The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Saturday, March 29, 2014

More TED Excerpts--F/M Style

Readers should know that Ted and the Suburban Spanking Club has some pretty robust F/M content. In addition to some flashbacks there is some real time action as the club gets down to some serious "spank poker."

Now the players were Jill and Kyle. The other girls hooted and clapped as Kyle stripped down to a t-shirt and y-briefs--red ones.

"," cooed Leslie.

"Mmmm...cute buns, Kyle," giggled Amy. The little minx.

"Well, young man," said Jill, "just how are you going to pay for all those chips you lost...mmmm?"

Kyle had lost quite a bit. He was down 166.

"Uh...I guess with your uh hand Jill, and...b-bare, please."

Jill smiled broadly. "Ok then," she said, seating herself in the chair with a flourish, "you get right across my knee, Kyle, sunny side up!"

Kyle clambered across Jill's knee and presented his buns for the tanning. Jill slipped his pants down amid appreciative murmurs from the girls watching. Jill asked Kyle if he was ready then started to spank. She gave Kyle 10 hard slow splats on alternate cheeks to start, letting her hand rest on his butt after each one, sort of rubbing it in. The she spanked briskly in staccato flurries. This usually made Kyle arch his back and yelp, much to the delight of the girls. Kyle's behind got pretty red and I had to admit it was a pretty thorough spanking. It looked like it stung because by the end Kyle was bucking up and down and emitting little high pitched grunts with each swat. When it was over he jumped up rubbing his buns, oblivious to the fact that his equipment was on full display. I could see from the semi-turgid state of said equipment that the experience over Jill's knee had not been without its pleasurable aspect. So Kyle got a stiffy from being spanked. The look in his eyes as he regarded Jill was more one of admiration than anything else-- even as he tried to rub the sting out of his reddened fanny.

Kyle's luck doesn't seem to improve, for later....

"Next up is Jill and Kyle once again," announced Donna. "How do you want this bad boy?" she said to Jill.

"Hmmm...the payoff is 142, so I'll do this in parts. Let's see, I think 12 on his underpants by hand, then 50 bare, over my knee of course, then...I'll finish off with a good half dozen with the paddle."

Kyle developed a worried expression at this pronouncement.

Jill sat in the chair and crooked her finger at him. "Come to momma, Kyle, and get your little hiney over my knee."

To give Kyle credit, he did not shrink from paying the penalty. He walked over to the seated Jill and eased himself across her lap. He let her adjust him until his buttocks were positioned squarely across her knees. She patted his buns through the red briefs then raised her hand. The first 12 spanks were slow and solid, each one a muffled pistol shot. Kyle reacted with a little jerk as each spank splatted down.

"Lift up now, Kyle, momma's gonna give you what all you naughty boys need, a good ol' fashioned bare fanny tanning."

And that's what she gave him. Jill slipped Kyle's briefs down and let loose with a fast barrage of meaty smacks that had Kyle gasping and squirming. In fact, it looked to me like his wriggling was in time to Jill's hand as it flashed up and down impacting one side or the other, sometimes both. Jill's skirt had been pushed up and it also appeared that Kyle's squirming was taking place across bare thighs where his penis was probably rubbing in the confined space where her knees were clamped together. By the end of the spanking Kyle was gurgling audibly with each crack from Jill's capable palm and his bottom had taken on a fiery hue. Kyle was obviously aroused, but even so, watching Jill dish it out---well, I sure didn’t want to be Kyle.

When she had delivered the last smack she said, "Up you get Kyle sweetie, time for a visit from Miss Paddle."

Kyle blushed as he stood up and the reason why was obvious to all. Kyle's cock was practically standing straight out.

"Oh, my, Jill," quipped Donna, "your bad boy likes being bad."

"Was that a real busted flush, or were you just glad to lose to mommy Jill, Kyle?" laughed Amy. Everyone else got their one-liner in while Kyle tried to brazen out the state of his arousal.

I don't know. You put Kyle and Jill together and somehow Kyle manages to lose. Maybe there is an ulterior motive at work.

We stood around for awhile chatting (losers rubbing). Somebody filled some plastic bags with ice and presented them to Kyle, Amy and Diane. Much hilarity. Remember, we were all well lubricated by this time. Then things started to break up. Not surprisingly Kyle left with Jill.

"She's got plans for that boy," said Amy with a knowing smirk.

