The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mr Henry --- Again

 One of classic plots in literary spanking erotica is the one centered around the female roommate situation. I've used it myself. But it was invented, as far as I can tell, by Will Henry of whom I have written before. The typical plot goes something like this:
Several girls share a flat or a house, and all goes well at first, but over time disagreements begin to break out. The girls hit upon a solution, which is a disciplinary regime in which house rules are established and rule violators are spanked or paddled. The problem is, the girls want an impartial third party to be the "enforcer." Enter the dishy guy who lives next door.

From this book:

Frank was waiting for the telephone call when it came.  He recognized
the voice of Donna Gibson before she identified herself.

"Mr. Hopkins," she told him.  "We have a little man stealer who needs to
be taught a lesson!"

"I understand," he replied.  "When?"

"Give us about an hour," Donna told him.

"Remember the details we discussed," Frank reminded her.

"Yes, but I'm afraid our victim is putting up quite a little fuss about
it," she said.

"Just tell her that that will make the punishment all the more severe,"
Frank said quietly, hanging up the phone.

One hour to the minute later, Frank knocked on the front door of the
girls' apartment.  Even before the door was opened, he could hear
animated conversation from inside.  In a moment, the door swung open.

"Hello," Donna told him, flashing a bright smile at him.  "Do we ever
have need of your expert services!"

All eight roommates were present as Frank stepped inside the apartment.
An attitude of underlying anticipation and excitement was readily
discernible amidst a general hubbub of giggles, snickers, girlish
titters, catty remarks and general merriment.  The carnival atmosphere
was exactly what Frank had expected, because he knew from experience
that females were invariably stimulated, sometimes even sexually
aroused, by the idea of a fellow female undergoing correction.

"Look what we have over here!" Donna told him, pointing to one corner of
the room.

Frank whistled softly as he looked over to the corner.  Blushing
furiously and obviously simply dripping with embarrassment, Betty
Anderson was standing in the corner with her face to the wall like a
naughty but overgrown child.  She was costumed perfectly for Frank's
purposes--white blouse, pleated black jumper, black stockings and spike
heeled black patent leather pumps with straps from behind the ankle tied
in a large bow in front.  The jumper was hemmed to end a few inches
higher than the prevailing fashions, which added a juvenile but eye-
catching dimension to the outfit.  To add to the juvenile effect, her
jet black hair was done in two long pigtails and tied with large pink

"Our little man chaser is waiting for her medicine!" one of the girls
cattily informed Frank.  Others joined in with similar remarks.
Obviously, everyone except the victim was looking forward to the

"Girls, please!" Betty protested, blushingly looking back over her
shoulder in an effort to decrease the merciless hazing.

"Perfect costuming," Frank commented quietly to Donna as he gazed
intently at his intended victim.

The scene brought back many vivid memories of England before the war,
and his eyes drank in every detail of Betty's appealing figure as he
looked her over from head to toe.  He noted the swelling curves of her
ripe buttocks beneath the pleated jumper, the narrowness of her waist,
the full curves of her nylon-clad thighs, her slender ankles and her
dainty feet steeply arched in the attractive black high-heel sandals.
And he also noted the exquisite look of embarrassment and shame on her
pretty, hotly blushing face.  There was always something vividly erotic
about the look of shame on a young woman's face when undergoing

"What are we waiting for?" one of the girls asked.  Others joined in the

Looking around, Frank discovered a plain, sturdy chair and pulled it
into the middle of the room.  As he seated himself on it, Donna clapped
her hands to silence the other girls.

"Come and get it, Betty!" Donna called out.

Betty gulped hard and her pretty knees buckled noticeably as she turned
around to find Frank seated and flanked by her expectantly grinning
roommates.  "Please, girls, this has gone far enough!" she burst out
impulsively.  "Please, I've learned my lesson.  I'll never do it again!"

"Go on, you little man chaser, take your medicine!" one of the girls told
her in a distinctly hostile tone of voice.  Others joined in with words
to similar effect.

"Please, girls, be reasonable!" Betty continued in a despairing tone.
"Please, be reasonable!  I'm too old to be spanked.  I'm twenty-four
years old!"

The latter remark produced a few snickers from the assembled girls.  It
was obvious that Betty had no sympathizers among them.

"Come on, Betty, you're just getting a spanking!" Donna told her.
"You're not going to the electric chair."

Betty's eyes darted hastily around the room in the hopes of finding at
least someone who would take pity on her.  "Go on, Betty, you got it
coming!" they all told her in one way or another.

Watching the wretched young woman miserably trying to beg off, Frank
remained quiet for a few moments.  "Come here, Betty!" he finally
commanded, spreading his legs slightly apart and patting one knee with
his open hand.

