The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Saturday, July 5, 2014

F/M Sunday -- Charlie's Aunt

It's Summertime. It's that time of year when kids go visit relatives, sometimes for extended stays. What happens then, when the relative's household employs a strict discipline regime that includes spankings for misbehavior? How does that work for a young man who has never been subjected to a system like that? What if he were a college student and his aunt was a hot young woman in her 30's? What if he had a crush on her? What then? As always, I've done a little editing.


The summer before Charlie's senior year in college, he got a job on the
Cape. To save money, his Mom called his Aunt Jeanne to ask if he could
stay with her, since she lived in Marion which was just across the bridge.
Aunt Jeanne happily agreed, which made Charlie happy, too. Ever since he
was a kid of 6, he'd had this mad crush on Aunt Jeanne, who was his Mom's
younger sister...younger by 18 years! Every time the families would get
together, he'd spend most of the time moping and mooning over his lovely,
and sexy, Aunt.

When Aunt Jeanne picked up Charlie at the train station in Providence, he
could see that, although she was now a creaky old broad in her early 30's,
she was still a looker...blonde hair, blue eyes, legs that seemed to go on
forever...the whole goddess bit. He also noticed, for the first time, how
much she looked like Betsy, his steady girl in college (or, more
accurately, how much Betsy looked like Aunt Jeanne).
Anyway, a couple of days after he got there, he was fooling around with
Aunt Jeanne's 14 year old daughter, Jenny, in the kitchen. One thing led
to another, and they were soon engaged in a full-fledged food fight. Aunt
Jeanne had been out playing tennis, and unfortunately timed her return to
the climax of their struggle. She was not happy.

"What on Earth is going on here! Jenny! Get over here!" She sputtered,
picking up a handy wooden butter paddle and seating herself on a dinette

Jenny froze. Charlie looked at her, not understanding her dismayed expression. What was about to happen here? 

"I'm sorry Mommy. Please don't spank me!" Jenny wailed, nonetheless
marching stoically to her Mother's side.

Charlie's eyes bugged out. Aunt Jeanne was going to SPANK her? It looked like that was what was about to happen.

Aunt Jeanne wordlessly shucked down Jenny's shorts and hoisted her up and
over those glorious, sleek, tanned thighs, then deftly peeled down her
bikini panties. Jenny was at that mid-pubescent stage when what would
become a trim and lovely figure was still overlaid with enough vestiges of
baby fat to produce a ripely rounded body. Her derriere was plump and
fleshy, jiggling merrily as she squirmed and wriggled across her Mother's
lap in anticipation, he guessed, of what was not an unusual event.
"The very idea!" Aunt Jeanne scolded, "you are old enough to know better,
young lady, but certainly young enough to spank." With that, Aunt Jeanne
began to apply the butter paddle briskly to Jenny's suddenly animated
bottom. Crack! Smack! Whap! 

Charlie gasped as he watched the pale mounds almost instantaneously turn crimson, each smack of
the paddle leaving a red mark in its wake.  Aunt Jeanne spanked almost wordlessly,
pausing only momentarily between strokes. Jenny, however, was anything but quiet. Her soprano squeals soared ever higher as the hard wood paddle blistered her tender
flesh. She kicked and waved her arms around. Her fleshy cheeks weaved and
wobbled with every crisp whack. Tears flowed freely from her eyes, coursed down
her agonized face and spattered on the kitchen floor. But, unmoved, Aunt
Jeanne persevered. Until with one furious final volley,  she set Jenny on her feet. 

Sobbing madly, Jenny stepped clasped both hands on her red and glowing, throbbing buttocks, and rubbing furiously, fled from the room.

Charlie was awestruck and stunned, and hardly heard Aunt Jeanne call, "All
right Charlie, your turn."

"Wh-what?" he stammered. She could not be serious.

"I said, Charlie, that it's your turn now. Get over here!" Aunt Jeanne
commanded patting her glorious thighs for emphasis.

She was serious. Transfixed, almost hypnotized, he shuffled over to where she sat, blushing
furiously as she quickly unbuckled his belt, opened his fly and slid his
jeans down to his ankles. She took his elbow and guided him over her
sleek, firm thighs. Was this really happening?

"B-but I'm 20 years old, Aunt Jeanne!" he heard himself protest. This was crazy!

"If you're immature enough to make this kind of mess, then you are not too
old to spank!" And with that she began. The paddle splatted down on on the seat of his y-briefs. It look a second of two for the paddle's impact to register in Charlie's disbelieving brain. Then it hit him. Good God! It stung like crazy after just a few sharp spanks.

He couldn't believe how much it hurt. Though he tried to "take it like a man." He soon heard himself squealing like a stuck pig each time that butter paddle smacked his squirming behind.  And it got even worse! Each searing swat was worse than the last. He could feel himself on the edge of tears as the relentless smacks continued. And soon they came. Soon he was blubbering every bit as childishly as Jenny had.  He couldn't help it. He felt so embarrassed, so ashamed, so sore!

