The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Sunday, March 2, 2014

An Age Play Story--Becky Thatcher Gets a Switching

 We all remember the scene in Tom Sawyer where Tom takes Becky's whipping. Over the years the dynamic of the Tom/Becky duo has inspired many a spanking fantasy. This is another one. It was not written by me. I don't write age play stories although I know they are very popular with a segment of the readership. This one was written in 2001 as close as I can tell, by someone named "Gary", whose handle, email and identity are lost in the mists of time by now. So this is Gary's account of an age play/role play scene with his wife based upon the characters in Tom Sawyer. It's a bit over the top, but remember it's a fully consensual scene between lovers.

Becky Thatcher Gets a Switching.

  “Good Morning Becky” I say to Pamela. Pretending it is daylight even
   though night has arrived.

   “Good Morning Daddy” Pamela replies.

 “Well you had a big night at the picnic didn’t you?” I ask Pamela. “Becky
   I will be home just after dark tonight from work. I want to talk to about
   last nights little escapade.”

   “Okay Daddy.” Beams Pamela. She’s happy after all her and Tom were
   instrumental in the downfall of the murderer Indian Joe.

 “And Becky I expect you to standing in the corner waiting for me” I tell

   ”In the Corner, Why? Did I do something wrong.” Ask Pamela nervously.
   “Did I not tell you on more than one occasion that those caves were
   dangerous and off limits”, I angrily point out to my daughter. “You may
   think you’re a hero but tonight when I get home; you my little hero shall
   be going to bed with a well spanked bottom.”
   “OH No Daddy. Please it’s not fair. Tom talked me into going in. After all
   everything turned out OK.” Pamela explains.
   “I talked to Tom’s Aunt Polly and when he gets home from school today his
   little bottom is in for a spanking all on it’s own.” Talking to Pamela
   further I explain “and just because things turned out OK does not excuse
   your disobedience.”
   With that I walk out the front door of the house. I stand on the porch for
   a few minutes knowing that in the house Pamela scurrying to the corner as
   our imaginary clock races forward ten minutes in reality becoming 10 hours
   in our fantasy. As I open the door it is night in both fantasy and
   I am wearing shirt, string tie and jacket lending to fantasy of being an
   1850’s Judge. I am 6’1” inches tall, brown hair, brown eyes in pretty good
   shape even though I have developed a small set of love handles. I enter
   the house and walk from the entry to the living room and standing in the
   corner is my daughter Becky.

   I really like playing this game with Pamela, her red hair, light
   complexion and freckled face fit wonderfully with the way I imagine Becky
   would look from Mark Twain’s description. As walk in and sit down on the
   sofa I look at Pamela who fidgets a little and start’s turning her head
   toward me.
   “Becky you face that corner, don’t say anything and don’t move. I am going
   to read my paper in peace. I want you to stand there a think for a while
   about your actions and disobedience” I grab my newspaper and fake reading
   it while I watch Pamela stand facing the corner bouncing from foot to
   foot. She is dressed in long dress to represent the clothing of the
   period. Her fingers are clasped behind her back and wringing each other
   like she is squeezing water from a cloth.

   Finally after 10 minutes of this torture I say. “Ok young lady get over”
   slowly Pamela turns and shuffling her feet walks within a few feet of me.
   Just out of my reach. “Right her in front of me young lady” I sternly
   address my way ward daughter. Pamela inches forward and reaching out with
   my hand, I grab her arm drag right in front of me. I turn her and deliver
   to her bottom 2 hard swats with my hand.

“You better get in your mind to do exactly what I tell you or the spanking
   you receive will be all the more severe.” I tell Pamela.

   “Daddy please don’t punish me. I won’t disobey again. After all everybody
   at school told Tom and I what heroes we are and everything.” Pamela pleads
   her case hands now in front of her but with same wash rag ringing motion.

   “Becky, did I tell you were not to go near the caves on the way to the
   picnic yesterday.”

