The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Saturday, April 19, 2014

F/M Excerpt--The Menace From Mongo

I'll bet you had no idea that my Sci-fi adventure novella Menace From Mongo had an F/M scene in it. Actually it's a switch scene that features F/F spanking and sex and...never mind. Here it is. The entire ebook is available HERE. Also available from B&N, Kobo and Apple.

The artwork is from an unknown artist 

Flash awoke. He had been given something. A drought of some liquid. He also recalled a puff of gas shot into his face from a cylinder that had rendered him immobile. Now he was here, wherever this was. He was standing spreadeagled, chained between two posts. And he was naked, save for a brief loincloth.

“Ah, our guest awakes, ladies. Behold Flash Gordon of Earth.” Adrena reclined on a lounge. Several women, all of them young, stood around admiring the handsome earth man. “He is quite a specimen, don’t you think?”

“Why do you have me in chains, Adrena? I thought you were going to help us in our struggle against Ming.”

Adrena waved her hand, brushing aside his complaint. “All in good time. All in good time. But there is a price; an exchange, if you will.”

“And what is that?” Flash demanded. “And what have you done with my friends?”

Adrena frowned. “Zarkov is helping us build air defenses against Ming’s ships. Your Dale Arden, unfortunately is in custody. She foolishly handled sacred objects. For this she must be punished. Then she will be returned to you.”

“What do you want from me?”

Adrena smiled. “You shall see.” Adrena clapped her hands. “All of you, leave us---except for you, Thora.” Disappointment showed on the faces of the other women attending Adrena. Like her, they were all beautiful. Adrena was perhaps a few years older, it appeared. All the others were young and nubile, like college girls, thought Flash. The one called Thora was especially ravishing. She was not as tall as Adrena. But her body was finely sculpted with firm breasts and shapely hips. Flash could see the shape of her under the diaphanous robes she wore. She had long reddish-gold hair that hung straight down. Bangs in front framed a noble and attractive face that featured large almond shaped eyes.

Adrena rose. She wore a short tunic that displayed her jutting breasts and fine, well muscled legs. She reminded Flash of female body builders he had seen on Earth. Her dark hair fell about her shoulders like the mane of a lioness.

“Shall we entertain the earth man, Thora?” Adrena asked with a smile.

“Yes, my queen. I await your command.” Thora seemed nervous, but excited.

“Then remove your robe, Thora, and let him see you.” Adrena smiled, eyeing the bulge at Flash’s crotch. Flash was aware of his growing arousal. There was an undertone in the air fueled by a musky scent. Adrena herself had little covering her body. Thora though, stood, seemingly puzzled.

“My robe, my queen? But, he is a man. I have nothing underneath.”

“You disobey a command of your queen?” Adrena raised her eyebrows. “I will deal with that disobedience, Thora,” she said, directing a stern glance her way. “For now, come closer. Observe the male.” Thora edged closer. Adrena stood in front of Flash. She dropped her hand to his crotch. Flash gasped as she caressed his penis, barely covered by the loincloth. “Now watch,” she said as she untied the loincloth. It dropped to Flash’s feet. Freed from confinement his penis rose into semi-rigidity.

Flash groaned as Adrena stroked him. His erection grew. With her other hand Adrena began to knead and massage his buttocks. With one hand stroking his penis and the other kneading his bottom, Flash’s erection approached full rigidity. Suddenly Flash felt a stinging jolt of pain. Adrena had slapped his buttocks hard. He grunted as Adrena spanked him again. Then she slapped his buttocks over and over, alternating from one cheek to the other. She must have delivered about thirty hard open handed slaps. Flash rose on tiptoe, wincing. Dammit! It stung!

“You see?” Said the Queen. “We don’t want him over excited too fast. So we apply heat to his buttocks. See the erection subsides.” It was true. The spanking had cooled his desire temporarily. Then Adrena began to stroke him again and he rose, groaning in pleasure. Then she applied another volley of hard spanks.  It was torture. He was chained between these posts, his arms and legs spread, and Adrena was alternately stroking his cock with her hand and slapping his buttocks. He strained against his bonds. The stinging in his ass was becoming ferocious. Adrena emitted a low chuckle as she continued the torture.