He begged, he pleaded, he apologized,
and at last Aunt Jeanne stopped and helped
him to his feet. Disregarding any pretense of modesty, his hands flew back
behind him to try to scrub away some of the awful red hot, stinging pain
that consumed his buttocks.

"For heaven's sake, Charlie, it was just a spanking. Put your clothes on!"
Aunt Jeanne ordered, and sniffling and sniveling, he did. She then sent
him upstairs to get Jenny so they could clean up the disaster area that
was the kitchen.

Over the next couple of days he must have relived that incredible scene a
thousand times. New details kept cropping delightfully her ripe
breasts had bobbed and bounced while she was spanking Jenny, the feeling
of her firm, warm thighs against his groin. He found himself blushing upon
recalling how poorly he had taken it, how abjectly he'd howled and bawled.
He vowed he would try to do better the next time. The next time? What next time?

 When he had first arrived, she had showed him her tulip bed and how it extended right up next to the driveway, warning him to be very careful when he drove the car in, "or else!"
So late that afternoon, he borrowed the car to run a few errands, making
sure he cut the corner when he turned into the driveway, effectively
flattening about 2 feet of tulips.

Aunt Jeanne came back from the Club a little while later, and burst into the house calling, "Charlie!"

"Yes Aunt Jeanne?" he answered innocently. She took him out to the front
yard and showed him the damage. And while he apologized profusely, he
guess he didn't apologize enough.

"Well, young man, I think you need a good lesson. Come with me, I want to
see you in my bedroom!" His heart pounded, his knees grew weak, his
stomach was tied up in knots. Jenny had explained that most of her
spankings were delivered in the privacy of her Mom's bedroom, so he
guessed that he was about to get what he had asked for. As he followed
Aunt Jeanne up the stairs, he was only too aware of her delicious
derriere, which twitched and wiggled only inches from his eyes. The
combination of fear, apprehension and excitement proved to be a powerful
aphrodisiac, and he blushed as he felt a growing presence in his groin.
Upon entering the bedroom, Aunt Jeanne marched over to her dresser and
picked up an ominous looking hairbrush with a thick oval-shaped, wooden
back. She turned back to him, went over to the bed, and sat down. "All
right then, Charlie, come over here," she instructed in a soft, but firm,

Head hung down, he meekly complied. She deftly stripped down his jeans,
and he blushed hotly as his bulging shorts were revealed. She totally
ignored the situation, merely patting her thighs and saying, "OK Charlie,
over you go."

She had to struggle a bit to work his shorts down over his incipient
erection, but soon he was naked from his waist to his knees.
She patted his bare buttocks lightly, chiding, "I hope this doesn't become
a habit, Charlie, but you must understand that I will spank you each and
every time you misbehave, is that clear? She patted his bottom, a bit more firmly. Is it?"

"Y-yes Ma'am," he stammered.

"GOOD! We'll begin then." And she picked up her hairbrush and, set about once more to
blister his bare bottom. 

Back and forth, up and down her hairbrush flew, leaving in its wake a brightly blooming
Red splotch with each WHACK. Pious vows and good intentions soon flew away,
and he found himself punctuating each SMACK with a hearty howl or lusty
squeal.  If anything, her hairbrush seemed to smart even more than the butter paddle had, and he found himself writhing, wriggling, swerving and jerking around on her lap, involuntarily
trying to avoid the fiery kisses of that stinging brush. The only pleasant part was the flesh-to-flesh contact of his wiggling groin and her splendid legs, although his erection
had withered shortly after the first smack. He chanced to peer teary-eyed
toward her closet, and saw that the whole bizarre scene was reflected in
her floor length mirror.  He watched her lightly veiled breasts bounce and jounce with every stroke, watched in horror the way in which he was kicking and squirming. 

At last she stopped. Well, almost stopped.
"Do you think you might remember the tulip beds next time, Charlie? SMACK!
WHACK! Do you?"

"OW OH! Yes MA'AM!"

"Will you pay attention to what I tell you? Splat! Crack! And obey me? Smack! Smack! Will you?"

"OW Oh Please. Yes, Aunt Jeanne, I will!"

"Well, GOOD. We'll just have a couple more for good measure."

She planted six more hard cracks across his swollen buttocks, then she set him on his feet. This time he quickly pulled up his clothes and staggered out of her room, still sniffling and sobbing softly. he saw Jenny watching empathetically as he passed her room. he went into his room
and flopped down on the bed mournfully...him and his big ideas! But, it was funny, in about half an hour the stinging had subsided somewhat and he felt relieved, unburdened, free. He had felt guilty about running over Aunt Jeanne's tulip bed, but the spanking had expiated that guilt. It was
a kind of instant atonement. Not that bad a deal...he could enjoy himself,
go out and raise Hell, be totally irresponsible, knowing a spanking would wipe the slate clean...and more.

And that's pretty much the way the Summer went. Aunt Jeanne, true to her
word, spanked him whenever she thought he needed it...some five or six times
in all. And he guessed he really pushed her into about half of them.
When he got back to College that Fall, and began keeping company with
Becky again, she asked him what he had done for excitement over the
Summer. "Oh, just hung around the house a lot," he explained.

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