The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Sunday, June 8, 2014

F/M Sunday ---More Mr. Letters--(mostly F/m)

While most of the "Letters to the Editor" in Mr. Magazine in the 60's and 70's were M/F or F/F in orientation, a surprising number were F/m. I've found a few of those over the years and I share them with you now. It's not the greatest prose in the world, but they are what they are. I'm not going to speculate as to authenticity of the incidents reported, but you be the judge.
Photos by Nu-West, Vixen Ladies and anonymous others. Art by barb, anaoymous others.

Here is a letter from Mr. Magazine: July 1962

Dear Mr. Shelton,
I don't know whether I consider myself a true masochist but the fact is,
 I do get genuine enjoyment from being spanked by a member of the
opposite sex.

I did not receive a spanking until I was 12  years of age. My mother
had died and my father traveled a lot so I was brought up by a maiden
aunt. She was strict but never spanked me. It really started with a
teacher I had, Miss Harrison. Miss Harrison was in her middle forties
and very much of a disciplinarian. I was a pretty lively boy and seemed
to get into a lot of trouble with her.

One evening, she came to the house and talked to my aunt about my bad
conduct. I didn't hear all of the conversation, but I know that spanking
was discussed as a form of punishment. The next day, Miss Harrison made
me stay after school.. She told me that I was to ride with her to her
house. Since it wasn't far from where I lived, this was no problem.

When we got there she said, 'You have been a very bad boy, and as a
punishment, I am going to give you a hard spanking Go to the bedroom and
strip off all of your clothes. I will be in in a few minutes."

She looked so stern and severe, I knew that meant businesses. I did as she
ordered and she soon came in carrying a long flat strap.
She sat on the edge of the bed and made me spread myself across her
knees. Then she spanked my bare bottom until it was crimson and stung
terribly. After the spanking was over she told me that I would have to
come to her house once a week for a spanking until my conduct improved.

When I got home, my aunt, who knew all about this made me get undressed
and I got a thrashing from her with a hairbrush on my bare, sore and red
bottom. I could hardly sit down the next day.

After this my aunt spanked me regularly, always on the bare bottom and
always with a hairbrush. Miss Harrison varied her forms of spanking .
She would use a switch, hairbrush or strap depending on how bad I had
been.   As painful as they were, I got so I enjoyed these spankings,
and when Miss Harrison had a woman friend of hers in to watch while I
was getting spanked, I got even more of a kick out of it.

I am now 29, unmarried, and living in the same city. I still enjoy
getting spanked and am fortunate in having a landlady who believes in
spanking at any age. Mrs. L. is a widow in her early fifties and is a
stickler for neatness and regular habits. If my room is untidy or if I
stay out too late, my punishment from her is a vigorous strapping on my
bare bottom. The procedure is always the same. She calls me to her
quarters and when I see the strap on the table I know what I am in or.
She mentions to me what the offense has been and tells me to get ready
for a spanking. This means for me to go to the bedroom.   She has an
old fashioned bed with a high bed board and I bend over this so that my
bottom is in a correct spanking position. She spanks me until I promise
not to commit the offense again. If I promise too soon she gives me some
additional whacks anyway. Mrs. L. always wears a short sleeved dress,
while spanking so that her bare arms will have more freedom and believe
me, I am left with a sore and red bottom when she is through.

Mrs. L's theory of spanking is that it does good for everyone whether he
be a child or adult. She believes that both the pain and the humiliation
of a spanking are beneficial. Whenever possible she has one of her women
friends watch the spanking and it's definitely humiliating and
embarrassing for me to be seen in that condition getting a hard
spanking. However, I must admit that my general conduct has improved, I
get a sort of thrill from her spankings, but my bottom is made awfully
sore by them.

Possibly, as time goes on, I will change. I am now going around with a
girl who is strong willed . She hasn't mentioned spanking yet, but I
have a feeling that this will come, and I think that I will welcome it.

S.T. Illinois

Dear Editor:

My husband and I are both 45 years old and childless. We live in a small
college community and have taken male students in as boarders for over
ten years. The college in our town is still small enough and exclusive
enough to attract the more serious student. In general the students are
a well behaved group due to the strict policies of the college
Still boys at this age are going to be rowdy,  and frankly, years ago I
 pleaded with my husband to give up our idea of boarding students.
The noise and distractions were simply driving  me out of my mind. The
boys paid scant attention to the few rules that we had to impose.
However , my husband has been seriously bothered by foot trouble and
unable to work steadily so we needed the income.