I'll bet she does.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ted and the Suburban Spanking Club

My newest eBook is now live and available from Amazon. The link is HERE
Ted is one lucky guy. He has, by chance, moved into a neighborhood populated by a group of fun-loving singles whose idea of a good time is a Friday night card game where the stakes are a little unusual. If you guessed strip poker you'd be close, but seeing as how this is a spanking blog, even Inspector Clouseau would probably get it right the first time. So as they say on the WPT, "let's go down to the felt." Here's a brief excerpt:

"Ok girls and boys," said Donna with a grin. "We finish this hand and see what's what."

I had folded. Amy, looking nervous, tried to bluff her way through it in an attempt to get into positive territory. But it wasn't much of a bluff in a High Chicago game where Jill had an ace of spades in the hole. Too bad.

"All right, Everyone count up," said a gleeful Jill.

I had 342 chips, so I was up. So was Donna. So was Jill. Amy was the big loser. She had lost 110. Leslie and Diane were down but not as much. Kyle was right in the middle. Everyone stood up and we moved away from the table and into the den.

"I guess it's me first, isn't it?" said Leslie. "I'm down 35 and I have to buy from Jill, so let's see, I'll take 7 paddle licks on my panties."

"Always a pleasure to sell you more chips, Leslie," laughed Jill. "But you know the rule. Strip down to your skivvies, girl."

Leslie stripped down to a very fetching light blue lace bra and panty set, while Jill picked up the paddle.

"Right here, honey," said Jill, gesturing with the paddle to a spot right next to her. "Hands on your knees and stick it out."

Blushing, Leslie bent over gingerly, hands on her knees. This pushed her adorable bottom out. Jill tapped the rounded cheeks with the paddle.

Splat! "Oooh"

Smack! "Yeouch!"

Splat! Smack! Two in a row. Leslie's bottom did a delicious little wiggle.

"Oooh, Jill, that smarts!"

"You look just adorable, dear." Jill drew back the paddle again and whipped it down on the pertly presented backside. Splat! "ow!" Smack! "Ow...ow!"

"One more, Leslie, here goes..." Splat! "Ouch!" yelled Leslie and shot up straight, hands clutching her seat. Leslie faced us her mouth a wide "O" as she rubbed.

"Ok, who's next?" asked Jill.

"Uh, I think it's me, unfortunately, and I have to buy 44 chips from...oh, God... Ted," said Diane, as she realized that I was the second highest winner.

Taking a deep breath, Diane began divesting herself of her outer clothing. She was wearing a kind of tight sarong wraparound skirt which she unhooked and tossed over a sofa. This left her in a wispy black bikini panties and a black top which she unbuttoned to reveal a black push-up bra. She had nicely shaped but not large breasts. As she turned away I noted her shapely behind, the edges of the pear-shaped cheeks peeking out from the sides of the skimpy black panties.

"I guess I'll pay in increments of two, Ted, so I'll take them bare butt. How do you want me?"

Hmmm...a delicious prospect. My brain was still not registering the fact that I was about to spank the bare behind of this lovely woman as a card game forfeit.

"I guess we'll do this the old fashioned way," I said pulling up a sturdy chair from the table, "drape yourself over my knee, Diane."

Blushing, Diane walked around to my right side and gingerly lowered herself across my lap. The feel of her nearly nude delectable body over my knee was almost painfully arousing. I slipped my fingers into the elastic of the flimsy panties and tugged. Diane raised herself a little so that they slipped down to her knees revealing a shapely bare seat, plump ovals with little dimples in the sides. I patted her bottom. It was springy, resilient. The feel of her smooth wobbly fanny was intoxicating. She gave a little wriggle.

"Twenty-two, right?" I said.

"That's right, Ted," laughed Donna, "go ahead and exact payment--good and hard."

I needed no further prompting and proceeded to smack Diane's delicious bottom. Splat! The left cheek wobbled. A red handprint came up. Spank! A little harder on the right. Splat! dead center. "Oooch...ow...", Diane gave a little jump.

"That's putting some steam into it, Ted, make her squirm," encouraged Donna.

 I proceeded to spank Diane's wobbling fanny 19 more times without pause. The feeling of my palm hitting those soft satiny bottom cheeks was electric. My hand flattened each rounded summit with a splat! that caused a jiggle and left a red handprint. I spanked on alternating sides and kept up a steady pace so I guess the spanks fell at intervals of about 1 or 2 seconds apart.

"Yeowch...ow...nhhh....ow..." Diane wasn't shy about vocalizing her distress.

"That's giving it to her good, Ted," said Jill clapping her hands in glee.

After the first few Diane started squirming a bit, and I must have done a good job because by the end my hand stung.

