The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Monday, January 6, 2014

Your Romance

I discovered this magazine and others like it a long long time ago. I don't recall if it was a purely serendipitous find, or it was later when I got a tip, perhaps in Mr. magazine. I'm thinking I stumbled on this on my own. I thought it very odd at the time, and I still do, that you'd find spanking letters in a magazine fairly obviously written for teenage girls. Why in the world would editors of a magazine published in the late 1950's think that teenage girls would be interested in accounts of spankings? It is still puzzling. If reading spanking anecdotes was a big thrill for high school girls at that time in history, brother let me tell you---I missed the boat big time! Maybe they published one issue, noticed a sales bump, shrugged, and said 'well, ok then. Let's do more.' Whatever the reason, it went on for some time and I'll post more of these interesting bits of 1950's Americana in future installments.

Letters To The Editor - Your Romance Magazine

From the "Pats and Peeves" Regular Feature
January 1958
 Dear Editor:
I as leafing through the books at the drugstore when I came upon YOUR ROMANCE.  I was really surprised at the number of women who get spanked in the USA.  I guess I was wrong in thinking I was alone on this matter.  At least these wives are different in one way.  They get paddled in privacy.  I get it when some on is around, which is very embarrassing.
The other night we had a party for a friend who was joining my husband’s branch of the service (Marine Corps) and since he was an old flame of mine I sort of neglected my husband and danced with the friend most of the evening.
Before the night was over, my husband called me over to him and said he wanted to show everyone something.  I thought he was going to suggest a conga line or bunny hop.  But he picked me up, promptly turned me across his knee, and believe it or not, pulled my dress up, panties down, and spanked my bottom red!

Do you know what happened then?  While he was still spanking me, he said, “This is the way a real man stays boss in the family.”  At this the whole party of husbands turned a whole party of wives up, and the sounds of smacks on bare bottoms could be heard a mile away.
I was so furious at my husband that I hit him with the punch bowl.  He then stripped me down to my earrings, turned me up again, and spanked me with the pancake turner for what seemed like years.
To sum it all up, I respect and admire my husband for paddling me.  My tempers is something, and believe me, my husband isn’t big.  We are both 19, and he is the same size I am.  I love him very much, have a year-old son.  You other wives probably deserve the knee treatment just as much as I do.
Mrs. H.H. Jacksonville, Fla.