I write this letter now, after putting it off for so long, because I
feel that I owe your correspondents a vote of appreciation for helping
to solve my problem. To explain: My husband and I have followed your
various surveys for years. One day the answer to my troubles seemed to
me to be contained in a letter written by O.M. in the October issue. He
told of how he had been paddled by his landlady while in college. It
reminded me of a letter by a Mrs. J.M. in an issue a few months
previously in which she went into some detail as to how she paddled her
nephew. I showed the letters to my husband and told him that if it
worked for them it might work for us. I told him that he ought to tell
the boys that he would apply the paddle to them if they didn't go along
with the rules. I also said that if they refused they should be told to
leave. I was ready to quit anyway.

He laughed off my suggestion as being ridiculous and told me that the he
had no intention of even trying such a wild idea. I persisted in all of
my old arguments about the way we were forced to live. Finally he told
me that if I thought it was such a good idea that I should do it myself.
Pointing out that he people who did the spanking in the letters I showed
showed him were women anyway. He was quite sarcastic about the manner in
which he said this and it served to further anger me. Mad at everyone at
this point , I told him that if he didn't think that I would do it that
I would show him!

I gathered the boys together and issued my ultimatum about their
behavior. I told them that from now on if they broke the rules they
would be paddled and that if they didn't like it they could leave. They
snickered and said OK,  that it was fine with them.  One of the
boys, Bob, made me so mad that I told him that he was going to be first
right then and there. He kind of chuckled and said, "Sure, why not?" I
had never spanked anyone before so I had him lay over my knees while I
whaled away over his haunches with the palm of my hand. Needless to say
I ended up with a sore hand and feeling like a fool while he made a joke
out of it.  My husband had an "I told you so" look written all over his
face and the boys were highly amused.

I brooded about my ridiculous scene for days and even re-read the
letters. Mrs. J.M. had pointed out the futility of a "paddywhacking."
She was so right. I went down to the college bookstore and bought a
fraternity paddle: determined to go ahead with my idea. The same night
when we were having dinner, the usual horseplay resulted in the smashing
of a window in the china close. This time I waited until the end of
dinner and told the boy, Bob, that he had another spanking coming. Just
the two of us went into the living room. I remembered that OM's landlady
had had him drop his trousers. I intended to do the same and this added
to my nervousness as I told him to do just that.

It was all a joke to him, however, and he smilingly went along with it.
The smile disappeared briefly when he saw the paddle that I intended to
use. Still taking my cues from Mrs. Jackson in O.M.'s letter, I had him
bend over a chair. I stood back and took what I thought was a full swing
but the paddle kind of glanced off his buttocks. I delivered about nine
more the same way. This time Bob looked a little more thoughtful as he
got up and I knew that I had done a better job than before.
As I look back on it now, it wasn't a very good paddling - but I was

Strange as it sounds, it takes practice to administer a good paddling
and over the next few weeks I made sure that I got it. Mrs. J.M. had
written that you must spank often and while spanking you must spank
hard. I was trying to follow her lead. I was certainly spanking often,
but in retrospect not too convincingly. I realize now that I just did
not know how to swing a paddle. The overall behavior wasn't much
better. If I did get in a good whack the boy would just jump up and
refuse to bend over until the sting wore off. The boys were still
treating it as a joke even if I did sting them on occasion.

It took an enormous amount of time to deliver ten cracks what with the
arguing and jumping up. This added to my frustration and I would just
get madder while I delivered a flurry of ineffective whacks sometimes
wildly off target. My husband didn't help either. He seemed to glory in
my discouragement, since he thought that it was still silly and didn't
seem to be doing any good any way.

The big breakthrough came when I finally decided to go the whole way
with Mrs. J.M's suggestions. She had spoken of a device she called a
spanking bench. This was used to secure the person being spanked.
After much haggling, I finally talked my husband into building me such a
device   With the addition of the bench I started administering my
paddlings in the basement. It was an immediate improvement. As I gained
confidence I took the final step in solving the problem of "duds". I
decided to disallow the protection of even the shorts that I had let
them keep up. The paddle can sometimes glance off when it hits a clothed
area.   But delivered to the bare backside it won't. This completed
the basic technique that I still use. Over the bench - bare bottom.
Soon after I achieved my first real victory. I had paddled one of the
boys for some infraction It had occurred right before dinner. At any
rate, I had him over the bench while I very methodically laid on with
the paddle. My form had developed to the point where every whack was
solid and resounding and on this day particularly so. After each whack
he was gasping audibly and after the fourth he pleaded with me to stop
for a moment. The politeness with which this request was made was