   “Yes daddy” Pamela replies

 “And didn’t I remind after we had our dinner and you asked to go for 
   walk with Tom” I inquire.

   “Yes daddy” Pamela whispers.

“Then you disobeyed me. I told two different times and still you went into
   those caves” I lecture Pamela. “When I think of the things that could have
   happened. Well you and Tom aren’t really hero’s you are both very lucky
   children that disobeyed the rules set for you.” Crossing my hands and
   looking intently at Pamela I continue. “Becky you disobeyed me and now
   your going to pay for it.” “I have decide a switching is called for”

   “Oh no daddy please that hurts so much” Pamela pleads.

 “First there will of course be the paddling to get bottom red and ready
   for the switch” Ignoring Pamela’s pleads. “I left near the back door the
   hedge shear. Becky you get outside and cut me a switch.”

   “Oh daddy” Pamela says. Then she tries a little negotiation. “Daddy one
   set of six is going to be enough right”.

 “Becky I told you two times not to go near the caves, so two sets of six
   strokes with the switch is what you will get.” I inform Pamela. “Becky
   remember the switch you cut better be able to last though all 12 strokes.
   If it breaks you will have to cut another one and your switching will
   start over. Also you will not be allowed to put your clothing back on when
   you set out to cut another”.

   “Daddy your not going to spank me bare are you” Pamela pleads “I am 12 I’m
   getting to hold for you to see me naked.”

 “Becky as long as you live in this house and do something wrong you will
   never to be to old to spank and you will always be spanked in the nude” I
   sternly tell Pamela. “Now you get out side and cut me a switch from the
   Hickory tree and be Quick about it” I turn Pamela sideways and deliver two
   resounding swats to her bottom.

   Pamela quickly scurries toward the back door grabbing and rubbing her
   bottom on the way.

 As I hear the back door shut I go stand near the window and watch as
   Pamela looking around, probably hoping no one figures out what she is up
   to, walks toward the hickory tree in my back yard shears in hand. I watch
   as cuts a switch and before trimming it she swings it a couple times. Not
   satisfied she cuts another, finally on the third attempt Pamela finds a
   switch she seems satisfied with and begins trimming the branches. Once it
   is cleaned she lightly taps her bare arm wit it and I see her shudder as
   she heads toward the house.

   I quickly return to the sofa as Pamela enters the back door and comes
   toward me. She hands me the switch. The switch is about the thickness of
   my thumb tapering to the size of my little finger towards the front. A
   well chosen switch that should last through all 12 strokes except where
   Pamela has trimmed the branches about mid way down there is a slice
   cutting into the branch. Whether Pamela did this on purpose or not I know
   the switch is only going to last for 5 or 6 strokes before it breaks. This
   of course will mean a trip for Pamela in the nude back outside to cut
   another switch.

 “OK Becky I hope it lasts” Stand right here front of me“ I order Pamela. I
   turn her around and start unbuttoning her dress.

   “Daddy please do the spanking on my underclothes.” Pamela whimpers “it
   will hurt almost as much and I am going to be to embarrassed for you to se
   me naked. Please Daddy”

 “Becky” I exclaim again smacking her bottom. “Enough of the pleading. You
   will be naked for this spanking.” I will leave with your socks and shoes
   in case you need to fetch another switch. But other than that you will
   wear nothing else.”

   With that statement I slide her dress down off her shoulders and turning
   her around Pamela steps out of the dress that now at her feet. I set the
   dress aside and reach down to hem of her slip I lift and pull it up and
   over head.

 Pamela stands before dress in white cotton bra and panties. They are both
   sheer enough that I can see her erect nipples under the bra and the dark
   patch of her pubic under her panties.

   “Please daddies, not naked” as I reach out and again turn her facing away.
   This plea earns her a couple of hard swats on her now panty covered

 “Ouch’ that hurts please daddy” Pamela continues to whimper.

