The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Sunday, April 27, 2014

F/M Sunday--Guest Author Pete

Today I'm featuring a new guest author, Pete. Pete wrote on USENET back in the 90's as I recall. He was (is?) a fairly prolific author of F/M stories. The story I picked for today to showcase Pete is a little different. Very few F/M stories are written from the POV of the dominant female. But this one is and I especially like it because of the lightness of tone.

It's Just Fun and Games

Pete and I aren't really into discipline or the dominance "thing," although I
guess you could say we are kind of sneaking up on the edges. What we've done is
to develop some little "games" that we play now and again, maybe once or twice a
week, that do involve some measure of corporal punishment. Fortunately for me,
it's my husband's corpus that's punished!

I guess it all began when I first met Pete, at an ad agency where we both
worked. The first time I saw him, long before we were properly introduced, I
thought he had the cutest buns I'd ever seen. Well, he ended up working for my
boss, and though I know you're not supposed to, we began to date...then went
"steady," then engaged, and finally married. There are a lot of things about
Pete that I really admire and respect, but sometimes I think I really did marry
him for his buns!

We'd been married for about a year when, one chilly winter night, we were kind
of foolin' around on the rug by the fire. Pete got sort of "handsy," and I
playfully told him to stop being so naughty or I'd take him over my knee. He
didn't, of course, so I put on my most severe schoolmarm voice, and told him to
take down his pants. He played along and so I pulled up a chair, put him over my knee and spanked
his cute little, bare fanny until my hand stung. I swatted his bottom all over, and I was fascinated by how it jiggled. He writhed around, complaining how it stung, begging for mercy, etc., but I noticed that his penis had become quite hard and he was rubbing it all over my bare legs as he flopped around. The pinker his bottom became, the bigger his erection grew. That was quite the revelation.

All just playful fun and games.
When we made love later, it was the best ever! Even better than before we were

We talked about it the next night, and decided that it was the playful nature of
the whole thing that had turned us on, and that maybe we should work up a whole
scenario around it - with costumes, props and everything - to see if we could
make it even better . So we sat down together and put together a working script
we call "Nanny."

To play "Nanny," Pete will wear a sailor suit - the kind with the bib on the
back and the stars and stripes - while I'll wear a plain grey dress, sensible
shoes and pull my hair back in a bun. Pete's in my charge. I'll take him for
walks, he'll play with some old toys, get into all sorts of mischief, muddy his
shoes, etc...for which, of course, I'll have to spank him. As "Nanny," I'll use
my hand and a sturdy, old-fashioned wooden hairbrush. Surprisingly, we found the
few props we needed were both easy to find and inexpensive.

The rules of the game are simple. Either player can initiate a game, and either
player can refuse. If Pete comes home and finds me wearing that dowdy-looking
grey dress and decides he wants to play, he simply goes to our room and changes
into his sailor suit. If he doesn't, there's no hard feelings. Similarly, if he
comes home and changes into his sailor suit on his own, then I can either play
by putting on the ol' grey dress, or ignore it. But while the game is based on
fantasy and pretense - the spankings sure aren't! When Pete goes across my lap
with his short pants and underpants bunched around his knees, I really let him
have it! There is such a thing as artistic integrity you know.

"Very well, Master Peter," I will tell him severely, "Since you insist on
misbehaving, you will have to be punished! Come over here!"

"Oh please Nanny. I'm sorry. Please don't spank me!" Pete will plead with mock
(?) fear and apprehension on his face.

But he'll come nonetheless, and, scolding him in my most severe voice, I'll
slowly unbutton his little short pants and tug them down to his knees. Then I'll
hoist (Pete has to help me out here) him up and over my lap and yank down his
underpants. I'll generally continue to scold him for a little while, while I pat
and pinch his cute buns. He'll plead and beg me not to spank him as he wriggles
"unhappily" across my lap.

"Don't be silly, Master Peter," I'll tell him frostily, "You have been a very
naughty boy, and naughty boys need to be spanked."

Then I'll pick up my hard wooden hairbrush, tighten my grip around his naked waist,
and begin to smartly spank his chubby cheeks.  I'll start with the fleshy crowns of
 his buttocks, clustering a few spanks on one cheek,  and then on the other. 
Then I'll move down to the fleshy folds where his thighs begin,  'cause that's
the place  that makes it so hard to sit  the next day! Then move back up until
 I've covered square inch of his naughty, bare bottom.

It always amazes me at how red and hot his backside gets! Each SMACK of my
hairbrush will leave an oval-shaped blister all its own, but, by the time I've
finished, they'll all be blended together and his whole behind will be a bright
crimson hue. His make-believe, little-boy pleas and whining will pretty much
vanish after the first few spanks, and his howls and squeals become very
sincere. He'll kick and squirm and wriggle like crazy, and I confess I do enjoy
watching his cute buns quiver and dance with every spank. My usual dose of 50-60
spanks is generally sufficient to produce real tears of honest pain!

Then I'll take him to the corner and make him stand facing the wall, his hands
at his sides, with his bright red fanny shamefully displayed. When he is
released to continue playing with his toys, he'll usually contrive to do
something mischievous or impudent, and thus earn another spanking. Over my knee
he'll go again, his still-blazing bare backside turned up, but this time, I'll
only need to use my hand to generate a fresh torrent of tears. And after this
spanking, I'll soothe and comfort my husband in a most un-Nanny like
way...clasping his head to my now unbuttoned bodice and stroking his tender
bottom teasingly. This almost always leads to a different kind of fun and games!

The unquestioned positive impact of "Nanny" on our life in general, and sex life
in particular, led us to develop additional scenarios.

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Styxman said...

This is one of the most enjoyable I've read that epitomizes what intrigues and excites my interest in F/M spanking. Simply, that it is playful between two people with the same interest in engaging. That it has nothing to do with genuine discipline and everything to do with generating warm excitement for the sexual interlude that follows.