Betty swallowed quite hard and it was evident that she was fighting back
tears of shame and humiliation.  Her pretty face a flaming crimson, she
slowly approached Frank with obviously weak knees that threatened to
collapse at any moment.  Her hands were clasped anxiously behind her
back, an unintentionally childish mannerism that was quite appropriate
for the occasion.  Inspecting her lush young figure in the appealing
punishment uniform, Frank kept telling himself not to rush things and
that it would be much more enjoyable if he took his time.

"Please!  Please, don't spank me too hard!" Betty pleaded when at last
she stood in front of him.  The distressed young woman wriggled rather
naughtily in anticipation of the punishment to come.

The remark drew a few snickers from the other girls, who had formed
themselves into a semi-circle in front of the chair.  All of them had
pleased, expectant looks on their faces, and some were blushing almost
as much as Betty.

"Over my knee, Betty!" Frank told her, grasping her by the wrist and
propelling her forward.

"Oh, it's so embarrassing!" Betty protested, but made no effort to
resist as he pulled her face down over his lap.  "Please, girls, don't
let him do this to me!"

Frank paused to cast an admiring glance at his trembling, protesting
victim.  Blushing as red as a beet and trying to keep her face averted
as much as possible, she was obviously struggling to retain her self-
control.  With her long black pigtails streaming down to the floor and
her short black jumper riding up to reveal shapely legs and thighs
encased in sheer black nylon, she couldn't have made a more appealing

Her comely and amply proportioned buttocks were sticking up higher than
the rest of her body, and her black jumper was drawn tightly over them.

"Oh, no, this awful!" Betty pleaded.  "Please, let me go!  Girls,
please!  Please!"

Frank grabbed her right hand and held it firmly in the small of her
back.  With her left hand blocked out by his body, there was no way that
the hapless young woman could defend herself.  Although she was trying
very hard to hold still, Betty could not avoid squirming anxiously about
on his lap.  The next step was obvious and Frank reminded himself to do
it very slowly.  As the other girls stood around giggling, smirking and
tittering at Betty's expense, Frank reached for the hem of her short
black jumper.

"Eeek!" Betty screamed with horror and flopped around on his lap like a
fish out of water.  "No!  Don't you dare!  Never!  Don't you dare!"

From the way that some of the other girls screamed and clasped their
hands over their mouths, it seemed apparent to Frank that they had
simply assumed that the spanking would consist only of some swats across
the skirt-covered bottom.  But hearing objections only from Betty, he
saw no reason not to proceed with his original plan.

"No!  Don't!  Don't you dare!" Betty screamed furiously.  "Girls, don't
let him!  Don't!"

Taking his time, Frank slowly gathered the jumper back, revealing lovely
tapering thighs encased in sheer black nylon.  Trying to prolong the
ceremony as much as he could, he pulled the jumper back to the heavier
webbing of her stockings where he could see the snaps of her black
garter belt and a glimpse of white thigh.  The assembled girls were all
watching intently, and it was apparent that most of them were quite
delighted with Betty's tribulations.

"Girls, for heaven's sakes, this is shameful!" Betty protested, casting
a quick shamefaced look back over her shoulder to appeal to them.
"Please, this is awful!"

Slowly Frank worked the skirt up over the tops of her black stockings.
Her ivory white thighs, plump and tapering, made an almost breathtaking
contrasts with her black hosiery.  Gathering her jumper up inside out,
Frank occasionally permitted his hand to brush against the silken smooth
flesh of her bare thighs.  He could feel her shriveling and could sense
that she was too ashamed to struggle.

"Please!  Please!  Don't go any further!  Please!" Betty pleaded in
growing desperation.  "Girls, make him stop!"

It was obvious that she would get no help from her roommates.  Frank
slowly pulled the jumper back to expose her panty-clad buttocks.  She
was attired in an obviously expensive pair of pink silk panties, trimmed
at the legs with white lace.  The wispy garment could barely confine her
girlishly plump and widely rounded buttocks, and the lower portions of
her pretty nates were in fact visible.  Beneath the tightly stretched
material, Frank could see the exciting muscles in her comely bottom
rippling and tensing in anticipation of the trials to come.

"Pull my skirt down!" Betty demanded.  "This is awful!  You have no
right to do this!"

The highly distressed young woman continued to plead and protest to
everyone present as Frank paused to take a panoramic view of all the
scenery on display.  It was an unforgettable sight, delightfully
feminine and rotund buttocks encased in pink, lace-trimmed panties,
smooth and plump bare white thighs, full shapely legs in sheer black
nylons and the toes of pretty black sandals touching the floor.
Snickers, titters and giggles from the onlookers only served to make the
ordeal worse for the blushing and miserable young woman.