Dear Editor:
I have noticed in your last two issues the many letters that were written about he merits and demerits of spanking.  I believe that some of your letters are sincere, but I’m sure that some are highly exaggerated.  I just can’t believe that any self-respecting wife will permit her husband to spank her, nor should there ever be any need for it.
If a married woman actually thinks that her husband has the right to treat her in this way, she is in my eyes a very immature person who should have stayed under the discipline of her parents.  I am 22 years old and have been married for nearly three years.  But I know I would leave my husband if he ever tried to spank me.
On the other hand, I am very much in favor of occasional spanking of children and teen-agers by their parents.  Too many parents nowadays neglect their duty of disciplining their offspring and as a result we have so much juvenile delinquency.  However, here again there is no need to be overly severe.  After all, the actual punishment is not so much the pain as the disgrace and humiliation that go with it.
We were five children at home; and all of us received our share of spankings when we deserved it.  Even when we were in our late teens, mother used the same method that she used when we were three or four.  It was always the same: Mom took us over her lap, raise our skirts way above our hips (in the case of my brother lowered his trousers), down came our panties and we received an open-hand or hairbrush spanking which we didn’t feel too much.
However, for my person, I would rather have received a couple dozen strokes with the strap in the privacy of my bedroom and with my clothing on, than to be humiliated in this way in front of anyone who happed to be present.
I realize now that Mom was right in making us feel like little kids if we behaved like them.  Dad punished us the same way, but he stopped spanking us girls when we reached 15.  From then on Mom carried out the punishment by herself.
I believe the one punishment that I’ll never forget is the one Dad thought up when I was about 13 or 14.  I had been caught stealing money from Mom’s purse.  Dad sent me up to my room to change into my pajamas.  When I came down again, he made me lie over a chair, lowered my pajama pants, and I had to remain in that position for two hours before he gave me the whipping.  Although he used a belt (the only time he ever used a belt) the two hours I had to lie there with my pajama pants down were more punishment for me tan the ensuing whipping.  Needless to say, I never took money again.
Mrs. G.S., Lorain, Ohio
Dear Editor:
Having just finished reading your last column in YOUR ROMANCE, I had to laugh a little when I read the letter from the young man of fifteen who complained about being too old to be spanked.  I would like to answer that young man by telling of my experience across someone’s knee.  His was truly more painful, while my spanking was more embarrassing.
About three years ago when I was 17 years old, I opened some of my older sister’s mail.  I had been doing this for a while and sealing them up again.  One day my sister caught me and told Mom.
Well that evening in front of my 2 sisters, Mom draped me across her knee, lowered my pajama bottoms, and applied about 25 whacks with a hairbrush, making me cry a little.  She then lectured us all on the wrong done in opening another’s personal mail.  I had to lie there with my bottom exposed in front of my 2 sisters.
She then handed the hairbrush to my sister, whose mail I had opened, and put me across her knee.  My sister then proceeded to give me the most painful and embarrassing ten minutes of my life.  I cried, kicked and begged her to stop, but she kept right on swinging until Mom finally stopped her.  I couldn’t sit for two days and believe me; I left my sister’s mail alone after that.
I hope this letter make that 15-year-old kid feel better.  The hairbrush may be old-fashioned, but it sure works wonders when applied hard and long and on the bare.
Mr. J.K., Elizabeth, N.J.
Dear Editor:
My husband and I have both enjoyed your discussion of spanking, but I’m afraid our daughter would not agree, for she seems to find it a rather painful subject!
However it was she who first brought your fine magazine into our house, so she has no one to blame but herself.  She hadn’t felt the paddle on her bottom for two years, and we’d begun to wonder if we shouldn’t start using it again, when we found YOUR ROMANCE among her things.
That settled it!  Before the day was over we gave her a tanning that left her rear end aglow for several days and as soon as it cooled off, she promptly stepped out of line, so we warmed her up again. 
This went on for a couple of days, but by this time she’s learned to behave herself enough to keep off our knees for a week or ten days at a time.
You’ll notice I say “we” and “our” because we have always believed that both parent should share in disciplinary matters.  If she is disobedient during the day, we wait until her father comes home before she is punished.
Then she is ordered to fetch the ping-pong paddles and take down her pants while my husband and I draw up chairs facing one another.  Then we each take a paddle and stretch her out across our laps.  (I might add that two laps are a lot better than one when you’re trying to balance a well-built 16-year-old in the bottom-up position.)
We then proceed to alternate strokes, and I may say I generally succeed in making my side of her behind just as red as the one my husband attends to.  If not, I give it a couple of extras after he is through.
As I said before, the system seems to be working, for we don’t have to spanking her nearly as much as we used to, and we hope to have her down to one a month by the time she’s 17.  The main thing, though, is that she has learned to respect and obey both of us, and I certainly recommend husband and wife spanking to every reader who believes in corporal punishment for teenagers.
Mrs. E.R., Rye, N.Y.
Dear Editor:
I am a middle-aged woman now.  Some of your reports on physical punishment set me to reminiscing and thinking.  You see, I spend many years as principal of a young ladies’ school governed by a rather rigid standards of discipline.  Your writers speak with the voice of authority when they refer to razor straps and rubber tubes as being very effective corrective instruments, and their awareness that the sting is greatest when bending over bespeaks first hand acquaintance with the subject.
However, I cannot make sense of the repeated references to getting spanking or strapped every week or several times a month.
If a large well-developed young woman is to be punished at all, she must be punished till the last trace of rebellion is gone; other wise she is only enraged or amused.  This means that one dose should usually suffice.
Twenty-five years ago when I was a senior in high school I was caught cheating.  I was given the choice of being expelled or submitting to a severe whipping by our principal.  I chose the latter, and I have to this day regretted it.
Mr. H., short, but wiry and tough, took me up to his office and locked me in with him.  He took from the desk drawer a black rubber tube and seized a wrist.  In those days I wore silk stockings and knee length skirts.  He went after my legs and I began to lift my knees in a frantic and vain attempt to escape the stinging hose.
He kept with me till I couldn’t lift my heavy, smarting limbs from the ground and I was promising everything under the sun.
That one correction lasted me for life.  I was subdued once and for all.  As principal, I occasionally had to turn a recalcitrant teen-aged miss over my desk and raise her skirts to apply a flexible cane from her waist to her ankles.  Invariably they promised to be good before it was over, and without exception avoided a second session across the desk.
Two years ago my neighbor, after long meditation, decided to give her 18-year-old problem daughter a stiff dose of strap oil-she had never touched her before.  I didn’t watch the performance.  However, I did see the big, rawboned mother lead the girl into the study.  It was a wonderful “Before” and “After” contrast. The girl entered proud and arrogant, head high, defiant and impeccably groomed from head to foot.  Then I heard the cracking sound of leather on taut nylon (I afterwards learned she stretched the panties over the back of a chair and used a razor strop.)
There were moans at first, and then piercing screams and the big haughty young lady was repeating, “I’ll be a good girl!  - I’ll never do it again.”  When they emerged from the room, the mother looked confident and proud.  But the daughter was red-eyed, convulsed with sobs, and conquered.
Her stockings were crooked and her skirt observably rumpled.  I could scarcely believe that this was the same person who but a few minutes before had entered with such dignity.
This happened two years ago, and according to the mother’s report, the daughter’s whole personality changed.  She solemnly claims that a $2.49 mail order razor strop did in three minutes more than a staff of psychiatrists could have done in three years.
No, as tanned, tanner, and observer of the consequences, I still feel that something is wrong if there is frequent repletion of those panty-stretching postures.
Mrs. S.R., Sun Valley, Idaho

Wow, they're not fooling around in Sun Valley Idaho. Who knew? Seriously my suspicion here is that these "letters" were penned by none other than Will Henry. The phrase 'stiff dose of strap oil' is a Henryism that I have seen more than once in the psuedo-letters found in books like "Spankmanship." Be that as it may, nothing explains why letters like these appeared in this type of magazine during that time period.


Anonymous said...

These mags also had a cover blurb ("My Father Spanked Me") and photo story inside to entice spankos. Thrilling Confessions did the same.
Hot stuff in those days.

Rollin said...

There were indeed several. But that still begs the question of what was the appeal to a teenage girl of that era?

Anonymous said...

Unless they were spankos, none. Most of the content was identical to the competition, but they got my money.
Why did Mr., Satan, Panorama, Breezy etc etc have spanko content? The vast majority of men are not spankos.
Just a device to increase sales by 5%.