothing else!" She held out a tiny white organdy see-through apron.

The freshman shook her head. "No! I won't do it."

"Put her back on the bed again, girls. This time I'll teach her to say yes."

They grabbed and spread-eagled her again on the bed while the blonde senior laid
another twenty-five strokes onto her already scarlet cheeks. When she was
finished, the freshman's bottom was beginning to blister.

"Now will you do as you're told?" The blonde held out the tiny apron again.

"Yes," she blubbered. "I-I'll wear the a-apron."

"Good." She waved the two seniors out of her room. "That's enough excitement for
one night."

The last thing the girls saw as they left their classmate's room was the tall
blonde taking the sobbing freshman into her arms and kissing her full on her
lips while she fondled the heavy fullness of the younger girl's breasts.

Down the hall Kim and Nancy's room was quiet. Nancy was stretched out on her
bed. Kim was sitting beside her. Nancy was looking up at Kim.

"I suppose the whole dorm knows you spanked me. But honestly, Kim, I-"

Kim leaned down and pressed her finger to Nancy's lips. "Hush. Don't say a
thing. Your mother understood and so do I. I think we're both beginning to
understand who we really are." She laid her hand over Nancy's and closed her
eyes for a second.

Nancy was crying softly. "Kim, From now on-"

"Come to mamma," Kim whispered and put her best friend to her breast. When Nancy
found her hard nipple and began to suck, tiny shivers of delight shot through
her breast. She lifted Nancy's wet face to hers and softly kissed her. The wet
taste of her lingered on her lips as she slid into bed alongside her slender
room mate.


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