The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sci-Fi Spanking

In honor of the Sci Spanks blog hop, for which I am "ambassadoring" I'm presenting my own little sci-fi nugget. This one is from The Menace from Mongo. Commenting on the story won't win you any of the big prizes. You'll have to do the blog hop for that. But I will give away to one or more lucky commentators a free copy of either of my Sci-Fi stories, The Menace from Mongo or Pendragon's Lash. When you comment, tell me which one you'd like.

 Flash heard the heavy tread of boots coming down the corridor, faintly at first, then louder as they drew closer. There were at least five or six of them. Then they flung open the door. The guards stood to one side and allowed the woman, who was apparently royalty, to enter. She was dressed in a gown of some filmy material. It flowed to her feet clinging to curves that outlined the shape of her willowy figure. She wore a tiara of some type and her arms and wrists were adorned with bracelets. She looked like royalty with her tall, slender, aristocratic features. Her hair was piled on top of her head in a hairdo that made her look like a Greek goddess. 

Behind her, the guards held another woman. Each soldier held an arm but that didn’t stop the woman from struggling. This one was pretty and voluptuous, her dark unkempt hair falling in ringlets to her shoulders. She wore only a short thin tunic. Her shapely legs were on full display and the hardened nipples of her breasts strained against the flimsy material.  There was another woman, too. Some sort of advisor he guessed. Not royalty.

“Earth man, stand up.” It was the one he assumed to be royalty addressing him.

Gordon managed to get to his feet. He was chained against the wall. He’d been that way for hours it seemed, and he was stiff from the confinement, not to mention what he’d already been put through.

“I am Princess Aura. This is Dr. Pagea. You are to perform a task for us and we will watch.” The voice was haughty. It was that of a woman confident that her orders would be obeyed instantly.

Flash strained against the chains, glaring. “And if I refuse?”

“Your friends,” she said. “They will suffer.” She said it casually, as if it were of no importance.

He knew they had Dale and Zarkov. They had landed in a desert area of some sort, but buildings had been visible as they had descended from orbit, so he knew they were not far from civilization. Tests showed the atmosphere was breathable and so they had ventured out. They had looked around and were scrutinizing the landscape and the flora when flyers of some type had landed and men had emerged. The men were apparently soldiers of some type. Their dress and weaponry was curious. A mix of bronze age tunics with leather and armor, they also carried weapons that looked like firearms of some type. To their surprise, despite overtures of peace and friendship the trio had been arrested at the point of these weapons and forced into a flyer.

They’d all been taken at once and told they’d be escorted to the throne room of the apparent ruler of this hostile planet. A soldier had told Flash  that he was called Ming the Merciless and that they were on the planet Mongo. They’d tried to establish that they were diplomatic emissaries from Earth, on a mission of peace, but this announcement had been received with contempt, and they had been promptly seized. Flash had tried to put up a fight but had been stunned by some sort of ray gun, the weapon carried by the soldiers.

They’d been taken before Ming and the next thing Flash knew he had been thrust into an arena and forced to fight wild ape men captured in some remote corner of Mongo…for their amusement. It was surreal, like some crazy variation on Caligula or Nero of ancient Rome, only this was Mongo, another planet.

But he found that on this planet he had exceptional strength and agility. Perhaps it was the low gravity. He had defeated the ape men by employing his Navy Seal hand-to-hand skills. Then they’d thrown him in this cell. He had not liked the way this Emperor Ming had looked at Dale. He felt naturally protective of her and feared what Ming might have in mind.


“So then. What do you want?” Flash stood there defiantly but he felt helpless. As long as they held Dale and Zarkov, he had to do their bidding.

The Princess smiled. “Our genetic stock is weak. Mongo needs new blood. That is why we speed toward Earth, to select the strongest of the Earth people as breeding stock. We will see if you can provide it. We will test this slave, once you are finished with her. She is scheduled to be disciplined anyway, so we have decided that you will do it.  It is the way slaves are treated here on Mongo. We will see how you handle a female of ours.” The girl, upon hearing this struggled against the grip of the soldiers. 