"Ok, all done," I said flipping her upright.

She looked at me with an astonished expression. Her hands flew to her seat and she rubbed. "Wow! You can spank! I hope I don't lose to you again." This last comment said as she pulled her pants back up, giving me a glimpse of soft curls hiding her womanhood. Did I detect moisture glistening there?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Coming Soon--new eBook release

To be released soon, Ted and the Suburban Spanking Club, is a bit of retro spanking erotica.

Originally published as the internet classic, “A Guy at Girls’ Poker Night,” this volume is over 30,000 words of retro-style spanking erotica.

Ted is an ordinary guy who moves into a neighborhood populated by some extraordinary women and an even more extraordinary club. It seems like your average Friday night poker club. But when Ted is invited to join the club, little does he suspect that the girls and the guys don’t play for money—they play for spanks. So begins a saga that explores the wilds of American suburbia, and the sexy escapades of lonely divorcees, single guys on the make, single gals looking for Mr. Right Now, and everyone looking for action. It’s a free for all where the booze flows freely and inhibitions are discarded along with clothing. In this novella, bare bottom spankings, paddlings, switchings and strappings abound, and all at the turn of a card. The action is multiple orientations—M/F, F/F and a generous dose of F/M. Written in the pseudo ‘60’s style of Will Henry this eBook is a spanko throwback to those days of yore when books like this came in a plain brown wrapper.

Publication date to be announced soon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Charity Auction

The eBook, Gwen's Sorority Days has just about every example of sorority paddling and spanking you'll ever find in one volume. Here's an excerpt:


“Oh, there’s more. Like the time that we did that charity auction thing,” said Gwen.

“Charity auction?” asked Joyce.

Gwen nodded. “We had to come up with a charity fund raiser. All the  Pan-Hellenic clubs agreed to do it. We pooled our resources and decided on sort of a slave auction type of thing. We’d offer ourselves as ‘slaves for a day’. We invited all these women’s clubs like garden clubs and junior league and---- there was this bridge club that was there too. Anyway, there were all these women’s groups and one of them was this bridge club that actually had some sorority alumnae in it. We split into teams and I was on a team with five other girls. This was after my pledge year, but the way things turned out you’d think I was back at hell week.

Well, it turned out that this bridge club “bought” us for a day. It was some big party and we were going to clean this woman’s house then serve at the party, you know, carry trays of drinks and all, then clean up afterwards. Well, we got there and the first thing that happened was that the committee putting on the dinner party explained the rules to us.

Now the thing is, some of these women were sorority alumnae, like I said. They’d been through the same thing we were going through now. They were in their mid 30’s to mid 50’s, I’d say. They dressed well and seemed very sophisticated---and they were rich, I think. Right off the bat there was something about them, you know? Here we were, young girls and we were at the beck and call of these older sexy and worldly women, many of whom had been in our very sorority. It was a little intimidating. It was as if they expected unquestioned obedience from us.

The first thing that was a shocker was the uniform. They had somehow procured these French Maid outfits that were very revealing. We all had to change into them before doing anything else. We were told we’d be wearing these for the party. But we had to change into them now, they said, to clean up and prepare. So we did and boy, were we a sight! The outfit was an abbreviated short black top and skirt that barely covered our panties—and those were really brief too. Add stockings, garter belts and high heels and we looked like French tarts. We were all blushing madly. To think we had to parade around in these get ups for this party…well it was embarrassing.

The way our “employers” smiled at our discomfort was, well, uncomfortable. But some of us started to see what this was about. The near nudity was titillating and the way they began to order us around was starting to work on us emotionally. I mean there was something undeniably sexy about these commanding women and our own vulnerability. They were all dressed up and we were nearly naked.

They got us all together and the person who was hosting, it was her house, said we were going to have a little competition. We would each be given a room to prepare and afterwards they would inspect. The winners would be rewarded but the losers would suffer a little penalty. We looked at each other like, “uh oh.” But the thing was, we were in this to please and they’d paid good money to our charity, so we agreed we’d go along with their games even if it turned out to be a little embarrassing. We were still subject to discipline from our sisters for certain things, even though we were no longer pledges, and we did not want to let the sorority down.

So it was Claire, I think her name was, yeah, Claire Foster. She said ‘we’ll have you each prepare a room and after we give you instructions, you will get to it. Afterwards Mrs. Bearden, Mrs. Hollister and I will inspect. The one who does the best will get a $100 gift certificate, but’--- and here she paused for effect---‘the one who does the worst, girls, will get 20 swats with this.’ And she pulled out an oval leather paddle and smacked it against her palm. Her friends all laughed. And she said, ‘well, girls are you game?’

