The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Acme Paddle Company

The Acme Paddle Company is the brainchild of Colin Masters. Who could have anticipated, in 21st century America a sudden demand for disciplinary spanking paddles, erotic spanking paddles, pedagogical spanking paddles? But it happened. The company a one man show. Colin makes the paddles himself, does the marketing, keeps the books--and makes direct sales calls.


The drive out into the country was scenic, Colin had to admit that. Picturesque farms surrounded by rolling hills, Fall colors exploding with the turning of the leaves. Yeah, very pretty.  But it was a long drive. Down the interstate for over three hours and then it was off on a confusing series of state and county roads. He had to look at his gps navigator several times, but eventually he found the road that led down along the river. It was a good thing they’d agreed to pay him for his time. Ordinarily he wouldn’t waste a day and a half traveling this far. No matter how much they bought, it wouldn’t be worth it. This sales call was different, though. The woman on the phone had made that clear. They were willing to pay him a handsome fee just to make the call and present his wares. Well, money was money, any way you looked at it. They had even sent a check, so here he was, sample case and all.

The mysterious woman, who had identified herself as Emma Pearson, had not even told him exactly why her employer, a Mrs. Edith Fontaine, was even interested in something like spanking paddles. She had sounded like an efficient secretary setting up a routine meeting. Colin mused that that’s probably exactly what she was.

He almost missed the gravel drive, obscured by bushes as it was, but, no mistake, that was the right number. So he turned in and wound around down a long hill through some old growth trees. Finally the house came into view, a stately Georgian mansion set among a grove of ancient oak and maple. It looked as though the back of the house fronted on the river. Colin realized why money had been no object. He was looking at old money, a lot of it. The house must be ten thousand square feet. And there were several outbuildings. The grounds were meticulously manicured. As he drove in, he scanned the windows of the three story mansion. There was a flutter of movement from a curtain on the second floor. He thought he’d seen a face peering out.

That must be him. Emma caught a glance of the man as the late model Acura pulled into the circular drive. She pulled back. I wouldn’t want him to think I was spying. But what she saw as he emerged from the car gave her tummy a little flutter. He was tall, in his thirties, with dark slightly curly hair, well built and quite handsome. Yep, just as advertised. Well, this gets more interesting by the minute. He carried a metal case like a suitcase. She started toward the stairs, down to the foyer to greet him. This ought to be interesting.

Aunt Edith, otherwise known as Mrs. Fontaine (“but just call me Aunt Edith, dear”), her employer, had been the driving force behind this little project. And no wonder. Aunt Edith had been rousted out at 2 am two days ago and had been required to present herself at the county jail to post bail for her two nieces, the twenty year old Tanya and her sister Brittney, younger by a year. They’d been caught up in a sweep of raids on local roadhouses in which the sheriff had been looking for under aged drinkers, kids from the local colleges. The pair had taken Aunt Edith’s Buick, without her permission, naturally, and had bounced from bar to bar until they’d been caught using fake driver’s licenses at a disreputable haunt called the Dew Drop Inn. Then it had been off to jail and the ensuing 2 am call.

Emma had had to go too. Aunt Edith, a formidable woman even now in her late sixties, was recovering from hip replacement surgery, and Emma drove her everywhere. It was just one more of her duties as Mrs. Fontaine’s secretary and personal assistant. It wasn’t a bad job. In fact it paid well and it was pleasant out here in the country, a quiet refuge away from the chaos of the city. A place to recharge after the incident with her ex-fiancĂ© Kevin, and time to deal with the awful burden of guilt that she carried as a result of that terrible night.

Kevin. It was hard to put it out of her mind, even though it had happened nearly a year ago. The week before the wedding she’d fought repeatedly with Kevin. Cracks in their relationship had emerged, things that had simmered under the surface. Then she’d heard about the bachelor party and the strippers. She’d confronted Kevin at the rehearsal dinner. It had ended in a horrible screaming match with Kevin taking off in angry frustration, peeling out of the country club parking lot in that little sports car. Like it had been the last straw. Then the accident. He’d lost control and run into a ditch. A concussion and several broken ribs was the result, and he was lucky at that. After that it had been over. Six months later he married an old flame.

All my fault was her daily remonstrance to herself. I’d been so stupid. Ashamed with herself, she wallowed in self pity and withdrew from the world, taking this job, out here in the country, away from friends, family, everyone. She had told Aunt Edith about it, hoping for sympathy but Aunt Edith had said, “So you’re punishing yourself with this self-imposed exile. You need to purge this and move on, girl. So you made a mistake. You have a career, a life. Get on with it.” But so far she couldn’t, and the self pitying continued.

