The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Sunday, June 22, 2014

F/M Sunday -- The Charity Auction

This vignette is from my upcoming release of that ancient internet classic, The Health Club. When I set out to publish The Health Club, I really had no idea how much work it would need. This story was one of the very first I ever wrote. Hell, it may have been THE first. At any rate, it needed lots of editing and rewriting. But it's almost ready and should be out before the end of the month.

The basic set up is that a young man joins a health club to get in shape. The trainers are all female, all gorgeous and have fit, well-toned bodies. Results are guaranteed because members sign a contract under which they must attend classes -- or else. It's the "or else" that may be of particular interest to those of you reading this.

Art by Sardax, Alazar and others. Photos by Dreams of Spanking, A Voice in the Corner's Vintage collection, others.

Somehow in all of this the club holds a charity fund raiser, an auction at which the "merchandise" is the presentation of a skit for the amusement of some very unique patrons. 

The richly dressed crowd was milling around the bar and buffet when Vicky took the podium.

"Attention everyone, we are ready to start. This year we have a very unusual treat for you. I know you are all staunch Republicans and church-goers, so I know you have a special interest in retribution.”

That drew a big laugh from the assembled guests.

 “So tonight, The Health Club presents some very naughty members of our club who must, unfortunately, atone for some past misdeeds. And it is you, my dear patrons, who will decide their fate. Each of these young men and ladies have been paired with an instructor at my club. Each pair has been dressed and equipped to enact a scene of well deserved chastisement. But how severely will each be punished? That is what you will decide. You will bid against each other to determine the number of strokes, licks, spanks or lashes each of these naughty lads and lassies will get. The dollar amount of each one will be based on the severity of the implement. So, let’s get started. The winning bidder will be entitled to sit in this chair or stand if they wish, right in front of the stage to closely observe."

  The skit to be presented by our protagonist, Danny Martin, and his aerobics instructor, the tall and formidable Chrissy, is of a young man in trouble with his strict 19th century governess.

At the microphone, Vicky said, "I would now like to introduce Danny, a very naughty lad, and his governess, Chrissy."

Danny could not help but blush as he walked onto the stage amid cheers and catcalls. He felt very embarrassed to be wearing the juvenile sailor suit with white knee socks accentuating the short pants that were way too snug.

"Would you get a load of those cute buns in that little sailor suit?" said one very attractive 40ish tall and svelte platinum haired lady to her younger companion. "I like to get his tush bottoms up over my knee".

"Then go for it," said her equally lovely friend. "I'd like to help," she giggled.

Chrissy followed Danny onto the stage, tapping a large oval-shaped wooden hairbrush against her palm. 

"And here is the lovely Chrissy, his governess. Danny has been very remiss in his studies, and there is about to be a reckoning at the hands of Chrissy and her sturdy hairbrush. As you know, the hairbrush is a ladies' instrument of correction, and no self-respecting Victorian governess would be without one.  Danny is about to find out that, wielded by a determined feminine hand, it can really light a fire in a naughty seat. Ladies, this is your chance to see a cute but very naughty boy get a good sound bare-bottomed spanking. I know you have husbands that you can easily imagine in Danny's position (laughter) so use your imagination and let's start the bidding. $75 per spank. Ladies, come on. I know you want to see Danny get his cute buns tanned, but good. Turn around, Danny, and let the girls inspect the merchandise.”

More laughter erupted.

As Danny attempted to smile Chrissy spun him around so the crowd could see him from the rear. There were whistles and hoots as the women admired Danny's tush, packed into the juvenile, too tight short pants. The bidding was competitive. It was one society matron versus another for the privilege of a front row seat at Danny's bottom warming.

At 80 smacks, $6000, the platinum-haired woman and her younger companion placed the final bid.

"Congratulations to Yvonne, everyone. Yvonne, come on down to see this lad get his just desserts. And, Chrissy, be sure to give him a good one!"

"That I will, ma'am", laughed Chrissy.

"Now, Danny, you know you have neglected your studies and you've been very disobedient. I think you know what happens to bad boys who don't obey. Master Danny, it’s time for your spanking!"

With that Chrissy sat in the chair and pulled Danny between her knees.

"We'll just have these little pants right down!" said Chrissy undoing snaps and tugging the pants down to Danny's knees, baring his bottom. Danny blushed beet red at the embarrassment of being partially denuded in public. In private was one thing, but this…

Chrissy upended Danny across her lap. His nose nearly hit the floor as he was put over her knee. His legs were too short to find purchase on the other side and they waved in the air. It was a helpless feeling. To make matters worse, and despite the humiliation of his position, he felt his penis getting stiff as a result of the contact with Chrissy's thighs. He felt the cold hard surface of the brush tapping his rear cheeks, and he tensed, waiting for it to start. He did not have to wait long.

Smack! whack! smack! whack! Chrissy brought the brush down forcefully. Left cheek, right cheek, smack! smack! The sting took Danny’s breath away.

"This should teach you to mind me, young man!" she said. Chrissy briskly paddled Danny's upturned fanny. "I'll have no more disobedience and more diligence in your studies."

"Yeoww -- owww -- owwww!" Danny could not believe the atrocious heat imparted by the hairbrush. As Chrissy continued to spank, he flutter-kicked his feet. His legs were fettered only at the knees by his short pants and he imagined that he looked almost comical, like the reactions of a ten year old, kicking and squirming over the lap of his gorgeous young governess, who was quite determined to teach him a stern lesson in deportment. The hairbrush continued to rise and fall, connecting with resounding smacks against Danny's burning buttocks. After 40 searing spanks, Chrissy halted.

Danny looked up. Chrissy had responded to a signal from Vicky. This was not good, thought Danny.

Yvonne strode to the podium.

"I will go one better than Marion," said Yvonne, the stately platinum blonde. "Laura and I will donate $15000 to finish Danny's spanking ourselves....." she paused for effect …"in private!"

There was a collective intake of breath followed by murmuring in the audience.

Vicky did not drop a beat. "Well, I think that's fair," said Vicky. "We all got to see Chrissy give Danny a good tanning, so let’s leave him now to the tender mercies of Yvonne and Laura. What do you say?”

The audience applauded with assent.

"Vicky dear, do you have a bedroom we can use?" asked Yvonne.

"Use any room you wish, Yvonne. My house is at your disposal"

It goes downhill from there, as you may imagine. Or not, depending on your point of view. Either way it's a hot scene (as are all the others). Watch this blog for the release announcement.

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