The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gone with the Wind -- The Missing Scene

This story was written by a long time contributor to SSS named Mrs. Mish. Like a great many good efforts in those days, it’s a little rough, so I’ve tried to improve it a bit with some judicious editing. It’s a cute addition to the classic movie, and I’m sure we all agree it should have been included. I actually found some correspondence allegedly between Selznick and the studio discussing a possible spanking scene. Selznick wanted it. The studio said "absolutely not!" Oh well, that's what stories are for.

The fabulous drawings are by Brian Tarsis via Shadow Lane and Paula Russell.

GWTW—The Missing Scene

“Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn!”

 Rhett's eyes flashed threateningly as he swept Scarlett into his arms as though
 she were weightless.  Despite her feeble protests, he carried her effortlessly
 up the stairs, taking them two at a time in his haste to get her into their
 bedroom.  He kicked the door closed behind them and bolted it.

 "Rhett, please, the servants will hear. Oh, if you are determined to have me, at least be
 quick about it and then leave me alone!"

 "Oh, I am going to have you Scarlett, but it is not going to be quick, I
 promise you that.  But first, my love, you are going to answer for a few
 things.  And as far as what the servants see and hear, you have no compunction
 about throwing yourself shamelessly at Ashley Wilkes in front of servants and friends alike.
 Tonight, I intend to banish all thoughts of the gallant Mr. Wilkes from your
 head, and the most effective method of doing just that will be done with the flat of my
 hand, applied to that lovely posterior of yours."

Rhett grabbed her by the arm and started dragging her toward the four poster bed that dominated the room.

“Oh, Rhett. you wouldn’t,” she gasped, stumbling. “You wouldn’t dare!”

 Initially frightened by the hard expression on Rhett's face, Scarlett tried
 to bluff her way out of it, as she had in so many other untenable situations

 "Oh really, Rhett," she said disdainfully, trying to tug away.  "I suppose you are hinting at
 spanking me, as you would a child.  Well, I won't allow it, Rhett Butler, so I demand
 you let go of me this instant."

 Torn between grudging admiration for her bravado and determination to teach his recalcitrant bride the lesson she had had coming for months, Rhett nevertheless sat on the bed and drew her close.

 "I am definitely going to put you down, my dear, right down across my lap," he
 said. And then he did just that, flipping her over and sitting himself down on the
 bed in one fluid motion. 

Scarlett squealed, but Rhett was undeterred. He positioned her so she was lying face down over his knees, rear end cocked up awaiting his ministrations. Rhett lifted the layers of red taffeta skirts and hoops delicately, relishing the rustling sound they made as he carefully tucked them up around her waist.  Scarlett’s body was soft and beautiful, her bottom shapely and full,  and he couldn't resist a loving pat or two over her white silk and lace bloomers.

 Scarlett was furious, but refused to give him the satisfaction of displaying
 her wrath.

 "You don't frighten me Rhett, those manicured gentleman's hands couldn't hurt a

 That was not a prudent statement to make at that particular moment!  It only
 prodded Rhett into unlacing the back of Scarlett's bloomers, and then slipping
 them down past her plump bottom cheeks.  Her skin was flawless and white, the shape of her derriere exquisite, and Rhett thought it was almost a shame to have to redden such
 a perfect bottom.  But redden it he would, in the interest of retaking control
 in a marriage that was rapidly deteriorating due to his wife's willfulness.

 Scarlett finally realized her comeuppance was at hand and shivered, in fear and at the cool rush of air over her exposed bottom.She began to wiggle about almost in spite of herself, and Rhett responded by throwing his right leg across the back of her knees, pinning her tightly over his lap.

 Scarlett hadn't been spanked since she was a little girl, and some might say
 she should have been!  All she remembered of the experience was the pain and
 the fear...what she didn't remember was what she was experiencing now, in
 addition to those sensations. Surprisingly, Scarlett was thinking of Rhett
 with a new found respect, even as she prepared herself for the inevitable
 onslaught of stinging slaps she knew were forthcoming.  But all the mental
 preparation in the world wasn't preparation enough when Rhett, fueled by anger
 and a large quantity of spirits, began to spank her soundly.

 He lifted his thigh so her bottom was elevated and brought his hand down with a loud smack! Again and again his palm impacted her exposed bottom.  She tried to kick and struggle, to no avail. Still, she was determined not to give him the satisfaction of making her cry.  She bit her lower lip, trying to contain her tears as Rhett reddened her lily white bottom.Rhett could hear her stifled sobs despite her efforts to contain them, and as always, admired Scarlett's fortitude in the face of a rather embarrassing punishment.

 However, all the admiration in the world didn't refute what Rhett thought of as
 his husbandly right and duty, to take back his wife's respect and instill obedience in
 whatever way necessary.  So he would humiliate her if needed, force her to
 capitulate, physically and emotionally, and to this purpose, he deliberately
 spanked her harder and faster, his hand connecting with a resounding slap each
 time he brought it down against her bottom.