But with Tanya and Brittney there was chaos of a different sort. With their mother in a sanitarium and their father having fled to Europe, the two girls were on their own. So they had been deposited with their great aunt on the old family estate so they could take make up classes at the state college ten miles away, as day students. That way Aunt Edith could keep a sharp eye on the two, who were trouble from the get-go. The way it was supposed to work was that the girls would be isolated from their n’eer-do-well friends in the city and would have no choice but to buckle down and complete needed class work. That was the deal and the girls had agreed, albeit reluctantly, to behave for once. Paris Hilton had nothing on these two, it seemed. But, after a while the absence of their normal party scene had been too much; hence, the sneaking out to the off limits bars.

It was on the way home from jail, with Aunt Edith fuming and giving the girls a severe dressing down, that the idea had sprung up.

“What you ladies, and I use the term loosely, really need is a good old fashioned paddling right across those sexy rear ends of yours. If I’d been caught by my father doing what you had done, it would have been out to the barn. I’d have been put right over his knee with my skirts up and panties down around my ankles and he’d have worn out my fanny with a paddle that he’d made just for such occasions. He’d have spanked my little seat until I was seeing stars and sitting would have been impossible for days.”

Tanya and Brittney had just pouted. Brittney said, “They don’t do that any more, Aunt Edith. It’s positively medieval.”

Mrs. Fontaine had given both an unnerving stare and had said, “You know what girls? We’ll just see. You two are going to be punished for this little episode. I’ll decide on that later, but mark my words, there will be consequences for this incident.” The girls exchanged nervous glances but had decided, wisely, to say no more.

When they got home she sent the girls to bed. They had flounced off with a “whatever” and two big sets of eye rolls. That had made Aunt Edith even more angry.

“I’m serious,” Aunt Edith had said to Emma. They had repaired to the study. It was 4 am. “If I can find that old paddle of my father’s, I’ll use it on their bare little bottoms. That will straighten them out.”

That she had the power to do that was indisputable. Aunt Edith controlled the family trust and among the Fontaine clan her word was law. She was clearly in loco parentis as far as Tanya and Brittney were concerned. She had made that clear to the girls’ parents and both had agreed. In fact, it had seemed to Emma that they had welcomed an excuse to park their wild and bratty daughters under the stern authority of Aunt Edith. And she had help too. Greta, the big Swedish housekeeper had remarked upon more than one occasion that she thought the two needed “their little hinders smacked.” At over six feet and near two hundred pounds, she could probably handle them both at once and enjoy doing it. The woman intimidated Emma, too.

In the meantime, while Aunt Edith had carried on, Emma, while listening politely, was on the internet. And what should pop up but the Acme Paddle Co.?

 “If you can’t find the paddle to spank them with, Aunt Edith, here is a local company you could call. They appear to have all sorts of paddles for giving spankings,” said Emma. She said it calmly, amazed to find this sort of thing. A modest proposal. She didn’t think for a minute that Aunt Edith was serious.

“What’s that?” said Aunt Edith. Emma showed her. There was a picture of Colin Masters and an array of paddles complete with descriptions and prices.
“Handsome devil, isn’t he?” Aunt Edith chuckled. Emma could tell that a plan was forming in her employer’s head. “Tomorrow, call them. And get him out here--that one, the owner. Pay him whatever it takes. We’ll have a little party for our misbehaving little dollies. And after that I predict they will be very good little girls indeed.”

So she had called, and now he was here, so she answered the door.

Colin was greeted by a thirty-ish very attractive woman wearing a straight skirt and blouse. A pretty face was framed by light brown hair pulled back into a bun. A picture of secretarial efficiency. She led him into the house and bade him follow her to the study. The view from the rear was spectacular too and Colin wondered if perhaps she were the reason for his visit. Wouldn’t that beat all? He mused. Perhaps the secretary has made too many typos.

Speculation was cast aside with the entry of Aunt Edith. Emma introduced her as Mrs. Fontaine. “A pleasure,’ said Colin, extending his hand. “This is a bit unusual, but here I am, so how can I help you?”

Aunt Edith had been a formidable figure in her day, but now, having just had hip replacement surgery she was getting around with the aid of a walking stick. But the intense grey eyes, and the ramrod straight posture advertised that she was still a woman to be reckoned with. Colin could see that this was a woman whose mere presence in a room commanded immediate respect.

“It’s my two great nieces, young man. They need discipline, a very old fashioned type of discipline.”

“I understand,” said Colin. “I make disciplinary tools of that nature. I make all types---for use over clothing, for use on the, er, bare. For imparting a mild sting or a severe one and everything in between. What would you like to see?” Colin opened his sample case on the desk.