I guess we all looked at each other and gulped, like, oh boy what did we get into here? We had to say yes, though, and then we all got busy. It was Suzy Porter who came in last. We never knew how they judged it, but when we had all said we were ready for inspection, they looked over the rooms and Suzy came up last. Misty Evans got the certificate, but there was a hush of anticipation when they gathered us all in the rather large living room for Suzy to pay off the forfeit. One of the women on the committee, this really elegant well dressed young woman in her thirties, took little Suzy by the wrist and led her over to a chair. She sat down and flipped Suzy over her knees, much to the amusement of the other women on the committee, who laughed and offered suggestions.

Then to Suzy’s chagrin she turned up her little skirt. Suzy was a short cute brunette with a really cute rear end, and there it was, sticking up clad in those flimsy panties, right over that woman’s knee. She could have been her mother, preparing to spank an errant daughter for some disobedient act. She picked up the leather paddle and started to apply swats, peppering Suzy’s cute seat with a spank about every couple of seconds. The women watching counted each smack in unison so what you heard was, “Whack! One. Whack! Two. Whack! Three.” It was like a chant.
They weren’t real hard swats, but Suzy said later they did sting. She kind of wiggled as the paddle smacked one bottom cheek then another. Her bottom got pretty red too, so I’d say it wasn’t a trivial paddling, although the whole thing was being played for laughs. 

“Well, that was just the beginning. When it came time for the party to start, Mrs. Foster dropped the bombshell. There were to be contests all through the night with prizes and forfeits. The committee had cooked this up after they’d “bought” us, but they offered to donate a lot more if we were willing. How could we say no? When they mentioned forfeits, we all cringed. We could guess that these ladies aimed to have fun reliving their old sorority days with us as the unfortunate pledges on the other end of the paddle. Sure enough, a couple of the committee members produced paddles which they now brandished and each and every one of them sported wide grins as they explained the rules. But all the money was going to go to the charity of our choice so there was no way we girls could back out gracefully. It was a big competition among sororities to see who could raise the most money and our sisters would have been very disappointed and angry if we’d thrown away a golden opportunity like this to score some extra money. We would have all been branded as cowards.

We’d be serving drinks and food, they said, and woe betide anyone who dropped an hors d’ouvre or spilled a glass of wine. Well, we served snacks and fetched drinks. If we were caught with an empty tray or got a drink order wrong, it was one demerit. And it was great sport for all the ladies there to do things to try and trip us up. The committee ladies kept score. I mean we kept hearing an amused guest saying things like, “Oh, Claire, this one got my drink order wrong” or “This little lady was out of canap├ęs just as I walked up.” They seemed to delight at the looks on our faces as we got dinged with another demerit.

The way it was going to work, at the end of the dinner the demerits would be totaled and everyone was going to retire to the living room to announce the winners and losers. The losers were to be the bottom three of us. The top three would get gift certificates. They had it all planned but we didn’t know how it was going to work. But we did know that half of us were probably going home with hot bottoms that night.

Somehow we got through the evening and everyone was invited into the living room for the final tally---the evening’s entertainment. First the winners were announced. I am glad to say I came in third so as a prize I got a gift certificate for $100. After Suzy’s spanking she had stepped up her game and had come in second. Nan Webber I remember was first. That left Brina, Misty, and Lily, our other sorority sisters, sort of in the dock. Attention now turned to them. That was one apprehensive bunch, let me tell you, and those society matrons were eyeing these girls with outright glee at their predicament.

It turned out that the penalties would be progressive with the milder stuff dished out first and then the harder forfeits later. So if you were last, you got three penalties applied, not just one. To raise the extra money they were going to auction off who would do the “honors’—the ladies would bid for the right to carry out the forfeit. There was an undercurrent of excitement at this and I suspect that many of these well heeled matrons were just itching to get their hands on a paddle so they could warm our bottoms for us.

So Brina, Misty, and Lily were paraded up there like galley slaves for the auction. The first forfeit was a simple old fashioned spanking by hand. It would be timed with an egg timer—three minutes to do your worst on the pretty bottoms of the three losers. The bidding was intense, but one woman, an older woman named, I think, Millie Danforth won the right to spank all three of them. There was a lot of laughing and chatter about this, like was she up to it? Was her arm strong enough? Those kinds of things. Well, let me tell you, she looked very capable and Brina, Misty, and Lily were all pretty nervous.

