The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ted and the Suburban Spanking Club

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Ted is one lucky guy. He has, by chance, moved into a neighborhood populated by a group of fun-loving singles whose idea of a good time is a Friday night card game where the stakes are a little unusual. If you guessed strip poker you'd be close, but seeing as how this is a spanking blog, even Inspector Clouseau would probably get it right the first time. So as they say on the WPT, "let's go down to the felt." Here's a brief excerpt:

"Ok girls and boys," said Donna with a grin. "We finish this hand and see what's what."

I had folded. Amy, looking nervous, tried to bluff her way through it in an attempt to get into positive territory. But it wasn't much of a bluff in a High Chicago game where Jill had an ace of spades in the hole. Too bad.

"All right, Everyone count up," said a gleeful Jill.

I had 342 chips, so I was up. So was Donna. So was Jill. Amy was the big loser. She had lost 110. Leslie and Diane were down but not as much. Kyle was right in the middle. Everyone stood up and we moved away from the table and into the den.

"I guess it's me first, isn't it?" said Leslie. "I'm down 35 and I have to buy from Jill, so let's see, I'll take 7 paddle licks on my panties."

"Always a pleasure to sell you more chips, Leslie," laughed Jill. "But you know the rule. Strip down to your skivvies, girl."

Leslie stripped down to a very fetching light blue lace bra and panty set, while Jill picked up the paddle.

"Right here, honey," said Jill, gesturing with the paddle to a spot right next to her. "Hands on your knees and stick it out."

Blushing, Leslie bent over gingerly, hands on her knees. This pushed her adorable bottom out. Jill tapped the rounded cheeks with the paddle.

Splat! "Oooh"

Smack! "Yeouch!"

Splat! Smack! Two in a row. Leslie's bottom did a delicious little wiggle.

"Oooh, Jill, that smarts!"

"You look just adorable, dear." Jill drew back the paddle again and whipped it down on the pertly presented backside. Splat! "ow!" Smack! "Ow...ow!"

"One more, Leslie, here goes..." Splat! "Ouch!" yelled Leslie and shot up straight, hands clutching her seat. Leslie faced us her mouth a wide "O" as she rubbed.

"Ok, who's next?" asked Jill.

"Uh, I think it's me, unfortunately, and I have to buy 44 chips from...oh, God... Ted," said Diane, as she realized that I was the second highest winner.

Taking a deep breath, Diane began divesting herself of her outer clothing. She was wearing a kind of tight sarong wraparound skirt which she unhooked and tossed over a sofa. This left her in a wispy black bikini panties and a black top which she unbuttoned to reveal a black push-up bra. She had nicely shaped but not large breasts. As she turned away I noted her shapely behind, the edges of the pear-shaped cheeks peeking out from the sides of the skimpy black panties.

"I guess I'll pay in increments of two, Ted, so I'll take them bare butt. How do you want me?"

Hmmm...a delicious prospect. My brain was still not registering the fact that I was about to spank the bare behind of this lovely woman as a card game forfeit.

"I guess we'll do this the old fashioned way," I said pulling up a sturdy chair from the table, "drape yourself over my knee, Diane."

Blushing, Diane walked around to my right side and gingerly lowered herself across my lap. The feel of her nearly nude delectable body over my knee was almost painfully arousing. I slipped my fingers into the elastic of the flimsy panties and tugged. Diane raised herself a little so that they slipped down to her knees revealing a shapely bare seat, plump ovals with little dimples in the sides. I patted her bottom. It was springy, resilient. The feel of her smooth wobbly fanny was intoxicating. She gave a little wriggle.

"Twenty-two, right?" I said.

"That's right, Ted," laughed Donna, "go ahead and exact payment--good and hard."

I needed no further prompting and proceeded to smack Diane's delicious bottom. Splat! The left cheek wobbled. A red handprint came up. Spank! A little harder on the right. Splat! dead center. "Oooch...ow...", Diane gave a little jump.

"That's putting some steam into it, Ted, make her squirm," encouraged Donna.

 I proceeded to spank Diane's wobbling fanny 19 more times without pause. The feeling of my palm hitting those soft satiny bottom cheeks was electric. My hand flattened each rounded summit with a splat! that caused a jiggle and left a red handprint. I spanked on alternating sides and kept up a steady pace so I guess the spanks fell at intervals of about 1 or 2 seconds apart.

"Yeowch...ow...nhhh....ow..." Diane wasn't shy about vocalizing her distress.

"That's giving it to her good, Ted," said Jill clapping her hands in glee.

After the first few Diane started squirming a bit, and I must have done a good job because by the end my hand stung.

"Ok, all done," I said flipping her upright.

She looked at me with an astonished expression. Her hands flew to her seat and she rubbed. "Wow! You can spank! I hope I don't lose to you again." This last comment said as she pulled her pants back up, giving me a glimpse of soft curls hiding her womanhood. Did I detect moisture glistening there?


River Wild said...

Great excerpt, much better than traditional strip poker!

Rollin said...

Well, rest assured there's lots more where that came from.