Aunt Edith came closer to inspect. “My father had a paddle,” she said, as she perused the sample case. “And it was a real stinger, let me tell you. Hmmm….it looked a bit like that one.” Aunt Edith pointed to a short paddle. It was fifteen inches long on the business end with a six inch handle, three inches wide and sort of thin. The edges were all rounded.

“That is a very popular model,” said Colin. “It’s made of a thin ash so it’s light and easy to control. It’s long enough to be used while standing next to the recipient or can be used in the nursery position, with the recipient over your knee.”

Emma licked her lips as she imagined what it would feel like, being held over a knee for a spanking with this thing. Poor Tanya and Brittney were in for a rude shock.

“The light weight makes use over outer clothing impractical. We recommend a single light layer if you wish to preserve modesty,” added Colin.

Aunt Edith snorted, “I got my lickings bare. That’s the way it was. What else have you got?”

Colin brought out a thin ruler paddle in a polished hard wood and an eighteen inch paddle in pine. “Both of these are also very versatile. They sting pretty bad, but even on the bare they tend not to bruise.”

Aunt Edith nodded to herself, seemingly satisfied with what she was seeing. “I’ll take all three,” she said.

Colin was happy with the sale, but he said, “I could have shipped you these. You didn’t need to pay me to come all the way out here.”

Edith Fontaine smiled broadly. “Oh, but I did, Mr Masters. You see I have had hip replacement surgery from which I am recovering. So I need a man to demonstrate these implements and teach me how to use them---and to be my proxy to dole out a little domestic discipline for me.”

Colin raised his eyebrows. Who? He looked at the cute secretary. She blushed and looked away. No, not her too?

Edith saw the look he gave Emma and chortled. “Just my two reprobate nieces,” she said. But perhaps a good spanking from an attractive man would bring Emma out of her self-pitying funk. How long is she going to hide from the world and keep moping about? Well, to the task at hand.

“Emma, could you find Tanya and Brittney and tell them to come here?”

Emma nodded and went off in search of the two sisters.

Colin watched her go then turned to Aunt Edith. “Look, Mrs. Fontaine, I…” Colin had misgivings about this. “There could be liability.”

“Do not fret, Mr. Masters. I am in loco parentis with respect to these girls  here, and I am prepared to give you a release absolving you of any and all liability. I need for you to perform a service and you’re obviously the right man for the job.”

Her air of absolute and non-equivocal authority convinced Colin. At about the same time Emma walked back in with Tanya and Brittney. The first thing the two noticed was Colin, and they straightened up, preening unconsciously in front of an attractive male. Colin took note as well. Both were clad in short wraps that presumably covered bathing suits. They had been sunning out by the pool.

Tanya had dark hair styled in a short page boy. A short girl with nicely toned dancer’s legs, she had wide hips but a tiny waist that emphasized her bubble shaped and very prominent rear. Brittney was taller, slender and blond. Both were very cute girls.

“Tanya and Brittney, this is Mr. Masters. I have invited him here to provide me with a demonstration of a product of his which I intend to put in frequent use as soon as I recover from this blasted surgery.”

Tanya and Brittney looked at each other with blank expressions. They have no clue, thought Emma.

“Mr. Masters owns the Acme Paddle Company. I have seen his wares and it turns out he has a spanking paddle just like the one my father had. Furthermore, ladies, I intend to have him demonstrate its use this very afternoon--on the two of you.”

That got their attention.

“What?” They almost shouted in unison. “That’s ridiculous! You can’t do that. You can’t be serious.” Aunt Edith let the girls go on for about one minute then held up her hand.

“I can and I will. Or, you two will be cut off without a cent. You will have to go out, find a shabby apartment and get jobs at the lowest wages imaginable. You will give up all of this, too”, she said extending her arm to indicate the house the grounds, the pool, the servants—everything they took for granted. “So, to live under my roof, you will accept the discipline you have coming. Do you understand, ladies?”

Now the bravado was gone. Now they were cowed by the sheer force of Aunt Edith’s commanding personality. They fidgeted nervously.

Tanya whined, “Please Aunt Edith, no. Really…a s-spanking? It’s too childish. We’re too old for this.”

“Too old?” She raised her eyebrows. “Mr. Masters, who were your last sales made to?”

Colin cleared his throat. “Ahh, one was to a college sorority, and most recently I sold some paddles to a girls’ volleyball team. They had all agreed to institute a discipline regime among themselves for slacking off at practice. They really wanted to win,” he added.