Nevertheless, I continued on until I had delivered the full ten. When he
got up he was flushed and for once speechless. My "victory" came a few
minutes later when we were all sitting at the table except for him. When
he was asked if he was going to sit down to dinner he begged off saying,
"No thank you. I just don't really feel like sitting down right now." My
husband looked over at me wonderingly and I tried to suppress my feeling
of satisfaction and triumph After many months I had finally made a
paddling something to think about.

I know that much can be made of one facet of this or another, but I have
to make one thing clear. A new respect was shown me from that day on. A
respect of the paddle to be sure, but satisfying nevertheless. I never
paddled much from that day on. Certainly not as much as I had been
doing. It simply wasn't necessary. I still paddle but now it is an
event. After one of the boys has been paddled once it is seldom
necessary to repeat the performance.

Paddling is still the rule of the house and it will be as long as I have
anything to do with it. My husband still jokes about it occasionally
but my rejoinder now is an invitation for him to let me use my paddle on
him if he thinks it is funny . He has never felt it to be that funny. I
must admit that there are times that I would like nothing better than to
try it on him.
Mrs. B.B. SC

Here's another letter from Mr. Magazine with advice for spankers:

  Dear Editor: A very natural mistake that a lot of parents make is to
  think that a heavy paddle is more effective for spankings than a
  light one. Actually it's just the opposite, as I discovered when I
  was in initiated into a sorority at age 16. That certain part of my
  anatomy was only too familiar with the feel of Mom's ping pong
  paddle, and I shuddered to think about the effects of a thick board
  I knew my "big sisters" were going to use on the same place.
   My knees were knocking when I was given the order to grab my ankles
  and assume the angle. The first whack fell like a bolt of lightning.
  The second, surprisingly enough, didn't hurt nearly so much, though
  the impact almost made me fall on my face. And the third left me
  with a totally dead end that had no feeling in it at all. I got ten
  more after that, that nearly jolted my teeth loose, but produced no
  pain at all.

   It took a couple of hours before my bottom woke up again and oh
  what a throbbing, tingling, burning time was that, my friends! It
  felt like it was going to burst right out of my britches and I could
  hardly bear to pull my panties on next day, let alone sit down on a
  hard surface. But then, Mom always produced the same effect with her
  trusty little ping pong bat. Of course it took her a little longer
  because 13 smacks would be only the beginning of a spanking, in her
  opinion. And to be sure my bottom wouldn't be deprived of the full
  benefit of her efforts she would freshen it up after every dozen or
  so spanks with a little of Dad's after shave lotion. That made each
  swat feel like a swarm of hornets had stuck their stings into my
  poor fanny.

  I won't say that spankings are the best way to keep a teenager on
  her toes (and off her bottom), but they do work and can't say they
  did me any lasting harm But if you are going to spank your
  youngsters, my advice is don't do it on dead ass but let them
  appreciate every minute of it right to the burning end.
           Shelley T., New York

Mr. letter from July 1967(notice the ‘spanking bench’ mentioned again):

Dear MR:
Recently I had occasion to pick up your magazine and read one of the
letters in your Dear MR column. I noticed that there seems to be a
running controversy among some of your readers in regard to the
advisability of spanking teenage girls. For what they are worth, I would
like to add some of my opinions on this subject.

My husband's nephew came to live with us when he was fifteen years old.
My husband died shortly thereafter . While he was alive he saw to it
that the boy toed the mark. He kept a paddle in the basement and he put
it to use frequently. He also made it clear to his nephew that I was to
have the same authority. Since it was obvious that his nephew was too
big for me to handle he converted an old chest of drawers into what came
to be called the "spanking bench." He did this by fastening two leather
wrist braces to one side of the chest . The person bending over the
bench has his arms secured tightly against the side and his bottom in
position for the spanking.

