The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Close the Door---A Snippet

 This little snippet was written for a contest of sorts in which the challenge was to incorporate the phrase “close the door.” There was a 250 word limit, but for this version I ignored that.

This was going to be rich. Finally miss goody two shoes herself was going to get it. That Derek had had enough was obvious from the frown on his face and the set of his jaw as he grasped a surprised Anita by the elbow and tugged her into his bedroom. Beth and Lori giggled. It was about time. They had run afoul of Derek’s house rules before and both had paid the price. That little wooden paddle of his could really set a girl’s bottom on fire, as both could attest. Each had been across Derek’s knee for a hot session with that paddle. As always, it was on the bare which stung like crazy, not to mention the embarrassment of being over the man’s knee with skirts up and panties down. But it was Derek’s house and he made the rules. Now the haughty Anita was in for it as a result of their clever ruse. The surprise on her face when Derek found the empty scotch bottle in her dresser drawer was worth a million bucks.

“That’s not mine!” she had protested when confronted by Derek.

“I know,” he had growled. “It was mine.”

So now Beth and Lori gleefully followed behind as Derek pulled Anita along, her fate determined. He pushed open the door to his room and relaxed his hold on Anita for a split second to fetch the paddle from its peg on the closet door. That was all she needed. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Anita trying to escape.

 “Close the door,” he yelled at Lori and Beth.

They slammed the door in Anita’s face. They heard a struggle. Then, cautiously, they opened the door and peeked in. There was Anita, over Derek’s lap, skirt up, panties down. His arm was up, the paddle poised to deliver the first of many crisp smacks that would impart its stinging lesson.

“For God’s sake, at least close the door!” she wailed.

They wouldn’t close the door now. Not for a million bucks.


River Wild said...

More? Great snippet!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I found an app, Ghostery, that blocks third party cookies (and a lot more), but does not interfere with making comments on blogspot with Chrome. (you went back to the older version of comments, but changed back to this one!) Anywho, now I can resume haranguing you and others.

Rollin said...

Thanks, River. maybe I should expand this a bit.

Rollin said...

That's what I need, all right, more haranguing.