The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winners, a 2013 Retrospective, and New for 2014

First item of business. The winners of my part of the Winter Spanks Blog Hop have been contacted and are claiming their prizes right now.

I had so many great commenters that I decided to give away 3 books. Winners were chosen by my nuclear powered flux capacitor random number generator. Congrats and your prizes are on the way as soon as you indicate your preferred format. Hope you really enjoy Pendragon's Lash.

Now let's talk about 2013(and late 2012) . It was the year I really became an indie publisher. DT Publications published 29 books, which are lined up on the right side of this blog. These books are an eclectic mix. All are in the spanking erotica genre and explore various themes and orientations. I won't describe them since you can click on any cover and go straight to Amazon. But no matter what sub genre you like, you'll find something.

Like M/F romance? Try the twin novelettes like The Ladies of Heatherton Hall or Tumalo Bend 1895.
Like F/M? Try the Strict Ladies series or Mrs Hansen's Boarding House or The Mills Governess.
Like M/F--F/M switching roles? Try Tales from a Switch.
Sorority girls your thing? Gwen's Sorority Days.
School stories? The Schoolgirl Collection and A Very Bright Girl.
Did you like 'The Hunger Games?' Then read The Spanking Games.

It's also the year I worked with a publisher, Stormy Night Publications, to write the Sci-Fi/Medieval romance novel Pendragon's Lash.

It's a year that has seen my blog take off, with nearly 1000 hits a day.

So what is 2014 going to bring?

For starters, more publishing of my backlist. First up will be the twin novelettes Willow Wood Estate and Madeline Smythe. These two stories are pure spanking erotica, sexy romps with lots of action, over the knee and otherwise.
Look for a publication date in late January.

Also coming will be:
 a rewritten version of "A Guy at Girl's Poker Night," retitled as Suburban Spanking;
the internet classics The Health Club and Certificate of Correction, again, substantially re-edited;
Volume 4 of the Strict Ladies series featuring all new, never before published stories;
more spanking romance novels, published hopefully with the help of the folks at Stormy Night.

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