   “Becky you stop that whining” and unhook bra spin Pamela around and slide
   her bra down and off. Pamela breasts are full and very white with
   beautiful pink nipples. I can tell she’s excited because her nipples are
   small, hard and tight. Her hand goes up to cover her breasts and I smack
   it aside. “Becky you keep your hands at your sides don’t you dare try to
   cover up”

 I now reach forward and grab the elastic of the panties and slow draw them
   down. Pamela always excites me when here pubic area is exposed she has
   sort of rust colored bush and the are beneath around her vagina is very
   red. As the panties comes down I feel they are slightly wet from Pamela’s

   “Ok Becky you go over to the book shelf and get the paddle.” I order

  Pamela turns and walks over to book shelf, the paddle is kept on the
   bottom shelf and as Pamela bends over I see a three or four pink marks on
   full sexy bottom from the hand whacks she has already received.

   “Hurry up Becky” I order. Pamela jumps up and rushes back, hand's me the
   paddle. The paddle is basically along the lines of a ping pong paddle.
   It’s oval shaped and delivers a stinging swat when hitting soft butt
   I set the paddle down on the sofa next to me reach out with a hand either
   of Pamela’s hips draw her closer. Looking up into Pamela’s blue eyes I
   ask. “Becky why are getting this spanking.”

 “Because I disobeyed you” Pamela whispers.
   And then with out further ado I turn Pamela and pull her force fully
   across my knees. I push and pull her a little settling her into a
   comfortable position for me to spank. I reach down pick up the paddle and
   rest it on upturned cheeks.

   “Becky I am gonna start spanking you know and I want to remember each swat
   the next time you think about disobeying me.’ And with that I draw the
   paddle way back swing swiftly down connecting to the very center of
   Pamela’s left cheek.

“OWW oh daddy please that’s too hard.” Janet cries out. “Bamm the paddle
   crashes down on the right cheek. “Ouch OWW no daddy, I’ll be good please.”

   I ignore the pleas from my wayward child working my way up and down
   Pamela’s reddening bottom. Covering both cheeks and the tops of both legs
   to mid thigh. With each swat the cries coming from Pamela intensify and
   finally her hands jump back to protect her swollen bottom.

 I grab both hands with my left hand twisting them up high on Pamela’s back
   out of the way and continue spanking. After thirty firm whacks to her legs
   and butt I stop.

   “Oh daddy” Pamela cries, “ please it’s enough I’ve learned my lesson.”

 Breathing a little heavy from my effort I rest the paddle on Pamela’s
   “Becky I am going to give a four more swats with the paddle. I want you to
   put your hands out of the way and keep them there’. If they get in the way
   I will add 10 swats to your spanking.” “ now move your hands”

   “Yes daddy” and Pamela slowly move her hands from behind her back and
   stretch them in front of her. Reaching down I feel her wrap her hands
   around my pants cuff.

 I take a few seconds to study the damage I’ve done to Pamela’s upturned
   butt and legs. I find this view very erotic. I have a hard on since I
   pulled Pamela across my lap and the twisting and turning of her naked body
   on my lap has gotten me close to bursting.
   Resting slowly things recede and picking up the paddle I draw it way back
   and strike the exact center of Pamela’s right cheek.

   Pamela strains forward on my lap “OW” she cries out and continues to sob
   as I draw back hit the center of the other cheek. Pamela jerks forward
   lets out another yelp. I deliver the next two blows one to each cheek at
   the line where it meets the leg. The cries after the blows from Pamela if
   anything are more intense than before. Setting the paddle aside. I grab
   Pamela’s shoulders and pull her to standing position facing me.

 I then stand leading Pamela towards the corner I grab a wooden bar stool
   placed in the living room earlier for this game. I set it in the corner.

   “Ok Becky you sit up here on this stool and face the corner and think
   about the switching you are going to get.” I order Pamela.
   Slowly Pamela steps up and with gasp and cry lowers herself into a sitting
   position on the hard wooden seat.

I place the paddle back on the bookshelf and walk into the kitchen. I
   adjust myself. My erection is decreasing a little but still is very
   intense. Pour myself a glass of water and let Pamela stew over the
   switching she soon will be receiving.

