The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bottom Justice

Here's another story by "rdbut", who also wrote under the name "Chuck Wilson" (see older post entitled Surrogate Mother). One interesting thing about Chuck is that he was actually published in print. You can find Chuck's stories at CF Publications. But in the 1980's you could find chuck's stories at Kinematics in New York City. At the time, Kinematics was a fetishist's mecca. It handled all sorts of obscure material and one was of the few outlets in the US that sold Nu-West media at retail. There is more Chuck Wilson material available at

Photos and artwork by
 Sassy Bottoms, George Churchward.


                                  Part One

     Valerie Thompson's mind was engaged in preparing for
the interview she was due to have with an educator in a
few minutes on the small television station where she was

     It seemed ironic to the pretty, brunette that the subject
of the interview was: "Is Corporal Punishment in Schools
Good or Bad?" It seemed so because, when she got home
that evening, there would be no such discussion, for the
matter had already been settled.

     At 24 years of age, Valerie would be offering her bare
bottom over her mother's lap for an old-fashioned spanking.

     It was not an unusual event in the Thompson household,
for she, her 16-year-old sister,  Susan and her older brother,
Brad, had been brought up to consider their buttocks as
more than just instruments to be sat on.

     Brad had married two years earlier and, in fact, lived
200 miles away, well out of reach of Laura Thompson's
hand. But, being a hyper-active teenager, Susan  spent
at least three evenings a month over the maternal lap. Since
her job didn't pay a great deal, Valerie continued to live at
home and, though she contributed to her own expenses, she
was still under the same house rules under which she had
grown up.

     Valerie did not mind or feel particularly threatened, for all
she had to do to avoid punishment by her mother was to
behave in a mature manner. Her spankings were nowhere as
frequent as they had been when she was a teenager, but,
being human, she was not immune from making mistakes that,
at times, resulted in a red, sore fanny. That evening was going
to be one of those times.

     "You're on in five minutes, Val," one of her co-workers
shouted through the door of the room in which she was
preparing. Picking up the paper upon which she had jotted
down some questions, she walked out to meet her guest.......

     Laura Thompson, proud of her daughters' early success
on TV, seldom missed one of Valerie's weekly Friday
afternoon programs and she sat diligently in front of the set
on this occasion, wondering how Valerie would handle the
subject of which she had so much experience.

     "So, Professor Brown," she said as the program wound
down, "you feel that spanking elementary and high school
students is proper is not only proper but beneficial, both to
the student and society."

     "Absolutely," he replied. "Parents in some communities 
may find it abhorrent that Jimmy or Sally has to suffer the
indignity of a spanking or paddling, but thank God those in
our district feel otherwise. Many years ago, when the board
first decided to make corporal punishment an option to
assigning extra homework -- which, by the way, the student
usually ignored -- it was first planned to give so many strokes
with the paddle over clothing.

     "A surprisingly number of parents not only approved of
the corporal punishment policy, but wanted to go even further.
One woman, who addressed the board, said, "Anytime my
Roberta misbehaves in school, I will expect her to be given
a good spanking on her bare bottom. That's how she gets it
at home."

     "Well, thank you, Professor," Valerie said, recalling only
too well her own painful experiences in school. "I'm afraid
our time is up, but I hope you will return another time. This
has been very interesting."

      As she left the set, after shaking hands with her guest,
Valerie thought with a wry smile, "Tonight will be very
interesting, too." She rubbed her right buttock symbolically.

     But she knew, as she began the 20-minute drive home,
that she deserved every spank that Laura would apply to her
bare cheeks. Not since she was a little girl did she go into a
spanking with a feeling of resentment. She knew that punishment
was to be given and received in the same manner -- with respect.

     Besides being her disciplinarian, her mother was also her best
friend and they spent many hours a month shopping together and,
when Valerie didn't have a date, they also attended movies or
concerts and sometimes dined out. She was always a firm
believer that one had to take the bad with the good, and that night
was going to be the former.

     But her main concern at spanking time was to make her mother
proud of her and not to act like a whiney child. She always bent
over the maternal lap humbly, offering her denuded buttocks up
for just punishment, and that was going to be the case later in the

     The session that night had also dominated Laura's thoughts much
of the day, and she was anxious to get it over with. She did not like
causing pain to her lovely elder daughter, but realized that Valerie
was the kind of young woman who never seemed to outgrow the
need for spanking.

     Both had come to an agreement years earlier that a spanking,
even one that compromised her sitting ability for awhile, was better
for both parties than an argument that left ill feelings. Once
Valerie's bottom had been sufficiently reddened, the air was cleared
and the matter closed. They could again become best friends.

     Valerie knew that, even in the event of a hard spanking, her
mother would be there to help her get her bottom back to a
reasonably sittable condition by the time she returned to work. That
was why any severe punishments were scheduled for Friday nights,
so that she would have the weekend to recover.