"Now, girls, I trust I have the authority to remove the final barrier to
a truly effective spanking!!" Frank spoke in a deceptively quiet voice.

"Yes!" Elizabeth quickly replied.  "Yes!  Yes!" other girls joined in
with eager voices.  It was unanimous.

"Oh, no!" Betty screamed, trying to struggle but only managing to wave
her stockinged legs quite prettily.  "No!  No!  I simply couldn't stand
it!  Please, this is too humiliating!"

Her face was a deep shade of scarlet as she haplessly glanced back over
her shoulder, and Frank resisted the temptation to tell her that her
bottom would soon be as red as her face.  Instead, he confined his
attentions to the task of getting those fragile panties down out of the
way.  The baring of that attractive young Washington secretary proved
much more exciting than Frank, or any of the attentive onlookers, would
have imagined.

While poor Betty screamed and struggled to preserve her modesty, Frank
rolled the pink panties down as if he were unwrapping a Christmas
present.  Everyone stared as girlishly wide and beautifully rounded
buttocks, as smooth as satin and a delicious pink white in coloration,
came into view.  The two lush globes quivered lasciviously as Frank
slowly pulled her panties down below the expanded tops of her black

"Oh, this is horrible!  Simply awful!  Please!" Betty was nearly beside
herself with anger and humiliation.  Glancing back over her shoulder to
confirm how obscenely she was exposed, the distraught young woman shut
her eyes as if to block out the sight and hastily turned her head away.

Once again Frank paused to admire the scenery.  Apparently expecting the
spanking to begin at any moment, Betty could not refrain from flexing
and puckering her lovely buttocks in a manner that was almost
outrageously provocative.  Although the other girls had been tittering
and smirking, they were now quietly staring at those naughty, quivering
mounds that were soon going to have to take their spanks from a
masculine palm.

Frank was tempted to begin with a real hard smack that would sound like
a revolver shot as it cracked against her pretty rear, but he decided
against that.  Instead, the spanking would start lightly and slowly,
letting the heat build up gradually.  Like an artist, he was going to
paint Betty's gorgeous posterior and upper thighs a flaming red, and he
was going to apply the paint very slowly and spread it around very
evenly.  When he got through with the job, Betty's charming hindquarters
were going to resemble a couple of overripe tomatoes!

Frank inspected the quivering target area carefully and raised his right
hand in the air.  The other girls were watching intently, some of them
biting their lips.  He could feel Betty's entire body tensing in
anticipation of that first spank.


Frank applied the first spank lightly and quite low, just above the top
of her right stocking.

"Ooohhh!" Betty gasped, more from horror at having a masculine hand in
contact with her precious posterior than from discomfort.  Some of the
other girls also gasped, and it was obvious that they were thinking
about what it would be like to be in that position.

Frank left his hand resting in place right where it landed, discreetly
allowing his fingers to probe the silken flesh.  Betty puckered with
embarrassment and instinctively tried to squirm away from the man's
hand.  Raising his hand and pausing for a moment to admire the light
pink spot, Frank administered a second light slap slightly above the

"Oooh!" Betty once again jerked her hips as his hand came into contact
with her pretty posterior.  "This is awful!  Please!  I'm a grown woman
I ... I ..."

"Take your medicine, you little manstealer!" one of the girls spoke out,
and it was readily apparent that she was echoing the sentiments of the

"You just wait till you have to take it bare!" Betty retorted hotly.


The third light spank landed at the very base of her right buttock, and
Frank's exploring hand pressed downward against the almost-unbelievably
resilient feminine flesh.

"Ow!" Betty protested.  "Don't, please!  Please!"


The next crisp spank landed squarely upon the surface of her right
bottom cheek.  The vulnerable target felt velvety smooth and spongy soft
beneath Frank's palm, and he could feel the hapless young woman
shriveling with humiliation at the intimate contact.  The other girls
were all watching intently, and Frank could see some of them squirming
as if vicariously undergoing the experience themselves.


Switching to the left buttock, Frank applied the next spank lightly and
quite high on her rotund posterior.

"Ooohhh!" Betty gasped, unintentionally pumping her lush bottom
provocatively as Frank's masculine palm pressed down firmly against the
softly yielding flesh.

Taking his time about it, Frank slowly worked down her left buttock and
thigh to the top of her stocking.  Each spank produced a gasp and a
pretty wiggle from his attractive victim, who was obviously having
considerable difficulty retaining her self-control.  By this time, her
comely spanking surfaces were a light shade of pink all over and were
obviously ready for the second installment.