“You see?” said Aunt Edith with a triumphant flourish of her arm.  “Perfectly appropriate for girls your age. Now. Mr. Masters, what do you require?”

“I’d like to know what they did to deserve a paddling,” said Colin.

As Aunt Edith recounted the events of the previous evening the girls began to fidget. Colin pursed his lips and frowned. Yes, definitely appropriate, he thought.

“All I need is a sturdy armless chair,” said Colin.

A smiling Greta appeared and brought one in. Colin selected the 15 inch ash paddle and sat down. “Ok, who’s first?” he said.

No one moved. Then Aunt Edith said, “Tanya, your turn to face the music. March yourself right over there. Oh, and lose the beach wrap---you won’t need it.”

Tanya hesitated then said, “Oh, all right, but I think this is just silly.” She undid her sash and let the brief robe fall to her feet. Colin whistled to himself. Tanya’s bikini was indeed brief, merely a string top and a thong bottom. She was practically naked. Colin thought he saw a blush, but she stuck up her chin defiantly and walked over and stood to Colin’s right with arms folded.

Colin looked up at her and said, “If you please, Miss Fontaine, place yourself across my knees.” He tried to sound matter-of-fact about it.

Tanya huffed, but lowered herself across Colin’s lap. He shifted her until her prominent bottom was centered and the uppermost point in her rudely jacknifed posture. Once he had her in position he regarded the truly stunning bottom covered, actually uncovered, by a mere bit of butt floss.

Tanya squealed at this indignity but Aunt Edith admonished her, “You wear a thing like that to go swimming? What is that---a thong? Well, young lady, you can sure be punished in one.”

Colin picked up the paddle from the floor. Tanya wriggled, her head turned looking back over her shoulder.

“How many swats do you want me to give her?” asked Colin.

“How many do you think are appropriate? My father never had a set number. He just spanked until I was bawling my eyes out.”

Colin thought a minute. “With this paddle, on the bare bottom, I’d say about twenty.”

Aunt Edith nodded. “Twenty-Five it is then. Proceed Mr. Masters.”

Tanya sputtered another protest but it was drowned out by the sharp splat of the paddle as it landed squarely across her sit spot.

“Ahhh…..noooo!” shrieked Tanya. “That stings!”
Splat! Swat number two struck, prompting an even louder yelp.

Colin proceeded to apply a very noisy and apparently stinging paddling to Tanya’s jiggling bottom. He settled into a tempo, landing a spank about every two seconds. Tanya pleaded for him to stop. She tried to kick her legs but Colin shifted her to his left thigh and clamped his right leg over hers, trapping her in a lewdly jacknifed position, her nose at the floor and her bottom propped up over his knee.

Having secured her, he resumed. The paddle cracked down repeatedly, with sounds like gunshots, creating red bands across Tanya’s quivering bottom cheeks. She wriggled and thrashed but Colin was bigger and stronger and merely kept on delivering spank after spank even as she squirmed and drummed her toes on the floor.

Eventually she began to apologize.

“Hey, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Make him stop, Please Aunt Edith! Oww! Owww!”

Apparently the sounds of contrition were not sincere enough for Aunt Edith who stared in stony silence at the proceedings and watched her niece’s paddling continue.

Smack! “Yeow!” Tanya shrieked, the paddle stinging ferociously.
Whack! “Ahhh….owww!” Another swat made her bottom cheeks ripple at impact
Crack! “Owweee!” Tanya was wriggling as much as she could but Colin had her securely pinned.

Emma could scarcely breathe. Her eyes were wide as saucers and her heart was pounding as she watched the lurid tableau. At the same time she noted with grim satisfaction that this was just what little miss Tanya needed, a strong man to put across his knee and provide some much deserved chastisement. A girl sometimes needs that. Even as the thought crossed her mind, she wondered where it had come from.

By the time twenty five sonorous smacks had been doled out, Tanya was blubbering tearfully and promising all manner of good behavior from now on. Colin lifted her up and her hands flew to her inflamed bottom cheeks. She did a shameful dance hopping from foot to foot while Aunt Edith lectured.

“Now let that be a lesson to you, Tanya. No more cavorting around. You will buckle down. Now go stand in the corner facing the wall while Mr. masters deals with your sister.”

At the mention of her name Brittney froze, her eyes wide like a deer in the headlights.

“Please no, Aunt Edith,” she wailed, waving her hands as if she could make this embarrassing prospect go away. But Aunt Edith was implacable.

“Drop that beach wrap and get over there this instant, Brittney,” she commanded.