The reason was that Millie was a big robust woman in her early fifties who was solidly built. She was almost six feet tall and had wide shoulders and muscled legs. And she said something like, “Don’t worry ladies. I’ve raised three daughters and two sons and many was the night when this hand did double duty warming some disobedient bottoms.” She called for a straight backed armless chair to be put in the center of the room. Everyone crowded around. Millie made a big show of putting on a long opera glove---to protect her hand, she said. That got another laugh. The girls knew it would make little difference to their tender bottoms. It just meant she could spank harder. 

The first to go across her lap was little Brina. Brina was only five feet tall and maybe weighed ninety pounds; a cute girl but tiny. Millie handled her like she was six years old. Her body was up off the floor completely, her legs dangling and her arms fluttering around. The big woman just pressed her left hand in Brina’s back and with her right she flipped up that short skirt and peeled down Brina’s little panties. Brina squealed at this indignity. “I didn’t know it was going to be bare!” she yelled. But Mille just said, “Hush, girl. All spankings I give are on the bare bottom.” The women watching all chuckled and commented on how cute Brina’s bottom was. And she did have a cute butt. It was very pert and sort of prominent for her frame, two really jouncy little cheeks.

Somebody came out of the kitchen with a three minute hourglass egg timer. She said, “Millie are you ready?” Millie nodded, smiling broadly like she was really going to enjoy this, and rubbing and patting Brina’s cheeks. Brina, meanwhile, was squirming and looking back anxiously. The other woman turned over the hourglass and said ‘Begin.’

 Millie started right up. She started in spanking her with these real crisp precise smacks, about one per second. And they were hard. Pretty soon Brina was writhing and flutter kicking her legs, but she wasn’t going anywhere. The woman spanked from one cheek to the other and Brina was bucking around on her lap. That woman, Millie Danforth, really lit a fire in Brina’s bottom. It was obvious that knew how to spank. Her arm rose and fell like a triphammer, and each smack was dead on target. That leather glove splatted on one cheek then the other in this methodical rhythm that never slowed down. I guess she meant to make the most of her three minutes. The woman never missed a beat.  Brina’s bottom got really red in that three minutes before the woman let her up. Brina was trying to hold  back the tears, but her eyes looked watery. I think that spanking had really stung.”

“Wow, so she did it for real?” said Joyce.

“Oh, yeah. Later I heard her say that she liked to give spankings to deserving young ladies. And you know, I even think some of the women in attendance at the party seemed sort of interested.”

“So did she spank the others just as hard?”

“She sure did. I think with Brina she was just warming up. Lily was next. She was dark haired, sort of slender but she danced ballet so her bottom and legs were well developed. She took it the best, I think, but she squirmed too as Millie’s palm smacked her wriggling little fanny until it turned red and the sand ran out. The last was Misty. She was a tall redhead, busty and long legged, like a showgirl. She went over Millie’s knee too and had her panties peeled down. Her bottom was a bit bigger, but really full and nicely rounded.”

Joyce wryly observed, “You almost seem to be a connoisseur female fannies, Gwen.” 

Gwen laughed, ”Honey, in this sorority we all were. It was either your shapely behind on the line or you held the paddle.”

Gwen continued, “anyway Misty got it good too. Millie spanked up one side and down the other of Misty’s bottom. Her cheeks would wobble with the smacks and she couldn’t stop kicking her legs either. She really squirmed around for what I’m sure was the longest three minutes of her life. When Millie was done her bottom cheeks were beet red. I think that glove might have made it sting even more. Anyway she was standing there hissing “Whew! Whew! Whew!” through her teeth and rubbing like crazy.

“Then they announced the first results. One of the girls was now done. The other two went to the next round. Lily breathed this big sigh of relief when they read her name, but Brina and Misty got these awful expressions on their faces. So Lily joined us over on the side while they took a break to let the girls cool off a bit. We served wine while Brina and Misty stood in a corner. 

“After a fifteen minute break, they announced the next forfeit. It turned out to be twenty smacks with the leather paddle they had used earlier. As before, they auctioned off the right to wield the paddle, and two different women won and came up. One at a time Brina and Misty came forward and bent over, hands on the seat of a chair which had been pulled out into the center of the room. With much ceremony panties were peeled down revealing cute bare bottoms, now flushed pink from the prior spanking. Each winning bidder took up the paddle laid on twenty slow and deliberate smacks. Both of the girls jerked as the swats fell. I mean they’d been spanked a few minutes before so their bottoms were already warm and stinging. Still, the leather paddle wasn’t real a real severe implement and they were troopers and made it through; but I know they both dreaded the final result. It meant one of them was done, but one was going to get the next penalty and I was afraid it would be the wooden sorority paddle.