"Please, this is too humiliating!" Betty implored, twisting around
miserably on his lap.  "Please, girls!  Make him let me go!"

"This has only been the warm up!" Frank informed her.  "I think your
bottom is ready for a real spanking now!"

"No, please!" Betty sounded thoroughly alarmed.  She looked back over
her shoulder and twisted about in his lap in a frantic effort to reason
with him.  "Please!  I couldn't take it!  Please!  Oh, please!"

The fingers of her right hand clawed back in an effort to provide some
protection to her exposed posterior, and Frank could feel her entire
body cringing in anticipation of the coming punishment.  He could see
the deep fear in her eyes as she desperately tried to talk him out of
it.  Pressing down firmly against the small of her back with his left
hand, he raised his right hand high above his shoulder.


Frank's hand cracked squarely across the crevice of her lush bottom with
a resounding smack, flattening the resilient flesh beneath his palm.

"OWW!!" Betty shrieked, her pretty stockinged legs jerking backwards
with a flash of black nylon.  Her full, womanly hips jerked
spasmodically and she instinctively struggled to free herself from his
grip.  "That hurts!  Stop!  Don't!"

The other girls gasped and some of them shuddered at the crisp sound of
a bare man's hand landing squarely upon bare, plump feminine hips.
Frank pressed his hand down firmly against the soft, quivering target to
emphasize his control over her.  Looking back over her shoulder with a
look of total distress on her pretty face, she squirmed with
mortification as Frank's hand explored her charming gluteals.

"Please, make him stop!  That hurts something awful!" she pleaded with
her roommates.  "Please, you don't realize ..."


Frank's hand cracked smartly against her right cheek, once again
flattening the flesh and inspiring her shapely, nylon-clad legs to swing
backwards reflexively.  Several of her roommates gasped at the
earsplitting crack of bare masculine palm landing on bare, plump
feminine flesh.

"Owwww!" Betty shrilled in a high soprano voice, haplessly trying to
twist out of range of Frank's punitive hand.  "Please, you're hurting
me!  Stop!  I can't stand it!"


Frank applied a noisy spank to her left bottom cheek, flattening the
pretty mound and allowing the tips of his fingers to explore the crevice
that separated the two lush globes.

"Oww!" Betty yelped, and high-heeled sandals momentarily pointed toward
the ceiling.  "Please!  You have no idea how much it hurts!"

Warm, salty tears were beginning to course down the young woman's
cheeks, spoiling her makeup.  Her distress and shame were clearly
mirrored on her hotly flushed face, and she constantly twisted about in
an unsuccessful effort to alleviate her discomfort.  Shapely legs
outlined in black nylons and garter belt were waving back and forth with
her feet rarely touching the floor, and she was beginning to have
difficulty holding them together.

Splat!  Smack!

Beginning just above the top of her right stocking, Frank began applying
another series of spanks to her comely posterior.  Some of the on-
looking girls were biting their nails rather feverishly as the extent of
Betty's suffering and shame began to register on them, while others were
smirking with unconcealed delight that the little manstealer was getting
her just desserts.  And there were others that Frank was almost positive
would have dearly loved to have traded place with the squirming, red-
bottomed victim.

"Look how red her bottom is getting!!" one of the girls exclaimed in a
voice that mixed dismay with excitement.  Others joined in.  Most spoke
in a low, confidential tone of voice but poor Betty could still hear
most of what was said, and words like "red" and "hot" predominated.

"Ouch!  Oh, no!  This is awful!" Crying quite hard, Betty sounded
thoroughly distraught as Frank's solid hand began popping up and down
against her unprotected and girlishly tender bottom with dreadful
regularity.  "Ouch!  Oh, no!  Please!  That's enough!  I can't stand it
anymore!  Please, girls, I'll never do it again!  Never!"

"That'll teach her!" someone remarked vengefully.

"Gee, I didn't know a girl's bottom could get that red!" another
onlooker added.

As her curvaceous bottom and upper thighs turned a bright, feverish
shade of scarlet under Frank's husky palm, Betty miserably wiggled like
a snake and kicked her shapely, stocking-clad legs back and forth in an
undignified but highly appealing dance of shame and pain.  In her
growing distress, she could no longer preserve her modesty and her
pretty legs were jerking hard and wide, frequently revealing her bright
pink cuntal slit and the dark fleecy hair surrounding it.

"Oh, my!" more than one girl gasped as the watching girls realized how
much Betty was exposing herself.  Nearly all of them blushed prettily at
the sight of girlish charms so lewdly displayed, and while some of them
reacted with great embarrassment, others showed almost total
fascination.  Although he really didn't know, Frank was quite sure that
more than one pair of panties was filled with feminine cream.