The flesh of Scarlett’s bare bottom wobbled lasciviously as Rhett placed smack after smack on his gorgeous wife’s lush backside. Scarlett squealed and wriggled. She tried to squirm, but all to no avail. Rhett dominated her completely, reducing her to a the status of a well paddled little girl, spanked by daddy for naughtiness.

 Finally even Scarlett's will was insufficient and she broke down and sobbed, loudly and without inhibition.  Rhett was almost glad of it, because her bottom, by this time, was truly bright red and hot to the touch. He didn't want to hurt her any more than he had to.The idea was to teach her a lesson she’d remember.

 "Do you have anything to say, Scarlett?" he demanded, as he continued to spank
 her, albeit a bit more gently in deference to her weeping.

 "Yes, Rhett...I...I...I'm sorry," she finally replied, her body wracked with

 Rhett, breathing heavily, finally stopped spanking her, and began to rub her
 inflamed bottom gently with his massive hand.

 "Are you really, Scarlett?" he whispered softly.  "Please tell me you mean it,
 my love...because I truly adore you, Scarlett, and the thought of losing you is
 just too much to bear."

 "I...I do mean it, Rhett," she said, and to her own surprise, she found she
 truly DID.

 She was still panting and trembling when Rhett bent down and planted kisses on her hot
 reddened cheeks. 

“Oh, Rhett!” said Scarlett, surprised at the surge of desire that welled up.

He lifted her up into a sitting position on his lap then, and wrapped his strong
 arms around her, pulling her close to him.  She wept quietly on his shoulder,
 grateful for his strong embrace, and even more, for his love, which she knew
 prompted his rather unorthodox method of reclaiming her affections.

 He took her shoulders and pulled her back to look deeply into her green
 eyes, and for the first time, saw his own love reflected in them.   He tenderly
 kissed the tears from her sweet face, so beautiful in the flickering
 candlelight, and haltingly dared to ask her, "Scarlett, tell me darling, do you
 love me?"

 Never before had Scarlett seen such vulnerability in her swaggering husband,
 and she could swear she saw tears glistening in his eyes as she responded.

 "I do Rhett...I truly do."

 Rhett breathed a silent prayer of gratitude as he pulled her to him, his
 lips kissing her face, then settling lingeringly on her mouth.  He stood her on
 her feet, removed her wrinkled dress and undergarments, and laid her their
 canopied bed.  He undressed himself slowly, his eyes never leaving hers, then
 flipped her over onto her stomach.  Her poor bottom was red and bruised, 
and he rubbed and soothed it lovingly.

 Scarlett, meanwhile, was surprised at her own arousal and receptiveness to his
 attentions.  The spanking had done more than increase her regard for her
 dashing husband; the physical sensations, the tingling and burning in her
 freshly spanked behind, ignited her senses and aroused the sexuality that had
 lain dormant for so long.  How childish her romantic dreams of Ashley Wilkes
 now seemed in comparison to what had transpired tonight between her and her
 husband; how strong and masculine was Rhett when compared with the bookish
 Ashley. How could she have ever loved Ashley?

 Rhett's hands explored her body with abandon, and Scarlett knew no lady could
 look herself in the mirror after a night such as the one which followed.  But
 Scarlett was a creature who was more in touch with her sensual nature than were
 most women of her times, and Rhett's caresses only awakened her own true animal
 instincts.  She knew she should have at least made some feeble protest when his
 tongue flicked at her most private regions, but she found herself incapable of
 doing so as he licked and kissed her to heights of passion she never knew

 When finally he mounted her from behind, and thrust his tumescent manhood into
 her, she gave herself to him so wantonly and completely that their cries could
 be heard throughout the sleeping mansion.  So much for concern of the servants'
 hearing...neither of them knew or cared whose sleep was disturbed.

 But in the servants' quarters below, Mammy smiled to herself as she heard the
 unmistakable sounds of Scarlett's spanking and capitulation to Master Rhett.
 It had, in fact, been Mammy herself, who had administered Scarlett's last spanking when
 she was a willful little girl of eight.  It was about time someone had taken
 her mistress in hand!

 Good for you, Master Rhett, thought Mammy, as the tumultuous sounds in the
 master bedroom turned to the contented murmurs of a couple at peace with
 themselves.  Good for you.


Hermione said...

I agree with mammy, Good for you, Rhett.

An excellent story. It would have made the movie so much more interesting.


Rollin said...

Agreed, Hermoine. It seemed ripe for it. Another near miss by Hollywood, but at the time there was a decency code and the producers felt such a scene would skirt too close to being sexually arousing. (Well, yeah!)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Bacall gives this one two thumbs up.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Bacall gives this one two thumbs up.

Rollin said...

She does? Well, maybe my next one should be Key Largo.