My nephew is now nineteen years old and in his first year at college. It
is a local college and he lives at home while commuting to school. You
have stated that most of your readers seem to favor the spanking of
teenage girls. I agree with this but I see no sense in limiting the
punishment to one sex. I believe that spanking is an excellent form of
punishment and I use it quite liberally, a fact to which my nephew could
attest. I have been quite lenient with him in most ways and I have not
expected a great deal. He knows what I expect from him, however, and
what he can expect from me if he does not walk the straight and narrow.
He has refused on occasion to bend over the bench. This is only quite
natural but when it has occurred I have enlisted the aid of my husband's
brothers in putting him over the bench. These occasions are rare because
the spankings that follow such actions are usually enough to convince
him that it is wiser for him to get the punishment over with in the
first place.

I spank with a paddle that is twenty inches long, about 3/4 of an inch
thick and about four inches wide. it doesn't take many whacks with this
paddle to administer a good spanking but I don't even bother picking it
up for less than fifteen whacks.   I spank on the bare bottom and I
spank until I can see visible evidence that it has been effective.
I don't believe in light paddywhackings and if they are sitting down too
quickly after a spanking something is wrong. As I mentioned previously my
nephew is a college student and believe me there have been quite a few
days when he has had to sit in class on a well spanked backside.   A
good session with the paddle seems to do wonders for his attentiveness
to his studies.

I would like to have in my care some of these so-called juvenile
delinquents for about a month. It might not last but I would be willing
to bet that their parents wouldn't know them when they got them back.

There is only one way to spank and that is often and hard.   If the
first one doesn't do any good spank them again as many times as you
think they need it. The paddle is able to absorb much more punishment
than the bottom it is whacking and even the most stubborn get the idea

I had occasion recently to witness a "spanking" my sister gave her
seventeen year old daughter. It consisted of a few light hand slaps
given over the protection of her jeans. I commented to my sister on the
ineffectiveness of the punishment in light o what the girl had done. She
in turn invited me to see if I could handle the situation any better.
Perhaps no spanking at all is better than the fooling around
my sister had done.

I found the girl lying on her bed unconcernedly reading a magazine and
listening to the radio. The spanking that she had just received had made
no impression on her whatsoever. Unfortunately, I could find nothing
better than a ping pong paddle. She is a big girl and I would much
rather have had her turned bottoms up over the spanking bench where i
could have used my paddle on her ample backside. She started to protest
when she saw the ping pong paddle in my hand but I reminded her that I
could just as easily have her brought over to my house for a session
over the spanking bench. This threat combined with my reputation with
the paddle caused her to comply with my instructions to lower her jeans
and no argument.

She was quite a load over my knees but I wrapped one arm securely around
her waist and placed one leg over both of hers. When I peeled off her
panties I noticed that there was no sign of the spanking that she had
just received. To me this was just another sign of her mother's
ridiculous efforts. When I take the time to administer a spanking there
is visible evidence of the result for days.   I took my time and made
sure that I whacked each sizable buttock at least twenty times. When I
left the room she was lying on her bed face down nursing a blistered
fanny and in no mood to continue her reading.

Spanking may seem to be a juvenile punishment to some people and
completely out of line to use on a nineteen year old boy, but that's the
way my nephew is punished and I make no bones about it. Most of his
spankings occur as a result of slacking off on his school work. Once in
awhile though something else happens to result in his being spanked.
About two weeks ago I called him three times to get up for his job that
he has in the summer. When he didn't get up the third time I called I
decided to take more persuasive action.

Once I have taken the trouble to wake him up in the morning and to fix
his breakfast I feel that I should not have to run up and down the
stairs all morning to see if he has gotten out of bed. I have an old
hairbrush that I picked up at an auction some time ago. The bristles are
all worn down on it and while it isn't much good for brushing hair, it
is the wide, flat wooden type that is ideal for spanking. Once in awhile
I prefer to administer a quick over the knees spanking and the paddle is
just too long for this purpose.

The fourth time I entered my nephew's room that morning I was carrying
the hair brush that I have just mentioned.   I threw back his covers
and delivered a sound smack that had him awake in a second. Before he
was totally aware of what was going on I had him over my knees. By this
time he was awake enough to start pleading for a second chance but I
pulled down his pajama bottoms and started whacking his bare backside
with the brush. He is entirely too big for this type of a spanking and I
did more arguing and threatening than spanking while trying to keep him
in position. I did succeed in getting in about twenty five whacks before
letting him up.

In general my opinion is that teenagers should be spanked whether they
be boy or girl. Too often dad neglects the responsibility of hauling
junior out to the woodshed for a good tanning. If dad doesn't do it, mom
ought to just fix herself an arrangement like I have, acquire a suitable
paddle and do the job herself.
Mrs. J.M. Penna

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