The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Saturday, March 29, 2014

More TED Excerpts--F/M Style

Readers should know that Ted and the Suburban Spanking Club has some pretty robust F/M content. In addition to some flashbacks there is some real time action as the club gets down to some serious "spank poker."

Now the players were Jill and Kyle. The other girls hooted and clapped as Kyle stripped down to a t-shirt and y-briefs--red ones.

"," cooed Leslie.

"Mmmm...cute buns, Kyle," giggled Amy. The little minx.

"Well, young man," said Jill, "just how are you going to pay for all those chips you lost...mmmm?"

Kyle had lost quite a bit. He was down 166.

"Uh...I guess with your uh hand Jill, and...b-bare, please."

Jill smiled broadly. "Ok then," she said, seating herself in the chair with a flourish, "you get right across my knee, Kyle, sunny side up!"

Kyle clambered across Jill's knee and presented his buns for the tanning. Jill slipped his pants down amid appreciative murmurs from the girls watching. Jill asked Kyle if he was ready then started to spank. She gave Kyle 10 hard slow splats on alternate cheeks to start, letting her hand rest on his butt after each one, sort of rubbing it in. The she spanked briskly in staccato flurries. This usually made Kyle arch his back and yelp, much to the delight of the girls. Kyle's behind got pretty red and I had to admit it was a pretty thorough spanking. It looked like it stung because by the end Kyle was bucking up and down and emitting little high pitched grunts with each swat. When it was over he jumped up rubbing his buns, oblivious to the fact that his equipment was on full display. I could see from the semi-turgid state of said equipment that the experience over Jill's knee had not been without its pleasurable aspect. So Kyle got a stiffy from being spanked. The look in his eyes as he regarded Jill was more one of admiration than anything else-- even as he tried to rub the sting out of his reddened fanny.

Kyle's luck doesn't seem to improve, for later....

"Next up is Jill and Kyle once again," announced Donna. "How do you want this bad boy?" she said to Jill.

"Hmmm...the payoff is 142, so I'll do this in parts. Let's see, I think 12 on his underpants by hand, then 50 bare, over my knee of course, then...I'll finish off with a good half dozen with the paddle."

Kyle developed a worried expression at this pronouncement.

Jill sat in the chair and crooked her finger at him. "Come to momma, Kyle, and get your little hiney over my knee."

To give Kyle credit, he did not shrink from paying the penalty. He walked over to the seated Jill and eased himself across her lap. He let her adjust him until his buttocks were positioned squarely across her knees. She patted his buns through the red briefs then raised her hand. The first 12 spanks were slow and solid, each one a muffled pistol shot. Kyle reacted with a little jerk as each spank splatted down.

"Lift up now, Kyle, momma's gonna give you what all you naughty boys need, a good ol' fashioned bare fanny tanning."

And that's what she gave him. Jill slipped Kyle's briefs down and let loose with a fast barrage of meaty smacks that had Kyle gasping and squirming. In fact, it looked to me like his wriggling was in time to Jill's hand as it flashed up and down impacting one side or the other, sometimes both. Jill's skirt had been pushed up and it also appeared that Kyle's squirming was taking place across bare thighs where his penis was probably rubbing in the confined space where her knees were clamped together. By the end of the spanking Kyle was gurgling audibly with each crack from Jill's capable palm and his bottom had taken on a fiery hue. Kyle was obviously aroused, but even so, watching Jill dish it out---well, I sure didn’t want to be Kyle.

When she had delivered the last smack she said, "Up you get Kyle sweetie, time for a visit from Miss Paddle."

Kyle blushed as he stood up and the reason why was obvious to all. Kyle's cock was practically standing straight out.

"Oh, my, Jill," quipped Donna, "your bad boy likes being bad."

"Was that a real busted flush, or were you just glad to lose to mommy Jill, Kyle?" laughed Amy. Everyone else got their one-liner in while Kyle tried to brazen out the state of his arousal.

I don't know. You put Kyle and Jill together and somehow Kyle manages to lose. Maybe there is an ulterior motive at work.

We stood around for awhile chatting (losers rubbing). Somebody filled some plastic bags with ice and presented them to Kyle, Amy and Diane. Much hilarity. Remember, we were all well lubricated by this time. Then things started to break up. Not surprisingly Kyle left with Jill.

"She's got plans for that boy," said Amy with a knowing smirk.

I'll bet she does.

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