The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Writing Process Blog Hop

I was tagged in the Writing Process Blog Hop by Cara Bristol, a lovely and very talented writer of spanking/BDSM themed romantic fiction. Her Sci-fi  “Breeder” series is very popular and rolling along like a juggernaut. She also has written a series based upon a BDSM club called “The Rod and Cane Society,” also highly recommended.

So the way this works, I have to answer 4 questions. They are set out below.

What am I working on?

Right now I have several things going, and it always seems that way, that projects run in parallel. First there is a novel to be published by Stormy Nights that is a medieval romance based very loosely on the old classic, The Prince and the Pauper. Except this time the role switching involves an abducted princess who must seek help from an outlaw to regain her rightful place. In addition, the girl impersonating the princess is a pawn of the same sinister forces, and must join up with a brave knight to find the princess and save the kingdom. Naturally both couples become romantically involved, and in both cases it’s about being jerked out of the life you knew and thrust into a wholly different existence. It’s also about the problems inherent in romantic attractions between people who are from different strata of society.

Another project is the re-editing of an old classic called “A Guy at Girl’s Poker Night” to be retitled as “Suburban Fantasies” and self published on Amazon and other platforms. This one is reminiscent of the old Will Henry type of spanking fiction from the 60’s.

Finally I’m working on a new collection of F/M stories that might be published as volume 4 in the “Strict Ladies” series. These are going to be very sexually charged F/M stories.

How Does My Work Differ from Others in the Genre?

When it comes to the spanking story genre, I’m more plot-driven than others. Most spanking stories don’t bother too much with plot outside of the essential action. But I do. I try to tell a story first that’s compelling in its own right and then merge that with a spanking romance or erotica element. The idea is to combine the two seamlessly. The spanking romance writers already do this, but that’s almost a whole separate genre. My work differs from theirs in that my books are not always romances that follow traditional romance novel conventions. They can be crime dramas or thrillers, for example.

Why Do I Write What I Do?

At first, way back at the turn of the century, I wrote for me. I had read a lot of spanking fiction (my preferred medium) but I was tired of the stereotypes so common to the genre. I wanted more plot, more vivid and unique characters. I’m a huge consumer of fiction in the mystery, thriller, sci-fi and horror genres, and so that’s what I wanted to write, only with spanking erotica layered in. At heart, I’m a storyteller and entertainer. I like entertaining folks. My stories garnered some favorable comment on various internet boards like LSF, and I kept at it. Eighteen months ago I discovered Amazon’s self publishing platform, KDP. I stuck my toe in the water and sold a few books. Then it got bigger.  Now it’s a part time enterprise for me.

What is my Writing Process?

It starts with an idea banging around in my head that won’t leave me alone. Or, I see something—a scene on TV in some drama, a book I read---and I ask myself, “ok what if…?”
The “what if” is the layering in of a spanking-related element. An example is the eBook, The Menace from Mongo. I was watching the old Flash Gordon serial on Netflix and laughing at the cheesy script and production values and thought “but what if there was this corporal punishment culture on Mongo?” Set up the right circumstance and one can always substitute flogging for a heat ray torture or something. Thus a story was born.

Anyway, then I decide on POV. I usually adopt a third person limited POV which means the action is seen through the experience of one person at a time. I shift this POV, but only between a couple of main characters, and never within the same scene, so every scene “belongs” to one character.

Then I start writing. I have a loose idea of the plot and I have a notion of how it ends, at least in the broad sense. But I let situations and characters develop as I go. That’s because things occur to me in mid story (another ‘what if’ moment). I write a condensed version of the whole thing. I know I’m going to come back and embellish later, but I want the essential story in this first version.

Then I go back, adding here, cutting there, until I have a real first draft. Then I put it down and go do something else. When I come back to it, I can be more critical and rewrite what bothers me. When I have a second draft I scan it for errors like echos, tense changes, typos etc. I won’t catch them all, so I try and find some poor soul who will beta-read it for me. After the beta reader is done, I go back through one more time and then it’s either plug it in to KDP or send it to the publisher for their take.

Now I know I’m supposed to “tag” someone, but as of today just about everyone I know has been tagged. I’ve asked Grant Antrews but have not heard back from him, so Grant, if you are reading this you are “it.” Grant is a superb writer of F/M erotica and I highly recommend that you trot on over to and see if he has picked up the gauntlet.


Grant Antrews said...

I'm certainly flattered to be "tagged" by Rollin, and since no one has told me what that means, I'm assuming that I'd better get on over to my blog and answer the same four questions.

Grant Antrews said...

I'm flattered to be "tagged" by Rollin, but as a newcomer to FB I can only guess at what that means. Based upon the above, I'm going to answer the same four questions on my blog. Then I guess I'll have to "tag" someone else. Hope they won't ask me to explain!

Cara Bristol said...

Nice to see spanking fiction branching out from romance--although romance is my preferred genre. I too like plots with my story. Congrats on your Cat story. You were "chrossed."

Rollin said...

That's all you need to do. I'll be looking for it.

Rollin said...

There is a lot of spanking fiction classified under "erotica" but those browsing in romance don't usually see it. The two seem almost like very separate genres to me.