   After about five minutes I return to the living room to Pamela squirming
   from cheek to cheek on the hard wood stool trying to relive some of the
   discomfort to her red bottom.

 “Becky, bring the stool out to the center of the room” I order Pamela as I
   pick up the switch.

   Pamela stands and turning toward me with tears in her eyes pleads, “Please
   daddy, don’t switch me. I’ll never disobey again. I promise.”

“Well Becky, I really hope you don’t disobey again but, you are now going
   to get a switching for disobeying me yesterday. Now no more of this
   delaying. Set that bar stool her in the center of the room” I say
   indicating a spot with the switch.

   Reluctantly Pamela drags the stool across the floor and sets it at the
   indicated spot. She looks into my eyes once again hoping for mercy from
   this fate, but seeing none says. “Ok daddy, I’m ready for my switching.”

“Brave girl, Becky.” I look with pride at my daughter. “Why are you
   getting this switching Becky.”

   “Because I disobeyed yesterday at the picnic.” Pamela answers.

“Ok Becky turn and face the stool.” I order. “Bend over laying your
   stomach on the seat. Reach your hands down and grab that cross bar.” I
   continue instructing Pamela. “Place your feet spread on the outside of the
   legs of the stool”

   Complying with my wishes Pamela head is hanging down the other side of the
   stool. Hands grasping the cross bars and she spreads her legs. The view of
   Pamela’s red swollen bottom and spreading vulva is wonderful. Pamela has
   very pink vulva and the rusty color of pubic hair and pink bottom makes
   the view from this angle very erotic.

“Becky after each stroke you may stand and rub your bottom, but when I
   tell you position I want you bent back over just like you are now with no
   complaining.” I instruct Pamela. “Just give me a hard time and see how
   many hits with the switch I will add. Do you understand?”

   “Yes daddy” Pamela whispers.

 I again examine the switch seeing the cut made about half way down. I
   smile to myself then drawing back my arm. Whoosh, smack I strike Pamela’s
   butt about 3 inches above center.

“OWWW! oh God”. Pamela stands up rubbing her bottom. “Oh daddy it hurts so
“It’s meant to hurt, isn’t it Becky.” I tell her. “If it didn’t hurt it
   wouldn’t be much of a punishment. Now back into position.”
 Pamela bends over. Swish! Crack! Swick! Goes the switch.
 “Ouch! Ouch! Oh Daddy.”

“Back into position, Becky, ” I say.

Smack, the fourth stroke lands. “OWW Daddy no!” Whack! Lands number five, and
   the switch breaks in half on contact.

   Pamela stands rubbing her butt after this strike has landed on the line
   where butt and legs meet and from experience I know it is a real stinger.
   “OWW! Daddy that one really hurt.” Pamela cries out.

“Becky turn around.” Pamela turns around thinking maybe a reprieve; the
   switching is ended but then sees the broken switch.

   “No, daddy please let pull my dress over my head. Please some one will
   see.” Pamela pleads with me.

 “Becky you should of thought of that when choosing your switch.” Setting
   the broken switch down on the couch I grab the arm of my naked daughter
   and lead her toward the backdoor.

 I live sort of in the country but there is a view of my backyard from two
   of my neighbors houses.

Opening the backdoor with Pamela in tow I step unto the back porch. “Ok
   Becky see if you can cut a switch this time that will last for 12
   strokes.” I tell Pamela as I hand her the trimming shears.

 Pamela looks from the back porch to see if anyone is watching and quickly
   steps down the steps away from the back porch light and scurries toward
   the hickory tree. Reaching up into the lower branches Pamela quickly pulls
   down a lower branch and cuts a four feet length. Just as she turns to turn
   towards the porch and me my neighbor’s Tom’s kitchen light goes on.

“Oh my God” Pamela says. And quickens her pace toward me.