With fumbling fingers she undid the drawstring and doffed the short robe. Brittney was a bit taller and more slender than Tanya, but she had a great figure nonetheless. Her blonde streaked hair fell to her shoulders, bangs framing her pretty face and those big blue eyes now wide with apprehension. As soon as she drew near, Colin reached out and took her wrist. She gave a little squeal as Colin deftly turned her across his left knee. Then he picked up the paddle.

Crack! That first smack made Brittney toss her head back and arch her body. She howled, “Yiii….owww….that hurts!”
Crack! Smack! Whap! Colin gave her three quick smacks, all of them landing squarely on the ripest curves of Brittney’s bottom.

“Yeeeowww!” Brittney let loose with a shriek.

If anything, Brittney’s paddling was even noisier than Tanya’s. Brittney had no intention of enduring her spanking in stoic silence and howled and shrieked from beginning to end. The next several minutes were a cacophony of loud cracks from the paddle and Brittney’s anguished yelps, entreaties and promises to be good. But Aunt Edith kept a stone face throughout. Brittney’s kicking, flailing and wriggling did her no good at all as the paddle flattened her sumptuous bottom with each loud smack. As with Tanya, Colin locked his right leg over her thighs which reduced her kicking to toes pounding the floor.

By this time Emma was beside herself. It was the most electrifying thing she had ever seen and it alternately sent chills and hot flashes through her core. Watching this very attractive man dish out a spanking to the two errant nieces like some determined father dealing with misbehaving offspring made her feel excited and apprehensive at the same time. Why it seemed to affect her so, she wasn’t at all sure. She was watching something that beckoned, a siren song. Part of her was sexually aroused by the whole thing. I mean, here was a virile male exercising domination over these two nubile girls in an almost primitive way. The other part of her feared that exercise of raw male power. It was like staring into the eyes of the tiger. Kevin had certainly never made her feel that way.

Brittney howled as the last few licks of the paddle cracked down on her now very red bottom. Colin pulled her up and like her sister she did the same spanking dance, rubbing and crying. Aunt Edith sent her to an opposite corner.

“And both of you stand there and think about what you did until I send for you. Greta, you watch them. If they move come and tell me.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Greta with a wide grin.

“Young man, let’s go into the parlor.”

Aunt Edith led Colin and Emma into the front parlor. She sent Emma to arrange for some tea. When they were seated Aunt Edith said, “That was very impressive, Mr. Masters. I doubt that my two spoiled nieces will be running off to any roadhouses with false identification anytime soon.”

Colin acknowledged that that was probably the case.

“At any rate, I may have another job for you. I am on the board of trustees at Hawthorne Academy, a school for young ladies. It’s not far from here. I’ve of a mind to send you to see the headmistress there. Discipline and deportment are becoming huge problems there with some of the young ladies. As a private school they have much more leeway to deal with such things. I’ll make a call in the morning. In the meantime, I’d like to have you stay here with us this evening. We have a guest house and it’s very comfortable. Then if I can set up an appointment, you could head for Hawthorne with having to drive back to the city. What do you say?”

“Ah, sure that would be fine,” said Colin. “I would be in your debt.” Another sales call. That would be an unexpected bonus.

“Splendid. It’s settled then. Oh, and we’ll expect you for dinner. Emma will show you to the guest house.”

Colin followed Emma outdoors to a cute cottage. Having doled out paddlings to the nearly bare backsides of two very attractive girls, the sway of Emma’s attractive hips was almost too much. He hoped she wouldn’t notice his aroused state when she turned around. I think it’s cold shower time, he thought.

“Well, this is the guest house,” Emma announced, turning around. Oh my, he is in a state. “Uh, I’ll come get you for supper, but if you need anything…”

“I’ll be sure to call,” he said.

“Uh, wait a minute.” He caught her as she started to leave. “I’m curious. Why are you out here? I mean, you’re young and attractive and I bet you have a degree. Why plant yourself way out here? It can’t be the pay…or is that it?”

Emma’s heart gave a leap. He was perceptive, all right. And he called her attractive. “It’s, well, a long story…maybe, maybe later. I have to do something. Aunt Edith wants a word with me.”

Colin shook his head, watching her from the window as she walked away.

Actually she was on her own time now, but a thought had invaded her head and she could not get it out. Maybe it was time. Maybe this was the opportunity she’d been waiting for. Could she finally deal with her guilt and shame and put the whole sorry mess to rest once and for all? Would a short, sharp shock do it? She wandered into the study, thinking. She certainly deserved something like this. But it would be too weird to just ask. How to do it? Her eyes fell to the desk. There, in plain sight---the personal stationary of Edith Fontaine. She sat down, took a sheet, and began to write.

This story and others are available in the eBook Have Paddle, Will Travel.

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