Splat!  Smack!

Frank continued applying his open hand to her ever reddening spank spot,
carefully distributing the firm applications to keep the color scheme
even.  Betty's rosy and frantically twitching bottom, her anguished
tear-stained face, her wildly swinging, nyloned legs, and indecently
displayed coral groove all combined to provide him with a great deal of
sadomasochistic gratification.  He hadn't felt so exhilarated since his
days as headmaster back in England before the war.

"Ouch!  Oh, no!  Stop!  I beg you!" Betty pleaded almost hysterically as
Frank unmercifully continued building up the raging bonfire in her
comely backside.  "That's enough!  Please!  Oh, pleeeeeeese!  I can't
take it anymore!"

Frank paused to rest his arm for a moment and to inspect the results.
By this time, Betty's delightfully curvaceous feminine bottom and upper
thighs were a brilliant shade of scarlet all over and were obviously
burning with a deep, penetrating heat.  Sobbing quite hard and swinging
her legs back and forth in a totally abandoned manner that afforded a
wanton display of bright pink pussy lips, the miserably young woman
thrashed about wildly in a futile effort to get some relief for her
thoroughly scalded buttocks.

"Look how red she is!" one of the girls remarked in a low but audible
voice.  Others exchanged similar comments that the suffering young
secretary couldn't help overhearing.

"Please, no more!" Betty begged although she was almost too breathless
to get the words out.  "Please!  I'm simply burning up!  Girls, I
promise I'll never do it again!"

Taking a quick look around the room, Frank could see that Betty's
roommates were almost hypnotized by the sight of frantically squirming,
bright red feminine buttocks and exposed girlish charms.  Several of
them were positively squirming with what was obviously erotic

"One more spank and then it's over to the corner with you, young lady!"
Frank announced.


The final spank, the hardest of them all, cracked like a pistol shot as
it crashed against Betty's flaming spank spot.

"Ouch!" Betty screamed, her head snapping back and her sandaled feet
flying upward.

Frank promptly lifted the sobbing young woman to her feet and forcefully
marched her back to the corner where she had been standing when he first

"Hold your skirt up!" he demanded.  "Otherwise, you'll get some more of
this!" he added, smacking her burning rear to show what he meant.

Sobbing heavily and obviously willing to do anything to save her
blistered bottom from further torment, Betty haplessly grabbed the hem
of her jumper with both hands and held it up above the waist.  Her
panties forming a small ring around her ankles, she stood sobbing and
sniffling with her beautiful, bright red buttocks on full view for
everyone to see.  Framed by her black garter belt and stockings, her
scarlet spank spot glowed like a brilliant sunset.

To complete her disgrace, all of her roommates applauded appreciatively
as Frank stepped back and collapsed into a comfortable seat where he
could observe his miserable victim.

"That was beautiful!" one girl told him.  "That little man stealer
deserved to get spanked clear down to her stockings!"

"Oh, but I'd hate to get spanked bare!" he heard another girl say as the
various roommates excitedly began discussing the session.  No one left
the room and there were frequent glances over at the bare-bottomed
culprit sniffling in the corner.

"Bet you could use a drink after that," Donna told him, handing him one
as she spoke.

"Thanks," Frank replied, leaning back to enjoy his drink and the sight
of Betty standing disgraced in the corner.  He listened carefully to the
comments of the other girls, and could tell that they were quite
intrigued by the system of roommate regulation that he had just
demonstrated for them.  "There's one souvenir of the occasion I would
like," he spoke quietly to Donna, whispering his request in her ear.

"Sure!" she replied, a broad grin on her face.  She immediately got to
her feet and walked over to her Betty.  "Come on, Betty, step out of
those panties!" she told the hapless girl.  "Your master would like a

Amid amused giggles and comments from the watching girls, Betty managed
to step out of her pink panties.  Donna picked them up and handed them
to Frank as if he'd won a prize.  Pocketing the wispy garment, be
dawdled over his drink for the next quarter hour.  When he finally left,
Betty was still standing bare-bottomed and humiliated in the corner.

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Our Bottoms Burn said...

No one uncovers the bottom like Will Henry, slowly, with great description.

was attired in an obviously expensive pair of pink silk panties, trimmed
at the legs with white lace. The wispy garment could barely confine her
girlishly plump and widely rounded buttocks, and the lower portions of
her pretty nates were in fact visible. Beneath the tightly stretched
material, Frank could see the exciting muscles in her comely bottom
rippling and tensing in anticipation of the trials to come.

I found Will Henry when I was 21/22. Great wank material at the time.