“See, she rebels, the little she-cat. So you will tame her as we observe. Let’s see,” said the princess, cocking her head and thinking, “What will amuse us? I know. She has behaved like an obstinate child, so she should receive the punishment usually given to an obstinate child. You will strip her naked and place her across your knees. Then you will spank her buttocks soundly until I tell you to stop. After that, you will have your way with her. That should teach her a good lesson and render her suitable for our tests.” 

The slave girl tossed her head and glared at Flash. She looked him in the eye then spit, as if daring him to touch her. Flash grimaced.

Princess Aura smiled a thin smile. “She does not appeal to you, earth man?” Then the smile hardened. “Unchain him. You will do this, earth man. Remember, we have your friends.”

Flash massaged his wrists as they unlocked his manacles. The slave girl eyed him warily. He had no choice. He reached for the girl as the guards shoved her toward him and then stepped away. They shut the cell door and observed through slots in the walls. It was just Flash and the slave girl left in the empty cell, but pairs of eyes peered through the slots. 

Flash reached for the slave girl and caught her wrist. She tugged back, but her strength was no match for his. He pulled her to him and whispered to her. “I don’t want to do this, but I have no choice. Cooperate and I’ll go as easy as I can.” Her response was to hiss and struggle. Ok, thought Flash, if that’s the way you want it. He grabbed her and the flimsy tunic fell right off. She seemed shocked to be stark naked and stood as if dazed. Flash pulled her over to a low bench and sat on it. So she’s been a naughty girl, has she? Ok, here goes. He flung the girl face down across his knees. She tried to wriggle away, but Flash caught her hand and pinned it in the small of her back.

 The girl’s pale bottom cheeks quivered as she kicked and struggled. She was perfectly shaped with a firm, rounded bottom nicely set off from the tops of her thighs. The full fleshy cheeks jutted upwards as the girl was held face down, jackknifed across his knees.  Flash raised his hand and delivered a crisp smack to the wriggling backside. The girl flung her head back and shrieked. He smacked her again, this time on the opposite globe and she wailed. Flash looked up at the Princess and paused.

“Well, Earth man, proceed. We will tell you when to stop.”

There was no help for it. Flash applied a stinging barrage of spanks to the succulent behind of the slave girl. She writhed and kicked but he held her down easily. His hand rose and fell, rose and fell. For the next few minutes the cell resounded with the sharp smacking sound of Flash’s palm on the unfortunate slave girl’s bottom. Her hind cheeks took on a distinctly bright red hue. Her cries rose to shrill yelps as he continued to spank her vigorously. She wriggled, humping up and down, pressing her pelvis into his knee. Then her cries became dull moans. For a time Flash was sure that she was actually trying to pleasure herself, lifting her bottom in time to the descending spanks then grinding herself on his knee…it was most curious.

“Stop!” The princess commanded. “It is enough.” She smiled and turned to leave. “I understand your need for privacy, but be assured that we are watching. Now do as I commanded.” And she and her entourage left, slamming the cell door.

The slave girl slid to her knees. Her eyes were heavy with lust. Without being told to do anything of the kind and to Flash’s utter surprise, she pulled out his manhood, stiff and engorged. Obviously she was aroused as a result the lusty spanking he’d administered to her jouncy behind, a behind which had wriggled so sexily. She pleasured him with her mouth until he was hard, and then turned, placing herself on all fours and thrusting her well spanked behind toward him.  She looked over her shoulder expectantly. Flash did not have to be told what to do. He mounted her and rode her to climax. Once her passion had been unleashed, she turned out to be insatiable and demanded that he take her, over and over, until both were exhausted.

They came and got her shortly thereafter and left Flash alone in the cell.



River Wild said...

This is interesting, I have read spanking sci-fi only rarely but find that I really enjoy it. Are you planning on posting more of this story? I'm curious now :-)

Rollin said...

River, the whole book is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc. The Amazon link is in the right hand panel.