“This is how we control the male, little Thora. We make them understand that woman may provide both pain and pleasure. Then they are helpless.” Then she stopped. Flash felt like a limp cloth. He sagged against his restraints. Thora stared eyes wide.

“And now, we deal with your disobedience, Thora.” Flash watched. The girl shrank back, clearly uneasy. She was obviously some sort of handmaid to the queen. Flash was bound facing a platform adorned with furs and silks that was a bed of some type, probably used for sleeping. Adrena sat on the edge and commanded the girl to approach.

“Remove your gown at once. Obey me now.” Adrena looked sharply at the girl with an expression that said she was not in the mood to be trifled with.
Nervously, Thora undid shoulder straps and let the robe fall to her feet. Flash could not control his sharp intake of breath. Naked, the girl was as gorgeous as Venus. Her flaring hips supported perfectly formed heart shaped buttocks. Her legs were long and finely toned, her breasts firm and tilted upward.

“See how the man responds, Thora? His penis is once again rising because he beholds your beauty. And now you will see something else that will enflame his senses even more.” Adrena sat on the edge of the platform. “Come here to me.” Adrena slapped the tops of her legs. “You must be punished for your earlier disobedience.”

Thora reluctantly approached the seated queen. Adrena reached out and, taking her arm, flipped her effortlessly across her lap. The girl struggled but Adrena admonished her. What Flash witnessed next was the application of a noisy and stinging spanking applied to the wriggling bare buttocks of the handmaid. Adrena meted out a prolonged spanking that had the girl yelping and flailing her arms and legs. Flash couldn’t help it. His erection grew, standing straight out as Adrena spanked Thora, her arm rising and falling again and again, beating a rapid and no doubt, fiery tattoo on the hapless girl’s bottom.

“Now you see, Thora? Look. Turn your head.” Thora obeyed and looked at Flash. Her eyes were brimming with tears and her bottom was a bright red. “Your punishment is reviving the earth man’s passions.” Adrena resumed the spanking, working from the top of her cheeks to the juncture of her buttocks and thighs. The girl emitted shrill cries and begged for forgiveness. After several minutes Adrena relented. The girl sobbed softly. Adrena rubbed the swollen buttocks that she had just chastised so soundly and said, “Now go to him. Take his member in your mouth and pleasure him. Make him ready for us.”

Adrena dumped Thora off of her lap. Thora crawled on all fours toward Flash. Still on her knees she rose and took Flash’s cock, stroking it. Flash moaned. Tentatively she took it in her mouth, a little at first then more enthusiastically, sliding her lips up and down its length. Adrena rose and took off her tunic, revealing her buxom and muscular body. Before Flash could realize what was happening she placed a collar around his neck and locked it. She unlocked his chains from the post and led him to her sleeping platform. Throwing Flash on his back she reattached the chains so that he was held face up.

“Now Earth man, know what it is like to be taken by a queen.” Adrena straddled Flash and lowered herself onto his upright erection. Slowly she impaled herself letting her body weight engulf his cock up to the hilt. Then she began to rock, back and forth, up and down. Flash moved his hips in response, thrusting to match Adrena’s movements. He was locked, dazed, into a dance of lust with the Amazon queen, matching her thrust for thrust. She gyrated wildly, moving in a circular motion and pinching her own breasts. She rose, reversed her position and rode him up and down, her buttocks flexing, squeezing his hard member, gripping it with the slippery sheath of her vagina. And then she shuddered and screamed. Flash had to let go. Jerking and pumping he came in a paroxysm of pleasure.

Flash and Adrena were soaked in sweat from their amorous combat. She rose, breathing heavily. She strode naked over to a table, took a cup filled with some liquid. She bade Thora give some to Flash. He lifted his head and drank greedily. It was sweet and burned going down, but Flash didn’t care. She waited a few moments, and said “The nectar will restore his strength. Thora, revive him. We have many hours until dawn.”

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