There was this breathless hush as they announced the last forfeit. Claire produced a piece of paper and read from it, “The fifth place finisher and therefore exempt from the last forfeit is---Brina.” We gasped. It meant red haired Misty would get whatever had been reserved as the last penalty of the evening. Misty’s face fell. We all winced with her but she was sent to the corner while they announced what it would be. One of the other ladies walked up and handed Claire the wooden paddle. That’s what we all had feared and now Misty was going to get it.

Claire said,  “Ladies now we come to the final forfeit which goes unfortunately to Misty. Turn around so we can all see you, dear.” Misty turned around. “As you can see, she is a lovely girl and very brave. But this is her sorority and is sometimes subject to discipline with the sorority paddle. Isn’t that right, dear?” Misty nodded yes, not very enthusiastically.
“Well, tonight is one of those nights. Our last penalty for tonight’s most demerits is…ten whacks, bare behind.” Misty looked shocked. Ten was as much as anybody got at one time. “Who wishes to bid the give Misty her paddling?’

The bidding was fast and furious. It seemed there were a lot of ladies who wanted to paddle Misty’s jouncy behind. The winner was a young athletic woman with short blonde hair named, I think, Barbara something or other. I remember she had these steel grey eyes, very intense. They called Misty to come forward. I’ll never forget that scene. Barbara took the paddle and patted her palm with it. She looked like she had handled one before. She stood quite still for a moment all the while staring into Misty’s eyes. Then she said, “Are you a brave girl, Misty?” Misty was sort of taken aback. She stammered, “I don’t know.”

“Will you be my brave girl, Misty?” Misty didn’t know what to say, but finally she croaked out a ‘yes’. Then this woman, holding the paddle with one hand, with the other she pulled Misty’s head forward and kissed her squarely on the lips. She held her for a few seconds. You could have heard a pin drop. Then she pulled away. She gestured with the paddle and said, “Misty, I know you will be. Now pull down your panties, please.” Misty blushed again and pulled her skirt up so she could hook her fingers in the little panties and slide them down.

“Now turn around and bend over. Hands on your knees.”

Misty bent over and this thrust her bottom back. Barbara flipped the little skirt up so it was up on her back and stood to Misty’s left, marking her distance. She placed the paddle on Misty’s bottom to gauge her distance, patted it a few times then pulled her arm back.

Her arm was a blur coming forward and the paddle landed with a loud crack!
Misty went, “Ahh…aiee!” and jerked. Her body wobbled on those high heels. The paddle left a deep red band on her bottom which was already red.
She lined up another and Whack! She smacked Misty again right on the crowns of her bottom. Misty was gasping pretty audibly and shuffling around, so Barbara said, “Be still, Misty.” Misty finally got herself under control and Barbara praised her for being ‘my brave girl.’ Then she dealt another solid smack with the paddle that made Misty partially raise up. Barbara just pushed her gently back down with her hand on her back and whispered something in her ear. The she took her stance and let fly with another solid swat.

It was like a duet. Barbara with the paddle and Misty bent over presenting her red fanny worked together to entertain those ladies. Barbara basically coached her through it, giving her words of encouragement, gently placing her back in position, being firm and commanding sometimes, but always wielding the paddle firmly, applying crisp shots with it that literally rang off of the walls. Her buttocks flattened when the paddle struck then bounded back into shape. In between licks Misty wriggled her bottom sort of shamelessly, her cheeks jiggling as she shuffled from one foot to the other.

When Barbara announced ‘ten’, everyone applauded. It had been quite a performance. She hugged Misty and gave her a kiss. Then she led her off by the hand, to find an empty bedroom she said, and apply some lotion. We did not see either of them the rest of the night.

That was it except for clean-up, but Claire said not to bother and we got dressed to leave. We couldn’t help but notice though, that several women seemed to have paired off and were headed for empty rooms. We saw a couple of young women follow Millie into an empty room and close the door. After I got dressed and was walking by the door I know I heard squeals and smacking sounds.

“Wow! That is amazing. I’ve never heard of anything like that. You say they were a bridge club?”

“Yes, all wealthy, stylish and very sophisticated women. I think they met on Fridays or something.”
Gwen's Sorority Days is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The Amazon link is HERE