     Laura checked her watch and headed for the kitchen to get dinner
on the table. Susan was already in her room studying and Valerie
would be arriving soon.                                                   

                                      - - - - - - - -

     Hi, Mom. I'm home."

     Valerie's cheerful greeting was the same every night -- even on one
like this that would end with her being far from cheerful. She knew that
a very sound spanking awaited her after arriving home the previous
night with liquor on her breath.

     Laura knew that Valerie had probably not drunk enough to be
declared legally intoxicated, but she had always warned her daughter
about driving after drinking any amount. She had done the same thing
during Valerie's high school senior year and paid for it with a
blistered set of buttocks. Those buttocks were no doubt going to
meet the same fate on this night.

     "Hi, honey," Laura answered as her daughter walked into the
kitchen and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Did you have a good

     "Kinda hectic at times, but," the brunette answered with a wry
smile, "I'm sure it was better than my night is going to be."

     Her mother smiled and nodded in assent. "I'm afraid so, Valerie.
That was a stupid stunt you tried to get away with last night. You
know the old warning: 'Drinking and driving don't mix.' I don't want
to lose you, baby."

     "I know, Mom, and I'm sorry."

      The conversation suddenly ended as Susan entered the kitchen.
The dinner hour was not a time to be talking out unpleasant
subjects and spanking could well fall into that category.

     "Well, everything's on the table so we may as well sit down," Laura
said to her two offsprings.

     "Sit down?" Valerie knew those two words would be foreign to her
vocabulary for the remainder of the weekend as the took the chair
across from her mother and to the right of her sister. Susan was
unaware of her sister's impending punishment, having been asleep in her
room when Valerie arrived home the previous night..

     "There's a football game tonight, Val," Susan said excitedly. "Are
you going to go?"

     "No," Valerie replied with a wan smile. "Mom and I have a matter
to discuss after dinner."

     Susan knew all too well that a "discussion" between mother and
daughter that would overrule attendance at a game or other social
function was the code word for a "sound spanking." Not wanting to
become involved, she quickly changed the subject.

     The meal ended shortly before 7 o'clock. The three gathered the
dishes and put them in the dishwasher before Susan left for the game.

     "It's time, sweetheart," Laura told Valerie. "Let's get this over with.
Go put on your pajamas and I'll meet you in your room in 10 minutes."

     Valerie again smiled wanly at her mother and quickly headed for
the bedroom she shared with Susan. As she entered, she saw the
heavy, oak chair upon which her Laura would sit in the corner of the
room. She dutifully pulled it out until it was alongside the bed and in
front of the dressing table, then took her pajamas from a drawer and
began disrobing.

     When she had finished, she stood naked in front of the dressing
table mirror to inspect the body that, through exercise, had maintained
the shape of a teenager. Her tummy was flat, her 35-inch breasts
upstanding and, as she turned, she saw that her bottom cheeks were still
firm and well-rounded. They were also creamy white, a color they
would not retain much longer.

     She sighed and put on the top part of her pajamas, then stepped into
the pants and pulled them up. Everything in readiness, she sat on the
side of the bed to await her mother's appearance.

     When she arrived, Laura was carrying not only the long-handled,
ivory-backed hairbrush that had tanned the hides of Valerie, Susan and
Brad on numerous occasions in the past but also the razor strop that
had been handed down to their father by the previous generations. It
had been well cared for and the leather shone with the oil that kept it
fresh, some of which remained on the skin of the offending party.

     "Come over here, dear," Laura said as she sat on the sturdy,
armless chair, and Valerie, the moment of truth having arrived, got
up from the bed and approached her mother from the right side.
"Drop your pants and bend over my knees," was the next order.

     Slipping both hands into the waistband, she pushed the pajama pants
over her hips and let them fall to the floor. She then went meekly, face
down, over the punishment lap. Taking a bottle of skin conditioner
from the dressing table, Laura began to spread it liberally over the two
bare and twitching globes of her elder daughter's behind, her upper
thighs and along the vertical crack.

     Every time she prepared Valerie for punishment, she could not
help but compare the fully developed womanly buttocks with those
she spanked years earlier. No wonder boys had followed her home
from school when she wore slacks that accentuated the beautiful
set of cheeks.

     Valerie, though aware of the pain that was to follow, always felt
a sense of security over her mother's lap. After the dog-eat-dog
world of broadcasting, she was with someone who really cared for
her. She always knew she was being spanked for her own good.

     "Is there anything you'd like to talk about before we begin,
honey?" Laura asked while rubbing the lotion into the pores of the
skin. Often, Valerie found it easy to open up on various things that
might be bothering her while lying bare-bottomed over the
punishment lap and her mother always gave her that opportunity..