   As she approaches and begins to step onto the bottom step of the porch I
   say to Pamela “Becky, don’t you need to trim that branch.”

“But daddy” Pamela replies still in character. “There is someone over
   there, they may see me.”

   “Then you better hurry up instead of wasting time.” I look firmly at her.
   “You will not get in this house until that switch is trimmed and ready. I
   would be careful to do a good job with it or you’ll be back out here

 “Oh daddy” Pamela whimpers as she turns her attention back to the branch
   and starts trimming it. Pamela’s face is flushed with embarrassment and

I know this is extremely embarrassing because the last time I played Tom
   Sawyer and Janet playing Aunt Polly, dear neighbor Tom caught me outside
   nude cutting a switch. I’m quite sure that since that night Tom has set up
   watch looking for a repeat. He’s probably right now getting an eye full of
   Pamela’s well-spanked bottom as she trims the switch. After a couple of
   minutes of fevered work Pamela hands me the switch. I take a few minutes
   examining it and then pronounce. “It will do young lady”. I open the back
   door and Pamela breathing heavily enters and heads for the living room.

Upon entering the living room I find my daughter back in to position; bent
   over the stool. I reach back with the switch and send it swooshing down
   upon Pamela’s butt.

“OWW! OH Daddy.” Smack! I continue the switching working down to the
   center of Pamela’s thigh finishing the first best of six. There are now 10
   vivid red stripes across Pamela’ bottom purpling in contrast to the red
   background of the paddling. Five stripes from before the switch broke and
   then the first complete best of six.

I let Pamela stand and rub her bottom and listen to her softly cry. “Oh
   daddy please I promise never to disobey you again. Please daddy no more.”

 “Becky when we began I told you would be getting two best of six. Well
   when the switch broke you had four strokes. Now you know I shouldn’t count
   those but I will give you a break. I will count those 4 strokes, meaning
   you have two left.” I tell Pamela. “Becky, these last two strokes will be
   exceptionally hard and after each I want you to thank me for your spanking
   and switching and tell me how you are never going to disobey me again.”

Pamela looks at me and says “Thank you daddy” bends over into position and
   waits for the stroke.

   Reaching back with the switch I swing hard dead center of the back of her
   thighs. Pamela jumps up grabbing the back of her legs hollering and
   crying. “OWW, Oh God! That hurt’s.” I deliver the remaining strokes and finally Pamela turns to me and says,
   “Thank You daddy for my spanking and switching, I promise not to disobey

 “Ok Becky get in position for the last stroke. Then afterwards there will
   be a little more corner time and then it will be over” I inform Pamela.

 Pamela turns bends over the stool. I deliver the heaviest blow yet dead
   center on her butt cheeks. “Ow! Thank you daddy. I deserved the spanking
   and switching.” Pamela squeals. “Please forgive me I will never disobey
   you again.” Pamela turns facing me. Tears are running down her cheek and
   she sobs in pain and humiliation.

I pick up the wooden stool placing it in the corner I break the switch
   into four pieces and then pick up the broken switch doing the same to it I
   place the all the pieces on the seat of the bar stool. Guiding Pamela onto
   the stool she ease her well-spanked fanny down onto the broken switches.

 “Becky you will sit now for a while and contemplate your punishment.” I
   tell her.

“Yes daddy” Pamela replies.
 I sit on the sofa and watch Pamela squirm trying to find a seat she can
   bear, the broken branches poking her very soar bottom. Finally after six
   or so minutes I say, “Ok Becky come over here.” I gather my daughter/wife in my
   arms hugging and comforting her.

   Breaking character, I ask Pamela, “How you doing?”

   Pamela replies. “Horny”.

Getting up we adjourn to the bedroom where Pamela lies on the bed while I
   strip. Slowly I kiss her mouth and work my way down and using my mouth
   bring her to a tremendous climax. Shortly there after she returns the
   favor and I explode in her suckling mouth.

   We spend the rest of the night hugging kissing and make love a couple of
   more time reliving the fantasy in conversation.


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