The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Most Memorable--F/M guest post

There are spankings one gets that are memorable, like the first time one's bottom is bared, that period of time between the cool air caressing your naked buttocks and the first smack. But none is more memorable than the one I received mid summer shortly after my 15th birthday. My mom had spanked me once or twice a year from the age of eight or nine, but it was always in private, sometimes in her bedroom and sometimes in mine. And up to that day I hadn't been given a spanking in months, the last sometime before Christmas, and actually believed I had received my last spanking because I was getting too old to be spanked. Grounding was becoming more of the theme, at least until the afternoon I came home and overheard my older sister complaining I was spying on her through a hole in the wall in the attic to her upstairs bedroom.

Now this made me a bit nervous just hearing sis complain, but what it even worse my mom had three friends over to play bridge including our next door neighbor who was a knockout, as was her teenage daughter, a year my senior and one year junior to my sister. At one point during me eavesdropping our neighbor commented that she was pretty certain that I had been peeping in on her daughter and she was also a bit nervous, though unsure if I had been occasionally spying on her also.

Now my mother had heard me come in and after listening to the complaints called me into the dining room where she sat at the table with her three friends and my sister standing back against the wall sneering at me. My mother asked me if it was true, which I naturally denied. My mother told me to go to my room with a promise that we would discuss this matter later. My sister erupted with rage, saying my mother wasn't going to do anything about the matter, which prompted a shouting match between us with me calling her a f---ing bitch. That was all my mother had to hear.

She slid back in her chair and ordered me to her side. She scolded me for my outburst, told me she knew I was lying about the entire matter and had embarrassed her in front of her friends for the last time. As she started unbuckling the belt to my jeans she was informing me that she was going to spank me right there in front of everyone rather than wait till later. Amidst me weak protests, lost between fear, embarrassment, intrigue and the excitement of being spanked in front of the three good looking women, all in their early thirties and my sister, before I knew it my jeans were down past my knees, an erection growing in my jockey shorts, and my mother tugging me into position over her lap. The first two swats, one to each cheek landed and I was thinking thankfully, while I wasn't too old to be spanked, I was too old to be spanked on the bare. Wrong again.

My erection grew to full size as my mother yanked my shorts down to mid thigh and then immediately resumed spanking me with gusto. The spanking lasted about three minutes, maybe a couple hundred fast whacks without pause, listening to the women comment, two sounding a bit shocked but our neighbor approvingly cheering my mother on while my sister complained mom was being lax. Somewhere in the last thirty seconds of that spanking my sister even pulled my jeans completely off over my gym shoes. When my mother stopped smacking my butt I jumped to me feet pulling up my shorts, believing the embarrassing ordeal was over when my mother asked, "Anyone else want to take a crack?"

My eyes widened and the heat that rose in my already red face rivaled the steam coming from my burning bottom. The two woman across from my mother both laughed, one saying "no" politely and the other while shaking her head did smile at me. My sister of course volunteered but mom quickly said, "Not you." Which left our neighbor, the dark haired, green eyed beauty I had often fantasized about and seen in her bikini dozens of times.

"Come here, young man," she said from behind me. I turned, with my hands trying to hide my erection, to look at her. Those piercing green eyes staring at me with just a hint of a smile curling the corners of her mouth. "Over here," she commanded, snapping her fingers, pointing to the floor on her immediate right. I walked around the chair behind her and stood at her right side. She looked up at me and asked if I had been spying on her daughter. I didn't know what to say. I knew if I admitted to the truth she was going to spank me and all at once I really wanted her to.

I could already imagine lying across her bare thighs as she was wearing a pair of white shorts. I mumbled a yes and she pointed to her lap. Slowly but eagerly I lay down and as I did I felt her hand inside the back of my shorts, pushing them down, then adjusting me firmly over her bare thighs. She said something about me being a bad boy and began spanking me, about as hard as my mom but a much slower rhythm so that the 120 or so smacks took just about as long as my mom's furious burst. Then she started to pull me up and I jumped to me feet, pulling up my shorts. She stood, looking me straight in the eye, asking if I had ever spied on her. My erection was so hard at this point I could hardly stand it, and yet I yearned for her to spank me some more, I nodded silently.

"I thought as much," she said, lifting my t-shirt, pulling it up over my head. My mother was staring at me but said nothing. Then our neighbor assumed her position on the chair, pointing to her lap. Once again I submissively crawled into position. This time she took my shorts off, pushing them all the way down to my ankles, working them off completely, I lusting at the feel of her naked breasts pushing through the dark green shirt against my bare back. Sitting upright she told me I was now going to find out what a real spanking was like.

 She began spanking me hard, harder than before and I swear with every ten or so smacks they got harder and faster. I was stuck there over her lap, my erection burning against her hot bare thighs while her hand rained down fire on my now sizzling backside. She spanked me longer than my mother, probably twice as long and even commenting with a pleased giggle that the deep red hue was starting to turn a little purple. At the end she began rubbing me butt cooing about how sore it must feel. I thought I would explode and then I got another final twenty extra hard smacks before she pushed me off her lap. I struggled to me feet, trying to cover my privates and ran from the room to my upstairs bedroom, falling on my bed, cumming instantly. That wasn't the last spanking I got from my mom, nor,I'm glad to say was it the last I got from Mrs. T, but it was one I'd never forget.

The only notation on this file was that it came from someone named "emb." I have no idea who that might be or where I got it. But it's a classic CFNM spanking fantasy.

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This is the blueprint for the majority of F/M tales. More than one female, nudity, erection.