     "No, Mom, except that, once again, I'm sorry for disobeying
you last night," she replied.

     "I know you are," Laura said. "You will be forgiven and the
matter will be closed when this is over." She patted the skin to
make sure it was dry, then brought her palm down  with the first
spank that jiggled the right bottom cheek. A flurry of moderate
slaps followed as the warm-up preliminary to the harder
punishment was under way.

     As she felt the temperature on both sides of her spank spot
warming, Valerie was also feeling embarrassment -- not because
her bare bottom was turned up over her mother's lap, but because
of the offense that caused her present predicament at age 24. The
friend at whose house she was visiting insisted she have that drink,
but she didn't have to accept it. She knew what the result would
be if her mother found out, and that result was now being felt on
her backside.

     Spank ... Spank ... Spank ... Spank ... The entire area of
Valerie's buttocks and thighs were growing uncomfortably warm.

     "Owww ... Owwww ... Ohhhh ... Ouchhh ..."

     Looking into the dressing table mirror, she could see the top half
of her bottom, which had taken on a bright red hue and was wiggling
as much as her mother's hold around her waist would allow.

     The warm-up complete, Laura rubbed her palm tenderly over her
daughter's seat, then picked up the hairbrush and resumed the
punishment, but on a harder scale. And the seat began wiggling at a
more frantic pace.

     "Owwwwooo ... Mama .... Ohhhhh ...... please ... Ouch ...
Ouch ... Noooo ... Mama, please ..."

     It was usually at this point that Valerie reverted to childhood by
calling her mother "mama." She tried hard to take her spanking like a
lady under Laura's palm, but when the hairbrush was brought into
play, she began pleading like a girl half her age.

     Laura grimaced, knowing how much her daughter was suffering,
but she never failed to give the proper amount of punishment she
thought was due for the offense. And she had stressed the point on
all of her kids' bottoms at one time or another that she considered
drinking and driving a very serious matter..

     Working at the base of the behind, she spanked in an underhand
motion, causing the cheeks to roll upward with each impact of the
brush. Sparks seemed to shoot through the gluteal muscles, each
time igniting a larger fire. Tears streaked down Valerie's lovely face
and she kicked her legs, which eventually sent her pajama pants flying
across the room.

     Smack ... Smack ... Smack ... Smack ...

     Onto the thighs the brush went, bringing even higher and wider
kicking of the young brunette's shapely legs and that, in turn,
caused a spreading of the buttocks, leaving the more tender inner
parts more vulnerable. When a cherry red color had been achieved,
Laura put down the hairbrush and again rubbed the throbbing
bottom ovals.

     "As you know, Valerie," she told her crying daughter, "I use the
razor strop only for very serious infractions, and I consider drinking
and driving to be very serious indeed. So, I'm going to have you lie
on the bed over the pillows and, if you take the stropping well, I will
give you only five strokes -- all on the buttocks. If you don't, you
will get an extra five on your thighs. Is that understood?"             

     "Yes, Mom," Valerie replied between sobs.

     "Good. Then get up, I'll arrange the pillows and you will stretch
out over them."

     Valerie's hands were clutching each buttock as stood watching
the two pillows being placed one atop the other, then obediently, but
reluctantly, draped herself over them. Her bottom, already
threatening to blister, pouted upward as her mother picked up the
feared leather implement.

     Laura saw that the glowing moons were clenched tightly and told
her daughter to relax them. It was a task easier said than done, but
Valerie managed to comply, just before the first stroke landed with
solid impact.

     "YEEEOWWWW!" she screamed as it struck like a lightning
bolt, sending shock waves throughout her system.

     "YOWWOOOO!" The second blow fell, below but slightly
overlapping the first and both legs shot up in the air. Somehow,
she managed to keep her hands under her, thus preventing them
from flying back and possibly costing her those extra five strokes.
Her bottom felt like a stove will all burners set on "high."

     Laura gave Valerie about 30 seconds to recover between
strokes. When the last one landed, the young woman collapsed,
tears flowing freely and her now blistered buttocks twitching and
contracting involuntarily. Laura then sat beside her severely
chastised daughter and gently rubbed her hand over the burning

     "It's over, dear," she said softly, "and I hope I don't have to do
this again."

     "You-You won't, Mom," Valerie replied, looking back with
tears flowing down her face. "I'll never drink and drive again. Will
you put some burn lotion on my bottom?"

     "Of course, darling," her mother replied as she went back to the
dressing table to get the soothing medication. Valerie moaned softly
as it was gently applied.

     A few hours later, when Susan entered the bedroom after
returning from the game, she saw by the streetlight shining through
the window her sister still lying face down on the bed, her crimson
bottom left free of the covers.

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